Affiliate Revival Software review

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Affiliate Revival Software review

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Affiliate Revival Software

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I’ll go from Liberty to travel calm
welcome to my affiliate revival review
in this review I will show you the
members area you can see it on my screen
right here and I will go over the sales
page of affiliate revival to see if any
of the claims they make there are being
met inside the product itself I will
also show you what the upsells are of
this product and if I think you should
get any of them and of course I have put
together a package of custom and
exclusive bonuses that you will not be
able to find anywhere else if you decide
to purchase affiliate revival at any
time during this review simply click on
the link in the description below and
that will take you to my page on my blog
where I have written a review of
affiliate revival and if you click on
any of these green buttons in this blog
post or at the big link at the bottom of
the blog post that will take you to the
affiliate revival sales page which looks
like this and then if you decide to
purchase there go through checkout you
will get access to my exclusive and
custom-made bonuses that I’ve put
together just for you to make the most
out of affiliate revival so I will go
over what those bonuses are and why I’ve
decided to include those bonuses
specifically later on in this video so
stay tuned for that but first let’s have
a look at what affiliate revival is so
affiliate revival is a course about
affiliate marketing and specifically
this course goes into great detail on
paid traffic on Facebook so Facebook
advertising now I am a huge fan of
Facebook advertising as it has been my
main source of traffic for the past two
years in my affiliate marketing business
and I believe that Facebook is one of
the best traffic sources for traffic for
affiliate marketing outside of the I am
niche now inside of the I am niche you
can still use Facebook advertising but
mostly by using their retargeting
platform and now what is the best thing
about affiliate revival the core
is that he covers not just how to get
cold traffic from Facebook but also how
to do retargeting so using the
information inside affiliate revival you
will be able to learn about Facebook Ads
both for cold traffic which you can use
in any niche that is not the eye image
as well as retargeting if you do want to
decide if you do decide you want to use
Facebook Ads for the I M niche so with
that said what do I think about the
training material so here you can see
the actual training portal and there are
five modules so there is module one
which covers the basics then there is
module 2 covers niche and customer so
basically what miss you should get into
and how to find out which customers are
interested in products in that niche
also he goes over where to find
affiliate offers what affiliate offers
are good for which specific niche etc so
that is also covered in this training
and if you do go into the irony she
covers the warrior plus and jvzoo
platforms and also affiliate offers
there but he mostly used Clickbank for
offers outside of the IM leash so that
is also covered in the training then
module 3 facebook posts he goes over
which different types of posts you use
as ads on facebook and how to structure
those posts and then the funnel which
goes over how to build your landing
pages your email marketing how to set it
up and then because basically what the
training covers is how to build an email
list in that specific niche using
Facebook Ads and then you sell the
actual affiliate products using email
marketing and this is exactly the same
business model that I teach in my own
course affiliation so if you’ve already
picked up affiliation that doesn’t mean
that affiliate revival will not be
useful for you because the the creator
of affiliate revival I believe his name
is coby he’s from Israel he uses a
different method for a few things like
forests pages for his funnel for his
Facebook ads and it’s not necessarily
completely a different business model
but he you can definitely pick up some
golden nuggets from this that you can
implement in the business model that I
have taught in affiliation or if you
decide after going through affiliate
revival you want to know a little bit
more about how I do exactly what he
teaches an affiliate revival you can
have another look at affiliation as well
so they are very very complementary
courses and even though there is a bit
of overlap in terms of how to set up
funnels and how to drive traffic to them
and there are still a lot of things that
you can learn from affiliate revival so
I think it’s a really great course for
that and then of course module 5 as I
said that covers traffic which is
Facebook Ads so here he goes into how to
set up your ads etc so that is the
affiliate revival course so as I said
it’s really complementary to affiliation
or if you want to buy this instead of
affiliation it goes into really great
detail on how to build an affiliate
how to drive traffic to it using
Facebook Ads using landing pages using
email marketing and basically you can
apply this to almost any niche and of
course the big three niches which are
revealed in the module 2 of this course
as well as it’s the same big 3 niches
that I cover in my affiliation course
and there you can basically learn in
module 2 how what those three niches are
and how to best promote to customers in
those niches so that is affiliate
revival I think it’s a great course when
it comes to Facebook ads and you can
learn a lot of things from it so let’s
have a look at the sales page and see
what they what they’ve put on here and
if the course lives up to those claims
so attention you’re likely aren’t
equipped with the latest traffic
strategies for affiliate marketing read
on to prevent falling very behind case
study how Kobe builds passive traffic
machines that bring in 100 to 200
dollars per day in passive
commissions and how you can set up as
many passive traffic machines as you
like with as little as 20 to 30 minutes
per day so once you are experienced with
this method once you’ve gone through
affiliate revolt and you’ve set up a few
campaigns yourself and you want to set
up some new ones
perhaps you’re able to do so in twenty
to thirty minutes however if you’re
starting out even just going through the
training will take you more than that
and you will not be able to make 100 to
200 dollars per day with twenty or
thirty minutes of work however it is
definitely possible to make 200 dollars
per day with this and more and set up
different campaigns in different niches
I mean my best month in affiliate
marketing has been twelve thousand
dollars but I also know a lot of other
affiliate marketers that pooing way
larger numbers than that like fifty to
eighty thousand dollars so that is
absolutely possible whether you use
Facebook ads or any other traffic source
affiliate marketing has that potential
and in this course everything you need
to know to reach that number is included
so this is not some claims that they
cannot back with results in the training
the training actually covers how to do
exactly that so yeah I will not go over
the entire sales page of course you can
just click on the link in the
description below go to this page click
on any of these links or buttons
anywhere on my in my blog post and that
will take you to the page you can read
through it yourself and see what else
Koby Stephan and Greg have to say about
this course so those are the course
creators let me see where here so that
is Stephan Stephan and Greg are actually
very big affiliates who have been using
affiliate marketing for many years and
they’re very successful and Kobe is a
relative newcomer to the space but he
quickly figured out this particular
method and that is why he put together
this course for you on exactly how he
has made a significant amount of money
using Facebook Ads
and affiliate marketing Clickbank here
you can see some of his click
bank results pulls in more than $300 on
a single day on Clickbank and here you
can see some of his results in jvzoo and
yeah those are all included in as case
studies in this course here you can see
that he built up a an email list on a
weber using this exact method so simply
go and click on link in the description
below if you want to read the rest of
this sales page so I have put together a
couple of bonuses that you’re going to
get access to if you do decide to
purchase this course and you will get
access to those if you purchase through
any of the links on this page and the
link to that of course is in the
description below this video so bonus
number one is how to get guarantee
affiliate link approval now if you’re
going to do affiliate marketing in the
IME SH you will want to get some
affiliate offers on warrior + and JV zoo
I have the thing with warrior Pleasant
jvzoo is that you will not get
automatically approved to promote those
affiliate offers you will find on those
networks so that means that you need to
contact the vendors and ask for
permission to promote their products now
vendors are very there they won’t easily
accept new affiliates to promote their
offers when their offers are just new
just launched because they want to make
sure that people send quality traffic to
their offers and they don’t spam their
offers with crappy traffic that doesn’t
convert because that will make their
offers look bad
so that is why it is harder as a newbie
to be approved as an affiliate for some
of these products however I have a
method that gives you pretty much
guaranteed approval for any affiliate
offer on warrior + + JV zoo I’ve been
using this method myself for many months
and it’s always always worked pretty
much 99% guaranteed affiliate link
approval so this is not exactly covered
in affiliate revival he does cover that
you have to get approval and he covers
how he would recommend you get approval
and I don’t recommend using his method
which will be just sending a message to
the vendor on warrior plus or JV zoo
that is not the best way to go about it
as a new affiliate marketer there is a
method that is different from that that
will get you guaranteed approval pretty
much 99% maybe even 100% of the time and
I cover that in this first bonus that
you’re going to get if you purchase
affiliate revival through my link and
then the second bonus you’re gonna get
is my Facebook Ads optimization course
for best results so once you’ve run some
Facebook Ads
you’re gonna want to optimize them
you’re gonna go you’re gonna want to
look at the stats at what your ads have
been doing and how to make it work even
better how to decide once you’ve run
some ads if they’re even doing well if
you should kill them and try again or if
you should improve upon them or just
scale them up and all of that is covered
in my Facebook Ads optimization course
so again Facebook Ads optimization is
something that is covered in affiliate
revival but I think that you will see
that if you go through Kobe’s course on
this and Mike works there are a few
differences in our approaches and so
that is why I wanted you to be able to
see both sides and basically get the
best of both worlds and take away like
improve on his method by using mine and
improve on my method by using his and
you will get the best results from your
Facebook Ads campaigns so that’s the
second bonus the third bonus is my how
to create high converting landing pages
course so again this is covered in the
training but again Kobe uses a different
method now I’m not saying that my method
is better or his is better I’m saying
that the best results are always gotten
when you learn from different mentors
from different trainers and teachers and
they think basically just combine the
best of all of those methods that you
learn from so that is why I’m including
that as my third bonus how I create
landing pages and maybe you want to use
the tool that I use all the time over
the one that Kobe recommends in his
training because it’s a little bit
easier than the one he recommends and
especially for new affiliates that might
be a better way so that is the third
bonus fourth bonus is how to write
headlines for your ads and landing pages
now if you’re gonna create Facebook ads
if you’re gonna create landing pages you
will want your headlines to convert
really well you will want people to
click on your ads you want people to put
in their email address on your landing
pages and there’s no better way to
achieve that than to have really good
headlines now I use a method for getting
headlines that basically allows me to
legally steal headlines from the best
copy writers in the world and in this
bonus I show you exactly how I do just
so those four bonuses are the four
bonuses that I have put together myself
I spend a lot of time doing this but I
want you to get the best out of these
products so that is why I do this for
so these bonuses are exclusive and
custom made by me you will not find
those anywhere else now in addition to
that the vendor has provided a couple of
bonuses for affiliates to give away if
you purchase affiliate revival and so
those bonuses you will probably find all
the other affiliates giving away as well
but because I don’t want you to miss out
on those because you’ve decided that my
bonuses are more valuable than bonuses
you will find anywhere else in the
I am also including these generic
affiliate bonuses so what those bonuses
are are first of all Twitter traffic
boost then 30,000 visitors case-study
and exclusive mastermind access those
bonuses are available to all customers
inside the members area of affiliate
revival in addition to that there are a
couple of semi exclusive bonuses that
you will find on the bonus page that you
will get access to after purchasing
affiliate revival through my link those
are Pinterest ads crash-course exclusive
collection of iron graphics and tidal
wave traffic so where will you find all
these bonuses after purchasing and in
your jvzoo account you can go and find
your receipt by clicking on the link at
the top right hand corner of the screen
that says looking for your purchases
then click click on that then click on
affiliate revival that will take you to
your receipt for a valued revival it
looks a bit like this and then scroll
all the way down to the bottom of the
page there is a link that says bonuses
from bauk click on that link and then
you will be taken to my page where
these four bonuses that I’ve put
together will be waiting for you as well
as these affiliate bonuses that the
vendor has provided for me to give to
you now in addition to that there are a
couple of upsells that come with
affiliate revival so affiliate revival
itself is a complete training course you
do not need any of these upsells to make
this work for you
so don’t be don’t worry about that don’t
worry about having to buy any of these
however they will make things a little
bit easier and faster for you if you do
decide to purchase any of these upsells
so the first upsell is for $37 a piece
of software that will allow you to
easily create ads on facebook so it
allows you to basically create
done-for-you campaigns where copy and
graphics are taken care of in all of the
specific niches that are covered in
affiliate Revival’s training and then
the second upsell for $67 is coaching
its one-time only coaching which
includes multiple done-for-you campaigns
niches offers squeeze pages Thank You
pages ad copy images and even more than
that so that is if you want to get
access to Kobe to basically do all this
for you then that would be $67 which i
think is a steal steal for this so yeah
that is the two upsells that are
basically some done for used services to
make affiliate revival easier and faster
then there is also reseller license for
forty seven dollars that allows you to
sell the entire affiliate revival
product as if it’s your own product and
poke it all the money yourself forty
seven dollars is actually super cheap
for reseller rights so even if you sell
just the front end and one OTO one you
will already have made back your forty
seven dollars and then if you sell any
of the other upsells you will be in
profit or if you sell multiple copies of
affiliate revival you will easily make
your money back
using this reseller license now the
reseller license also comes with a down
sell to $37 which will only allow you to
the front end I absolutely don’t
recommend you get this because the front
end if you become an affiliate for
affiliate revival you already get a
hundred percent commission on the front
end so it’s absolutely useless to buy
reseller eyes a license for just the
front end you want to buy the reseller
license for the entire funnel if you
want to buy reseller license if you
don’t then don’t purchase it at all do
not purchase the down sell so that’s all
I can say about the funnel so again if
you do decide to purchase affiliate
revival just click on the link in the
description below anywhere on this page
click on the green buttons that will
take you to this sales page and then
just click on any of these buttons to
buy affiliate revival and get access to
my exclusive bonuses free of charge so I
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you for watching my affiliate revival

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