Advertsuite Review

By | September 5, 2019
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Hey Folks👋 In this Advertsuite Review article we are going to know more about Advertsuite – Most Promising FB Ads Spy Tool

Advertsuite Review

Before getting into the article you should know about the unique feature of this software. It not only has Ecom Facebook ads database but also has  ads of popular affiliate networks. Currently, this feature is under development. Once it is launched, every affiliate marketers in vain will be more satisfied because of this soft. The Best software to spy facebook ads.

Now, Let’s get into the Advertsuite Review,


A complete Introduction to Advertsuite is given in the above video. Watch the video to get an overview of Advertsuite and its awesome features.


Feature 1:

advertsuite filtering

The most important feature of every spy tool is Search and Filtering. There should be an option to search their country filter, favorite advertisers,  gender filter, etc. In Advertsuite there is an Advanced Search & Filtering option where there are options like Call to Action Filter, Ad Placement Filter, Relationship Filter, etc.

Feature 2:

advertsuite spy

Track all your competitor ads with Advertsuite. With this cool FB ads spy tool you can know more about your competitor ad types, their ad copies, creatives used, angles they used and also the trackers used by them.

Feature 3:

advertsuite metric

With Advertsuite, you get each and every information about your competitor ads. Yes, detailed analytics about your competitor ads like their engaging audiences and engagement rates. You can also see the total number of  shares, likes, comments and original post link of your competitor ad copy.

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Detailed Advertsuite Review


advertsuite dashboard

Perfectly designed dashboard with fantastic user experience. They have Dynamic Search Option when you select the drop down from filters. While in other spy tools, we need to select the filters and search and scroll to click Apply button but in Advertsuite it is Dynamic Apply to Filters.

Search Mode

advertsuite search mode

There are 3 filters in the Search Mode. You can  a)  Sort by Facebook Ads Engagement b) search by Keywords/Advertisers/Domain  c) Ads Seen Between by particular day/month etc.

Filter Mode

In Filter Mode, you can see filter by Call to Action, Country, Ad Position, Ad Type, Gender, Age etc. Particularly in CTA Filter you can filter ads by CTA like Watch More, Shop Now,  Learn More, Donate, etc.

Lander Properties

Lander Properties in the Advertsuite  tool is a unique feature where affiliate marketers will hail this product. You can find Facebook ads of the fellow affiliate marketers who are promoting affiliate offers via networks like Clickbank, Maxbounty, etc.  You can filter by Tracking  Tools like Volumm, Adsbridge also filter by funnels etc. Advertsuite works like mini Adplexity or whatrunswhere.

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Inner View of an AD

advertsuite search result

Here you can discover the ad copy of the advertiser, the URL used in the CTA or Ad Copy, Redirects & Outgoing URLs (Mostly useful for affiliate offers).

advertsuite landing page

Social Engagement is precisely described in the chart.

Gender Breakdown,Interests Targeted, Age Breakdown,  everything about the ad copy is explained in detail.

We have seen every unique feature of Advertsuite in this article. Let’s also see about their Pricing,


advertsuite pricing

Currently, Advertsuite has

  1. Launch week offer – onetime payment  ,$47( Active )
  2. After launch price – $67/month

Want to know more about Advertsuite? Drop your questions in the comment section. Feel free to ask questions. Thank You!

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Get to know more about fb ads spy tool in this Advertsuite review. Every feature of Advertsuite is listed here. Make use of this awesome software today!

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