Funneleo Viral Review 2021

By | January 17, 2021
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Welcome to my Funneleo review so as I normally do, I have put some timestamps on this movie. So in case you would like to jump to a specific section, possibly the bonuses – or perhaps the demo you’re more than welcome to do that now, if you are liking the content that I am putting out there, I would mutually love a subscription. But more importantly, if you wish to ask me some questions in the comments down below, I will surely do my best to answer those agenda for today’s movie. We’Re gonna have a fast, uh summary of funnel Funneleo. What it is all about we are then gonna dive in my bonuses, uh, you know, as always, you guys I absolutely try to construct my own bonuses around the item that I am reviewing. So I have done that with a fun leo. We’Re then going to do a quick presentation of this solution and then we will hit the costs and then finally a wrap up in the end. So this product launches on the 24th of november um and it starts at 11, am eastern time. It includes a fully uh back 30 day guarantee. Therefore, if youknow do not like the item, you can obviously refund it after 30 days, so yeah, that’s it. Let’S get on with this, shall we ? so welcome to my bonus page for pleasure. Leo, just what is this merchandise all about, then? Well, for those who have a amazon company, if you market in goods on amazon, if you are selling goods on shopify or whether you are selling products on etsy you will know that gathering your clients, email lists and email information is very, very tricky. I mean amazon specifically kind of holds that information from you, so it does not, allow you to have it etsy and shopify. You may get it, but it is a little bit more challenging to get so Funneleo lets you get. Those email addresses to your clients and it does that by type of creating uh landing pages for the products that you sell in this time, you can either get these products or you may be selling them as an affiliate, so that you may be selling other people’s goods, but nonetheless, it basically lets you collect their emails by simply porting them via a landing page. Now, there is nothing new about that. I’d say, but um the manner fun leo. Does it is very interactive it. It’S um fully integrated with the um modern autoresponders. You can. You know you have your facebook pixels in there you have your google analytics in there. It’S quite simple sort of pull the info from the sales page of amazon for those goods and etsy and shopify, and then tweak it and amend it, then the software itself will host the webpages for you or you could host the pages yourself. So let’s take a glance at what the real uh sales material for pleasure leo states, so free purchase a list and earnings from shopify, etsy and amazon, even if you’ve never got sent an ecom before exclusive world for e-commerce listing builders and affiliate marketers. So, like I said, you know that you don’t need to have your own shop, you may um sell these goods, sell other people’s products as an affiliate, um, so yeah first to advertise cloud, hosted platform which lets you capture mails. That’S the main piece of your buyers. On amazon, etsy and shopify, where previously this was, I would say it is hopeless, but um it was very, very tricky to do so. This’S a very, very you understand short snappy uh description of what Funneleo is all about. I will do a complete demonstration, but let us try and look at my bonuses initially, because I have absolutely tried to appeal to everyone watching this movie today and thus, if you do not have a you know, shopify etsy or amazon shop, then I have got you covered in my bonuses. So bonus number-one is essentially a pre-made shopify shop, so in case you’ve never built a shop on shopify before and it freaks you out a bit, this is like the a to z. It’S got all of the templates, all of the imports which you could import into. You it’s essentially a store builder. It’S got a complete video tutorial on how to do it and all of the pdf data you need. So it is it’s a pre-built shop in a box. So I am catering for those who don’t have shops – and that’s bonus amount one now bonus – number 2 uh um. Should you have a shop or if you’ve just built, you understand, save from bonus number one and you are beginning to collect um clients. Email addresses through Funneleo And you are gon na want to attempt to find a means of you understand: monetizing um, the mails that you gather and among the best methods to do. This is always to put your customers through a product funnel and also to sell to them. So this is a path it is in fact one of the very top selling classes on warrior also. If you do not believe me, go to warrior and look disgusting look up the key weapon. In actuality, you don’t have to do that. You just look up and you simply rank courses by earnings in the past like three decades, and it is right at the top. I think it’s like third or fourth, so it is a very, very, very popular uh and very good course on converting email lists uh through merchandise funnels. So that is bonus number two. If you sat watching this thinking, well, that is great, but I do not really have any products to sell in my funnel then I have got you covered there too, because bonus number three is a hundred products which have reseller rights, so that you can obviously set them in your funnel and then begin um with the list generated by uh funnel design to monetarize um the emails that you have gathered, so that is bonus, number three and bonus number four. I’Ve thought to myself: do you know what? If, if you have accumulated all these email lists, among the biggest sorry email addresses one of the greatest issues, um unsolicited email marketers have is sending out um, well-written um, not gibberish emails that people will actually want to read. So it is great having you know that a hundred hundred a million email addresses, but if you send out crap, nobody could ever open them and understand I will read them so bonus number is known as list building fat, uh firepower and it is all about the way to Engage with your viewers how to write emails that are decent, it is a very, very long course. It goes into enormous detail on how to do that. So you know if you’re out there and you are watching this movie and you have a fairly good list already, but you are not receiving the opt-ins required and you are not getting the you know, you are, not getting people coming back to you, then this can assist you anyway. So that is burst. Number four. Now bonus amount five um the seller has gone uh somewhat angry. If I yeah here we go so there is 11 um bonuses and they are all really really good. You can see the surprise in my face since normally vendors do not give wonderful bonuses off, but all of the bonuses that they are giving off with um funnel leo these days are very, very um specific to help funnel funnily out somewhat like my bonuses. So you have got shopify blueprint. You’Ve got simple online incomes. You’Ve got an electronic earnings. Please pause the movie at any point. If you wish to read a little more about each of those bonuses, I am going through uh you have affiliate profits. So in case you know you do not have your own products to market on the three stages, you could always sell them as an affiliate. You’Ve got email, monetizer, um, live lead generation, gain, builders, uh, uh, internet marketing, profits, uh, very low content and affiliate authority. So um these bonuses are actually so good, like I would, obviously do a good deal of um product reviews – and that is most likely among the best uh set of seller bonuses – I have seen and so yeah you get all those uh thrown in also. So um not just Lots of bonuses, but a lot of very great bonuses and Lots of very great bonuses that will hugely assist Funneleo . So that’s uh. The bonuses we have gone off for now, uh, as always, if you are interested in Funneleo and obviously picking up the bonuses. If you click on some of those uh, yellow tabs below this movie, there’ll be a link to my site and this url address here. Just click one of these links. It’ll take you through to um portions of a selling platform known as jvzoo the products being sold on jvzoo, which means you purchase through jvzoo, after which you will find an email as soon as you’ve bought with access to the solution and then you’ll find an email from myself um. With all of your bonuses if, for any reason you do buy and the bonuses do not come through uh, sometimes this does happen because if the email gets blocked by you, know your supplier, spam filter and you can find my contact info in my youtube page in the About section on the right hand, side just drop me: an email, there has been some of you lately who have done that and just achieved saying, hey I have got a problem with this or hello my bonus. My bonus did not turn up and I have. I will absolutely go out my way and make sure that um you are a happy customer so yeah, let’s jump in the demo, will we so welcome into the members area for Funneleo . So, like I’ve said, it is a cloud-based bit of software uh, so it will come with a complete um section on instruction. So I am at the training department and tutorials right now. So you have got a you know a nice collection of training tutorials. So they do not just offer you this product and hope that you are gon na kind of fudge through it. There’s, you know, plenty of support you receive from the seller and I would say also. You know as an affiliate that reviews these products and believe it or not. We buy the products as well more frequently than not. If they are good products, we’ll actually buy them and um the majority of the sellers are super helpful um, since you know they do not want. You buying their goods and you understand bad mouth inside or saying it’s crap or refunding it. If you do not, you know, you do not know it, so that they will go hugely out of the way to assist you and encourage you in your company. So if you’re concerned about this, really you do not need to worry about it um. So let us um begin a campaign, so these are the campaigns which um others have have put into this demonstration section of this uh of the program. So, let’s start one uh from scratch until we actually launch our very own campaigner. These are some of the pre-made ones. So if you look at something on amazon, so this is obviously what you can create as your landing page. So it seems very professional. It’S very slick, it attracts all of the data from amazon itself and then you can clearly edit it um and clearly here is the part where, as soon as you click on this as a customer, it is going to collect your data now we’ll get to this in just a little bit. Well, that is just a good instance of an amazon merchandise. If I go into an etsy merchandise, it is precisely the same thing. You understand very professional, very, very um, good, looking landing page which it is made for you, making you understand your job of collecting emails much easier. So let’s have a glance at starting a new effort, so you click on the new effort. Button and you have obviously the 3 distinct um store platforms here: amazon, etsy and shopify. Now, if you aren’t from the united states and you are from the united kingdom, you can clearly change the amazon shop to the United Kingdom. Now this asn amount – I am sure most of you have noticed that if you let me go over here and I am on uk this code uh, I think it is an eight-digit code, that is in the url at the top, each and every product on amazon, that is the true Identification code for this item, so, if I put that in here locate merchandise, it pulls up the merchandise from amazon. So at this time you can begin to edit the info that it has been that it is taken from amazon. Now, if you’re a, in the event you really own this item and you have got your own shop, then you’d have a coupon campaign. Now what this means is if you’re um producing your landing page, you’re going to give people the chance to take money off. So you are going to essentially say to people: hey um: you can purchase this through amazon. This is my landing page and but um. If you um, fill in this bit of advice, give us give us your email address. I will provide you access to a voucher code. Now all this is automated and done for you do not need to worry about the coupon codes, but it is a method of getting people to sort of hands within details, so clearly give your campaign a title um again. For those who, what, if you have not you understand, you do not have a shop that sells ps5 and you are an affiliate, and you would like to just earn a commission from accepting people from a landing page to the item. Then you’d uh select associate effort, so you can, if you are selling it as an affiliate or you know that it’s, not your product, set your affiliate link in there too, so go ahead and make a campaign. This is the type of themes builder. So what you want your landing page to really look like um, I believe that is probably better to get a um playstation. It will then allow you um, like I talked about place the cost in there and then the voucher price. So this is where you are gon na begin adding some um lack factor in there. So anybody who sees this landing page will think oh great, there is a discount on this when they go and attempt to buy it they are going to be asked to enter their information. This’S where you sort of collect their information, in order to click update and following um. You can obviously have your landing page to look at a specific time, so that you can schedule it. You’Ve got start date. Start time. End dates end times, um. You can obviously change the time based upon your time zone also, then this is the true area of the um, the editable text, so you have got your own logo which you could put in there. Obviously you can change the title. This’S just been pulled direct from amazon. The description that has been pulled direct from amazon, but you can change all of this. Hence the product gallery you have got the product, the product’s been pulled from amazon, but you can actually upload your own um, thumbnails or pictures or anything you need to do to make it a bit more bespoke. Uh you have a countdown timer you can set in there too. So in the event you would like to add to even more scarcity, you can place some count. Timers in there you have all of the faqs which again pull straight from amazon um reviews. If you wish to add a few testimonials, video related products, social sharing, social sharing, that is a difficult term – say: social sharing and also a footer. So as soon as you’ve edited your uh, your effort, your landing page to appear uh the way you want it . It’S then about hosting it today. You’Ve got two options here. If you have got your own uh site, you can uh host it on your subdomain or your primary domain or if you do not and you are thinking. Well, I do not have it. I don’t have a site. This’S okay, because uh funnily, I will will host it for you. What you can do is you could put these pages on your own social networking platforms or facebook pinterest twitter, which means you do not need a site and the pages are hosted for you. So you said you set your FB pixel in there and some other google analytical scripts if you have got that you can place them in from the header uh or within the body of the text um. This is the page where you really begin to customize how you are going to collect people’s emails. So in the event that you um leave this blank, it won’t collect people’s emails, but if you enable email plugin got a lead, magnet message there, that is essentially just the headline to say um, you know, should you I am giving this away. If you click here, I am giving 10 off, if you click on this there is a coupon code, should you click on this and then a call to action, it also um functions with the uh most frequent autoresponders out there. So it is just an api link to the autoresponder and the mails that created will only go on to your buyers list in your autoresponder and if you do not have an autoresponder, that is fine! It is going to still collect your emails. Fine! You just manually write uh the type of thank you email in here and it will uh. It will automatically do this for you. There’s also, if you are in the eu um gdpr opt-in section. So in case you click on this, it is going to populate a load of gdr. Legal spiel so you are not getting into trouble uh and then last but not least, actually you have got a choice of how you truly um upload. This again, i said if you want to get Funneleo To host it for you can perform. But if you wish to upload it into your own site, you can do this too, and this is the section in which you put in your coupon codes. So um, you’d select your coupon codes files which are all uh. They all come with Funneleo Anyway, and then you’ll upload your voucher code. So if someone is buying a product and you have put say 10 coupon code and they won’t receive the coupon code until they have actually full of their email address and it will give them a pop-up say: congratulations! This is your voucher code, go and use it at the shop, so that’s a very sort of um. You understand basic summary of what Funneleo will do all these uh segments here in the top for the bonuses as well as the updates that include uh Funneleo. So I am going to speak with you a little about a few of the updates and some of the price points to get leo. If you enjoy that demonstration of the merchandise and you believe yeah, I could make Funneleo work for me in my current um e-commerce platform or if you would like to begin yourself, then click on some of the yellow boxes. On my incentive, page and you will get taken through to the jvzoo platform, where you can pick up Funneleo And all the bonuses which we have talked about. So what are you gon na cover Funneleo ? The front end is seven dollars and for thirty seven bucks, you’re gon na find everything that I am just showing you in the demo and unlimited licenses for producing unlimited funnels. So, like I said, you do not need your own uh site to host the uh landing pages. Uh Funneleo will do this for you now. I would say they are. The vendor has stated that the cost will be going up with this uh merchandise. Now that isn’t a type of shady means to get you to buy it uh. The purchase price will go up so um. Normally, it will most likely remain 37 for about a week and then it will begin creeping up uh today, in addition to the front end, we have got some pretty excellent. Um upgrades for Funneleo So update number one is known as funnel hero viral and that’s also 37, and what that enables you to do is if you’re, if you’re selling the products through your landing page and you have a customer who’s engaging with You can say to this: client: hey, listen, um! I would like you to kind of uh subscribe to this and you’ll sell for me um and you’ll find a discount and you’ll receive commissions but, more importantly, you are, reaching a larger audience by leveraging that customers audience and you get more sales and much more income, so that you can see if you do, that using numerous people, you kind of open the floodgates for their uh, their clients too and they will want to do it since they clearly get uh um a kickback and discounts also. So that is uh update number one uh update number two uh. I think you heard me likely mention about the merchandise coming together with the uh working with built-in autoresponders uh. If you do not have an autoresponder, what what you can do with this update is have like a car mailer, so it’ll do the emailing for you. You can set the um phases of this email set the days of the mails. You do not need to be worried about. Um with an autoresponder, it is going to sort of it is almost built into the software with with update number two. Additionally, it includes uh 40 performed for you, email swipes. So, like I said, if you’re concerned about um your email content, then you know that you begin to create your email list, but your mails are not good or you know your grammar’s bad or they do not look professionally presented and then that’s gon na that is gon na help you Out uh update number three: uh has three choices so alternative number one is 67 and that is um about completed for you um shopify shops. So if you don’t have a shopify store and you are worried about how you are going to get Funneleo To work, update number one includes 10 setup, um, shopify shops in hot markets, um and clearly a guide about the best way best to set them up so you likely Remember in my bonus I was gon t I am giving away you one uh fully setup um store at no cost. Then this is obviously ten setup shops for sixty seven dollars. Uh option number two a little bit less. Forty seven bucks is for five completed for you, shopify shops, uh and choice number three um you get to select the market and they’ll. Give you a guide about the best way best to set up your shop in that niche. So that’s update uh number three update number four is funnel coating, ecom domination package that’s 47 as well for alternative one, and this includes a hundred large potential selling products for amazon, etsy and shopify uh fulfilled by amazon’s guide. So in case you wish to work out, what fulfilled by amazon is uh, you can do this there. It’S got complete training and an etsy shop, uh setup manual, and thus that is for 47 uh alternative. Number 2 is um 37 and that is a filled by amazon manual and 100 high gain. Amazon products lists. So again, if you’re, if you have not got um your own products on amazon and you are, wondering um, I would like to affiliate, then sell other people’s goods, but you do not really understand what sell you do not know. What’S you understand what’s hot and what’s not, then that is gon na really help you and alternative number three is precisely the same, but for your etsy and finally um option. Number 5, sorry not alternative. Number five update number five uh is for um Funneleo service, which lets you clearly use it across multiple programs: multiple, pcs, multiple computers, so boundless agency accounts, and thus, if you would like to set this up in a business or you would like quite a few individuals to get It you can do this and that is 497 and alternative number two for that’s 297 and that is the simple um agency account without a expert upgrades included. So the very best one includes everything and this one just comes with the simple front end. So again, if you like the sound of Funneleo And any of the updates um again just click on any of the yellow bars and you get removed through. So I thought I would wrap up the video here and give you my final thoughts on Funneleo now. I’Ve done a little bit of uh ecom um amazon fulfilled by amazon and it’s a tricky. It’s a tricky market to enter, and I am sure some of you watching. This Might have tried it and fought, but I guess what I would say with Funneleo If you’re, if you are gon na buy the product uh and you would like to um, you know be an affiliate seller of goods on amazon, and you know you do not enjoy it, after a time period or anything you will have, you’ll have absolutely generated um email lists, which you can then do anything you want with. So, even if you don’t especially like Funneleo in the long run, you know that you can use it for what it is made for, which is collecting email lists um. So you know it’s got kind of like two functions. You can absolutely use it to earn off affiliate commission selling or selling your own products and then the additional bonuses, the email list, or you might just use it to create your email list in terms of the upgrades uh, if you have not got an auto responder, then perhaps upgrade number two could be suitable in case you are somewhat concerned about um using a um a shop and using merchandise to sell in your shop and the way they set up. Then uh update number three and if you are really worried about the way you do not know how to pick products and how to select niches, uh then update number four um, but you will be completely fine with only the front end so yeah. I love you watching this movie today and if you would like to learn more about me and the world of affiliate marketing that I am working at this time, uh you can head over to duba hyphen, uk dot com. I’Ve got some free training on my site and what I like to do with anybody who buys through my review now and you clearly get access to myself. You’re going to receive my email address when you, once the bonuses soil and if you get stuck with anything or if you’ve got any questions for me, it’s possible to either and direct them via my site or through the email which you will get from me, and I will always respond To mails so really appreciate your time today and I hope you are doing well out there, and I will see you soon.


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