AffiliBuilder Review 2021

By | February 4, 2021
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Click here to go to the official website of Kurt Chrisler, where you can get AffiliBuilder manuals/documents/tutorials. We suggest you to check user reviews of AffiliBuilder on Youtube,Facebook, and Amazon before buying it. Some websites provide ratings from a lot of customers for AffiliBuilder. Negative comments are especially valuable for you to know the pros and cons of AffiliBuilder.

Before purchasing it, you’d better install/evaluate AffiliBuilder yourself. You can login/use AffiliBuilder if it has a free trial. This way, you can get the opinions about whether it is useful to resolve your problem.

Welcome to my AffiliBuilder review, where I am going to give you a live demo of the affiliate site builder. it claims to be a plugin that each affiliate marketer must possess. . Supposedly, it generates completely done for you affiliate websites in just minutes with no content production needed. No API is necessary completely automatic and you can produce your whole site and only minutes. . So in this demonstration this genuine live demo. I am going to offer you an unscripted demo of the real procedure. I’ve purchased the actual plug-in. . Unlike many of the reviews, you might see another AffiliBuilder reviews. Those people are in reality just recording over a presentation video. . They did not really find a plug-in. . Hence the reason I say it is unscripted is because I do not actually have a script., I am doing it for the first time. I purchased the product, so I will show you exactly what it takes to get it setup. . So the measures in this video will be 1. . I will launch a WordPress site in 30 seconds., I am gon na do so. With my tools and hosting out AffiliBuilder. 2., Then I will set up the AffiliBuilder expert plugin and theme. 3. . I will install the API key, which is exactly what you will need to do. Some of the type of imp automatic importing of distinct features with the applications and 4., Then we are gon na make content for my new affiliate website. . Let us jump to the live demo of this AffiliBuilder Review., Alright, here is step one where I am going to make my WordPress site in 30 seconds. Just know that you will need to get a self hosted, WordPress site. . If you don’t understand what that means. Just reply in the comments and I will assist you and provide you more information. . So in this case I am using a tool out of the AffiliBuilder. . I prefer a this hosting company as it is created for affiliate marketers., I get a good deal of training. . I possess the ability to launch multiple affiliate sites quite easily, as you can see, here. And the resources are pretty cool and they work really well. . So I will create my own affiliate website. . So that is the thing about this program is that it’s intended to assist you start an affiliate site quite easily so starting from scratch. . So in the event you’ve got an existing site, this plug-in isn’t necessarily for you. . I’M sure you could use it to add content, but the idea is to really just you. You start from zero. You do not have any site. Created. AffiliBuilder does provide hosting. If you would like to go that route., as I said, I prefer this route. . So in case you would like more info hit me up with this and I will I will, tell you why I choose this particular hosting vendor over others. . As you can see, you have a good deal of different domains. Here. . I’ve decided that I will watch soccer party kits an affiliate website using this plugin. . The reason is, is with this form of earth how it is and the social distancing we are having and the impact on sports. It will be interesting to see if people do different things in various behaviors to attempt and create the sports event the same, despite the fact that they’re not in the audience., thus we’re just gon na give it a try., So I am giving my website a name., I’m just gon na pick an overall theme and I will construct my website. . The main reason I am just changing a choosing an overall motif is because I actually paid for an AffiliBuilder Pro. So the front end product will be 17 +. . The purchase price is on the upswing. . I believe you can go all of the way up to $27 for the front end merchandise. And then an add-on would be to include AffiliBuilder Pro, which provides you a few added features, which I thought were interesting and worth buying., And additionally, it gives provides you a motif which you can use so that you don’t have to select your own. So completely optional, completely up to you. If you wish to do this or not., So I am waiting for my site to finalize. It is literally creating it as we speak. Okay, my site is now created. And I am ready to set up the AffiliBuilder plugin. . So I’m gon na select login and it is going to start up my site. . This is the back end of my WordPress site I just created for soccer party kits. . Okay, now so as to install this plugin, I am gon na come into plugin. . I have two activities to perform: I will install the plug-in and I am going to put in the theme so for the plugins. . I’M gon na choose, add fresh. And just a side note. When you actually purchase the plug-in, you’ll get access to the members area for WP Marketer Tools, so that stands for WordPress. . So there are a whole lot of different plugins and themes that this business offers., The AffiliBuilder, is the one we just purchased. . So you are going to get information and access to this. . This is how you figure out. You learn how to put in the plug-in., So there is included training and walkthroughs. . It gives you additional details on the best way best to prepare the API keys, which we are gon na go through., and that is where I managed to get my real downloads. . So you choose to download the plugin for AffiliBuilder or the plugin for AffiliBuilder Guru and also the theme., So I’ve downloaded these, and that’s how I will upload into my website. . Ok now I am in my plug-in area., which means you want to select the zip file. You leave them as zip., which means you see I have downloaded the AffiliBuilder theme and I have downloaded the AffiliBuilder Pro. . So for this the pro is to plug in what I will upload I will install – and you can see here – it is working or waiting for the site to upload it set up it . It., Pick activate plugin. Alright, so the plug was triggered, and this is step one. . Step 2 will be to upload the theme., and that means you are gon na go to look. Themes. You may see here. You’ve got basic motif to come. Uploaded automatically. Generate press. Is the one I picked with my hosting provider, but I would like to bring the AffiliBuilder theme which I purchased for. . So I’m gon na select upload topics or add motifs and then upload topics. Same procedure as before. Come here and upload the zip file for my theme and select install now., Wait for it to install it and then we are going to trigger it. Alright. So now it has been uploaded and it’s been activated. Alright, so the next thing to do is to return here. . We now must establish our API keys., and that means you’ll see the AffiliBuilder down because the plug is uploaded. . This is where I pick all my choices around that for the settings post import backlinks., So I will choose settings. . This is the setup procedure. You want to do before you are ready to begin importing content. . The reason is is that if you import content via the content builder, it enables you to do exactly what the measures you it will automatically do, things for you. Like it can add advertisement blocks for you., It will automatically pull in YouTube. Videos associated YouTube videos. . Additionally, it will automatically permit you to pull related pictures. So as to do that. You must come here and set up this first. . So that’s 1 thing I wish to mention is that it states no API is necessary, but you do want API keys. . So I think what they are trying to say is that you do not have to do any custom development for this. ? The plugin has already done it for you. . You do need to be somewhat technical to work out how to really add the API keys. . Now there’s training for that., So if I come here and you also get access to this in the members area, together with the advice and the training., I showed you where it showed me the way to set up the plug-in and catch the plug-in and the motif. . There are very detailed instructions about the best way best to find the API keys for this one’s YouTube. . It works. I went through it. Fine, no problem. . It is also possible to get training on how to do anything else. Other affiliate programs like Aliexpress, CJ as well as eBay., So that is pretty cool. . So there’s training for you to help you through these steps to show you just what you will need to do to set up these here. . So that is what I’m gon na do., I am gon na go catch my YouTube API programmer, key that I did using the directions that I just showed you these directions. I will stop here and go get my key and come back and add it in 1 sec. . Okay, I’ve grabbed my YouTube API programmer. Key., I will hit save. Okay, so that is setup. ! Now I am going to do the same thing for pixabay., So I’m gon na go catch my API key and return. And just as a reminder, training comes included. . So this links you to the Google YouTube API instructions. . This movie is included to let you know how you can have your pixabay API. . So you only play this video and it’ll walk you through exactly what to do. . I’M gon na take you step-by-step., and that means you can either join as a user accounts or you can login. If you already have an account., you’re required to have an account so as to find an API key., So either log in or create your own account. . Then its taking you inside the dashboard and it is showing you where to really grab the API key below the explorer tab and you are likely to obtain the API section. . Then you are gon na click on that green button begin. Then you are going to be taken to this page, that’s the API information that you do not need to worry about. . But if you scroll down precisely where gon t locate your API key, which is what you copy and paste and put in the WordPress platform., follow these steps. . I received my API key., I will copy and paste it into here. And hit save settings. . Okay. So today we have the YouTube installation and we have pixabay installation. . The one thing I have not set up will be the habit, add section. . I will return to that. . I wanted to keep it simple for now, since this does require if you are gon na use, there is a couple there is you know an assortment of options you could do here. . The suggested pack is to really use sort of the to use the Amazon native advertisements, which require you to go setup an account., therefore we’ll return to that., Let’s just begin with the YouTube and pixabay settings right, today. And let us start generating some articles. Okay. So to begin building content, I am gon na go to posts import setting here and then you start putting on your going to look for the content. You need to pull back essentially the affiliate products you would like to promote., So this is gon na be experimental. . This is the first time I’ve done it., So I’m gon na begin with football. It that is a fairly broad term. And see what it spits back. . So, according to the sales page, you may select from over 10,000 posts. If you buy the pro version, you get immediate access to any new posts that they include frequently. . They state on a weekly basis., so that you may see here. The choices are fairly broad, and that’s because I put in a terrible type of name here. . I believe that is interesting, popular backyard activities for adults. . Let’S select that one see if there is anything else, that is around soccer. ! Alright, let’s try something else. . So let us try. The soccer party trays attempt something more specific., Sorry, nothing found. ! So the interesting thing about the sales pages is they claim it may bring you articles import content for virtually any topic. . So it isn’t pulling back soccer party trays that there are actually soccer like party trays. . You can get them from various teams. . Let’S attempt something like soccer: bite, helmets., Spelling, right., Nothing, found., Ok, all right! So what I am going to do is I will launch Amazon and see if I can get some products that would make sense for bringing into this website. ? Okay. So I am on Amazon here and I just put in soccer party into the hunt to find out what it would return. . So soccer party should return some results. We’ll see whether it does. . So let us try soccer party., Okay, so it is very like what we saw before. . It does appear to have some different choices: though. We’ll see… The best way into the Super Bowl. Seattle, Washington at a glimpse see weekend wedding actions, seated wedding, receptions., So there is all sort of weird stuff here, not lots of content. All right. Let’S return to Amazon here and let us try again. Okay, so football party decoration, bite, stadium., Ok, nothing found. ! We attempted to do the snack, helmets., There is…, snack, cups., All right so far this is a complete bust. . In the training video and on the sales page, what you are gon t notice, the case they use is drones., and that means you can set up a drone website and apparently that is going to work very well. So set up an affiliate drone website, however, be cautious concerning the site saying that it supports any issue. . I guess mine is a particular topic, but if you consider it, it’s really a niche. . It’S a it’s a it’s a micro market. So around. Basically US football there is a whole lot of teams. . There’s an enthusiastic following – and it’s gon na be interesting to see the times moving forward, how folks readapt to still receive their sports on and see their staff, but not to be there in person. . So I imagine they may actually wish to desire to get a great deal of products around them at their dwelling. Have some parties themes? You know, get cups, everything you might get on, Amazon., This is allegedly was my thinking that I’d be able to perform. . Let’S attempt something like soccer cups. . Alright, let’s try something special such as Dallas Cowboys,…, Nothing all perfect. Soccer…, Nothing all perfect. ! Well, so I was gon na highly recommend this item. However, you want to be cautious about the content., And so I guess I’d recommend that you reach out to the corporation. Ask them what topics they are really focused on. Drones, as we all know, is just one of those, because that was in the characteristic videos., thus we’re gon na hunt for that and I will complete this. I will go ahead and build out a few pages. Merely to demonstrate how, like the guarantee it was., it’s definitely promised to be simple. . So the idea is you could place in a topic of allegedly anything. . Obviously that does not work. . It doesn’t there is nothing around soccer unless I just have not found the right search terms for that., But there’s loads of advice around drones., These are pre-created articles posts around drones. . I am able to schedule them, so that I can schedule now. . I can schedule this 1 tomorrow. . So just know this is a pro feature. . This isn’t a basic front. End $ 17- $ 20 $ 27 product. It doesn’t it is not in that one. . You want to pay the extra $39 for the expert as well, but I purchased it to the theme and also I did like it for this, this specific feature., and that means you can stagger your own content. . So, basically, you could create many weeks of articles, scheduling within a batch right., And so that definitely has some efficiency advantages. . This was a cool thing. . This is where pixabay comes in…. You want to bring an image., So I’m just gon na type in drone. . I’M gon na hit search on your picture. And it is supposed to pull back some pictures here. . So this isn’t working. . Let’S attempt this again., Oh! I guess I want to get it done on the test box. . Let’S attempt that… drone search image., Alright! Well, that is not! Working., I don’t know whether my pixabay isn’t working, but supposedly it is supposed to spit you back a few choices. According to the training video., That is not working. ! So, like I said, I do not know that I recommend this at all. . You want to look at your articles on what you would like to promote and be sure they provide the content about it. . If you would like to go down the drones path, you can go down that route., There is. Obviously, some issues here. I will see if I can figure that out and show you everything that looks like and really import this. . So 1 minute, allow me to see if I could troubleshoot this. So after more troubleshooting, I can’t get this to work. . So I guess I would need to reach out to encourage. . I will include this in the blog article. If you decide you want to get this product. As of right now, I don’t know that I really can recommend this item. . Regrettably, I had high hopes for this. So I will go ahead and hit the import button., and that means you’ve got a choice to make this content as posts or pages. Normal guideline go with articles in pretty much every case. . There are definitely choices. . There are occasions where you need to do pages, but we are staying to rule of thumb. . It’s possible to include, you can select post., Okay, so I have content it selected. . I’ve date chosen here for scheduling. And I was picking posts. I’ll see. Okay, so you must be certain you opt for an option: there. Okay, so now it is saying that the content, it is imported., So I will go to go to site that’s going to be dreadful. . My theme is about football party kits. . I guess I want to change this to drones., Unfortunately, that would not work on my domain , but I wanted you to see the last outcome. . These are the posts. There’s no featured picture, because I could not get this to work. But that is supposed to be among the cool features here. . It does produce all this information, and this is the YouTube video. . So it goes out and it really looks at I guess that a similar name. . That’S the 1 thing to watch out, for you ought to be certain that pulling in exactly the exact same drone. . The last thing you need to do is like confuse people., So these drones are extremely specific and there is probably thousands of these. . You want to be certain that you have related pictures for that specific product and relevant videos., therefore it puts this in the base, which I do not know that I actually agree with. . I’d always put the video up here. . You need to keep people in your webpage and for somebody who does not scroll all the way to the bottom…. You know that is a personal taste. . You can do anything you want, but sadly it did not work for my idea for soccer party kits. . Regrettably, AffiliBuilder plug-in didn’t work for my usage Case. . If you decide you need to go in the drone marketplace, that may actually be helpful for you, but it’s tough to tell what other articles they support. It besides turns from all of the 10,000 articles.

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