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By | August 25, 2018
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Bot Badassery review

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hey guys Lee Cole here hope you’re doing
great and this is a real treat I have
got Sean Anderson on here and Sean
you’re gonna talk to us about something
new it’s not scary you’ve been blowing
it up and it is really bleeding edge
messenger buds we were just talking
right before the right before we hit the
record button and you you you were going
so far as I said stop stop stop do we
have to just start recording and get you
to start talking so Sean introduce
yourself and just go back in that flow
and tell us the cool stuff you were
telling me absolutely so what’s up I’m
my name’s Sean Anderson Lee was generous
enough to have me on an interview here
for you guys and we’re talking about if
anybody in the marketing community
you’re gonna hear the term facebook
Messenger BOTS chat BOTS things like
that and it’s one of those things and
lead it literally did have to stop me
and so we could start recording this
because I get really excited talking
about the stuff because there’s there’s
all these things that come out and we
are inundated every day as marketers oh
oh this is the next best thing this is
the next best thing this is the next
best thing
well about a year ago I I I clicked on
an ad and it opened up a messenger bot
and the second I clicked on that ad I
was hooked I knew the power of it but I
didn’t know what to do with it okay so I
was like you know what the only way the
only way to truly test something is to
jump right in okay and at first I
thought it was a fad like I said we get
inundated with marketing stuff all the
time and it goes it comes and goes comes
and goes comes goes well over the last
year anybody watching this right now at
this point in time this is the best time
to do this because the technology has
now caught up with the usage that we
want in fact it’s like we’ve been handed
this multi-tool with a million different
uses and if we only use a few of the
tools on it like the blade and the
screwdriver we can catapult above
everybody that is not using a messenger
bar okay look look let me just slow you
down a little bit and ask you a couple
of questions number one cuz we got all
kinds of people looking at this
all kinds of levels of technical
sophistication yes what is a messenger
bot the let’s just define them sure okay
so a messenger bot is we all know what
Facebook is and then we all know what
facebook Messenger is facebook Messenger
is basically it’s text messages that you
can send through Facebook and then a
while back
Facebook announces hey marketers you’re
more that you can use this platform now
to communicate with your customers and
all of a sudden phone calls emails and
now messenger is just as powerful as the
emails actually in my opinion that’s
becoming more powerful as a marketing
modality to reach our customers now it’s
just it’s another way to communicate
with our customers so a messenger but I
don’t know that much about it which is
good because I’m gonna ask all the
newbie questions sure and I’ll send your
bot is basically an automate it’s an
automation of facebook messenger it’s
yes and I’ll take it I’ll define it one
step further it is actual is so because
we’re us all of us marketers we can all
relate to email marketing okay right
literally we’ve got messenger which is
the platform like sending email okay
let’s say I just sent you an email Lee
about something that’s that’s kind of
like the platform but then we use the
software for the bot it’s our
autoresponder uh-huh that that that did
exactly what I needed to do so a
messenger bot is basically an
autoresponder for facebook messenger
absolutely absolutely well so you know
the way with all so autoresponders and
broad strokes you need to get the emails
on the list some hell yep you need to be
interacting with those emails and in a
marketing kind of way so how does that
all work with messenger BOTS how do you
how do you get people to message you
know how’s that work great great
question I look this is a great set up
question so personally there are there’s
like I said it’s a multi tool there’s a
million different ways to get a person
on your email list right
same with messenger but there are two
main ones two main ones that I like that
are my go-to staples okay so to keep
this simple there is a facebook
messenger ad okay you literally somebody
clicks that messenger ad in facebook and
your bot opens up your it starts the
flow okay I just wet my pants when you
served up I don’t know anything about
this but my mind is what yes and the
thing is with that and this is what
happened to me this is what cooked me
because I’m always looking for something
new and I clicked on this guy’s
messenger had and my all sudden my
messenger opened up and he was chatting
with me and I was like you’ve got to be
kidding there’s got to be this guy has
to be decent doing something shady
because that’s way too cool well guess
what that’s what I do know it’s it’s
exactly there’s there’s a way to you set
up your autoresponder okay
and you actually they have a piece that
you put in the middle that connects it
to your ad okay so that’s how you’re
getting people on your subscriber list
so you get people on a a a facebook
messenger but a subscriber list in other
words the the the the parallel to your
list and an autoresponder so you give
each one a list and so I’m guessing just
like an autoresponders you can have a
bunch of different lists for different
purposes I’m guessing with messengers
but you could have lists because you’re
driving different ads so you could have
lists for people that you’re gonna sell
offline services to you could have lists
for people are you gonna sell coaching –
you could have lists for people that
you’re gonna sell weight-loss Clickbank
products to I mean is that how that
would work absolutely the thing is is
that it is not it’s it’s just a new tool
to do exactly what we’ve been doing it’s
just a new modality to do it that’s what
it comes down to basically we’re
automating what we’ve been doing Oh
now when you said that you open you know
what hooked you own this is you saw an
ad you clicked on the ad and suddenly
you were involved in this messenger bot
conversation with this guy yep but that
was an automated conversation right
absolutely so am I correct in saying no
no my mind still I’m 60 years old Sean
people know this about me but my mind
never got out of kindergarten I don’t
know why I got to get things on the
total you know the total baby level sure
though which helps being a marketer
frankly but I’m thinking that the person
that you were quote-unquote talking to
you weren’t really talking to the person
you were just interacting with an
automation yep people did you hear that
you’re going to use ads you’re going to
get people on a list you’re going to
have a pre automated thingamabob and
don’t worry that’s not scary Sean’s
gonna explain the whole thing to you
know you’re gonna have a pre automated
thingamabob these people are gonna be
interacting with your messaging with
your marketing message process while you
are out what paddle boarding or
something is what I would be doing so I
mean have I got that basically
understood absolutely and what you what
you do in the here’s that like you’re
asking can you be used for you know
Clickbank affiliate marketing offline
services the the real difference between
this and email marketing is and I’m
gonna keep referencing email marketing
because that’s what we all know
so when you think about it and this is
what this is such new technology and I’m
connected to many many many many bots
and I’m seeing nobody doing using this
correctly okay we have email marketers
and I screwed this up at first to you
know email marketers trying to you this
use this like an email platform okay
it’s not it is conversational so my bus
that I’ve built in real time absolutely
and it’s they and so you know when
you’re chatting with somebody in
facebook Messenger there’s the three
dots that go across the bottom that
really okay
you literally program that as a delay
thing in the software we’re using in
your autoresponder so it literally looks
like I’m sitting there typing the
message now I know that this when I’m
engaged with the bot I know that that
person’s not sitting there typing
but we’re so programmed that our
girlfriend-boyfriend whoever is typing
back to us that we think we don’t we
know we know consciously that they’re
not typing but subconsciously we’re like
wow this person’s actually engaging
well it makes her follow a pattern that
we’re already comfortable with bingo
instead of just you know you say
something bam comes back and bam comes
back you know that that’s weird but you
know it has the little delay thing yep
this is like totally huge I felt like
I’m falling in love with something just
god I mean this is amazing so now one
thing that you were telling me before we
started recording was you know you’re
using email marketing which is a good
pattern and analogy to talk to people
about this through because everybody’s
familiar with autoresponders but there
are some massive differences between bot
marketing and email marketing in terms
of open rates and engagement and stuff
like that could you tell us some of that
place sure
and so there’s a there’s kind of two
answers to your question here as far as
well there’s like you said you just feel
like you’re falling in love with
something here the some of the
frustrations and the limitations with
email we do not have now with with
messenger with messenger marketing or
the messenger bot okay a open rates I
mean I screwed it up I literally burned
a list to the ground and I still my last
one that I sent out was I got sixty-two
percent open right way
sixty-two percent of people that some
people when you do it wrong they’re
gonna let you know you’re doing wrong
okay and I still got sixty-two percent
now the last one I sent out ninety
percent okay and so there’s that and
then as far as engagement goes you when
you’re building out the the chat flow is
so simple it is so simply to drag and
drop it’s literally drag and drop type
it in and what you do you ask simple
questions Yes No maybe and you basically
it’s it’s one of those and they analogy
that goes around all the time
do you remember choose your own
adventure book
yeah sure I mean it was kind of like if
I remember correctly these were books
where the path through the book was
different according to what you chose
yes yes and that’s exactly what we do
with the messenger bot we go we ask them
we ask them leading up questions what we
do we start out like what’s the goal
here with this conversation I’m having
with this person let’s say I’m gonna
blow your mind in here second here and I
can’t show you because I’ve got my
screen up hmm but let’s say we want our
only goal of that messenger flow is to
collect the person’s email we actually
want their email as well okay so we ask
him a few questions we get them what I
used to sell I used to sell cable
door-to-door okay years ago and we
called it a yes chain we get them in a
yes chain okay and we ask them different
questions at the end we say hey whatever
whatever we’re leading them whatever
lead magnet or whatever drive we’re
offering them we can actually have it
– are they there email that belongs into
Facebook will populate for them they
don’t have to type it out
they just tap it and it gets sent to our
otters wondering uh-huh okay this is
this is beautiful yes and now when you
say get sent to your autoresponder you
mean gets captured and by the bot thing
or actually gets sent to a real live
honest-to-god autoresponder oh it gets
we have it set up to get sent to a weber
activecampaign whatever you’re using so
they literally there’s no opt-in forum
all they do is tap their email because
we have it there’s a button that we put
in our flow that will auto-populate that
and if you’re a coach it does that with
their phone number as well nice nice and
if you’re like selling you know like
selling business services Internet
services to businesses what normally
call offline marketing yeah the phone
number would be incredibly valuable yes
though now if I understand it I mean
this this is all through Facebook’s
platform is that correct yes it’s all
getting sent through there it’s just it
is just the the the artist the
autoresponder we have set up is through
software hmm but this is all done
through Facebook and the thing is is
that we have with this with this
technology it’s so new that’s why I
saying this is the perfect time for
everybody because I’ll tell you what
like my partner Robert Stoops and I
we’ve gotten the crap kicked out of us
the last year okay because things have
changed and things have broken
the technology is caught up now Lee as
to where I just talked with Robert last
night if you came up to me and said Sean
I’m tasking you with something here I
have a new yoga studio down the street
and we want to pack the house in the
next four days okay next four days I
four days that’s well I don’t need that
give me a day we could have not only
branded fully a full list of people
engaged ready to go ready to come into
that pack that yoga studio was like that
is mind blowing now I’m going to ask you
one of the big questions that I think a
lot of people will have okay this is so
powerful and some mind blowing its it
sounds like it’s forefront from the use
of technology point of view or going
through the learning curve in other
words learning how to do this this
sounds really difficult here’s here’s
them here’s the honest answer that it
used to be it used to be if we if we
rewind a year ago the chats that I was
having with a couple of guys who were
pioneering this stuff there was zero
information out there how to do that you
could not I you could like I said bitten
getting the crap beat out of you i sat
there for 24 or 48 72 hours figuring out
one little piece just to make it
functional now if I sit down I could sit
down with somebody like you said like
you said yourself this is all new to you
60 minutes we can have you fully up and
running ad live campaign leads coming in
leading down the path where they’re
ready to buy with you from you in about
60 minutes because I I’ve gone through
the learning curve already I know now
how to simplify it my my actual brand is
wicked simple and I take complex things
make them simple because all that
peripheral noise and stuff it’s great
but you know what this is so simple
you’re getting to click with an app
click an ad start our messenger bus so
if I’m hearing you correctly
it can be simple now hey because
technology has gotten better but because
you’ve already figured it out and and
both you and Robert are excellent at
teaching other people how to do things
that’s kind of it yeah okay and that
leads us to the final thing is you’ve
got a new product coming out bot named
badassery yes and I’m sitting here
looking at some stuff you’ve written
about it you you know you say bot
badassery is a highly detailed
step-by-step blueprint of the exact
methods that you guys are using in other
words you’re gonna teach people how to
do all this exciting stuff and they’re
not gonna have to spend a year figuring
it out bingo it’s the this is this
course here I would have given anything
to have had a year ago because it cuts
out the noise
it cuts out I mean like I said you know
that you’ve been handed a multi-tool
with a million tools a million ways to
use it and most people are gonna sit
there looking at this tool going this is
so awesome and I don’t know where to
start okay
we’ve stripped it down Roberts thing is
work work smarter not harder and – keep
it simple okay so between the two of us
we have stripped down to the very basics
but without taking away the power of the
functionality and refined it as to where
anybody you can go I don’t any level of
skill can jump into this and we’re
taking the scariness out of it and as
far as the technical side it is just
read I mean it is ridiculously simple to
setup it is I mean it’s it’s so simple
as I was typing something out this
morning I was like difficult before well
was before because I didn’t know which
which of the two buttons to click and
now there’s like that’s just like all of
computer internet technology I mean if
you know how to do it you know a dead
dog could do it if you don’t know how to
do it you just gotta be Einstein to
figure it out it there’s an
in between so say you’ve got this all
figured out you can walk people through
instead of like all of the other things
that come with the Swiss Army knife you
can say use this one tool and that one
tool that’s gonna get you where you want
to go forget all the other crap you’ve
been through how to do stuff and so
somebody who buys badassery
realistically somebody who’s going to
sit on their butt and go through your
training which doesn’t sound like it’s
gonna take too long what would they be
able to accomplish after they do that by
the end of I guess you give you let’s
say let’s say when we launch we launch
at 11 a.m. 11 a.m. on next Tuesday mm-hm
okay you pick up the course at 11 a.m.
you go through the videos let’s say go
through the videos you have to have
lunch you want to take a little map so
let’s say you get through everything by
let’s say three o’clock in the afternoon
right before dinner starts you can have
a full bottle tout with leads coming in
that afternoon Wow
yes so in other words in in and and and
really a very relaxed few hours yes you
could be up and rolling with BOTS
actually creating lists actually
intelligently engaging with people
absolutely actually collecting emails
actually collecting phone numbers if
that’s what you want to do theoretically
actually selling stuff if you’re just
like an online only person and you just
want to sell your own products or you
know products that you’re an affiliate
for this is really awesome now you use
Facebook Ads to do those right I mean
that that that’s the front end of this
whole thing yes and yeah we go over ads
but here’s the thing there’s the other
thing when you are asking earlier about
how do I get people engaged with the
bots uh-huh list there’s another thing I
said there were two things that I use
okay there’s that and there’s another
thing called a ref you are L okay you
literally take that ref you RL and any
do you give it to when they click on it
they click the get started button they
are now a bot subscriber so you don’t
have to move you’ve got a blog post you
stick a link to your bot in that blog
post so many clicks on that it opens up
messenger they hit click get started and
you have a bot subscriber so so you
could stick this if I’m understanding
this correctly and folks I think
everybody’s figured out that Lilo’s Lee
knows nothing about this but as soon as
this launch it launches I’m about to
dive into it but you could stick that
refu RL I mean if he can stick it on a
blog post you could stick it in a
description on YouTube oh absolutely
which means that you could do something
like user click trackers and actually
put it in your YouTube card you could
you know you know you’re doing it like
the folks this is obviously going to be
a YouTube video so so there’s little
notifications up there right and it’s
you could say click here for more
BAM that’s a bot link yep good God
Almighty yep it’s and that’s where and
that’s and I without overwhelming
anybody that’s only two of the ways two
of the things there’s really there’s a
landing page one but I won’t
I won’t go into that because it’s just
another another thing but it’s those are
my two main ones is using a Facebook ad
and then that refu RL it’s like a cold
email outreach here’s a pro tip for you
cool the email outreach you stick that
bought URL you’re selling lot services
just to build watts for people right so
you take that URL stick in a cold email
outreach email that out instead of
asking for people to opt-in to your
autoresponder list they’ve just now
opted into your bot they see the bot in
action and they go by your bot services
now because they know that what you’re
doing because you just showed it it’s a
complete no-brainer I mean this is that
I love selling stuff like that where I
actually call it show and sell where
where basically the the potential client
experiences the thing that they’re
buying from me so that I can say I mean
basically hey you know how the reason
we’re sitting here talking on the phone
zoom we’re
you know how you did this and did that
and did that yeah well that’s what I’m
gonna do for you did you like that yeah
well it worked your Center talking to me
because of that right okay so that’s
gonna well you know that way they
totally understand I love selling like
that it is so easy
well this right here be I mean in this
we have scrap we haven’t even scratched
service Wow we’ve got a 30,000 foot
overview and that’s what Robert and I
with Bob badassery we’re going all over
we’re taking the scariness out of the
entry point and then once you get in
once you start seeing the engagement you
start seeing action happening you’re
literally this is weird this is nothing
short of revolutionary with what you can
do with it because like I said before
persons walking down the street and
their phone buzzes and it’s you as a
marketer and as long as you do it
conversationally right oh you just you
just opened up your world
this is just like you know internet
marketing 3.0 or something you deal yeah
I think we’re about to 3,000 don’t know
it is yeah I think we’re and and you
know just emphasizing the fact that you
went through an enormous learning curve
with us I mean obviously you’re an
extremely accomplished person who knows
a ton of stuff you bring a lot of skill
to this but even you went through an
enormous learning curve and you’re
taking the learning curve out of it I
mean somebody can go through your
training and get going in a meaningful
way within literally a few hours
absolutely and that’s the end that’s the
point of the whole thing I see it it’s
frustrating for me as a marketer wanting
everybody to adopt something that’s
that’s so powerful the fact that it’s so
powerful I want everybody to use it but
everybody’s too scared to use it and so
that’s why even our even our logo for
this is a silly-looking bought and I was
like Robert I don’t know that’s kind of
silly looking he goes that’s the point
everybody’s scared to use this
technology I mean there’s people that
I’m seeing I’m like why aren’t you using
us well I just don’t know how to use
almost like oh dude you have no idea
it’s like this conversation right here
well I mean I I fall into that category
obviously I’ve heard of bots and it’s on
that long list of things that we’re
going to do in our business someday but
but I thought well you know
this is when I get everything else
figured out and and then I’ve got all of
this time to tear into that thing right
right but the thing is I don’t have to
do that anymore and other people don’t
have to do that anymore they just got to
by your training and get rolling with it
exactly exactly launches on the 7th
right 7th 11 a.m. Eastern Standard Time
awesome Sean thank you so much anything
else that we need to add to this yes I
just when Lee asked me to get on
interviews I mean you guys I need to
leave this this is only my first
interview since 2011 okay god this means
I’ll be over 70 years old before the you
have your next date this is important
this is important enough for me as a
marketer obviously I’m a marketer but
also I’m shouting the swats from the
because if done right and done simple
like Robert and Wright are teaching it
can literally take the guy that
struggling in the stuff that goes hey
there’s this awesome new technology I’ll
figure that out later I’ll write blog
post I’m like no no no no let’s cut
straight to where your customers phone
is buzzing in their pocket with your
marketing message we did it all simply
ethically and the right way to get them
engaged to where we’re all in this to
make money at the okay and have our
loyal tribe okay absolutely people are
giving you the privilege to contact them
through messenger we do it right and we
do it the simple way you can be up
running in a day that’s amazing yeah
that that is amazing I deeply appreciate
the interview I know people looking at
this are gonna love this folks this
launches on the 7th I’ve got a great
bonus package for you even if I didn’t
have a great bonus package for you you
would be insane not to buy this frankly
and this this is literally I don’t say
this very often because it doesn’t
happen very often but this is like the
coolest thing that’s happened all year
so I can’t imagine anything else
happening that that’s going to it’s
going to be cooler than this so thank
you so much Sean and really appreciate
your time absolutely talk to you soon
buddy all right thanks bye

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