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By | September 29, 2019
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You definitely saw a number of web pages with similar content when searching “free email services” or “free email accounts” or “free email providers” via google. They have almost the same email providers list. The number one is always gmail, the number two is almost outlook. Then follow,,, etc. The title of these web pages are often “10 best email…” or “11 best email …”. I’m full of this type of websites. In fact, until you(like me) try the email service providers one by one( I mean you try to register a real account on these providers), you won’t know the lengthy words on those websites are bullshit.



gmail is not accessible if you are not willing to expose your phone number. In rare cases, you can register a gmail account without using a mobile phone. But you will soon find you have to provide your phone number “in order to protect your security”. If you change an ip, or have not logged in for some time, you are requested to verify your phone. They say the device you are logging is unrecognized so they must send you an SMS code to verify you are actually you, “in order to protect you”,  even you login with the same computer and using the same browser. You may set a recovery email in your google account. Unfortunately, at this time, they won’t send the code to your recovery email to verify you are you. The only option left for you is via phone verification. In some cases, you may be asked to just type the phone number or recovery email address to complete the verification. You should be grateful. In a long term, you must verify your phone to let it identify you in reality. A suggestion to prolong the deadline is to remove your phone number in your account settings, immediately after you register the account.


Outlook have a less probability of verifying your phone(but the probability is still high) . Want to use a free SMS receiving service online such as this one? You will get the following message:


Yes, they cannot send a text message to this number you got from an online free sms receiving website, which gives the same phone number to a lot of users leading to the phone number being flagged. Trying several such kind of phone numbers, you’ll be thoroughly banned. Then, you won’t be allowed to register outlook even using your true phone number(but they won’t tell you the reason behind it, you just got the same message”we cannot send a text message to this number”). The same rule applies to gmail, too. You do not expect to use a virtual online phone number to work around. They want to identify you, and they are “clever” enough.

This German email service provider seems to exert a loose policy which allows you to register an account without inputting your phone number. However, if you register their email account via VPN, after you fill your personal information, password, password recovery options(email or phone number), solve the recaptcha, and click the “I agree. Create an email account now” button,  you will get the following error:

Yes, “A technical error has occurred”, always. They do not tell you the actual reason behind it(you are using a VPN). If you do not connect their website through VPN, you can successfully get an workable email account, because you can be successfully identified by you ip address. You may think, is indeed a good company, after all it gives you an email account for free. But the misery story about has not ended. If you have not logged to your account for some time, your account will be deleted automatically. At that time, you will be not even aware of what happens because the message presented to you is “incorrect account/password” but you are sure not to input a wrong user name/password. You’ll be told the truth and pointed to terms of their policy after you open a ticket for this problem. I bet nobody notices about the clause of their policy at the registration time. You’ll have to face the fact that all the data of your account including all emails are lost and not recoverable. The only option left for you to continue to use the email address(not account) is to create a new account and link the old email address to the new account as an email alias.

Yandex Mail


This is the easiest-to-register email provider I’ve known. You are prompted to input a mobile phone number when registering. But it is not a prerequisite. You can instead fill a security question. You can also register via a vpn. You are even given two email addresses after registration(one is, the other is Unfortunately, not many emails can be delivered to your yandex email address. For example, it is not possible to register a twitter account using a yandex email address. When registering twitter, it will send a verification code to your registration email address, but you’ll never receive it in your yandex email inbox. I do not know if the email is filtered by yandex, or twitter, or some transmitting email service provider in the middle. I think maybe country discrimination is involved in this problem.

Zoho, Tutanota, yahoo mail, ProtonMail

These email providers all request phone verification or do not allow registration via VPN. They are not the candidate if you do not want to expose your identification.



This is the only email provider I want to recommend. You can register it without inputting a phone number. You can register it via VPN in order to keep privacy. You can receive most emails such as the twitter verification code. But it seems to delete your account after long time no-activity.  The last interesting point is that it has almost the same UI as


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