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By | September 20, 2018
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animationstudio bonus

animationstudio bonus

Click here to go to the official website of AnimationStudio, where you can get the AnimationStudio  manuals/documents/tutorials. We suggest you to check user reviews of AnimationStudio Commercial on Youtube,Facebook, and Amazon before buying it. Some websites provide ratings from a lot of customers for AnimationStudio. Negative comments are especially valuable for you to know the pros and cons of AnimationStudio.

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Before purchasing it, you’d better install/evaluate AnimationStudio yourself and get the opinions about whether it is useful to resolve your problem.

Revolutionary “All-in-One” Explainer Video Maker App With Unlimited Video Renders, Text-To-Speech, One-Click Translation and More. Includes Commercial License!

What is inside AnimationStudio?

Animationstudio is a revolutionary technology that has been years in the marketing. It is a brand new cutting-edge explainer video creation application  meaning not just an explainer video like you’ve seen before but full-fledged animated explainer videos that can sell any product or service. It’s super easy to use, drag-and-drop simple, and every single element is customizable. We have fully built-in templates and buy templates. We hired world-class copywriters to write entire scripts and we got expert designers to craft complete animated explainer videos fully done in many of the hottest niches out there. With professional voiceovers included for every single template all you have to do really is just plug in your logos, edit some text, and you’re ready to rock. How’s that for true automation? If you want to create eye-catching videos from scratch, let’s say you want to go beyond the templates, you can do that too using our revolutionary open canvas technology where you can now make full-length animated explainer videos with award-winning text-to-speech visual timeline editor built in and hundreds of animated character scenes backgrounds and all the cool elements you will ever need to create a blockbuster animated explainer videos. If you’re frustrated and trying to build professional studio quality animated videos then you’re on the right place, because now you can create fully customized animated explainer video, sales videos, and all kinds of videos with fully language customization meaning you can translate the existing copy, write the scripts that we include in any language and then have that played over in any language or accent of your choice, whether it’s male or even female for that matter using our award-winning text-to-speech technology that is lifelike.

animationstudio review

animationstudio review


Let’s jump right into the animationstudio app itself and let me show you exactly why this will be the last animated explainer video creation software you’ll ever need. Animationstudio also comes with commercial rights license. This means you can start selling the videos that you create with animation studio for upwards of $500 or more each to clients around the world as a video agency or an offline consultant where the videos that you create can be sold online as well as to offline businesses. Let me show you how you can get big-ticket clients really quickly. There was a project posted in, one of the top freelancer websites in the world, and the project had basically a 30 second animated explainer video needs to be created. If you click on the link here as the example video given,  it opens up this particular video. This one was for an explainer video for yoga studio. For this particular project, over close to 50 people have proposals on or bid on it. As you can see here the better range is the lowest $300 up to 1500 with the average being $950 for this one project. You can imagine animated explainer videos command top dollar online and they’ll always be because businesses will always be looking for new ways to market their products and services. What’s better than an animated explainer video, I can generate more traffic leads and sales in the best possible way by elevating their brand. Let’s check out another similar projects.This is an animated explainer video for a dentist. Again let’s let’s go to that page and the video looks something like this. If you scroll down real quick, this one has again close to 50 people bidding on this project, as low of $200 and a high bid range of 1000 over the average being close to $850 for this video. Not just an upwork but if you go to, another top web site for freelancers, again as you can see here: animated explainer video, thirty second animated explainer video, the proposals are anywhere between $766, $830, all the way up to $1250. As you can imagine animation, explainer videos are hot and they command top dollar online. Now what if you could create the same level of animation explainer videos, the same professional videos like the one I just showed you, like these in just 59 seconds or less? I’m in the animation studio episode.

animationstudio inside

animationstudio inside

Let’s jump right in and let me show you exactly how you can build the same high level of professional studio grade animated explainer videos in 59 seconds or less as the same ones I’ve shown you.  I have my trusty count on timer right now. As you can see on my screen and let’s set up a brand new video project in animationstudio. The first thing that you will see when you get into the animationstudio app is all kinds of templates to your left. When you choose that option there are a bunch of templates that we have as you can see here in a variety of industries and niche markets for you to start using and get on your way. I’m gonna choose the dentist’ template. I’ve clicked on it and I’ve activated so this is our little template looks like. The template would also have seeds and you can add more scenes, you can add additional lengths to it, and so on and so forth. Every single template that is built in with animationstudio comes with pre-built voiceovers text effects, all the transitions, the animations built in including the copywriting and all the creative stuff. All you have to do is make a couple of changes and add a couple of elements and you’re good to go. Let’s get started and I’m going to turn on the countdown timer. The first thing that you will see right here is options for the template itself.In the clip,the text “the six months” can be changed. Basically, every area where this text element is can be fully modified by you. You can even add additional text by going into the text option and clicking on add text. If we go to the next part,  when it says “contact our office”, we just put any logo for any business. I just go to image. I’ll just upload a logo right here and it is pretty big so I’ll just use a slider here to reduce the size. I can just place it right here,and that’s it. We can go to different scenes so let me turn on the accountant. You can see it so while it’s playing again we can go to a different scene, see number two and then again do the same process to change any text element. We can drag this slider to say how long you want that text or any image or any animation to appear or disappear and so on. And again the same procedure is for the call to action so if you want to add a quick call to action such as “call us now” and then a phone number, just click “Add text” and then you can just change the color of it and then you can just increase the size using the slider here and boom you’re set! My counter timer shows 10 seconds so let’s play it. The whole you gotta do next is just click on export and click on export option here and your video will start rendering. As you can see even with explanations it took me less than 59 seconds to create a full fledged professional animated explainer video. Other awesome features include a revolutionary open canvas technology where you can go beyond the templates and create unique videos from scratch using all these preset characters animation sets and backgrounds and all that good stuff. To give you a true unfair advantage, you can even reach global audiences with just a couple clicks by converting all your videos into multiple languages using our lifelike text-to-speech engine. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want to translate this entire video, convert it over into Spanish and reach a different market all together, you can do it with just a couple of clicks. Here’s an example of some of the built-in text-to-speech voices we have included. This one right here is us Spanish. Let’s do that and see how she sounds It’ll be pretty cool like this. On top of that this gives you serious edge by driving more global traffic leads and sales for your business and your clients businesses as well. This will make it irresistible offer to your clients because you can help them reach global audiences with ease for the same price  other agencies might be charging them. Majority of the time they charge them a lot more than what you’ll do because it just takes you a few minutes to create these professional-grade videos in multiple languages, multiple accents and voices, and transitions and so on.

Now you know the true power of animationstudio. I look forward to seeing you on the inside to fully grasp the full potential of animationstudio.

Features of AnimationStudio

  • open canvas technology
  • ready-made templates for hot niches
  • plenty of animation elements and libraries
  • multi-language, one-click translation
  • world-class text-to-speech technology


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