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By | February 1, 2021
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Welcome to my 1-Click Blog Post review. Now, I am here inside the members area and inside the plugin and in this video I am going to offer you a complete demonstration and a run through exactly what this is and the way it works. In brief, this is a 2 things, not a two things: it is a cloud-based content generation program and it’s also a wordpress plugin also. The theory behind this is this will create content for you and you will not need to go out there and sort into a 2000 word blog post on your own. You won’t need to go and pay a person a few hundred bucks to write that article for you. It will pull all this content for you and it has unique content. So it is going to rank well on the search engines today, since this is a wordpress, wordpress plugin. You may install this directly in your site and you can begin pulling in content pretty much straight away. So it is great for those who have, if you’re a site owner, and you would like to be constantly publishing, your site with new content, but you are too lazy to write it yourself or you can not afford to outsource it. You don’t need to outsource it. Then this is the best thing for you. Moreover, if you wish to generate some fast money from that, it is also possible to go over to fiverr and you may become a an article writer on fiverr. It is possible to earn some very simple cash from this, so we’re going to get into all of the inside of the review. I’Ve too, as always, gather a whole lot of custom bonuses for those of you who would love to pick up this via my connection, which is down below in the description of the youtube video. If you click on such a link, it is going to bring you to my bonus page. It seems like this and if you would like to pick up one click site article anytime in this movie, just scroll down click on any of these orange buttons. As of 10 a.m, eastern standard time today, that’s the eighth of september, that will, bring you into the sales page. It looks like this, where you will have the ability to pick it up right there today you will want to pick this up before the countdown timer. On my bonus page hit zero since when it does all my bonuses will perish and obviously that is something I do not want you to miss out on um now I have created these bonuses myself and they are all exclusive to me. They’Re not gon na be accessible for anyone else’s link, aside from mine with that said, feel free to shop around and see what other folks offer with respect to bonuses for 1-Click Blog Post, because remember, you can always return to my own bonus page from down the link Below from the description of the youtube video, as soon as you find that my bonuses are far better and far more useful than what anyone else can offer to you for this, so bonus number one, I am going to give you access to nuclear done for you . This is a selection of done for you webpages, for you, campaigns which you can begin using straight from the box. Bonus number two: I am going to demonstrate how you can construct a wordpress site from scratch, especially in case you would like to use the plugin of the to make your own content. You’Re, obviously going to need to have a wordpress site, or if you simply want to understand how to set up a wordpress site fast, then this bonus will help you out bonus. Number three is three top quality traffic resources to use with 1-Click Blog Post bonus. Number four is access to my bing ads class, so I am gon na demonstrate how you can run paid advertisements from microsoft’s version of google search, which is bing and ultimately bonus. Number five. I will give you access to all of the bonuses that the seller’s given to me to give to you now to maintain these bonuses. All you will need to do. To begin with, is click on that link below in the description of the youtube. Video come to my bonus webpage scroll down click on any of these orange buttons as of 10 a.m. Eastern standard time today, that’s the 8th of september, to come through to the sales page scroll down and pick up your copy right there and you will automatically get all these bonuses that I just mentioned to you just now, completely free of charge. Um and you’ll have the ability to get those by going through to your warrior, and account clicking at the top right hand, side in your username clicking on purchase history, and that will direct you through to your reception. That will look something similar to this one here, where you will get a blue button that says accessibility affiliates bonus once you click on this blue button, you get immediate free access to all these bonuses. I just mentioned to you before completely free of charge. Even if you only pick up the front end of this, it is going to be 27 you will still get access to all those bonuses. So let us go and take a look at the webpage, and it states this program writes blog post for you in only 3 seconds flat. Yes, now anyone can produce a high quality, blog post or article without writing. A single word of content. Zero manual work check out the sales page in your own time. This is a software plugin. That’S been assembled by anko shukla he is notorious for putting out great softwares great products; um, here is a here is, a brief one-minute demonstration in how to make a blog post in 3 seconds check that out. It’S on the webpage and check out all of the additional information down here. I’M not going to go through it with you, since it is a fairly long sales page , but I am just going to jump directly into the members area today. So, first of all, we have the cloud-based version of the. So if you simply want to begin creating some articles straight away, you will have the ability to get direct access to this cloud-based and you simply click get articles and then what you would do is you would go over to youtube. I’M really streaming on youtube right now. So this might be somewhat tricky. So let’s try this. You simply go over to youtube and you’d just go and catch any video you would like. So, let us get one of chris is here and we are just going to catch the movie url, which is right up here at the top. You probably can not see that because I have blocked out the url, but you simply grab the Login and then you return in the app you are going to paste it in here and you are, going to click on, produce content or produce article. And, as you can see, it is saying create con getting content. So what it is doing right now is going through this movie, which is eight minutes. Ten long and it is just finished doing it and you can see it is just downloaded or it is essentially transcribed all the spoken words from this movie into text. You can see it is a fairly lengthy, article uh. It doesn’t really give me a word count, but I could tell from here it is a few thousand words long. So after you’ve got this content, you can just go and download this text. I am able to go and copy the text and also you can go and add it to where you want, whether it’s on your own site or you go over to five and determine just how much people are charging for an report. This long so blog post blog post, let us go and see what people are charging. So this guy, I’ll write an engaging journey article or blog post, so he is charging 20 for 500 words. So, let us see what the top one is: 2 000 words he is charging 55 for that this article that I only well that I only use the software to generate I am I will, probably say this is about 2000 words here, since there’s lots of content there. So you that’s a simple 55 dollars, so in case you would like to create some money straight away, you can just go and use the cloud-based version of this and go and begin generating content. Now you’ll have to really go through go this content. Be certain itall makes sense, since you know that this is a robot. That’S transcribed this quite quickly. Um, so you’re going to have to be certain that you go through this and you be sure it all makes sense and it reads well and there is no spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes, but that should not take you long and that is a simple 55 box right there Right so that is the cloud-based edition, there is also a wordpress plugin, which you can view here. Therefore, if you wanted to make a new post in your site, just call this 1 jonodemo and let’s say we wanted to write this on how to use auto focus on dslr. Okay: Let us say that we are writing a post about how to use autofocus on a dslr, so we would go through and find a video which we would like to take the content from. Let’S say this: one right here and we would go and catch the url from the very best. We enter our blog and you can see you have because we have installed this plugin , we are just going into the youtube url right there and just click on insert articles. Excuse me, and what is this, what this will do today is exhibit all of this content within the, this blog post without us needing to write anything, look at there and that you get a enormous amount of content. Let’S see, word count 1500 words. Therefore, if you should market on fiverr, it’s gon na be well he is charging forty bucks for a thousand words and fifty five dollars for two million words. It’S gon na be approximately forty five to fifty bucks. For this – and you know that only took us literally five seconds today – clearly we will need to go through here and make sure everything makes sense. However, this is a super awesome post for us to have on our site and this will bring traffic. Anyhow, you see – and it has even given us the post right here, the name, so all I have to do is just go and release it today. I could pretty this up with a few pictures and things like that, which I am positive you would do anyway, but there you go, that is how simple this is to use. So let us talk about the costs and the upsells. Everything that I just showed you interior will be 27 for that you receive the one-click blog post software and the training modules, and you get the plugin also. 27 bucks. Remember you also get access to all of my bonuses completely free within that front-end thing. Upsell number one is the pro version upgrade it’s gon na be forty seven bucks. Uh has more features like adding videos, thumbnails and time codes to make content more interactive. If you prefer that is 47 option, number two is the one click headline plugin for all: unlimited websites: 37 upsell number three is your photo finder plugin for unlimited sites again likely to be 37? Additionally number four is the label machine 2.0 plugin for unlimited websites? That is again gon na be 37 and upsell. Number five is the programmer’s license? It’S only likely to be 47 for a developer’s license that’s truly super cheap, so uh do not forget to check out my bonuses. As I understand, these are going na help. You out with this too, and aside from that, brings me to the movie. So thank you so much for watching my 1-Click Blog Post review

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