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AzonStation review

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AzonStation creates stunning, SEO-optimised Amazon affiliate sites with the push of a button. No hosting needed, no design or tech skills necessary!

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that will take you through to the sales
atención website owners bloggers and
affiliate marketers new cloud-based app
builds one-click SEO optimized passive
income sites in less than 60 seconds
excuse me no prior technical skills or
experience needed you can get sales
immediately unleash the power of Amazon
get traffic on autopilot off
automatically curates the best content
for SEO automatically make money with
affiliate commissions in 60 seconds
you’ll have an SEO optimized affiliate
site zero tech skills needed beginner
friendly veteran appreciated no monthly
fees so yeah it’s a pretty cool app
because affiliate marketing with Amazon
there’s so many people searching for
products every single day and if you can
get your products in front of their eyes
you are going to make a lot of money and
you don’t need to have any stock to be
able to do this because you’re simply an
affiliate of Amazon and there’s a lot of
people doing this that are making a good
amount of money so this is a sales page
right here feel free to come and check
this out in your own time I don’t know
if it will look exactly like this this
is a mock-up sales page because the
product itself is going to go live in 50
minutes time from where I am right now
so I think you might have just gone live
actually because I’ve been away in
Malaysia I’ve just got back to Jakarta
and the time difference is an hour so I
think this just gone this just went live
right now so the sales page might look a
little bit different so go and check
that out in your own time I’m going to
jump into the members area now and I’m
gonna show you what this is all about
let me see if I can just change the
settings on here for it to go live
not sure if this is gonna be not sure if
this is gonna be live right now but we
shall see okay
I’m gonna jump into the app now I’m
gonna show you how this works so this is
the dashboard right here okay and then
you have your star down here you can
create your new star here simply by
clicking on create star and there’s some
sound effects that go off there now you
can either give me a second okay you can
either you can either choose from Amazon
Aliexpress our eBay okay Ally expresses
the other one I forgot to mention before
so you can choose from either of these
two to be the affiliate off and populate
your star based on the sources from
either Amazon Aliexpress our eBay you
can choose one of them and then you can
choose the in build template that you
want to use with this so you choose a
title for your star a subdomain and then
a domain mapping okay now for domain
mapping I think you need to have the
upgrade but for the moment all of this
is self hosted if you use their domain
name so you’d have to put in for example
jonno star dot let me just make one here
jonno demo okay jonno dot a is on
station EU that will be your domain name
that you would send out to get your
traffic so these are gonna use Amazon
I’m gonna use this particular preview so
I’ll click on save and this is gonna
start building my star up now so once
it’s done I just click on manage
okay and then I would wearily okay so I
would just click on find products so I
would need to set all of this stuff up I
haven’t actually set all this stuff up
yet but obviously you could you can
integrate this with your autoresponder
you can integrate this with your
Instagram and Twitter accounts as well
to get some free traffic and okay let me
just go through two products and I’ll go
through to all products
okay I need to go to find products from
Amazon first and then I’m just going to
search for keywords to put this into so category I’m not going to
worry about the category just yet I’m
just going to type in dogs okay so let’s
say that I’m in the dog niche I can I
can set this to however much I want
these products to be I mean for this to
search for the range of these products
so I can search it from $40 up to $7,000
in the dog niche okay so I’m gonna I’m
gonna hit search and it hasn’t found any
products so let me just click on all I
think that was probably why you try
searching again alright it’s doing this
thing but you would need to integrate
all of your you need to integrate your
your autoresponder and your API treat
your API keys to your Amazon store or
Aliexpress or eBay or whichever one that
you are using inside of here and okay
let me try to narrow this down to pets
okay let me try something else okay
Electronics headphones
let’s see if I just max this out let’s
see what comes up here okay there seems
to be some kind of error going on
because I probably haven’t linked this
up to my autoresponder just yet but I
can show you a star that these guys have
made that I have access to this is what
it looks like it will look like once
it’s finished load-in just try and
refresh that but you also get access to
a ton of support inside of here training
telling you exactly what you need to do
how to get your Amazon API keys your
Aliexpress API keys how to hide the the
top header bar and the for FAQ links all
of this stuff so that is there to help
you out should you need it you see if
this is loaded up yet I’m just going to
click on featured products
okay it doesn’t look like they’ve got
any products in there either okay but
any way to simply view the star that
you’ve made you’d see you just go down
here and you’d click on view and this is
going to pop up and you should be able
to view it so here we go so latest
products features features featured
products okay there’s nothing in the
featured products but you can set all of
that up inside and you can see this star
has been populated within around 50 or
60 seconds it’s put this together so if
people want to want to view it they can
click on there and it’s going to load up
the full page which is going to have
your Amazon affiliate links embedded in
there so if anybody buys any of this if
anybody buys if they click on buy now
they will go through to Amazon to buy
this okay
and then when they buy this then you
would get credited with the commission
of this sale so it’s an easy way to make
some money really really easy way to
make some money you can also change the
look and feel of the of these stars by
going to front-end settings you can you
can change the the slider settings for
where is it for this one here you can
put an image in there you can change all
of that stuff you can change this stuff
it can change all of these images so it
can make it look completely unique okay
I’m going to talk to you about the
prices and the upsells now so here we go
so everything I just showed you inside
of this inside of that cloud-based app
is going to cost you $23 it’s a one-off
fee it’s not a monthly fee and it’s an
absolute bargain to get this kind of
robust cloud-based software where you
don’t need to go in and create all of
these websites yourself you just press a
few buttons search for some products and
within kind of a minute or two minutes
it’s already built this stuff for use is
such a time saver
so that’s $23
absurd level one is a Zahn station Pro I
believe this allows you to have
autoresponder integration that is $37
oops on number two is a Zahn station
Enterprise this is $47 I don’t have any
details about that so I’m sorry I can’t
tell you what the differences are there
and absorber 3 is a Zahn station
reseller this is a resellers license
where you would simply well it says it’s
$67 the information that I’ve got is $97
so I’m not sure I think it is $67 for
that you would just simply send your
traffic to this this ferry sales page
and then when n it whenever anybody
bought any of these price points you
would get credited a hundred percent of
the commission so you buy this for $67
somebody buys the the front end version
and then the pro version and the second
oto you’ve already definitely made your
money back and then some and then all
you need to do is just keep sending
traffic to that and you can make a ton
of money okay
there’s also a demo video on my bonus
page as you can reach by clicking on the
link down below in the description this
video you could go and watch that demo
video because it will take you through
exactly how the back end of it works and
don’t forget to check out my bonuses I
put together for this to help you out
especially with the traffic because
that’s the only thing with missing with
a zaanse all the rest is already in
there and and and plugged in and ready
to make money so that’s it for me I hope
you enjoyed this aids on station review
and I’ll speak to you on the next one
all the best take care bye
hey what’s up everyone it’s John here
from John OH – Armstrong comm welcome to
my ease on station review now I’m here
inside of the A’s on station cloud based
app and during this review I’m going to
be giving you a full run-through and a
demo of exactly what is involved inside
of this app now in a nutshell it’s going
to create Amazon stars for you okay
so all you need to do is just plug in
your Amazon API credentials and you’ll
be able to get some commissions from
Amazon using this exact cloud-based app
and it also integrates with eBay as well
and I think there’s another one that it
integrates to as well and it also
integrates with your autoresponder – so
it’s pretty cool
so during this review I’m going to be
going through exactly what is involved
in a zon station so stick around for
that now if this sounds like something
that is of interest to you then I’ve
also put together a ton of custom
bonuses that you can pick up if you
choose to buy via my link which is down
below in the description of this video
okay if you click on that link you’ll
come through to this page right here
this is my bonus page where I host all
of my bonuses for Azon station and if
you’d like to buy a zon station at any
time during this review video all you
need to do is first of all click on the
link down below in the description of
this YouTube video come through to this
bonus page scroll down and then click on
any of these orangey buttons that’ll
take you through to the sales page which
looks like this where you will be aware
you’ll be able to purchase a zon station
okay down here now as soon as you’ve
done that you’ll be able to get my
bonuses but you’ll need to do that
before this countdown timer runs out
because when this countdown timer runs
out then this page will expire and so
will all the custom bonuses that I put
together for you and that’s something
that I really don’t want you to miss out
on because I spent a long time making
these bonuses so that you can get the
best out of aids on station as possible
so my first custom bonus here
I’m going to show you how you can use
designs to sell on teespring okay now
teespring is also an affiliate related
company where you can just send them
your designs they will print it onto
t-shirts and then you can sell those
t-shirts very easily now my second
custom bonus I’m going to show you how
to get traffic to your AIDS on stations
store because that’s the only thing
that’s left out on of Asia of AIDS on
station because with AIDS on station
it’s going to create these beautifully
looking stars for you with your
affiliate links already embedded in
there however you’re left on your own
when it comes to traffic so unless you
know how to get traffic where to get
traffic from how to drive traffic
then aids on station will be a bit
useless okay
so inside of this bonus if you pick this
up for me then you’ll get this bonus and
it’s going to show you how you can get
traffic to your aids onstar okay now
remember all of these bonuses are
exclusive to me because I’m the person
who made them they’re not available for
anybody elses link apart from mine so
feel free to shop around see what other
affiliates are offering in terms of
bonuses for AIDS on station because you
can always come back to this page at a
later time once you’ve realized that my
bonuses are way better than what anybody
anybody else is offering okay my third
bonus I’m going to give you access to a
Instagram robot that I use to get
traffic to my squeeze pages and my EECOM
stars and you can also use this to send
it to your aides on station stars so
it’s another way of getting some traffic
except this is 100% free because it uses
a software that goes through Instagram
and hands out little business cards to
your prospective buyers okay that’s kind
of how it works in a nutshell bonus
number four and this is probably the
best source of traffic on the internet
its Instagram and it’s using influences
so you’ll be approaching people I have a
big following on Instagram and you’ll be
able to paid
to send send out a post to their
following and in the link of that post
will be a link to your ease OnStar so
you’ll be able to cash in from that
finally bonus number five I’m going to
give you access to all the bonuses that
vendor has given to me to give to you
guys now although I don’t really know
much about these bonuses I do know that
most other affiliates are only going to
be offering these bonuses alone now I’ve
gone above and beyond that by putting
together custom bonuses for you guys
should you choose to pick it this of via
my link so I think you’ll find there’s a
ton of value there but anyway these
bonuses from the vendor are going to
include Weber Yap ultra vid vide ex pro
video strike Instagram Facebook
Pinterest tumblr genius hash tag genius
Pro logo studio vid connect link
supremacy FB vid Matic vid lock vid prom
pages and article body so you get all of
these bonuses as well as my custom
bonuses so all that you need to do to
claim these bonuses first of all is
click on the link down below in the
description of this video
Comfort to my bonus page scroll down
click on any of these orange buttons to
come through to the sales page here
where you can purchase AIDS on station
now as soon as you’ve done that you
would simply need to go to your jvzoo
account top right hand side it will say
access my purchases click on there then
click on AIDS on station and then you’ll
find a little blue button at the bottom
of that page it says bonuses from jonno
that’s where all of these vendor bonuses
and custom bonuses are going to be
waiting for you on the inside as soon as
you’ve gone through checkout so click on
the link down below in the description
this video come through – my bonus page
click on any of these orange buttons

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A lot of individuals today love the notion of producing the huge cash online from Amazon. Nevertheless, a number end up not taking action because Amazon Affiliate Site Production entails a good deal of time-consuming, challenging task like web hosting, web designing and much more. Consequently, now I’m excited to reveal a brand-new, cloud-based software named AzonStation that will look after the headaches from Amazon Website Production. Together with AzonStation, you don’t have to pay much time and money for pricey website templates, hosting, designing a site and much more. As you’ve begun to become curious, why don’t you have a peek at my AzonStation Review to learn more information?

AzonStation Rating

Quality – 9/10
Characteristics – 9/10
AzonStation Review

Bonus – 9/10



– Gorgeous Totally Responsive Design Which Converts
– No required any other technician skills and expertise
– ZERO additional monthly charges.

AzonStation Review — Review
Vendor Radu
Product Name AzonStation
Release Date 2018-Jul-24

Ability Level Needed No Skills Crucial
Recommend Highly Recommend

What’s AzonStation?

I am a true member, therefore, allow me to show you!

AzonStation is referred to as a newbie-friendly, cloud-based software which lets you create instantly your high-quality, fully SEO-Optimized Amazon Affiliate advertising system in any markets. This program is demonstrated to increase traffic and sales along with higher ranks.
Feature Details

Now in my AzonStation Review, I Would like to show you the key characteristics of AzonStation:
AzonStation Review

Drag-and-drop Website Builder

Together with AzonStation, you’ll feel free to swiftly create a gorgeous, high quality site with Azon Station. All you have to do is simply drag and drop the images, templates, and articles and your own site is prepared to go.
Traffic Generator

This is much more than simply about search engine visitors. Azon Station not merely gets traffic from leading search engines but also increase your traffic by using social media websites. This program will insert built-in societal sharing buttons in addition to attributes to make more followers out of social websites. It usually means that it can help to boost your general traffic and earnings.
Fast-loading Site

It’s becoming a growing number of folks are surfing the internet by using their telephones recently. In case you’ve got an old-school website builder previously, you may easily lose this video game. But Azon Station lets you have a site that is totally mobile-friendly as well as loads much quicker.

For more Information Regarding This software, click on the button below:

How Does This Operate?

I believe the procedure for utilizing AzonStation is rather simple for everybody even beginners to use.

See the demo video under:

Pros and Cons


Simple to follow
Stunning Totally Reactive Design Which Converts
No required any technician skills and expertise
ZERO additional monthly charges.

AzonStation Review


I haven’t found any pitfalls associated with effectiveness of AzonStation yet.
User Experience

Within my AzonStation Review now, I would like to mention that AzonStation is a helpful tool because AzonStation lets you make your very own next degree Amazon Affiliate advertising system without needing to waste as much money on hosting, configuring your websites, buying expensive themes or paying for articles and much more. I believe the very best aspect of AzonStation is the results that you may achieve will be’FAST’ because it cuts out all the guesswork.
Assessment & Cost

As a result of AzonStation, you are able to remove all the guesswork as it pertains to make cash with Amazon. Therefore, if you’re seeking a comprehensive package, I highly advise you to give it a try to purchase and experience AzonStation now. At this time you can purchase it in the lowest cost of $27 using the one-time fee. I believe it’s a sensible cost. Besides, don’t worry you will confront the chance of wasting money since you’ll have the opportunity to request a refund through the first month of using in the event you’re feeling unhappy about it. As there’s absolutely no danger for you and don’t await no reason, you can buy it on line at this time using Paypal, Visa, or Master Card after studying my AzonStation Review.

Amazon is a possible system for us to build up company but clients coming have many options with several advantages and priorities. The current market is quite competitive, so if we can’t make the gap, we can’t win. So, how we could make profits from Amazon? If you’d like passive gains but you’re bored with the job need finishing, you’re in the ideal location.

Now, I would like to present to you a product named AzonStation. It’s an unbelievable instrument I used to construct my website with amazing articles and subject. So I wish to share my expertise with you and hope you could get the very best solution here.
AzonStation Review — Review

Merchandise: AzonStation
Establish Date: 2018-Jul-24

AzonStation Review

Refund: 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Niche: Software
What’s It?

AzonStation is your cloud-based software that produces your next generation Amazon Affiliate advertising system in only one click. It ensures to get you more visitors, leads, and higher position in Google. Because of this, you are able to forget the difficult job of hosting, establishing websites, or purchasing expensive contents and themes.

About the Writer — Radu et al

Radu is famed for electronic advertising in addition to applications development. You are able to locate their detailed advice from the world wide web. With the support of partners that are professionals in the advertising area, Radu developed successfully this instrument. He promises to deliver a revolution to the company expansion of Amazon.
Unique Characteristics of AzonStation

1 click affiliate website generation

It will build your affiliate website for virtually any product in any market. This website goes with high quality articles and affiliate links to receive significant traffic from many angles. Only by 1 click, you possess the profitable site without hosting whatever yourself.

A magnificent design that converts

AzonStation is constructed from the floor up and newbie-friendly. You do not have to find out anything and construct a website with a single click to have sales on autopilot.


You simply put in your affiliate ID and key words and you can Find the result with countless affiliate products to make you passive income entirely

Mobile Friendly using SEO Built-In

AzonStation was designed using the very best SEO practices in your mind. Therefore it’s 100 percent SEO friendly for you high rankings in Google

Fully Cloud-Based Software

AzonStation can get All Your websites under a single dashboard

VidFuse Cloud Is a Superb way to enhance your workflow, and also Look after vlogs Which May require additional processing power and hefty lifting.Send your prospects to distinct funnels or opt-in pages based on which answers they gave, providing you ultra-targeted lists and purchase

My Experience In Utilizing AzonStation and How Does This Operate?

I used this particular product since beta tester so that you can trust anything that I examine now.

I will have a tour that will assist you know everything about it.

This is primary dash of AzonStation:
AzonStation Review

And here are some basic configurations of AzonStation:


Please visit my screenshot below, here are some shops a few beta testers like me generated:

It’s possible to handle, edit, view, or delete your shop.

B/Marketplace Preferences:

You Only Have to put your Appkey and monitoring ID like under:

Now this is chief section of AzonStation, I will manage a shop as below:

AzonStation Review

1/Find Products:

I will Locate AliExpress products with key word mask as below:

Note: You may set up Cost, Commission speed, complete orders, and opinions rating to make your search easier.

And this is my search result for this keyword:

Note: Using these products you hunt, you can import it schedule to place it to you shop.


It is possible to customize your merchandise as you’d like.

3/Front-End Settings:

This is where you can personalize your shop front-end, such as: slider settings, screen settings, general settings, site, create new pages, set default pictures, menu builder.

Notice: This is fundamental Front-End settings of this shop, which means that you can customize whatever you prefer. I am not going to explain a lot of about it since you can do it all yourself.


You can also add your custom kind you desire.


That is a module I Truly enjoy at AzonStation.


You can insert your codes to those box below:

Therefore, the procedure for utilizing AzonStation could be outlined as below:

Step 1: Get into the cloud-based applications

Step 3: Publish Your Website and get prospects

AzonStation Review


My view:

The idea to make an ecom shop like that isn’t odd at all but I enjoy this item. It enables me to make a wonderful shop easily. I recalled I’ve ever installed some complex plugins or tools to my site and It took me much time in figuring out how to utilize it. AzonStation is a easy tool but powerful, I highly suggest it.

AzonStation is the ideal selection for many men and women that wish to profit on affiliate websites in a speedy manner without hard labour. Should you fed up but still no earn cash online, or you also wish to acquire the accomplishment with Amazon without website secretion, then you need to purchase it. This item also lets you access into the applications automating a potent revenue flow. Thus, if that’s what you need, you’re the targeted client of that.

Affiliate marketers
Digital marketers
Amazon marketers
Merchandise sellers
Company owners

Benefits and Pitfalls

Nothing to install or download
Nothing to install or download
No expertise or skills required

Construct quality new affiliate inspection Websites
Earn hundreds of dollars Every Day
Sales can come
Set up an Wonderful website within a few clicks


You Will Need the Fantastic Online connection to function well

Cost and Analysis

AzonStation Review
You may get all the attributes I mentioned previously

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