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By | August 25, 2018
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Coursely PRO review

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Coursely PRO

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Contents1 Introduce Coursely Review1.1 Coursely Review – Overview1.2 What Is Coursely?1.3 Features & Benefits1.4 Here Is … OTO #1: Coursely PRO (See Details)

hey there everyone welcome to episode
1092 of the Mike from Maine show the
place where we do daily interviews with
successful online entrepreneurs this is
your host Mike Thomas and today on the
show we have a Raju hi hi ah new on and
he’s gonna be doing a private demo for
the micro main audience of his new
software that lets you build stores
automatically and sell their products
and you get to keep 100% of the profits
and you can all do it with just a push
of a few buttons let’s get into it
here’s Raju hey there everybody Raju
here thanks Mike so much for giving me
the opportunity to show this to your
audience this is my brand new software
called coarsely going live June 24 at
11:00 a.m. Eastern now before we get
into just how cool this software is
right here I want you to take a brief
moment to explain exactly why I created
it what it does and why you need it so
first of all coarsely is a web software
that allows you to instantly create
those stores as you see them right here
that allow you to sell ready-made
courses in for product and of course
software as well now being able to sell
your own products is the most important
thing in internet marketing and Mike
would agree with me if we were live on
an interview now selling your own
product has allowed me personally to
skyrocket my business generate a ton of
different leads and become truly
independent so as you’re seeing when
you’re when you’re doing any of the
other sort of internet marketing niches
like SEO Facebook ads YouTube marketing
all of that what happens is that your
future your her level of
success is controlled by one of these
big corporations so either Google in the
YouTube or Facebook now they are
notorious for closing their accounts
changing rules changing the way they
rank sites and videos and so on so your
traffic is really dependent on the mood
of this companies now when you’re
selling your own product you control
everything you’re able to generate sales
that you keep 100% of and then you build
your list as well automatically selling
your own product is the fastest way to
build your list so plain and simple
being able to sell your own product
allows you to generate money in the
easiest fastest and safest way as well
because you control you’re in charge of
everything now
coarsely allows you to generate products
have your own store so you have product
pages you have payment processing you
have 20 different products you can sell
or integrated into the software so all
you have to do really is install it on
your site and then create a store it
automatically populates it with products
so you’re getting a full software
business and a full info products
business video courses that you can sell
from day one so this allows you to
effectively get 20 different products
that we’ve spent a lot of time creating
developing marketing and so on so you’re
seeing article body
hashtag genius with pro pages with lock
these were all products that were sold
at the price that’s higher than what you
would get for coarsely and of course you
get them all with resellers rights so
you’re able to sell them so number one
what course it does is that it allows
you to start selling your own products
number two is that it gives you the
product so you don’t have to do any of
the work you don’t have to invest any of
the money yet you get to reap all the
rewards number three is that it allows
you to instantly add with just the push
of a button
any other products to your store so say
that you bought some products from jvzoo
and you got a bonus that some white
label software or resource rights
software or you bought some upgrades
some oto that’s again
rights or white labor rights you can add
these products you can now have finally
a way to monetize them on complete
so all you have to do really is just go
into course here then you can add all of
these different products to your list
now proof that selling your own product
is the best way to make money online is
really you can find it anywhere just go
to jvzoo and you’re going to see tons of
different products being sold for
thousands and thousands of dollars every
single day but for the purpose of this
video I wanted to quickly show you the
type of proof that we have on the sales
page preview right here so these are all
different months that I’ve had in my
software business selling products so
120k ATK per mouth like 50 56 is what a
bad mouth looks like and then you’ve
seen the sort of sales that you can
drive in inside one day two hundred
thousand in five days from one product I
think this is actually article but that
you get to sell as well now further than
these are the different features that
you’re going to be able to see in the
demo that is a key is going to show for
you in a second so again 60 K in four
days now Mike can attest that this these
numbers are not far-fetched so marketers
do this every day selling your product
plain and simple is better than any
other online money making method out
there now any marketer could benefit
from course he doesn’t matter what
you’re doing it’s extremely easy to
create a store populated with product
and start selling them now Corsa comes
completely optimized and then obviously
you can do minor promotion techniques to
generate some traffic but really it
gives you all you need to get started
selling your own products online now I’m
going to to let exactly my partner show
you a complete them of course leaked so
you see everything that you’re getting
you’re seeing the back end how simple it
is to tweak product add more courses and
so on and then I’ll come back and give
you a quick description of everything
that you
in the front end and everything that
you’re getting indeed oto is as well
hey guys this is a short video demo of
curiously it’s a wordpress theme so to
install it is very simple step one
upload the theme zip file and activate
step to begin installing plugins
recommended for getting the best of our
installed out a demo and here we go this
is what the homepage of our theme looks
like friendly and an awesome flat design
you could start editing the elements of
the page with a drag-and-drop technology
for example let’s change the color of
this background
or let’s remove some elements very
simple we can add tons of elements to
and adding of course is very simple
let’s add a new normal wordpress post to
your title description and content go
down a little and more details about
your course like price then you can add
a list of lessons to your course
here we go this is how the course page
looks visitors can read and check your
course details and buy it last step add
your payment gateway like PayPal strip
bank transfer you can now sell high
converting ready-made software tools and
info products in an instant
– every store you build using course Lee
comes with 20 ready to sell software
apps and info products preloaded with
alright so course Lee goes live June 24
at 11:00 a.m. Eastern the early bird
price between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
is going to be twenty two point ninety
five dollars so less than twenty three
dollars less than what these software
tools would sell alone without resellers
right when we originally launched them
so these were more expensive than twenty
two so with twenty two dollars you came
by Corsi you can get the stores and you
get a twenty done for you product now
these are software products and courses
as well so on Bitcoin on SEO and some
other different niches 10k blueprint
list building and so on so this is what
the front end gets this is what twenty
two point ninety five dollars scheduled
if you want to go pro if you want to
step one level above the pro version
gives you 70 different products
ready-made done for you and you can even
schedule them to go live so you can keep
your sites fresh your stores up to date
by having let’s say one product go live
every single week now Google loves this
it will work cited get updated and then
your audience will also love it and
you’re able to monetize them
continuously by selling them new product
every week so 70 products with the OTO
ten software tools do you have a fully
fledged software business as well you
get the developer right so you can
actually build sites build stores with
course Li for your clients charge them a
hefty fee for it or you can even fit
them on Flippa for thousands of dollars
really because it may come with twenty
different products or seventy if you get
the pro version and you also get the
ability to create unlimited stores on
the front
have ten sites 10 stores that you can
build with coarsely with the pro you can
trade unlimited stores finally we’re
giving you done for your Eagle pages
which are gdpr ready so you can avoid
any fines and still be able to sell to
European audience if you want to
OTO to the upgrade the second upgrade is
called the membership so coarsely
membership comes at $67 per year it
gives you five products every single
month that you can sell so all you have
to do is just click a button five new
products that you get every month with
coarsely you get premium support as well
so anytime you have some question well
that perhaps for you within minutes or
hours at most
you get ready-made graphics so you can
really spice up the look of course we
make it more appealing and then be able
to generate more sales for the same
level of traffic you get mobile-friendly
sites and product pages so your
customers can check out from their
mobile phones and you get premium
training case studies from me personally
on how to sell your own product and how
to benefit how to how to actually use
course lead to start selling the
products in there and be able to make
money with them finally OTO free and the
last upgrade is the resellers rights
which gives you resellers rights to
coarsely itself you are able to sell the
software itself or do video marketing
pages we’re taking care of support we
taking care of delivery all you have to
do is make the sale and you collect all
of the profit so this is course Lee I’m
incredibly excited to be able to show
this to you today
obviously all you have to do really is
get it when it goes live tomorrow June
24 2011 a mister put the stores up and
then collect payments were fully
integrated with payment processors
we handle delivery for you so really
really it’s an all-in-one solution where
all of the technical stuff is taken care
of all of the marketing stuff is taken
care of and we’ll even giving you 20
products to sell from day one so thank
you Mike again for being able to so let
me show show this to your audience
I will see everyone June 24 tomorrow
with coarsely go ahead buy your copy and
I see you I hope you enjoyed the private
demo today with Radu if you are
interested in picking up coarsely at its
lowest price you’re going to want to
come back tomorrow and 11:00 a.m.
Eastern Time on Sunday June 24th you’re
gonna be able to pick it up at its
lowest early bird discounted price along
with my special bonuses thank you so
much for watching and I’ll see you all

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