Hijackrr Pro review

By | August 25, 2018
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Hijackrr Pro review

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hi I’m Lee and welcome to the demo video
of hijackrr, a brand-new piece of software.
now what’s hijackrr? it’s basically a piece
of software that allows you to hijack
any web site in the world and monetize
it for your uncle’s to action utilize
the authority to build your own list and
your own social media following okay
it’s incredibly easy to use we’ve got a
five-point system we just start with one
and we just follow it to the end and it
is done okay so it’s incredibly easy to
use and realistically the options are
pretty enormous here because we haven’t
just created one option we’ve created a
plethora of options that can be edited
in a very simple way to create all
manner of different end results again so
basically when you come into the
software you click Add campaign you get
the opportunity to create one of six
different types okay so you can create
one with an image pop up with a video
pop up you know one with a HTML pop-up
which is obviously things like the
Aweber autoresponder coder and of any
HTML code that you can think of you can
create one has social media like buttons
we’ve also our own built-in opt-in
builder which is really really cool and
we’ve also got an exit pop option right
which works slightly differently so just
to run through how to use it and just
show you a few examples the first one
I’m going to do is the image version so
I’ve just got that highlighted click
Next and click create No
then upload an image quickly
so this is the image once we’ve got
loads of the image we just click Save
and once we get into the next section
which is 3 we have the opportunity to
decide how we want it to be presented we
have the opportunity to have it so that
if anyone clicks on the website it pops
up we have the option to delay it so it
will just pop up anyway and we have the
exit pop style so if we just have if we
just enabled this one for example and
actually I said what we’ll do for this
one for the example the mouse out
alright so once we’ve selected that we
click Next the next section is we need
to add our website so we click here add
new website and we’re just going to say
that what we do is we select the website
that we want to have what the website
but we actually want a hijack and we
stick it in there so this could be any
website then here we’ve got some
viewports and we’ve got you’ve got a
play about because some different
websites view the material slides
differently so I’m just going to choose
one of these click Save click Next
generates in it all and it’s done it’s
as simple as that so I’m just going to
take the sound off and I’m going to
click on preview so loading up this page
the sales page for this actual product
and if I go to disappear hold up we get
this sort of image and what we have the
opportunities we can add all kinds of
things we could click a link so this
takes us to another site if we want to
that’s just one example okay so
well the thing is we’re going to just
cross that off and going to show you
another one quickly just with a video so
so we’re going to click on video for
this next one pretty similar sort of
thing click on that click on the main
content now we need to grab the video
which is that I’m going to paste it in
there we’ve got a video like that I’m
going to click Save and click next and
again this one we have the same sort of
options so if anyone clicks on the page
the the pop up kind of turn up delay and
Mouse out for this example let’s click
on the delay and we’re going to have
literally one second again add a new
page I’m going to grab the link that
we’re going to hijack we’re going to
choose that we’re going to click save
and once again it’s complete going to
click on preview should do some sort
thing right there you go
so you can see what the the potential is
for those two options already
structuring that we’ve got available is
obviously HTML that’s just simply adding
the auto respond the said a weber code
its facebook code there’s lots of HTML
codes that are out there we think a
social pop-up builder where we can
quickly run through this one again it’s
going to show what we’re doing on the
right hand side and we can say let’s
just change the colors like that we can
change the background there and once
again we can then add some content here
so let’s just add something that we’ve
got here that might be good
I’m going to add that into the post
there you go so what we can do is we can
click on the social and here is where we
can put in facebook the links to our
Facebook our Twitter etc etc I didn’t
click Save right so once that’s done
again we have the option so that these
will pop up when we want them to pop up
we’ve already done them in the last two
options let’s click on this one so this
is going to be so they were just it work
on click and this is
click on save and then we do is we click
on preview the website loads we’re
looking at the website and if anyone
clicks on something they get that and
then week you can see you’ve got
Facebook Twitter Google+ all that good
stuff and that’s that option so then
let’s move on with the next option so
the next option is the actual opt-in pop
up using our builder again click no give
it a name we need what when you do it
you’ll have you have to create a list
beforehand so you can select it here but
for the purposes of this
so just say for example we can put a
head in like that do this check it out
my content again we can create we can
add an image so just for the purposes of
this to show you exactly what it can do
we’re going to click on that we’re going
to click on the old box
and we’re going to insert it we now have
the opportunity to put it on the left or
in the middle so all depends on how you
how you like that we now have the
buttons we can change the buttons
slightly smaller slight different
through our Facebook we were Google we
got the autoresponder and down here we
can switch them off if we don’t want
them if we just wanted to say for
instance Facebook or email
and we can change the text here from
sign up to something else and going back
we can change the background color from
gray if we wanted that to be black as
well we could change it to black like
that so I just say we’d do that once
that’s done we click Save and that
basically means the pop-up is it’s saved
we click Next
and we have to decide how we want this
to be shown exactly the same as we had
before let’s just say the delay click
next add a new page we’re going to call
this one that we’re going to click here
we’re going to paste our website in
there we’re going to choose the correct
view we’re going to click Save and then
just click preview again and we see
we’ve got
there you go so you’ve got a nice pop up
there with the ability to gain Facebook
Google and your email list subscribers
so you can start to think of all the
options that you could possibly do there
so let’s just move across to the last
option which which gives us something a
little bit different and that is to
redirect people from other websites in a
a number of different ways okay so using
it on this website we click on external
we click Next we click on create new we
give it a name so now we need to choose
the website that we want to redirect to
ok so first of all we’re just for
example we’ll just click on jvzoo
so we’re going to redirect to jvzoo
we’re then going to click Save I’m going
to click Next so once again we get the
options – what – what we can do now in
this instance the first option is on
click so any anywhere the person clicks
they will be redirected to in this
example jvzoo so let’s just quickly just
show you that so we’ve got our our
website there your going to put
show us going when you click save new
click next and then we’re going to click
preview so just click that so anywhere I
click we now get sent across a jvzoo so
you can imagine any sort of website that
you have you can then redirect to
different links which is pretty cool
right so the other option is the delay
pop-up so what this does is it will
automatically redirect to the other
website in X amount of time regardless
of what’s going on okay so you might
just want to show someone a website for
10-15 seconds and you might want to send
them across to another website so it’s
exactly the same we choose the delay
which is 2 seconds we then do the same
thing we put in a website that we want
to hijack we then click on next then
click on preview and it should load and
then flick across to the other website
ok so obviously you’d want home a longer
redirect depending on what you wanted to
show okay so the third the third option
you’ve got is the mouse out pop-up which
is really really cool and I’m sure
you’re going to see this and you’re
going to be thinking of all the
different opportunities that you could
actually use this okay because this is
the mouse out all right so we’re going
to enable this and we’re going to click
Next exactly the same
so go to our website so the websites
loaded we’re looking at me like yeah now
this isn’t for me to be perfectly honest
go out this and then suddenly whoop its
redirected to another one so you can
think of the examples you could have
enough are people not interested and you
can redirect them to a second offer so
you get two bites at the cherry which is
really really cool so basically that’s
the software I’ve shown you through it
I’ve shown you how easy it is and this
video has been what about 15 minutes of
showing you all the five options and
I’ve gone through the different little
tweaks that you can do to each one so
you can really see that this piece of
software can achieve a quite a lot of
stuff it’s really exciting we’re it
excited about it we hope you like it and
we hope ya on board

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