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By | August 25, 2018
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Funnel Secrets review

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Funnel Secrets is a high quality product that helps you create Funnels.

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it’s been here in this video I’m gonna
be doing a review of a new training
coming out called jvzoo Academy funnel
secrets this is a training endorsed by
jvzoo it’s by Sam backer the same guy
who created jvzoo Academy he’s done is
about as much money as me online
millions of dollars he’s good experience
creating funnels and he’s taking the
time to create this he’s gonna show you
how to create a high converting sales
funnel that doesn’t annoy your customer
as well now why should you create sales
funnels well first of all it’s an
automated way to potentially ten extra
profit or at least doublet that’s going
to work 24/7 for you automatically you
don’t have to worry about anything and
the customer you know once they already
buy a product they’re already in buying
modes you don’t have to go out and
resell the product all over for them
again it’s a way to add extra value on
if you do it right to give someone a
better experience only for those who
want it so if someone wants you know a
higher tough service or something like
that or an extra product they can pay
more money but you don’t have to charge
everyone all at once for that product
and also it’s important today because
it’s difficult to compete online with
just a front end product most of the
profit these days are make is made on
the back end of offers you know think of
McDonald’s you know they spend all the
marketing money to sell you a hamburger
and they kind of you know helps them
break even but they make all their money
ask me if you weren’t fries with that if
you want a milkshake with that that’s
where most of the money is made and it’s
saying for you know doing Facebook ads
and things like that you know you’re
probably just gonna break even on your
front end offer but if you have a high
converting sales funnel then that’s
where the profit comes in now this is
gonna be mostly for jvzoo but you can
apply these same concepts to things like
offline customer funnels if you if you
have an offline business where you sell
products you can add this to your funnel
to double your revenue that way you can
use this for e-commerce products like
Shopify for example in the way this in
the way that works is first you’re gonna
get access to on the front end
a funnel secrets guide no not gonna tell
everything that’s in this guide and go
you know giveaway always secrets you
know but basically is a pretty well
organized thought-out guide that’s um
fairly long what’s going to show you
things like you know what’s the sales
um the the basic theory and tatics
behind it something like you can get
into advance pricing strategies how to
plan out a high converting sales funnel
with something called a funnel mix
training something like a training
funnel you’re gonna get access to all
these chapters here on the front end for
a pretty low price colin is called a
funnel seeker sets the front end offer
now also i’m gonna get access to an OTO
offer if you want to upgrade you and
then you’re gonna get a series of
in-depth training videos now these are
more all of this over the shoulder
training instead of like an e-book with
tatics and and stuff like that this is
more over the shoulder training and it’s
includes things like copy and paste case
studies done for you funnels how that
hack successful promos to create your
own funnel and continue learning and in
the way this works is you’ll get access
to it there’s some several videos here
if you click on one of them so this is
the first video here let me just show
you what it looks like
so obviously um you can tell right from
the start that this is something that
he’s that the crater and JVC has put
considerable effort into it’s very well
done very high quality they put a lot of
effort into it as you can tell so this
is just the introduction but you’ll get
a transcripts upgrades alright you can
rate it and then you can go through all
these different videos here let me just
go back here through more of the over
the shoulder type training where it goes
in more in-depth than just the guy
that’s gonna get on the front end so
overall um no is this gonna be
beneficial well yeah it’s from someone
who’s done five million dollars plus
mostly by creating funnels online so
it’s not someone who hasn’t had any
experience of trying to sell stuff
there’s reason why jvzoo said it was
okay and they endorsed it and put their
name on it because you’re gonna get a
lot of good information and more
importantly um it’s when you know
whenever I went through it it’s not any
sort of like sleazy or scammy type
tactics like you sell a car but then
you’re out you know on the back end
offer you you have to sell the key you
know it’s not going to work you know
anything like you know some people
unfortunately have done in their
marketing funnels where you know you buy
a product and then the upgrade says well
you know to really get it to work I’m oh
now you’re gonna have to buy this and
it’s almost like they kind of trick you
into buying the next OTO offer or
upgrade there’s not gonna be any of this
this is a way that you can just add on
additional value for people who want it
you can help them and then you can
profit at the same time so you can both
benefit your business and your customers
well none of that sleazy stuff which
it’s good to see now of course most of
the case studies involved internet
marketing that’s basically what he did
and that’s what jvzoo does however like
I said you can’t apply this to other
information just want to be aware that
most of these case studies or about like
software launching or information
product launching and and you’re not
gonna get access to any software’s or
anything no this is just information on
how to do it if you want like a funnel
builder you can use jvzoo you’ll get
information on how to do that if you if
you want to create the pages you know
obviously there’s other software’s i’ve
reviewed them out there that you’ll have
to get to create the sales funnels
they’re not gonna be any software or
anything like that as well now so
overall if you want to learn more about
it when launching you can check out the
sales page at 11:00 a.m. Eastern
Standard Time and on the front end
you’re gonna get access to this guide
here I just showed and then if you
upgrade which I definitely recommend if
you really want to get into this and and
learn all about creating a sales funnel
and pricing and advanced strategies and
mixed funnels and things like that then
you can get the OTO one you’ll get all
these different videos as well which I
definitely recommend checking out as
well plus if you get it through my link
you thought this review was helpful then
you’re gonna get all my bonuses as well
so you end up getting it through my link
you’re gonna get all the bonuses you can
check out right below this video there’s
gonna be in your jvzoo membership you
can download so it’s going live for a
pretty low price to seventeen dollars
during the early bird discount and if
you’re interested in creating a funnel
or maybe you know tweaking your funnels
being them better making them more high
converting then you can check it out and
learn more whenever it goes live thanks
for watching this quick review video on
what final sequences by jvzoo Academy
and I’ll talk to you again soon

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