Clickvio Review 2021

By | January 17, 2021
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Welcome to my Clickvio review today, as you can see here on the screen, I have got access to this Clickvio dashboard. So it’s gonna be my intention in this movie to conduct you through absolutely everything that’s contained in here how it’s setup, what the benefits are for you, so you can essentially come away after finishing watching my movie um, fully informed as to whether You believe this is the product for you, but what’s Clickvio in summary? Well, uh. I wish to pre-face this a little bit. Give you a little bit of background to help. You know uh, not just what clique video does, but how significant this is. Potentially for your company, okay, now I have made some notes too um, since this is so important that I would like to get this right for you, because only need to actually convey the benefits of this okay, so Clickvio is a platform which permits you to create Emails now on the surface of this, that’s very straightforward, but what this does is really smart and hugely strong. If we do the background first us email, entrepreneurs and internet marketers generally we our number one goal with our email list – would be to get emails into people’s email. Inboxes, fine, not at the promotions tab and certainly not to the spam folder, because how often do you check your spam folder? How often do you check your promotion, tab, um, and I think it is if you do not check anything in the junk folder, it has automatically deleted after 30 days. So it’s the worst thing for a marketer to get your mails going into a person’s spam folder, since you are never going to have them opened and you are certainly never going to receive them click through fine. So our intention is to get into a person’s inbox, so it reveals the telling in their phone or it reveals the telling in their desktop um. Now, there is a great deal of variables that are in place that depends upon if you get into a person’s inbox. It’S the standing of you as a sender, are you sending crappy emails which are spam that no one’s enjoying no one’s opening with time? Your reputation will return and, of course, that standing is associated to a ip address. That’S how the huge email senders yahoo! Google or gmail hotmail how they identify you through your ip address and they associate the standing to that, but in addition, it depends upon the user. Experience of people which have been opening your emails, so is the email graphically intense. Can it be rather slow to load? Um is the consumer experience great for people or not? If it’s not and over time, your reputation will go down due to that as well. So mainly autoresponders that myself and you’re most likely using you – understand the likes for get response. Aweber send lane mailchimp. They rely on a really old piece of technology, known as simple html or plain text. Okay, now, why they rely on this is because kind of hints in the title simple and plain they are they are, just you understand simply writing in an email. There’S no images, there is nothing like this, and because of that they get your mails into more people’s inboxes, because the user experience is going to be great as it can not be bad because it’s really easy, fine, if that makes sense right, um now. The thing is that will be changing and it is already changing today, so the likes of gmail hotmail yahoo, the large players in the electronic mail game they have been speaking for the past months and weeks or even months and years now they’re going to begin prioritizing user Experience over everything else in terms of if you get into people’s inboxes, so that they’re going to need to see amazing, looking emails which do have images in, but that load quickly and that people enjoy reading and then clicking right now. This is where Clickvio comes in today, click video is um was constructed on a piece of technology known as mjml. Okay, don’t be concerned about that too much, but essentially what it is. It’S an open source piece of software, meaning anyone can develop on it and that is what the programmers behind Clickvio have done, since they have created Clickvio using mgm ml um. But after all said and done. What it clickvo allows you to do is construct these beautiful. Graphically intense emails that load quickly and consequently will get into people’s inboxes far more frequently and over time all of the time. Okay, now um this, the Clickvio, has been demonstrated across so many unique instances. It’S been pit up against or put up against the likes of get response, aweber mailchimp and on each and every occasion it’s won concerning percent of emails being sent out really getting into inboxes. So that is already enormous and something to take notice of, but also 1 thing to note as well is that the likes of aweber get answer, etc.. They’Re likely to take weeks, or even years, to really implement mgml technology, whereas Clickvio has this at the moment. So in case you jump on this now, then you know that you are getting there before everybody else, you can grow your foundations by the time they catch up you are already in boxing, amazingly with your mails and, of course, that translates into more commissions, since there’s gonna be more people opening and more people clicking through to your promotions to your site, whatever connection that you place inside the email? Okay, so that’s Clickvio not so much in brief, but I expect that explained exactly why I am promoting this? Why? I believe it’s a excellent bit of kit and obviously why I advise that you pick this up too. So that leads me nicely to state if at any stage in this movie, you do need to pick up click theo. Then simply click on my link in the description below when you do. Click on that link. Then you’ll come through to my bonus page which you can see here on the screen. Now, when you get onto my bonus page, simply scroll down you will see some orange buttons at regular intervals throughout the webpage. Just click on one of these once you do you will go through to the click perspective, sales page , scroll down again. Another orange button. Click on that and you’ll lock on your purchase through me today, there is two reasons why I go through that procedure, just as always, I am bundling in a load of uh, very cool exclusive customized bonuses which will really help you out with your use of Clickvio uh, But just for people who pick this up through me, of course, and also only for people who get in the bud and buy through my link before this countdown timer hit zero, because once it will strike zero and after that time has elapsed, I will be removing those bonuses. This bonus page will come down and you won’t have the ability to find access to those bonuses and that is something I do not want to happen for you guys, since I put a time and time and effort into getting those bonuses together. As I said, they have been designed especially to assist you with Clickvio, give you tips give you hints, provide you with hacks um, so you can get farther ahead than other people who have bought clickvio also. Okay, um so be certain to get in the pot prior to that hit zero. Now, what’s the schedule for this movie? What we’re gonna do is we will run through these bonuses that I am offering real fast, then we will jump in the clickvio uh software itself show you how you can set up think up everything how to construct an email, the various elements which are included and then, After this, we will go through the pricing, front, end, pricing, the updates, uh and, obviously, what is included in those updates and the pricing of these two okay. So if we return to my page, I have got a little advice here about Clickvio. So this is uh. Imagine doubling your profits with the newest mgml uh technology. That’S concealed from you! Groundbreaking, drag and drop. Email builder gets you four times more unlocks clicks and profits with your current autoresponder. So this is a fantastic point that I forgot to mention. Is that uh you do not need to change from get response aweber, whatever you are using you, can continue using that um. You just basically build your mails and click theo download the html. Well, you know that you basically copy the html and paste that into your emails that you create in your present autoresponder and send it as you normally. Would that is it okay, so that you can read through all this on your own time, but we have got proof here. Look uplifts like really great numbers money being made too, but you can go through this on your own time , so bonus amount one that I have here is my top tips on writing mails that generate commissions. So this will be a general overview of what I do in my company to write my mails so you can find an understanding behind it, get what components I am putting in what the thinking is behind. Why I put online in or I bolded that segment or I underlined that segment, whatever that is gon na, be my bonus number one then bonus number two, I am gon na give you ten of my greatest converting email templates to use as your own. Now uh, that is amazing, so I am going to provide you with templates for my strings um 1 thing to note: these are inspiration, fine, because although you are going to be using Clickvio, which will assist you with your inboxing, if you are sending out exactly the same emails that I am Providing you in such bonuses, uh the likes of gmail hotmail and yahoo. They will uh realize that I have sent the very same emails a couple of months ago or a couple weeks or a couple of days ago and you are copying exactly what we have said. Then you won’t receive decent inbox prices. In actuality, you will likely go in the spam. Folders so again use this as inspiration switch around a few words but feel free to use them since you have got them in within my bonus bundle right. So that is bonus. Number two bonus amount three 30 of my top emails which have made me over 50k in earnings. So uh you have templates previously. Now. You’Ve got the real emails for even more inspiration, but only inspiration change them up on your own, but this will give you a fantastic insight to what a prosperous internet business emails seem like um that you would probably pay plenty of cash for to Get that type of insight and completely free of charge through me, uh bonus. Number four is the way to construct your own email list today, just like any type of software that’s email orientated. Clearly, you’ll want an email list at the first place you need addresses to ship to now a lot of you. I understand that is going to be watching this might not always even have a list or may you know, have a tiny list. I’Ll show you the fundamentals whom I’ve used in my company to receive my listing to a very good size, uh, so you can replicate them yourselves. Okay, so that is bonus, number four and then bonus number five is vendor bonuses um. So, as always, the seller gives me bonuses to give it to you. You’Ll find other affiliates which are going to be promoting Clickvio, I am sure uh and the huge majority of them will simply be providing you those vendor bonuses. They will not have gone above and given you these custom ones that I just ran through with you previously, they may package it differently. They might not call them the very same names but in the end of the day, they are only the vendor bonuses. Okay, so you understand with me: you are safe in the knowledge you will always get those plus my custom ones. Okay, so how can you gain access to the bonuses generally? It’S all automatic, so you just enter warrior. Plus you move up to the top right hand, corner you will, see your username fall, down that uh visit your purchase. Background find your no. Actually it isn’t warrior plus on this explanation me forget what I just said: uh. This is jvzoo which Clickvio will be launching , but it is very similar procedure enter a jvzoo account locate your purchases in there and it will say something such as accessibility vendor bonuses, fine and then you will see ashley electronic ashley, electronic bonuses, and that will take You into a thank you page, where I will provide you all of the access links for all these bonuses which I ran through with you previously okay, so that was my bonuses. Let’S now jump to the actual software and run you through how to put things up there. Okay, so once you log into this is the first page which you will see so you can see quite simplistic, but that is what I like about it. You know I have seen a great deal of software’s being published recently which have a huge amount of things down the side here. Just because people believe that there is more down the side, then you understand it means that it seems more valuable, whereas I am at the other, another side of things, the longer the simpler, the better. From my viewpoint, okay, so all you go and pick on his new email. You’D, give it a title, so I am gonna do really digital test three. I think I have done two tests up to now, so I am gon na click save and it will open up uh this next page, where I could select a template or I could create one from scratch today, for the purposes of the, I am just gonna pick a template, but a very easy one, so I am going to decide on this one and immediately it opens up, and this is exactly what it looks like now on the right. You’Ve got all the things which you can begin adding into your emailaddress. Okay – and it is all like how can we call this like box orientated, so it is very simple, it’s all drag and drop. You simply put on the hand you are able to move things around um. Anybody can use this newbies, okay, um and the cool thing about it. Is that it is, including some uh components here on the right that you would pay plenty of cash for like even different softwares, to give you those elements? Things like countdown, timers youtube, instagram, um, social. Those type of things are really really cool, so you can bring in youtube into here. Then you click the element that you wish to change, settings of, go up to settings and you put in your video identification. Then it would render the thumbnail. Obviously it would not play the movie, because no email, customers, gmail yahoo and hotmail will allow you to play video inside an email, but it is going to show the thumbnail and it will have the link there also. Needless to say, it is possible to change attributes here too um, so that individuals can click on it and go through to see your movie if you are creating youtube videos. This is terrific for you and then return to content here. We can place a countdown timer in too, I do not like it being there, so I am going to move it down to like here and then you may select on that. Proceed to settings again alter the time and the and the date that it is going to be. You understand counting down to you, can change certain things about it, the dimensions, the characteristics again and you have got all kinds of things you know to edit the text you are only going to here. You can go into settings of text, you can alter unique fonts. You can change the size, you can alter the height, the padding to various other components. So you change there and as soon as you’ve made something you may save the email like so uh, then you can preview it and we can see the preview on a desktopcomputer. This is what it will look like on your notebook like that. Then you may select uh what it’d look like on a tablet computer and then you may select what it’d look like on a cellphone like. So so it is rendering quite well on a cellphone and then everything you do is once you are delighted with whatever you select download, do not be worried about mgml or json. This is literally if you are a programmer, and you want to build your own emails inside your own autoresponder. That you have built so a huge majority of people watching this will that is not going to be you um, but you choose html output and it’ll download an html file that is just a whole lot of text. Okay, that is what html is it is a programming language um and you basically open up that um in something such as a a notepad if you are on windows – and I believe on um on mac, it is text edit uh and you paste the code. That’S provided to you inside of that document uh and you paste it in your your autoresponder and, as I said you send your mails just like you, normally would, and that’s literally it. That’s it. So you see how easy this is, but again how strong the background is for this. So for anybody, that is contemplating buying this and obviously that is you because you are watching this movie right now, you’d buy this if you would like to get higher inbox prices. Greater click through rates, higher open rates, as I mentioned, they are saying four occasions: fine, um and you would like to receive those countdown timers in there. You want to have the ability to place youtube videos into your mails, which I highly advise, since you place scarcity with the countdown timers you are likely to get more sales, um you are, placing youtube videos in that is going to be good, since video content is king. This i like this a lot. I hope that came across um. So that is what the program looks like. That’S how easy it is. Anyone can use this, let us now jump in the pricing and the upsells um. So you know how much it is going to cost you. If you wish to pick this up, so this is the pricing. So one thing to notice here, first of all, is this: will be going live on wednesday, the 28th of october in 11 a.m, est and all these costs that I am going to run through with you’re all early bird rates. So that means that in case you get in before 3 p.m, est on the 28th, these pricings will be present. But should you, if you are taking a look at my movie after this time and really purchasing one of these upsells and front ends of Clickvio uh, it will they will probably be somewhat more than these costs that you see. So I just need to make sure that very clear. So you have two choices together with the front end: you can either get Clickvio, private or Clickvio commercial. The individual was thirty, four bucks, 1 time price and the commercial is 37 one-time price, but with the commercial you can use the Clickvio coupon code I’ve got here for an extra few dollars off: fine, oto number one, which will be click movie done for You infinite at a one-time price of 97, so pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin. It’S unlimited campaigns. Uh 2, 000 done few emails contained spanning over 10 niches. These emails are examined and used thousands of times and whenever they direct to greater engagement, more sales with no copyrighting effort. Give me one. Second, I am going to have a swig of water, so you have got 100 additional done. Few templates. This upgrade comprises 100 additional beautifully designed email templates that provide style and higher open rates, unlock additional components, including statements, banners, testimonials bonus boxes and email, signature and there is another bonus , which can be called overnight listing. Success challenge. This is a three-day challenge which teaches people how to create an email list from scratch. This will be sold from the funnel for 97, but will be available for free to anybody who picks up oto number one oto number 2, which is spyvio service 297 for 100 accounts 497 for a thousand accounts and 797 for unlimited accounts, all at a one-time Cost so it is possible to use own use. Own news accounts foundation account the agency unit may use for themselves 100 sub-account license. Each account may have 10 000 assets accumulated emails, add and folders capability to edit and export emails spyvio. Just a million sub-account license. Okay, so now we are discussing the 4971, each account may have 25 000 resources, uh accumulated plus folders capability to edit and export mails, uh and the 7971 unlimited sub-account license. Each account may have 50 000 assets, and folders capability to edit export emails, ability to collect and download cold leads alarms includes agency site to sell chairs into spyvio built in reseller portal, sell at the same time or monthly cost. So that is if you wan na na you understand essentially sell this yourself. You want lots of people in your group. This is the one which you’d be going for, but there’s a downsell on the oto2, which will be spyvio 15k. This is a 97.1 time and that is it so sign up to an email list and collect all the emails which are sent out to this list. Scan and save facebook advertisements. As you navigate facebook or google accumulate to 15 000 resources, emails and advertisements includes the ability to create folders capability to edit and export emails includes the capability to accumulate and download cold leads from such mails done for you, library, with up to ten million assets. So oto number three, which is Clickvio and spyvio company, which is 57 one time. This is a done for you professional website, with pre-done content and graphic, easy procedure to collect money through paypal done for you, customer contracts oj number four, which can be meatvo comprehensive, and this is the Clickvio unique price. So this is at 197 annually and 497. 1 time and you may also use meat vo for a coupon code for an extra 100 off if the oto4 interests you so this is so match. Video is live, webinars, hybrid webinars, evergreen, video meetings, unlimited attendees, boundless webinars, really cool five presenters screen sharing and webinar recording um. So I know how hot meeting platforms are. You understand zoom skype different things like this, go to meeting um and in the event you’re able to pay 497 one time and you get unlimited everything – oh no, you can use a hundred bucks off. So you may find this for 3.97, infinite if you are in the marketplace. For that oto four is extremely yummy: uh oto number five and the last one, which is funnelvio commercial, and this is the Clickvio particular one, uh particular price. Ninety seven bucks one time and you may use funnelvio for a coupon code for ten bucks off uh. This is 50 websites, unlimited funnels, unlimited pages, 100 000 visitors a month and smart academy. So this is extremely cool if you are, using the likes of click funnels or something like that and you are paying plenty of cash for it. I understand funnel video is extremely good. In actuality, I um, I think I would call it reviewed this a month or two ago, a few months ago, when this went live and how you are gon na I know it has gone to get a good deal higher price than this. So this is actually a Clickvio special price . So if you are in the market for a funnel builder, that’s professionally designed made by really cool guys that do good coding and development, then 5 is the one for you, but do not forget to use that voucher code. Okay, so men that was my  my Clickvio review.

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