Affiliate Funnel Clones 2.0 Review 2021

By | January 16, 2021
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Why is firms like Amazon, Netflix and uber so profitable? How by combining lead generation and selling into a easy step, consider it before you can get from Amazon see a movie on Netflix or find an uber ride. First, you have got to register for something right. You have to get on their list, so at precisely the exact same time, these organizations are making front-end sales they’re also building a list of subscribers to create future sales. Now, as soon as you learn how to do the same, you can earn money anywhere and anytime you like, no matter, if you are, a newbie intermediate or pro hey. This is alan magliocco until I learned how to unite list selling and building into one easy step. I fought for years as an internet marketer, but since then I’ve managed to push over 10 million dollars in electronic online sales shore. Others had to do the same, and some students have become millionaires from this strategy and in the next few moments, I’m going to demonstrate how you can apply this on your own and your own company. Now all it takes is a really easy, however a very specific sort of funnel to make this work, I’m sure you are thinking, if it is so easy, then why in the hell, is not everyone in the world doing it right and that is a fantastic question now there is two reasons For this first, conventional online training techniques instruct lead generation and selling as two unique actions and second, the tools involved. Things like hosting builders, funnel contractors, auto responders, are usually complex and always cost money, so you are forced to spend enormous bucks up front before you ever make a dime. So, although a combined lead and sales funnel seems easy in concept, putting into place that really makes money is extremely costly, very time consuming and very frustrating to be honest. Well that all changes now, my buddy I would like you to imagine you may have several funnels in place in only minutes from now. Each demonstrated to create both affiliate commissions and prospects without needing additional software or a web site or hosting and installation, can be completed in under 10 minutes with zero skills required today, if you are like most, you would not think this was possible right, but this fantasy of an all-around Automated funnel solution came to me a year ago, but you see I wanted some help to make it happen. So I’ll point this up with ryan alaire, now he is behind several seven-figure product launches and the elite entrepreneurs like Russell brunson utilize to help launch their own funnels, and I also asked a man named Simon harry to join us today. Simon is the man behind some of the most prosperous zoo product launches in zoo history also, most of us have the proven capacity to profit in numerous niches and together, we have developed an automated platform that produces commissions and subscribers 100 passively and contains multiple traffic sources. That means you may be in profit within 24 hours from now the stage is known as affiliate funnel clones and there is simply nothing like it on the market at any cost, and even if you’ve never made a cent online, you just plug this in and you may be Profiting by tomorrow morning want to scale your present company or add new income streams, there is no quicker way to do it. Here’S how it works within our cloud-based applications. You get five completely built proven to convert affiliate funnels, such as optimized landing pages and advocated evergreen products to market. Now each funnel was analyzed in depth by our staff for the past several months. Select one of our favourite traffic techniques and yes, we will demonstrate how you can set up these turn it on and you can observe these funnels create both prospects and commissions. Now each funnel is monetized in three unique ways for you with direct capture to build your list for you to advertise to long term, with affiliate offers to allow you to commissions straight away and with exit pops which direct visitors to automatic webinars monetized. Together with your affiliate link all completely and automatically done for you without work on your end, use your own autoresponder or keep your prospects safely and securely, and free of charge on our cloud-based servers at no cost. You may use the suggested products or any products which you desire from any affiliate or a network or even your own product links any connection you choose today. Lets talk monthly expenditures, there are not any. So you face no hosting or ongoing software costs, utilize our proven traffic resources to begin making money quickly and then scale up as much as you want as quickly as you want now, there is no limit to how much you can increase your income here you may use the system, as is to get a totally done for you personally, income alternative or like us, plug in various products into those pre-built funnels split examine the winners and start earning from several offerings and multiple sub niches. The results shocked even usand below you are gon na hear their personal results from using the program. This is one time you really must drop. What you are doing okay and assess the entire details below because affiliate funnel clones changes everything instantaneous income and lead generation, multiple profit streams, 10-minute setup max without the skills required again complete details below today. I strongly urge you to act quickly with this, since the first couple of people in the door get a bonus of two extra done for you, affiliate funnels. These could add an extra thousand dollars or more additional commissions into your account monthly and heck build your list. The only way that you mess this up is not to plug it. I now be certain that you check out both the consumer reviews and the reviews below this video and see how nicely this automated system works. Now the cost will not stay this low for long and might very soon jump into a monthly subscription, so hurry up to catch access for only a low one-time fee. We’ll have more to come. We’Ll have a challenge movie, where I actually log in and see how fast I can produce a funnel um, just as we did with the first afc launch, we are doing it again. Please bear in mind is, to not use this for your own review. Uh video is we are gon na update. You know the appearance and feel of the um. Its not bad looking members , we just wanted for you, know, upgrade it and make certain everything was uh. You know just as as cool as possible and contemporary and um. Our coders are working on this in the meantime . This is the software that’s new new variant up with more functions is based on the original one. So I want to quickly go through this demonstration and the way the clones really work again. Were going to include more clones and modify the look and feel of the a little bit, but I desired to help you through the procedure. Uh really fast, a huge shout out and thank you to people just like you understand, omar Martin and the ben Martin um. You know those who’ve jumped on board and or are providing us uh their merchandise. Devon brown. Though he does not have a product, you know he is on board, so this is gon na, be an amazing, the relaunch of afc 2.0 and and we are we’re really excited about this. However, I wanted to show you in this movie how everything kind of works right. So um I’m at a demo account today and if you go to add a new connection, you can visit all links to see your relations uh. What you need to do is we do not have anything active here. You want well the choices that we’ve got the main ones. If you do not, if your users do not wish to use any of them, they could choose manual directly and they can simply paste an html code and have the form incorporated the html to paste rather than api, though we highly recommend the all fine, so this is where You add new link like in the event that you would like to add aweber. It might ask you to log exactly the same as pretty much anything else. You understand linking api, you know, and it is likely to ask you. The information based on what they want so get response may require different stuff from sin. Lane is they want just that and building needs. I think three unique things , so um the api, the hash and the domain name and um we’ve uh. You know instructions on what we’ve screenshots, they could blow up and we have you understand, training videos to tutorials, so there should be no issues with um with installation and is very simple to simply integrate the up to where they are ready to collect the prospects and Even if they violate this component, we do have a backup we have, we give them the choice to back up or back up, because we have had lots of problems with the people contacting us at the past uh ahead of the saltwater is made and they are, like. Oh, well, we lost, you, know thousands of dollars since we bought you all of this traffic and conducted these traffic campaigns and we did not get any leads. And you know we return and you understand the leads. Just you understand the api or the autoresponder. The opt-in form wasn’t set up correctly right, so uh. This is only that neglect, secure, um to us to be sure, and they have the choice to do that. Um. So obviously we do not email the leads or anything like that. However, you know if somebody’s like a paranoid or they do not wish their leads stored. Thats fine! They! You know they do not need to store them , but we give them that choice. Okay. So, let us go to home. You visit my funnels or in the home tab. You simply click affiliate, funnel clones, and it would take you right. So this is the first setup video they can watch um. This is the fundamental drop down of what they get. They get heritage accounts with this, so that they get all these 30 and clones. So essentially um it was it is like 130 worth of worth, um already contained, and of course we’re adding five more new clones new offers and two new bonuses which are likely to be high ticket supplies as well. Okay, and there is also recurring things in here. So really good uh points on in a huge amount, as you can see, of versions of different kinds of products. We’ve got broad online marketing provides affiliate marketing email market advertising. This is our latest offers. When we examine and have the hottest provides, this is the where that goes: neighborhood advertising, plr ecom, funnels social networking traffic generation, video promotion, so uh, there is all these things in here. Right so let us say we wan na visit the hottest offers and um. Lets say we are gon kindly visit the. Um crypto solitude clickbank offers. So we have a combination of clickbank offerings and warrior also offers and zoo offers. Okay, these principal ones that first, the heritage ones uh the older ones. These are largely uh, zoo and clickbank. You know more choices and more products to market okay. This is actually our supply. That’S uh beating us a buck trial and then 37 per month and our our customers and our associates and students love this one uh. What they would do is they’d click the apply to advertise and then they’d be. It automatically leads them directly to the apply to market page, while it’s a zoo or warrior and apply to distant connection. You know where you get links or use to distant or if it is on clickbank, you know we send them into the jv webpage and um, so that they could grab their connection in the to tools page or where it is. They can catch their link. Okay, so that way, it is easy, simple, easy, easy to uh to get their links and let us say we would like to receive our links for this 1 um. I believe I need to log in for this. In fact, no do not um so yeah. We copy the link and then we return here and then enter your affiliate link we copy and paste it and it automatically saves it for you , you do not even need to click on save button or whatever you literally glue it in there. Click here to copy your connection from jvzoo or where the affiliate link is to paste it and then it spits out the cum. This is the last page for you, so you simply click in this area. You don’t need to save and copy anything right. The copy button and then paste it right in this first field and then click the next area and it duplicates the. Your connection to the clipboard and then we could open it up and um proceed and visit the website, and this is a more you understand, easy page up. So this one is, you know, a little bit more of a straightforward opt-in page, as you know our offer it is congruent with our supply. Whatever the category is correct, we take sort of the hook of this deal and set it here. So essentially, what we’re doing is putting an opt-in page facing an affiliate offer, that is demonstrated to convert and then having them be able to create a list of subscribers and then redirect them instantly to the offer. Okay, so that is an option also. There are other choices: I won’t go into here, but you know, let us just type in you understand something here and we have not even hooked up an api for autoresponder, but I just want to show you where it stinks. So you understand when the individual signs up – and this looks good on mobile also, by how um, you know it, ” it states. Thank you. You’Ve been you are being redirected, so it is sort of like it supplies that bridge to get them right and then it belongs to this offer that’s um our buck trial. The list you understand from this opt-in, page right so they are getting their leads and then they are redirecting them instantly to a high converting offer and getting paid the affiliate sale. So it is pretty much that simple um. We also. This is a test account, obviously, so there is no prospects showing up here, but this is showing the uh. The quantity of clicks sent the quantity of leads and reveals your opt-in conversion prices. Hey, on this link connection, I’m getting you understand I sent you understand. 200 clicks I paid 100 for those 200 clicks and I got you understand 54, opt-in prices or anything, because I obtained 54 leads or whatever the circumstance. What, however, that the math works out so that it reveals the basic stats . They are also able to click here to export. Their prospects, they can preview the funnel page and they are also able to edit accordingly when they click on this edit button. This is where you incorporate your api right, so that which we’ve it’s you essentially set up your api one time over here to add new link and then like for each funnel which they decide to create live and send traffic to all they need to do is literally come in here and select uh. You know, you select from here like. Basically we have not hooked up anything yet but um. Essentially, you can tell us a individual okay. Well, I wish to send it to my amber list or my get answer listing or my send lane listing, and then I wish to send them into uh section b or whatever section of or the ecom section or the traffic section or the video promoting section or The affiliate marketing section right, um or the cryptocurrency section, you know whatever, so that is kind of how this works. You may again, you can select to reveal the name field or conceal it um. You know that you can change the text if you would like exactly the same with the email and then you know that you essentially just click here to choose which autoresponder you need and then your lists inside that auto responder account drops down, you select it and then here is the choice to Save the cloud that you want to store it. Yes, so that way you have a backup and you are able to export those leads anytime or you may click. Okay, and then you simply click, upgrade, funnel and then the funnel upgrades, then you understand, click, fine and you can preview it and you’ll be able to take a look in the funnel page. Okay, so that is how that works. When you have any questions, let me know again we are going up to upgrade the appearance and feel just a little bit of the. Its basic operation, so the software was done. Um. You know, we have been working on this in the procedure. It is not the first one which we started in 2018, but within the last couple years, as we have gotten thousands and tens of thousands more people coming in. We of course got opinions. We made adjustments and um. This is the most up-to-date version and we are going to um maintain the current performance, we are not actually adding any functionality to it. Just going to change the appearance and feel, since this is a excellent setup for a good deal of people, a great deal of people are enjoying this uh again, thank you so much for uh your interest in boosting this afc 2.0 launch it’s gon na. Be amazing, launching or re-launch, I should say, and among thanks. You understand again to all our core of partners that have committed to promoting and that have given us merchandise as well uh, to place in here that we’ll be adding shortly once our programmer team are done with establishing um the appearance and feel and receiving things how we wanted as much as like the skin moves along with the theme color scheme things like this, the little stuff we are going to go in and begin adding the new funnels fine.


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