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By | September 16, 2018
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DsGenie trial review

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What is inside DsGenie?

What’s up fellow dropshippers. In today’s video i’m gonna do a review of the software desgenie. DsGenie is software that is specifically designed for eBay dropshippers who snipe products, that is, you go onto eBay, you find other drop shippers, find the items that they’re already selling, then copy those listings and undercut the competition. DsGenie helps speed that process up. I’ve only been doing this for about a month.  I don’t do sniping on my main account, but I made a second account specifically for sniping. I’ve been trying it for a month checking it out and DsGenie has been helping me do that. Let’s take a look at the software and how it works and what I think about it.

dsgenie review

dsgenie review

When you first sign up for DsGenie, it’s gonna have you connect to your eBay account. This is pretty easy to do because the developer is going to send you a YouTube video showing you exactly how to do it. You should also check out the other videos that they have about the DsGenie training because if you look here on the left there are a ton of tabs, there’s a whole lot of things that DsGenie does. So you definitely want to check out those training videos so that you can properly utilize all of its features. But in a nutshell DsGenie really does three things that I’ve found.

First is it helps you list items. It will have a Lister that will directly list items from DsGenie onto eBay.

dsgenie software

dsgenie software

The second thing it does which is really unique and I’ve never found this in another software is that it helps you keep everything super organized. Let me show you what I mean. One of the things it does we click here where it says add a gift card it’s going to pull up a page where you can enter in all the information about your gift cards so you can help keep track of it. For those of you who don’t know, you can buy discounted gift cards online like a $100 Walmart gift card for $95, it saves you five bucks. But the problem is you have all these gift cards, it’s hard to keep them organized. DsGenie helps you do that so you just put in the card number in here ,the pin number, how much of a discount you got,we say, five bucks, this card is worth $100, we haven’t used it yet, any comments you might have, so I might say raize card so that I know I bought it on raize, the last time I checked it which was today, and I also purchased it today, and then click Save. Now it’s going to bring you to a page it has all your gift cards on. It helps keep it really organized, helps you keep track of them very well. It’s also going to help you prune items. You can click here and play with that. It’s going to show you all the items that are underperforming so that you can eliminate them and increase your sell through rate and also lower your insertion fees by getting rid of items that aren’t selling. If you click here, it’s going to pull all the new orders since the last time you clicked here. If you click on the next one where it says orders, it’s actually going to show you all of the orders on your eBay account and this is actually a really cool feature. Let me show you why. Let’s look at the most recent order. I’ll click here where it says edit and on this page it’s going to give me all the information about the sale that is necessary for fulfilling the order. You can of course put some comments here if you need to. It gives me the customer’s name and shipping address. I can just go onto Amazon, place the order. Once I’ve placed the order, I’m gonna put how much the order cost me here. Let’s say it costs me 3 bucks. Then I’ll put how much the profit was, maybe it was $1.00. If I use a gift card, I could put that gift card number in here, the email address I used on the order if I have different email addresses, and also I could put the store order number here, and this is really important because it helps you stay organized. Maybe once I finished on Amazon, they told me that the order number was 000099, just as an example, then you can change the status, so for now I’m gonna select product ordered, but later on I can click tracking uploaded, order complete, it was delivered, maybe the order was cancelled, out of stock, bad address, returned in progress, returned / replacement in progress, or maybe there is a dispute open. If I select that I’ll show you what that looks like.  I hit save, it’s gonna go back to my orders page, and you’ll see it says product ordered, and it’s going to show me the status of all of them. Maybe I can be in here once a day. See this person was supposed to get back to me with a new address. So this really helps keep things organized. I’ve never seen a software that does that so I really like that feature. There are a whole bunch of other things that DsGenie does to help you stay organized.



I want to talk about the third thing that DsGenie  does because it is without a doubt the main feature of DsGenie  and that is that it helps you snipe products from your competitors. If you click here, where it says “my sellers”, this is where you’re gonna have what’s called “your sellers list”. This is gonna have all the sellers that you are sniping or stealing products from. The software training will show you exactly how to find people to snipe but I’ll show you a quick example right now. I’ve just come over to amazon.com and I’m going to search for a random item on here. Let’s look for grilled cheese press. Look at one of those. This one looks fine so let’s click on this one. Now we’re gonna see who’s selling this on eBay so I like to search Google for image. It’ll pop up in a new tab if you’re using Chrome and then I’ve put here eBay and click enter, and let’s check out what this search result brings up. Perfect, this looks like the same item. 16.78, it’s 14.29 here, so it looks like people are dropshipping this product from Amazon to here. And look this person already sold 77 of them so this is a good product. Let’s check it out and who’s selling it. Now you look over here you’ll see who it’s sold by this guy USA store. Let’s go ahead and copy his name down and see what else he is selling. I’m gonna come over to DsGenie. I’ll add the seller here, click “Add seller”, then click on the sellers name and click “run seller”, and now this is going to scan this seller’s store. I wanted to look at the past 30 days and look at the first two pages of listings they have. I’ll click search now it’s going to work. It’s magic. It’s going to do a deep scan of this person’s store. This usually takes a few minutes. It depends on how big the store is and how well they’re selling. So I’m gonna pause it and I’ll come back once it’s done. DsGenie has finished its deep scan and it’s gonna give you some statistics about this seller. Right here you’ll see that it scanned 199 listings, the average listing price was 15.78 which is relatively low but that’s ok because look at his sales, for the past 30 days 69,000 dollars, so this is a great seller. He sold over 4700 items this past month and his sell-through rate is almost 93% which is really really high. I’m really excited to take a look at these items because this sounds like a really good seller. There’re two ways you can view the items. You can look at their top selling items by value sold or top selling items by quantity sold. I always do value sold because I’m more interested in high ticket items. Let’s take a look at that and Wow ok this guy has sold this product 104 times in the past month. Total sales for this one item is $3,600, and look all these items have total sales of over $1000. This is a really good seller to copy. There’s my grilled cheese maker. If you click on the photo, it will bring up the listing so you can check out. You see this guy actually sold this item 269 times in total, but this shows you just in the past month because when you’re sniping you really just want to concentrate on what’s been sold in the past month because you don’t care if something sold a hundred times if it’s sold like two years ago. You’re only interested in current data and that’s what’s really awesome about DsGenie. It’s just gonna show you the current data. I just got really excited when I saw this store and how much this guy is selling. Let’s take a look at that item. It’s probably from Amazon but we can see how much it’s listed for  Amazon compared to eBay. It is $30 on Amazon and $34.86 on eBay. So these margins are really low but I think there’s still some room in there for me to make a little profit to undercut him a little bit. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to copy a lot of the guy’s listings because this is a really great store. That’s what DsGenie does. It obviously does it really really well and like I said you can always choose these. Normally lists for good sellers are long but this one’s super long. If you have a bad seller this list of items will be short. This one is super long so this is really exciting that I found this one. And like I said you can also look at top-selling items by quantity. This one is still number one. You’ll see a lot of the same items. This one sold a hundred times in the past month. This seller knows what he is doing. So overall I really liked this software. Like I said I began sniping about a month ago. It’s not the way that I primarily dropship, but I have been experimenting with it. When I first started, I was struggling with sniping because I didn’t know which sellers to copy or how to find or how to quickly find items to copy. When I started using DsGenie, it really sped the process up. I’ve been really happy with the results since I started using it. I’m gonna be doing a video soon where I talk about exactly how I feel about sniping and how sniping has been going for me, but I just want to make the separate video specifically about DsGenie because I do think it’s a really great software. If you’re an ebay dropshipper who snipes or if you use this software, let me know what your thoughts are on it. Please leave a comment about it. I’ll also leave a link in the description below to this website so you can check out the software for yourself if you’re interested.


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