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CryptoSuite. review

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hey guys what’s going on this is Jeff
coming to you live from my home office
in my beautiful house and beautiful
Orange County California forgive the
boxes on the grounds down there
I just unloaded at 234 inch monitors but
you can’t see right now but I’ve got on
my desk here which they’re pretty
freakin massive so this is also my first
video you are using those monitors so
hopefully I said the screen size
appropriately it’s not gonna be too big
or too small or or whatever on the under
YouTube video playback so anyways guys
what I’m gonna be doing here is giving
you my review of cryptosuite
maya the australian wonder Luke McGuire
yeah it looks an awesome guy in fact I’m
also excited to be sharing the stage
with him in June we’re both speaking at
the same events in Dublin Ireland in
June that’s an accident so if you guys
are out there and in dumplin say hi to
me feel free to buy me a Guinness or
Jameson or both I won’t turn you down
for that you can pick my brain for a
duration of the drinking it’s a good
time too good time so anyways folks
cryptosuite what I like about this is
that pretty much it’s pretty much an
all-in-one information out for
everything crypto everything you’re
gonna find on here is things you would
have to be a researching manually and
you can find it all right here so for
example if you look at the homepage I’m
on the home page right now I never to
click it shows you the price of them of
the most popular coins and you can also
change this if you want and can figure
this but right now
for example bitcoin yai shows you the
total market cap total coins available
the Bitcoin share the market cap total
volume for all corners not just Bitcoin
you can look at your theory and ripple
of Bitcoin cash like coin and again
these can all be changed but what you
can do again is you can look at the var
and you can look at everything there if
you want more information if you don’t
know about that particular coin you can
click through and it gives you
information about that coin description
features technology their Twitter feed
etc when it’s witnessed available and so
it’s pretty nifty here a feature I like
a lot and it’s something I haven’t
really seen before which is neat is the
top gainers and losers for today now
today is April
which is a Saturday so it’s a bit slower
than that you know usually during the
weekdays it’s a bit slower right now
that is because at the top of gainers
and top losers for today so for example
the beats coin X BTS market cap 104,000
and stop 112 percent for example credo
cyberpunks hex excedrin you also have
the top losers for the day as well with
them drops out here as well so that’s
pretty handy to have y’all sound
favorites but you can for you can add a
favorite coins down here that you want
to watch as well which is pretty neat
next time though the crypto markets you
get access to every single coin in
circulation here and if you like you can
simply do a search for the coin to the
search bar up here or you can just look
for coins with a certain market cap
within a certain duration so it might
might in this case for example let’s
look for chlorines with a market cap
above 100 million let’s look for coins
that have a percentage change above 25%
then we can change this from one hour to
24 hours
for the past 24 hours probably not going
to find a lot ok we’re not going to find
a lot 25% is quite a bit so let’s go
ahead and change with the 10% for the
past 24 hours we’re gonna find a bit
more and you can even change this over
the past 7 days
extended etc so there’s oMG it’s just a
nice one by now it’s just down a little
bit of course you can also sort yeah
you’re right we already have changed
over the past one hour past 24 the past
7 days which gives you nice overview and
see how things are doing pretty cool
next we’ll go it’s good me into alerts
and I’ve only I’m not using this feature
too much yet but basically with alerts
you can be notified whenever anything
happens that you choose so for example
I’m gonna be alerted via text message on
my iPhone via email via the door which
are just whenever anything I have
selected here excuse me
Kevin’s so in this case I’ve got a right
now an alert if Bitcoin drops
thousand dollars and the previous 24
hours it’s gonna notify me you can
choose the percentage percentage rate
price range etc so if it drops a
thousand bucks or more in 24 hours I’m
gonna be notified
I feel shirt alert I’ve got this one
right here top gainer is where the
market cap is above 100 million and the
percent changes above 20 20 percent and
above 20 million dollars in the last
hours so I’m gonna delete that one but
again you can add any alert you want
that’s pretty handy so if I click on
create alert Arthur finish this one here
homeland percent change oh yeah
the coin I can choose the corners let’s
say I’m watching aetherium and I want to
know if a theorem has a percentage
change let’s say ten percents minimum in
the previous 24 hours so if a uranium
arises or drops at least 10 percent in
24 hours it’s gonna notify me that’s
pretty handy so I’m gonna move on here
arbitrage and this is a really cool
feature and I’m not gonna blur this out
right now because this does change and
update every minute on every minute on
the block but essentially what the
arbitrage does is it allows you to go
into current markets and buy and sell
Bitcoin of different currencies for a
profit immediately so if you look at
this right now for example I can buy
here we are let’s see here if I hover
the mouse over here I can make it a
profit of ten point seven one percent by
buying Bitcoin for six thousand 942 from
judex and reselling is seven thousand
six eighty six @lk coin USD and it’s
gonna be immediate profit based on an
active buys and sells in those markets
in those marketplaces
right now and you can do a search for
this for any of those main coins as well
we can look at etherium for Bitcoin here
it’s not course as big of a jump here if
I scroll down a bit
nothing amazing there Bitcoin for USD –
for Bitcoin now see that’s quite a lot
you can do here let’s look at a theory
um aetherium – Bitcoin so here’s an
example one thing you can do is you can
make a profit right now 1.7 7% by buying
aetherium for Bitcoin at 6:00 and then
reselling to die XML at 6:00 as well so
so you see how that works I’m not gonna
spend too much time on there you got
your portfolio right if this is my
current portfolio at least the coins
I’ve added in here it’s gonna allow you
to track all of your trends lives you
don’t have to you know log into coin it
it all your different walnuts and
marketplaces etc you don’t have to be
checking your paper wallet and every
market place and there’s a lot to track
if you’re doing everything manually and
it’s nice to have everything in your own
once and co-ceo right here my total cost
42,000 total profit 46 current portfolio
eighty nine thousand three hundred and
fourteen and of course that was much
much much much higher significantly a
couple of months ago before the kind of
whole thing dropped a bit but you’ll see
my individual trades right here would
have been might what I’ve been selling
etc and you can simply add any
transaction right here and it tracks
that for you that’s pretty handy and
again a lot of people think right now is
a bad time to be getting in the crypto
currency and I’ve got to say it today is
actually a really really really really
good time because things are only gonna
go up from here
they really aren’t so anyways moving on
down here they got a nice EO calendar
and this is new this was not here when I
last logged in at least I wasn’t paying
attention to it so this is kind of neat
you got a bunch of CEOs here for live i
CEOs upcoming i CEOs past i ce o–‘s etc
so you can kind of go through
and review ones that you might wish to
invest in I got a list of top wallets to
store your cryptocurrency excuse me
you got favourites and I haven’t added
any coins here yet but any favorite
coins you want to show up on the home
page you can add right here let me put
Skype on quiet hold on a second please
there we are now forms the training
videos but believe it or not this is
actually not that difficult but what
this stuff doesn’t for those of you that
might be a branded a cryptocurrency and
really have no idea what you’re doing
these videos are not going to take you
hours now wants to go through but
they’re gonna give you a nice
walkthrough of cryptosuite like I’m
doing now they’re gonna show you how you
can create your wallet how you can send
from your ether wallet sending from
exchanges by encrypted currency what is
cryptocurrency ICS all coins tokens etc
so this whole thing is a nice kind of a
crypto currency in 101 if you will that
you can go through in a couple hours or
less it’s not gonna take you forever to
go through here and you got the private
Facebook group where you see people
talking about their success their wins
you can even get support from Luke and
his team get your questions answered in
there that’s pretty fantastic the group
is pretty active in it the nice thing I
like about this is they did open that
crypto sweet a couple of months ago
Toledo got a few hundred members in
because that’s the best way to test
something as well and finding bugs you
might not be able to find and there are
already people making money by the way
which is fantastic and you really can’t
make money your first day you got the
support desk which is you made a ticket
not terribly exciting and they got the
crypto news which a lot of people don’t
pay attention to but take a look at this
though these are added quite frequently
here it shows you anything from Google
news related to cryptocurrency
the Quinn price watch so that’s pretty
handy and of course you got different
settings as well nothing exciting
there’s my name my license etc you can
see I am an actual member so that’s
really yet guys it’s not terribly
complex but it is ridiculously
ridiculously handy and again what I love
didn’t live at the top gainer is for the
day in the top losers for the day you
know if I would have got in this morning
on B’s coin for example just got up a
hundred and something percent let’s take
a look at the chart here if we look at
the live Bitcoin charts excuse me a
section of strange is not showing the
rise for today and bagged his paws my
screener did a quick Google search so
this is the live beat coin chart you’ll
see that it didn’t go up quite a bit
today I’m not sure why that’s not
updating life on cryptosuite I will let
them know about that it is usually
pretty accurate here and you’re able to
get the live information properly so I
don’t not sure why so this small error
is not perfect this was actually the
first time I’ve seen this happen now
which is weird but if you do decide you
want to buy a coin for example also it
gives you a live link now with the best
exchange that you can buy that coin from
so anyways folks having said that if you
have any questions comments concerns if
you have know anything about this at all
if you want to do a Google search we’re
gonna do one now cryptosuite review
you’re gonna find Jeff Lenny calm number
one in number three right now from where
I’m at in California at least we’re
gonna click on that pull up my website
here we are
you’ll see I’m gonna give you a lot more
excuse me sorry I’m good never a colon
here about what is included inside
crypto switch member area okay a lot of
the stuff I covered right now for
example I here’s one that I found that
when I first did my written review a
week or two ago is a Brit corn and her
highs of nine thousand percent which is
ridiculous yeah there we are March 20th
about two weeks ago Brit join rows nine
thousand percent and I was able to you
show you the chart for that and if I
give you a look at this I also give you
guys a link as well from corn market cap
as well
where it shows that nine thousand person
in Korea see right there is an accurate
most of the time I’m surprised it didn’t
give me the proper charge for that
Bitcoin anyway as I’m moving on
I get more information about the crypto
market what’s inside the members area
the arbitrage chart as a man I showed
you guys before portfolio training
videos and of course I mentioned you get
the VIP cryptosuite group within
Facebook which i think is fantastic and
I saw that I did not mention guys is you
also get access to Luke’s insta easy
software suite now I’m not much of an
instagramer but if you guys were
following me when I was doing that lunch
promotion back then excuse me
I actually increased my Instagram
followers by thousands using instant
suite and it’s a real tool they follow
those real people and it gets them to
fall in the backers based on things you
search for is it so that’s included
which is pretty cool now this support
desk I actually did test the support
desk out that’s well the model is
testing and once they responded they
responded within 35 minutes which is
fantastic my reveal basic there hit like
it alone I’m giving it five full stars
because it’s freaking fantastic I you
know as I mentioned right here
I’m I got in the crypto last year in
2017 and a lot of the stuff that I’m
still doing until I got this tool I was
doing manually but you know by googling
things or researching these and pulling
up saved websites and membership
websites etc and this stuff is all kind
of brought to you here which is
fantastic so it’s a great way to do your
cryptocurrency research and it’s a great
way to learn how to make us make a
killing with cryptocurrency umm so
having said that guys if you do want to
pick this out if you do like my run for
you I’d certainly appreciate if you do
pick it up being my link right here you
certainly don’t have to I’m we can still
be friends if you don’t I’m not the last
thing is I’m not gonna offer a bonus
you’re gonna find a lot of people excuse
offering stolen bonuses free software
programs etc that they illegally do not
have the right to give away almost gonna
happen is those people are gonna be
bound by it by looking by Luke’s team
for doing that kind of stuff and they’re
gonna be banned from jvzoo and they’re
not gonna get Europe your commission and
you’re not gonna get your bonus now
again I don’t recommend buying from
those people because you’re encouraging
the theft in many cases um a lot of the
other times you’re gonna find bonuses
that make no
since just PLR stuff people are gonna
offer you like Facebook training from
three years ago random stuff like basa I
don’t have any bonuses I really don’t
guys I’m not a cryptocurrency expert I’m
still learning yes I’ve made money and
doing it yes I still I’m making money
doing it but I don’t really have any
bonus as a compliment there’s offer as
of this time if you have any suggestions
I’m open but having said that folks I’m
gonna put this review video excuse me
once it’s done right in here again if
you have any questions let me know you
can go down below leave a comment down
here I’ll get back to you within a few
hours generally speaking and you for
watching this review on YouTube I mean
you can simply go to google and do a
quick search for Jeff Jeff Lynn Nick
Tripp that script review what I mean
just clip that’s great reveal and you’ll
find my website and Jeff Lenny calm or
you can also simply just click on the
link down below the YouTube channel
which will take you to my review right
here so again having send that folks any
questions let me know
and it’s really good water and I’ll talk
to you guys soon

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