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Explaindio Commercial review

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explaindio download

explaindio download

The #1 Animation, Doodle Sketch, and Motion Video Creation Software.

What is inside Explaindio?

And in the series of videos I’m going to go over all the features and benefits of explaindio Video Creator. If you’re not familiar with explaindio, what essentially is a video creation tool that allows you to create explainer Style videos, import your own video into the projects, and also do whiteboard animations, all-in-one easy-to-use product.

explaindio review

explaindio review


As you can see here this is the main screen for explaindio, and across the top you have open project, create project, save, save as, preview, audio, create video, and import. On the right hand side you have support, Marketplace, and an account button. If you’re not registered yet you’ll have a button here that allows you to register the product. Across here this is going to be your timeline, and this is where you add slides. Down here is the edit box where you’ll make edits to your animations. And of course over here this is the pallet where it’s going to show you all of your animations live and in real time.

Let’s start off by creating a slide based product. All we have to do is create new project, give it a name such in this case as “test”, and then when we’re ready. We’re going to hit the plus button and you’ll notice that a pop-up comes up that says “add animated slide from collection”, “create new sketch scene”, or “add sketch scene from personal Library”. This is where you’ll decide whether this first frame is going to be an animation, or it’s going to be a whiteboard animation. In this case we’re actually going to choose animated slide from collection. You’ll see there’s a whole bunch of collections in here. I’ll have more than you do because I’ve got a lot of beta Collections and things that I’ve imported. All we have to do is find one that we like and if we bring one up here you can see that it shows you all the different slides. You can choose from all sorts of different ones in here, all different styles. This one here actually allows you to do a few different things with photos. I’m actually going to use this one here. If you come down here you’ll notice that you can “cancel”, “add pack”, “add single” which will bring a slide you selected here. Or, you can “add pack” , and what this does is this allows you to bring in all of these slides, which is great if you’re building off of a full template. So if this particular one has everything you need, all in order and ready to go, you can have a nearly completed video just buy clicking “add pack”, which is what we gonna do in this case. Now we add pack, and you can see it brings in all of the different slides. You can duplicate a slide or delete it if you do not want it in this particular situation.

Let’s start off and learn how to edit our slides. We’ll start with slide #1, which, you can see, goes on 5 seconds. You can see it brings in the text “your picture your description”. If we want to change that all we’re going to do is come into the edit area. We’re going to hit text and we’re just going to choose the text that we want from our text units here which is going to change the text to whatever you want it to be. We might say “check out my image”. If you look over here in the editing area you’ll see that there’s a few different options that we can choose from text, image, video animation, and outline. Let’s click on the image here. Now in the same area where we had the text area we now have image areas. You can see we have a background image and we have an image area #1. Image area #1 will allow you to bring an image into the main portion of the slide here. If you want to go over to the video section you’ll see that says at this time this slide does not support video. If we’re using a slide that allows video, you’d be able to bring in a video as well. So we’re just going to choose an image here from the gallery. You can see that inside here there’s all sorts of different images that you can choose from. These are swf. Of course if you want to add your own images you can simply add image over here.You can hit “Get more images” to go to the marketplace and purchase. In this case I’m going to close this down and I’m actually going to come back and I’m going to hit “browse”. How about browsing? I can actually bring in my own images so we’re just going to find an image on here to bring in. I’ve got a bunch of business images here and we’re just going to pick one of these here. We’ll pick this one here and hit “open”. You’ll see that image pops in here, and now you’ll see how the slide actually plays out for us. We can also come  into the animation area and we can make some changes here as well. If we turn on animation #1, You’ll see that the background changes to an animated background. We can actually go through all the different animated background scenes to see which one makes sense for us. Maybe we like snow,or maybe this is about business in the winter, so we choose the snow one.Animation #2 allows you to add animation elements such as this arrow here. We can actually use different kinds and that just gives you some more options to add some things to this. We’re going to turn that one off for now. Then we’re going to go into the outline area. The outlined area has to do with the background here. We can offset that background if we need to know you’re not going to able to see too much of the offset here. But we can actually move this around a little bit. Again you’re not going to see too much and see that the background images moving here, and of course we were going to want to put this back to zero with their elements that can be moved around. We come back to our texts area. There’re some other things that we can actually do with our texts here. For instance, we can change the font that we were using. There are all sorts of different fonts in here. When we find the fonts that we like, we can actually change the style of that font. We’re actually going to bring that back to this one here – The Bold. Now we can actually add effects to this. For instance if we come down here to find effects. Looking at a bloom to that, you can see it gets darker around the edges. We could add a shadow and also add a black clone shifts that adds a black drop beneath it, can do a clone of two pixels and I can see the black drop is a little bit further. All these different effects are in here and I happen to like for this one. I like the black shift too so we’re going to leave it as that. As you can see there’s lots of different options of what you can do using explaindio for the slide style videos, and of course you can learn more in-depth detail by checking out the videos below which will give you explicit instructions on how to use all the features inside explaindio to you.

But of course creating these slide videos is only part of what makes eexplaindio great. The other great thing that explaindio can do is it can create whiteboard animations. So we click “create new scene”. You see that you get a blank canvas here. At the bottom you got “add image”, “add text”, or “close canvas”. We just quickly add some text here and we hit play. You’ll be able to see exactly what this does. That’s how easy it is to very quickly create a whiteboard video.And of course we want to do more of this. We gonna stretch this out.We gonna add image here. We got a huge library of images so we could grab this one here, maybe we’ll move our text up here, put this here, and maybe add another image here, will add something like this. You can see it is very quickly. If we hit preview again, you can see how quickly you can build animation like this. But the great thing is you can do a lot more than just create these types of animations because there’s a lot more to it. If we click on our texts here, you can see that once again you can choose your fonts, you can choose your sizes, you can choose your effect. We’re going to switch this back to No Effects. Of course you can change the size of that right from here as well. You can change the style. You can actually do things like “move on top”, “move on bottom”, “move up”, “move down”, delete it, or create a new scene. We click on our Arrow, you’ll see that we’ve got a whole bunch of different options here such as “Flip vertically”,”Flip horizontally”, “move to top”, “move to bottom”, “move up”,”move down”, delete it. Once you set up your basic scene as you like it here, you can actually close canvas.And the scene goes back to traditional layout.You notice that over on the left side, you still got all the tabs here, but it is a little bit different. Now you got the ability to make all sort of changes depending on what slide you choose.  We can explore to see, we can open the canvas, we can remove, we can browse, or we can go to the gallery. You can also do a background video which gives me an mp4 and FLV and this is what makes things kind of unique. Browse, we can actually choose a video as a background. You’ll see now it’s going to draw all of our stuff over the actual video which of course this particular video doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but you get the idea. We can actually remove and go back to our white canvas. We come over to each of these slides here. We hit image and you can see that you can actually still affect the images that are in here. So for instance we could flip this vertically or horizontally. So you can still affect things in here. You can also come to the slide area and you can draw on a previous slide if you got slides in here.You can also do actions before and actions after so for instance in the before action you can override the sketch line color here if you wanted to. So what we do is we could choose a color. Now you can see we change that to a green before during or after. Instead of sketching by hand you could just do sketching, so there is no hand.You can do effects like “fade in”, “fly in”, or “fly by hand”, or “hand brings in”,  and of course you can change the time in front of that as well. You can also set the type of hand that you want by clicking the “set hand button”, and you see all sorts of different hands that you can choose to do this. We can choose this one here and now when we play the slide, you can see it’s brought in by that particular finger. We go back to our sketch by hand to see our hand comes back and now we set it. We got all sorts of different hands here. We can choose this one for instance.  Now if we do “draw hand under sketch”, you’ll see what that does. See that it’s drawing from behind. There’re all sorts of amazing options that we can have inside here. Action after is after it’s done drawing. You can choose to do nothing like we did in this case or you can have it Fade Out, fly out, fly out my hand. If we pick “fly out by hand”, you’ll see that once it draws the image here, hand’ll come and take it away. Once again you can still set the type of hand that you want to use.

So there you go. Those are the basics for using explaindio to create slide videos,whiteboard videos, and how to use traditional video inside  your projects.


explaindio bonus

explaindio bonus


Features of Explaindio 3.0

  • 3-D animations
  • muti-timeline editing
  • non-cloud based software
  • multiple animations at the same time
  • support external 3-D elements
  • plenty of pre-made text/video/image animations
  • video creation wizard
  • new built in transitions
  • more video formats supported
  • integrated with pixabay and youzign

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