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By | August 25, 2018
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AdBuddy review

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I have Tom yep sykov on and we’re
gonna be talking about a special
software that he’s had created that
allows him to actually go out there and
create profitable ads that you can put
on Facebook and be able to copy other
people’s success so your ads are
profitable the very first time let’s get
into it
here’s Tom we are here today we had that
yep sykov Tom welcome back to the show
hey man good to be here thanks for
spelling out my last name right-minded
people’s I’m here with all these people
that can say your last name correctly
and I pride myself on that Tom you
should really we’re gonna be talking
today about a software that I know
you’re really excited about something
that you’ve been working on for a long
time now yeah and I’m gonna read up the
headline and let you bring us into this
here it says here never fail to create
an ad that gets attention clicks in
sales again design a click getting
and profit producing ad in seconds
without any marketing or design
knowledge so bring us into this what’s
this all about and why should we be
excited all right so as you know to to
you know to become successful with
Facebook advertising you’ve got all
sorts of elements right targeting all
that stuff but one thing that is really
really important is to grab attention
that’s obvious if your ad doesn’t grab
attention if it doesn’t have the right
elements in there then it will not get
attention it will not get the click it
once we present your brand well and then
nothing you will not make money doesn’t
matter if your targeting is great or not
so anything if your offer is awesome so
we all know that but so you you can so
what you normally would do right when
you desert your when you want to create
an ad you would go to some software and
you would design a nice image from a
nice template that looks really good
and you’re gonna run it through Facebook
Ads and you’re not gonna get anything
any response why because you don’t know
what you’re doing so most people don’t
know what they’re doing this is why
Facebook ad experts people like well I’m
not gonna name any names because I can’t
think about anybody really successful
people spend so much time effort and
money testing or learning mastering
their you know the craft everything that
they do and then they become successful
and then they can create ads with all
these elements in there the headline the
collars all those psychological stuff
that people use all these things they
take a lot of time to learn it’s a lot
of data it’s a lot of research it’s a
lot of experience it’s a lot of trial
and error so I realized that and I did
not want to go through that so just
going through a designer and designing
an ad didn’t work for me so what I
decided to do with AD body is well that
was my idea originally I didn’t think it
would come to life like that I had no
idea right so my idea was to take the
information and the experience and
success was of these successful
advertisers right and from actual data
for actual research and somehow put it
into an algorithm or something like an
algorithm and build templates and build
a software that helps build those ads
not only the templates based on that
algorithm so that everything you create
every ad that you create is already I
call it pre converting it has some
elements in place that allow you to have
an advantage over everyone else who just
builds an image in some kind of image
designer right so these ads those
templates are built to convert they’re
built to give you an advantage they were
built so that you don’t have to
learn and study and go through coaching
and trial neurons etc basically give you
a huge advantage and then you have
another thing which is called the add
body helper this is the little green
alligator character which is also based
on that algorithm and his job is to make
sure your ads convert he’s going to show
you how they convert better is gonna
teach you that how to how to build your
ad better how to you know trick
psychological tricks color and stuff
stuff like that and everything is
basically designed so that you can
create a high converting ad as soon as
as fast as possible without thinking
without learning without trying there’s
going ahead and creating and the cool
part about this is that after we
obviously created it and started giving
beta access to people you see that
people actually I’m talking about people
who actually currently advertise all the
time right currently not complete
newbies right people who who spend money
on advertising started using this and
they’re using it they’re still using it
they got results they got an instant
improvement so this means that even
people who know what they do this saves
them time to save them effort about all
that thinking all that planning it just
gives them a nice template that is how
it already has those pre converting
elements in place they can just play
with it edit it to custom fit their
offer that they’re promoting and then
just no go ahead so like there’s there’s
other software out there that will
create nice-looking images but so you’re
saying that what makes this different
from those is that sure the images are
gonna look nice but yeah that looking
nice is not the goal here the goal is
that it’s conversions and taking in fact
case you got ads and other templates and
other things that have worked well in
the past and being able to use those
converting elements in our ads easily
again like you said without having to
learn about copywriting and conversions
and all that and all that stuff so the
goal here you know is to make money the
goal is to get traffic the goal is to
get cheap the cheapest traffic you can
get from your ads is to get it as much
has to be as relevant as possible so he
adds will jump and people will click
them and eventually by that is the goal
so just a nice image is not good enough
because you don’t know if it’s gonna
convert or not it’s just nice looking
image you know that you why do we know
that you come from a time where some
sales page used to convert like crazy
but they were really ugly in terms of
the graphics but the copy was amazing
and it just you know it did the whole
thing so this is basically kind of kind
of like that right it focuses on the
right things instead of instead of just
a pretty things yeah you guessed you
still get beautiful templates but those
are they are effective I’m looking at
your sales page here and you guys
watching on Mike remain calm you can
scroll down you can look as well
I’ll have the preview under here I’m
senior some results you guys have gotten
someone that was getting $2.99 per lead
on Facebook and they brought it down to
190 I mean that’s huge another person
here that was spending 2000 rupees I
think that is an 11,000 they got the
clicks I think their cost per click way
way down there and again that’s in a
foreign currency here guys but it’s it’s
not $11,000 here it’s a lot less than
that but they they were able to bring
that down as well then we got some other
ones here of people split testing these
and getting actual with people to
purchase here and let me say Stoick I
created dozens of super converting ads
for his product minutes are really being
able to create these quickly as well now
you’ve mentioned Facebook throughout
this whole interview is that the only
thing that these can be used for or is
it can it be used for other stuff as
well it’s focused around Facebook Ads
right now the entire psychology of the a
you know of the the algorithm is
currently focused on Facebook Ads we
want to introduce in future versions and
updates stuff like video ads and maybe
even expand into other networks right
that will have to have their own
algorithm but you know advertising have
you know it’s it’s pretty much Universal
in many areas of you know and then in
many I don’t know how to say that anyway
it’s pretty much Universal so stone
rules and
some stuff that you learn here in some
elements that have you we have in Dell
in the templates will also benefit in
you know anywhere that you and any
banner based advertising platform you
know so okay so let’s let’s do this job
I’m interested in seeing how this all
works and what these ads actually look
like so go ahead and share your screen
bring us under the hood okay cool so how
do I share my screen wait
okay share screaming and which one do I
choose your screen or share share screen
and sounds I don’t know the sound which
I just do share screen that should be
fine unless you need to share some
sounds from your desktop okay okay cool
that should be fine so you know what is
it cheering right now now I can see I
can see me again if you open up your
browser you know you need to you don’t
need to change anything there if you
just go and you just change to your up
now I can see now I can see ad buddy so
whatever you’re doing okay cool so
everybody’s really simple it it works
like the idea is the user interface
didn’t and what I had my vision in my
mind at the beginning as I really wanted
to be simple so it’s really important to
me that it will be simple because I need
it for myself I know you like it Mike
and I’m sure people appreciate it but
I’m using it I’m only using it to run my
ads and to build my nads
only and because this was built
obviously this was built for everyone I
wanted to make money from it I wanted to
you know change change the way things
work right but I also want em to be for
myself and one of the most important
things is user interface I mean I’m I’m
right I’m really bad with that with
those things I’m things that complicate
me I’m I suck at them I are one simple
thing so let’s get started so basically
we’re gonna name a nice things just a
campaign name and then edit we’re gonna
create a template now you have here
select your canvas size that facebook ad
carousel or Facebook add single image
most people are gonna go for this one
but depends on your campaign you can go
for this one so
and now we can choose from a hundred
templates what you see here is 200
that’s because I have the OTO one in my
account and forgot to disable it before
the interview nevermind so you get a
hundred templates on the front end and
all all these templates are pre
converting okay they’re all based on
elements that were all built from
scratch to convert so you choose
whatever template you like I really like
this one and I really like this one I
don’t know why they just get my
attention but you need to be careful
with the blue one because it’s something
that I actually learned in sign ad buddy
let’s let’s click the blue one so colors
like blue and white there’s that little
alligator by the way you were mentioning
that for and there’s like a little a
little guy there yeah so the blue and
white are the Facebook colors so blue
and white ads like this have a higher
chance of blending in to Facebook and
get less attention it doesn’t mean that
you shouldn’t use blue and white it
makes no sense just means that you need
to be a little bit smarter with that
maybe and maybe add a little quality
maybe add a little some other elements
like you have you have the option to add
elements like social elements like
emojis right so you want to add nice
elements somewhere there that will you
know kind of get attention to the ad or
something like that so ads that are blue
and white you want to have maybe add a
little bit extra oomph right for example
the pink here so we want to add
something extra so anyway you can it’s
very simple you can choose a text from
all these text fonts and templates it
just instantly on your screen you can
delete it you know basic stuff really
simple arrows you got all these elements
here that you can design your ad with
your banner with emojis social elements
you see seasonal elements objects all
those things very simple very beautiful
I like it and when you increase the size
you see check this out so the quality
remains bigger smaller it’s
it doesn’t it doesn’t become ugly and
pixel ish you know it’s all so all very
very simple and and you cannot change
the color of the background and
basically build whatever you want this
add and custom tailor it to your
business now you have two things here
the ad body and this running suggestions
area so these suggestions will change
every every every certain amount of time
I don’t remember how much based on the
template okay so some templates will
have different tips because this more
more relevant and here you have the
entire database so this is that buddy
and you can simply go ahead and click
inside his database and learn and
basically learn short to the point
short and sweet you can learn things on
how to make your ad better so I like
this one make the value proposition of
the offer clear on I mean to understand
all those tips all this information is
proven from people who actually
advertise and they spend money they
spent years I mean years learning what
they’re doing and then they told me dude
this is what you need to be doing this
is how you do it and it’s here all this
information is here so he can just
access this information that people
sometimes charge a lot for and they’re
not even accessible here and you can use
it to build your ads so it’s it’s it’s
amazing what kind of ad you can build
with this it’s amazing so for example
make developer position clear you have
any questions so you can learn something
new every time you go in there so while
you’re creating your ads you’re gonna be
learning more and more about ad creation
and you’re gonna keep on keep being able
to take two proven templates and making
your ad you can use those conversion
factors but you’re gonna be learning as
you go along exactly you have proven
templates but you know after all they
can’t solving everything you know you
still need to add your own scarcity and
stuff like that so this actually I had
this ad I created a few weeks ago and I
use one of those tips that allowed me
that way
I that made me remember about scarcity
and how to position it and I just and I
had a scarcity and then the ad really
did well so it also works as a reminder
for people who actually run ads on a
consistent basis so you have this and
the category is obviously the categories
all that stuff as we will add more data
more information there will be more
categories more specification will
change it will grow it will get better
it will become more friendly but we know
we’re just getting started it’s gonna be
really really awesome and all these
awesome updates that will happen to
customers that will get this they’ll get
them installed into their ad body
account for free as time goes you know
so it’s it’s it’s just you’re getting it
for a really really low price and then
one-time price and all these updates
that will come in the future all these
changes we’re gonna give them for free
and other people have to purchase for a
higher price to get them so now I can
create these for my own business what
about what if I want to create them for
my clients as well and sell this as a
service ok so we have a commercial
license actually we have a commercial
license and a training as a bonus to
teach people how to make money with
clients so we understand that clients
businesses local businesses I don’t know
a restaurant stuff like that they need
this ok they need to run ads they need
ads in different you know that will
represent their business you have
multiple templates there that fits the
fit lawyers and all that stuff in real
estate and you can offer this as a
service to clients we’re gonna give you
a commercial license you can offer this
you can charge as much as you want
and proper sell as many of these
templates as you want and we’re also
gonna show you how to find those clients
how to contact them how to close the
deal so that’s extra bonus training and
just help you make money with this in in
more than one way so and that’s all
included on the front end too right oh
yeah yeah cool go back and
but once you once you’re finished with
your ad what do you do as far as like
downloading it and stuff okay so you
have three we have two options one is
just download this PNG or jpg and that’s
it instantly download to your computer
high quality you know have all the image
that’s it done by pH EPG and it just
downloads or you have the option to run
it through the checker and what this
checker allows you to do this is the
basic version we have an upgraded
version on one of the ot O’s and in the
definite of Edition I’m pretty yeah in a
diffident of edition
no actually I’m sorry on the OTO one on
template club we have a better version
of this checker but this checker
basically each time you run an ad it
will it will make it will check you know
the amount of text you have an image and
just will check if it’s good to go
instead of you know you’re going posting
it on Facebook and then it says well
your your reaches is restricted you have
too much text or you we cannot even run
that with all that time it’s the worst
when you make an ad and you have it
already and you put it on Facebook and
then they tell you that that you were
just add pretty much it’s not gonna go
yeah it’s not gonna get any people look
at that cuz you have too much text in it
I like how this actually text test for
that yeah it tests for that and on the
on the upgraded version you have some
other things that I can’t just recall
from the from top of my head right now
but your the templates Tom go back go
back into the dashboard let’s see some
more templates that I quit here so
you’ve got I’m you just like scroll down
a little bit there you so we’ve got
I mean niches here there’s of course
these images you can go in there you can
replace these images with your own
images correct of course of course
yeah so this is just gonna to give you a
layout and I I don’t know about you Tom
but when I’m doing my ads I don’t want
to go in there and have to do everything
from scratch I just wanna go in there
change the text a little bit maybe
change out a an image to make it make
sense and then get moving with it I
don’t want to have to go and like design
it every single time I like
yeah definitely cool okay so anything
else on the front end tom that you
wanted to show us before we move on to
the ot O’s um so on the front end let’s
see so I you you guys should check out
the testimonials after that Manny
actually his testimonial is really
awesome he talks about how he built over
5000 subscribers on his messenger
brought using an ad that he built using
ad body he sent me this testimonial just
a few days ago and I gave him access to
the software about a month ago and I
waited I waited for a long time for the
testimonial everyone else sent them
really fast
it took him time but he you know in this
testimonial says it took him time
because he had to create a more detailed
more specific bigger case study so
that’s awesome so check out these these
testimonials on the sales page but let’s
see so you’re obviously getting the ad
body templates 100 templates and the add
body helper + the checker tool right and
what else you’re getting you’re getting
commercial license and you’re getting
the training showing you how to go ahead
and make money with this so that’s
pretty dope this so that’s work that’s
what you’re getting with AD buddy for
that one time price when you go live
okay cool so that’s the front end offer
oh by the way were there any limits on
how many images you can make with that I
know you had the commercial license you
can sell them any limits on how many
videos or how many images you can make
no not in the moment okay cool so that’s
the front end OTO one bring us through
okay so um OTO one is our template Club
and the template club is template club
is you get first off instantly you get
rewarded with a hundred templates extra
templates so you get 200 instead of 100
so instantly you get those 100 templates
and you get 20 more templates every
single month now why is that important
why monthly templates are important so
all these elements this algorithm all
that stuff is all based on things that
work right now you have obviously the
universal rule
but based on things that work like now
right now and things may change in a
month into and they will change and they
will keep changing so all these updates
will be in the new template so new
templates up to date always on top of
things always have that benefit of pre
converting no matter when 2019 2020 2021
so that’s awesome you’re getting an
upgraded checker which I showed you here
you’re gonna upgrade a checker and you
are also getting all of these
suggestions of ad body on unlocked so
it’s limited on the front end to I don’t
remember the number but about 40% of the
suggestions and you have you get about
60 more present on the OTO one of the
suggestions all of them unlocked any
plus any future suggestions that come
they will be installed to OTO one only
so not on the front end so on the front
end what you get is what you get is what
you get because it’s one time payment
OTO one is a monthly payment and that is
the only way that we can al week we can
actually support this for the long term
and keep bringing more templates keep
upgrading keep doing research keep
interviewing successful advertisers and
keep basically upgrading the algorithm
that’s the only way on otherwise we’ll
go broke in no time and we won’t be able
to support this so yeah okay so that’s
the that’s the first OTO there go to
number two um oh god I forgot so
definitive edition yeah I I remember the
name I just forgot what’s in there so
let’s let’s visit the sales page oh I’m
sorry the JV page it’s gonna be it’s
gonna remind me
all right so okay definitive in
intimidation so okay first off not
remember it allows you to go ahead and
post the actual ads inside in inter
Facebook from the from the software
right so from you can you connected by
API some developer stuff right they did
it and then after you connect it you can
go ahead and post it directly to
Facebook and then see the stats from the
ad body dashboard so that saves time
effort and it just brings everything
under one roof so that’s what you get
and you’re also getting the landing page
builder so this is something that we
thought of that would really benefit
people so we wanted to give people a
landing page builder but not just any
landing page builder it’s gonna have
templates which are based on the
algorithm and based on templates that
are inside ad body so congruence you
know you have the you have the ads which
have certain elements and then you have
this landing page landing page we have
that has the same elements and it
connects you know people see an image
click on it and then they get to a page
that has the same familiar feeling to it
so that’s also based on that so they’re
getting a landing page builder which is
also very simple very awesome and
they’re getting those pre converting
landing page templates which are based
on that on the same algorithm so that’s
what they’re getting on auto to routier
three or two or three is the targeting
Academy an insider Pro and it’s a
training on how to you you heard about
it right
Target Academy from David Farah he just
launched it I’ve heard of it I haven’t
gone through it you didn’t promote it no
okay cool so it is it is that offer plus
they’re all tier 1 together combined and
why why did I decide to bring it into
our funnel it’s simply because I thought
that was this will be a huge benefit
because because I’m because I’m bringing
it into the funnel I’m not gonna make
any money from this right definitely
not because I need to give them huge
percentages because it’s their product
but I did see it and I thought this will
benefit to the you know to add body
customers in a great way because think
about it okay so you need to build it
you need to be when you really want to
run successful Facebook Ads you need the
honestly the ad design and copy which
give you that advantage which everybody
helps you take care of but then you also
need the targeting and interest all that
stuff this is a huge art on its own okay
it’s it’s really important and this
training is like you do I promoted it
okay it’s an affiliate and I loved it I
have a review on YouTube where I
actually go through the product and tell
them how how it is the software in the
training but it allows you to it’s a
training on how to get really cheap
traffic from Facebook using smart
targeting and finding hidden interest
and then he has like 20 case studies in
the e combination CPA niche and all
those things how it makes money live and
it’s it’s really awesome so it solves I
would say the other piece of the puzzle
which is the actual targeting and all
that stuff and a software which
automates this process and helps people
find those interests and improve their
targeting and get really give cheaper
traffic so along with anybody it’s a
it’s a it’s an amazing combination so
that’s what they’re getting and the pro
version of that software that’s what
they’re getting on upgrade number three
and I’ve read number four is agency and
resellers so uh this here is not updated
on the JV page I need to update it what
people actually get is an agency license
which allows them to add team members
family whatever they’re basically
getting 30 accounts 38 body accounts for
the price of so normally it would cost
them at least nine hundred and thirteen
dollars to get 30 accounts and they will
get it for like 197 one hundred seven
dollars and they’re gonna get thirty
thirty accounts which they can do
whatever you and all these accounts that
can control they can monitor those so
they can give them they can give those
accounts to clients that they work with
they can give this to them to family
they can sell them they can now give
them to team members and they can
monitor all these accounts and they can
stop monitor these accounts and simply
separate them from these from separating
themselves from these are council this
is like this they become the big boss of
these accounts they can do whatever you
want they get 30 accounts do whatever
they want do whatever you want with them
and we have another option
for cheaper which is 10 accounts for
smaller agencies so that’s yeah it’s
very cool Tom thank you so much for
coming on the show today is there
anything else anything we missed
anything you wanted to mention before we
finish up I don’t know I don’t know you
you you have any questions no I think
you covered this well I think this is
going to be great for people that are
looking to build like they want to do
they want to get more traffic they don’t
know quite how to do it they want to get
into running Facebook ads or maybe they
already are running Facebook ads but
they want to get more traffic for less
money and not have to learn how to do
copywriting you’ve leverage the
knowledge of experts in made it so that
people can do this and hit the ground
running with it but yeah thank you so
much for coming on the show and best of
luck with your lunch thank you very much
Mike and thank you everyone who are
still watching to this point I have of
the interview it’s been awesome to be to
be here
and I’m grateful Mike for giving me the
chance I’m also really really happy to
come back here after a long long time I
haven’t been here and it’s my first solo
product after once again a very long
time so I’m really excited about this
I’m gonna put my heart and soul into
making sure or this will help people and
continue helping people for the long
term and it’s gonna be awesome it’s
gonna be an awesome journey for both
myself and the customers I hope you
enjoyed the interview today with Tom if
you are interested in picking up AD
buddy at its lowest price you’re gonna
want to come back tomorrow
at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Sunday
March 11th you’re gonna be able to pick
it up and it’s earlybird discounted
along with my special bonuses thank you
so much for watching and I’ll see you
all tomorrow

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