AFC Accelerator Review 2021

By | January 16, 2021
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I’M so eager to examine the affiliate funnel clones 2.0 launch. I’Ve done a lot of interviews with Ryan and alan the founders of this application, and I just finished teaching a 90-minute webinar, where I showed people how they could use the principles from the affiliate funnel clones and construct them within builderall and you are going to be getting. That, in addition to other bonuses from us on this page, what I want to do here is to quickly do a review of this affiliate funnel clones merchandise to explain precisely what this item is. Lets get started. Alright, first thing, you see is the dash and you purchase your kit. This will come to you in your physical mailbox, you put in your address and they’ll send you the accelerator kit. It is a physical book that supplements the training. Thats there today the email kings live event is occurring, Thursday and Friday. This will be a live event, or online which will show you step by step, the way to prosper. So you would like to join the live training over here. Next, if you scroll down the eli app, the earn and find out intern program? There’S 30 hours of content, the email vault is the one for you. Email campaigns. The accelerator session is a strategy telephone. These are the visitors. Now here is where you need to go. First is afc the affiliate funnel clones access all your clones here. So what they are? What this is is they are cloning, their top converting automated income streams that produce traffic commissions and leads each day for them, and you simply click the instant access right over here and then hook up your api. They have instructions on how to do that. You then set up your affiliate, funnels and down below here. These are the funnels which you’ve so I’m likely to scroll down the bottom one. This is the one which I’m promoting so how this works. If you place your affiliate link right in here? You send visitors to this link and you could also embed this on your site. As you can see, we have had um nine clicks. 10 leads opt-in conversion speed 111. That’s crazy, uh! That’s crazy! How many of leads we have gotten through this funnel uh people are only clicking in so that you can really view the funnel that is the funnel when you opt in. You claim the offer today. Lots of those who got here to this page got here due to the page and what I can do would be. I can also catch this page and copy this whole item and move over to my building program where I’m building a site you can use at any app I can decrease in here. I can drag a tiny snippet of code. Stick it right in here. Catch the code to put it on my webpage and voila it embeds the opt-in form right below my video in a nice little place right in there. That means you can add this to any site any site. It does not matter what your builder is we are using earthquake builder for this, but this will work in WordPress. It’ll work in anything, which means you basically you are incorporating these revenue streams to your current websites. What I just finished doing was building a webpage inside of builderall. Now, if you do not have builder then I can place some information under this video about the best way best to get builder all. But essentially this was the page that I built inside of builderall. That does the exact same type of thing. It looks just like the webpage, except that this will actually use this program. If you believe about it, what happens? First? If you use the app you receive low ticket commissions on the front end? People may not even purchase the deal on the instant other side of the opt-in, but you build your list and then as soon as they register and subscribe to a listing. What ends up happening? Are they then could be sent to your main offer? This is a really very strong strategy and it works fine. So it is really simple: you do not want anything except for an autoresponder and if you are on my team, I may also offer you autoresponders. I just uh awakened with a couple of those. I use seaplane, I utilize amber. I just met with the men and we are gon na be incorporating builderall into it as well, but you can do it after my training. Uh in, like 15 minutes, build a clone straight into builderall. The actual value, however, of this affiliate funnel clones is the capability to get some vetted products as well as the training right over here. Theres a freshman class right. Uh there is module one module: 2! You can go in the freshman class to the sophomore course, the junior class the senior course in the grad program. Then there is all these other classes inside of here. So you, you literally get a crash course in online affiliate marketing, there’re also traffic and resources. There’S affiliate fall studio strategies and you’ll be able to promote unique offers right inside of this, or there is a digital version um and there’re things which you may access at any time. So this is more of an a complete marketing platform that’s self explanatory and, like I stated, the greatest value is to join the live training and be with us when I explain how you can use everything that they have done in conjunction with the builder all platform. Also as with some snap, that’s my quick review of the affiliate funnel clones. Its a excellent product! I strongly recommend you check it out, I believe in over delivering value. So if you can just take a leap of faith, sign up with the green button below this movie or in the description, if you are watching this on YouTube and sign up – and We’ll see you on Thursday – to your coaching bye, bye now,

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