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By | August 25, 2018
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HQWebinar review

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First Ever Stimulated Automated Webinar System built with
Same Technology Used in Blockchain, Slack and FB Messenger
Run Ultra High Quality Smooth Webinars
Without Any Glitch, Delay or Lag Using
World’s Strongest Peer to Peer Technology
Run Automated Webi

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welcome to
my HQ webinar review I’m here inside of
the HQ webinar members area and I’m
gonna be giving you a full demo of
exactly our HQ webinar works inside of
this review now in a nutshell what it
does is it allows you to create either
live webinars or pre-recorded webinars
that you can send out and it integrates
with a ton of different autoresponders
which I’m going to show you in a second
and basically eliminates the need for
you to pay high monthly fees to places
like webinarjam every single month and
you can do pretty much exactly the same
things in fact if we take a look at the
sales page over here we can see down
here there’s a comparison between the
the main competitors which shows oome
Cisco WebEx and GoToWebinar and
obviously htq webinar ticks all the
boxes anyway I’m going to talk to you
about all of this inside of this review
but if it’s something that sounds of
interest to you then stick with me
because I’ve also got a ton of custom
bonuses I’ve made for those of you that
would like to pick up HQ webinar via my
link which is down below in the
description of this video if you click
on that link it’ll bring you through to
this page right here this is my bonus
page where I host all of my bonuses and
if you’d like to pick up HQ webinar at
any time during this review video all
you need to do is click on the link down
below in the description of this video
come through to this page and then click
on any of these orange buttons before
this countdown timer runs out that will
take you through to the sales page which
looks like this where you’ll be able to
purchase HQ webinar now this goes live
in around 20 minutes from right now
because I’m streaming this live today is
the 30th of June Saturday the 30th of
June and this is going to go live at
11:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time which
isn’t around 20 minutes time so if
you’re watching this live then you won’t
be able to go through to the sales page
right now but you will be able to now
you’ll need to do that if you want to
pick this up you’ll need to do it before
this countdown timer runs out because
when it does this page will expire this
Paige really expands so will all the
bonuses that I put together for this and
that’s something that I really don’t
want you to miss out on because I’ve
spent a long time putting these bonuses
together so that you can get the best
out of HQ webinar as possible okay now
these are all custom bonuses I made them
myself which means that these are not
going to be available through anybody
elses link other than mine and that
means they’re exclusive to me now with
that said go and see what other
affiliates are offering in terms of
bonuses because you can come back to
this page after you’ve seen what other
people are offering after you’ve
realized that my bonuses are better and
more useful than what anybody else is
offering for this so just bear that in
mind ok my first bonus here is how to
run a perfect webinar so I’m going to
break down the essential parts of a
perfect webinar so if you don’t already
know how to do a webinar then you’re
going to learn how to do that and you’re
going to learn how to do the essential
parts of the webinar that it’s going to
enable you to sell stuff inside of this
bonus bonus number two how to run
webinars like a pro okay this is
actually a bonus by Neil Patel and
Eric’s you these both these are both
webinar masters so they’re spilling
their tips and tricks inside of this
video right here bonus number 3 I’m
going to give you the best traffic
sources to run to your webinar now I’ve
run a ton of webinars ok and know which
traffic sources of ended up being the
best for me I’ve tested a ton of
different traffic sources and I’m giving
you access to the best 3 traffic sources
that work the best with webinars insider
bonus number 3 so I know that’s we’re
really gonna help you out as well bonus
number 4 I’m going to show you how to
monetize your webinar without having
your own product now I’m showing you how
to do this with other people’s products
so you’ll be running a webinar
effectively to other people’s high
ticket products which are going to cost
upwards of $1,000 per sale of which you
will get to keep around 50% off so
webinars by far the best way to make a
ton of money in the shortest amount of
time you just need to know what to sell
and you need to know how to sell it and
you need to have the right traffic
that’s it you put all those three
components together
and you’re gonna be rich so bonus number
four I’m going to show you how you can
use other people’s products to monetize
from and bonus number five I’m going to
give you access to all the bonuses that
the vendor is given to me to give to you
guys now these include these are the
earlybird bonuses so that you’ll get if
you get in there pretty soon you get
one-year WordPress website hosting free
for three domains which is pretty cool
remember these are limited bonuses and
these are these are only available if
you buy this in the early bird which is
today okay so you get access to that
which is really cool that’s going to
save you a ton of money
early bird bonus number two is crazy
color this is a it’s a basically a
cloud-based version of Photoshop and it
allows you to do a ton of graphic design
stuff all online without having to
download any kind of software to your
computer which is pretty cool this
launched I think a month ago so it was
relatively new
early-bird bonus 3 you’re gonna get
audience social don’t know what this
does but just have a read through there
it looks like it’s a retargeting app
earlybird bonus number 4 phantom opt-in
pro with white label rights makes
retargeting lists in multiple Facebook
accounts early-bird bonus 5 WP copy
guard it’s going to basically stop
people ripping off your word precise
early bus only bed bonus number 6 is WP
engage have a read through what that is
there early-bird bonus number 7 is WP
build early bird bonus number 8 its WP
traffic filter have a read through wats
that is all about there so there’s a lot
of value in those bonuses which I’m
going to be giving to you from the
vendor as well now on top of that I’ve
also got some other bonuses for you too
from the vendor there’s a ton of bonuses
on this page here all the unique custom
bonuses so you social media viral
content builder for WordPress share lock
I’ve got no idea what these bonuses are
because these are from the the product
owner he’s giving them to you you get
viral list you get traffic search engine
you’re gonna get something to do with
LinkedIn viral social app quiz master
and I think there’s some other bonus is
there plus there’s a ton of bonuses here
as well now I’m not going to go through
every single one of these just going to
show you the pictures because there’s so
many bonuses here that you’re going to
get if you choose to buy this filing
today which is pretty awesome all of
these are from the vendor okay there’s a
list of 60 bonuses basically so crazy
amount of value now all you need to do
to claim all of these vendor bonuses and
of course all of my four custom bonuses
here all you need to do to claim those
is first of all click on the link down
below in the video description and then
click on any of these orange buttons go
through to the sales page where you can
purchase HQ webinar once you’ve gone
through the cart you’ll you need to go
to your jvzoo account you click to
access my purchases in the top right
hand side the jvzoo account you’ll click
on HQ webinar and then you’ll find a
button on that page uses bonuses from
jonno that’s where all of these bonus is
going to be waiting for you as soon as
you’ve gone through checkout so two to
claim those again click on the link down
below in the video description come to
this bonus page scroll down click on any
of these orange buttons which will take
you through to this sales page so first
ever stimulated automated webinar system
built with the same technology used in
blockchain slack and facebook Messenger
run ultra-high quality smooth webinars
without any glitch delay on lag using
the world’s strongest peer-to-peer
technology we run automated webinars to
your audience you can also do live
webinars as well with this as well
broadcasts any pre-recorded videos live
to bring you money on complete
we’re on high quality webinars smoothly
without any day of delay or lag run live
like automated webinar to boost your
profits by 400% set forget make profits
run encore and replay with confidence
run paid webinars where you can charge
attendees that’s another cool feature
you can actually charge people before
they enter the webinar for them to be
able to watch the webinar complete
step-by-step video training and
tutorials newbie friendly a fully
cloud-based software integration with
zapier works with WordPress shop if
i optimize press leadpages click for
cover tree and more others with
commercial license makes 5,000 to 10,000
dollars every week pretty cool okay so
this is the sales page here come and
check this out in your own time I don’t
I’m not going to kind of spoon feed you
through this sales page step by step
because that would just be a waste of
your time and my time because you can
actually go and check this out
in your own time simply by clicking on
the link down below in the description
area of this video down below come
through to this this bonus page here
scroll down click on any of these orange
buttons that will take you through to
this sales page where you can come and
read through it in your own time there’s
tons of testimonials there’s ton more
information there’s some demo videos
there’s a couple of demo videos on here
where you can actually see the whole
webinar HQ webinar in action and the
product owner will actually take you
through the process that I mean the
whole backend process if I don’t give
you enough information inside this
review you can always come to the sales
page scroll down the sales page to these
demo videos and click on this one here I
think it’s about 15 minutes long but
it’s going to give you a full detailed
overview of exactly how it works now
this software has been brought to you by
to my good friends Jay Sharma and
victory I can never pronounce his first
name so if you’re watching bro I’m sorry
but I just call you victory anyway we
know each other pretty well
I’m in contact with these guys and I
know that they put out really solid and
good products so you’ve got nothing to
worry about there it’s a really high
quality software that is in comparison
with some of the top webinar software’s
on the market which I’d go to webinar
which I’m sure you’d have heard about
Cisco WebEx and zoom now I know that
both of these three competitors all come
with a high monthly cost so go to
webinar 369 dollars a month the Cisco
one is four hundred seventy nine dollars
a month and zoom is three hundred forty
dollars of dollars a month whereas HQ
webinars is unlimited attendees for
forty seven dollars one time so there’s
no monthly cost okay it’s a one-time fee
that is
less than a quarter of what these guys
are charging per month and it has more
features as you can see here it ticks
all the boxes of these features where
some of these don’t actually tick the
boxes so come and check this out
like running paid webinars you can’t do
that in any of these okay
I’ll to respond an email funnel you can
in build chat system you obviously
real-time HD streaming you can’t do that
in all of these ones but you can with HD
webinar at HQ webinar recording and
replay okay you can do that with these
are the ones waiting lounge you don’t
have a waiting lounge with these other
webinar software’s what you do with this
on anyway
go and check this out in your own time
because I’m going to jump into the
software now and I’m gonna walk through
it with you so this is a dashboard right
here you have all of your integrations
here now these are going to include
stuff like Pay Pal so you can you can
automatically add these payment buttons
you can have them pop up at the end of
the webinar when you starting to do the
pitch or at the end of the pitch that I
say you can also have these PayPal
buttons come in even before the webinar
started if you’re just going to do like
a workshop like a paid workshop you can
have these PayPal buttons appear so
people have to pay in able to in it to
enable them to actually watch you this
alter also integrates with some of
autoresponders like MailChimp get
response Aweber send Lane and it has
these other integrations as well so one
shopping cart bed benchmark constant
contacts Infusionsoft eye contact an
active campaign okay you have access to
all of your contacts from within here ok
now I haven’t made an event yet so
there’s no registrants in here but those
will show up once they start to register
I know that these guys have pre-made
landing pages for people and
registration pages as well you can
upload of all of your recordings inside
of here as well from your webinars you
have your additional settings up here
too so you can put in your you
name and your website and your profile
image and stuff like that which will
help you later on so if you go back to
my events you can actually schedule a
new webinar here so if I just click on
there you can either have a pre-recorded
webinar which you can upload via any
kind of video or you can have a live
webinar so if I just go with live
webinar then we can make the title here
something like spicy chicken balls
webinar time zone obviously you can
choose your time zone here now I’m plus
7 Jakarta so I put that one in there you
can browse for your logo or a picture
that you want associated with this
webinar I’m just gonna go and grab a
picture of go and grab a picture of
Brendon and his girlfriend and I’ll just
pull that one in there instead so I’ll
just crop that there obviously it won’t
hit upon your own picture or your logo
to put in there but I’m just showing you
this for for the sake of it tags now
this is something that is going to
identify your webinar later on because
you can search for tags if you want to
use this as a recorded webinar after
you’ve actually run the webinar so I
could put in chicken I could put in
balls make a put in spicy so if I search
for any of those tags later on it will
bring up this webinar in the recorded
version after I’ve done their life now
we can choose to schedule this two to go
out whenever we want so if I was to
schedule this to go out tomorrow and
let’s say we can have this
we go to this p.m. and I could have this
go out like 5 p.m. on Sunday I can save
that and then we get on to the next
settings so we have the webinar details
we have the registration link here okay
now you can put a description in here so
hey dudes sign up to learn a ton of
stuff about spicy chicken balls so that
would be the description okay we can we
can put a picture in here so I can put
Brendan on his cruise and I’ll crop that
there with the swimming pool in the
background I can actually make it a bit
bigger so it gets more of the swimming
pool in there so I can crop it okay and
then I got my tags in there what is your
chat preference so I can put it as
private or I can have it as public there
if I want do you want to redirect
attendees after the webinar yes or no
you can you can have this redirect to a
sales page URL with a button on there if
you want or you can just have it as off
if you want to make it free or paid for
your attendees so you need to connect a
PayPal account if you want people to pay
in advance to be able to watch so you
could save that okay I’m just going to
save that so far and that’s updated
okay and then you can go on to the well
let me just grab this URL so you can see
what the registration page looks like
right now
okay I’m gonna drag that over here and
then okay email funnel so you can
actually have these pre-made emails go
out to you or to your customers at a
predefined time so it already has some
text in there which obviously this will
be replaced with with whatever the name
of your webinar is but you can actually
put some custom text into the email
there now these emails will get sent out
automatically as soon as they confirm
registration they’ll be sent out on
another email 24 hours before which
again you can go in and you can edit or
you can just keep it as it is you can
choose to have it on or you can choose
to have it off if you if you want it to
be on or off another one and now will be
far and another one 15 minutes before so
you can go in and you can you can have
this on but you can choose to have some
of these off if you want so if you don’t
want it to mail 24 hours before or if
you just want it to mail like 15 minutes
before you can keep that one on and you
can have that 24 hour one off as well
and then when when there’s a live email
it’s going to tell everybody about that
– okay registrations so for the for the
registration page at the moment it’s
just gonna look like this okay where it
just has says your name your email
address for people to register now you
can customize that you can add some
further details in here so you could say
phone number if you want to collect
phone number you can have it optional
and required and you can add that as a
text field okay so if I go down wait for
this to update okay and i refresh the
page here the registration page then
this is going to add in
the the phone number option so it fits a
load okay you can have app integration
so you can choose an app you can you can
you can I mean I haven’t linked this up
with my get response account but if I
did get response would show in there and
then you can choose the list that you
want this to integrate with so all of
those subscribers who opted in here as
you can see the phone numbers appeared
now all of that information will go
through directly on to my get response
account if I want to do that I can just
remove this now do you want to remove
this field yes get rid of that okay let
me refresh the page and you’ll see that
this phone number thing will be removed
you can put whatever you want and a new
field in there and make it required or
not you can have an optional Thank You
page URL which you can put in there way
you want these people to go after
they’ve signed up and then you can get
the embed code so you can just put this
inside one of your own customized
registration pages so it won’t look like
this but this part will be able to still
collect this information okay so that’s
how to customize that bit you’ve got the
resources so I’m guessing if you want to
add any webinar resources like slides or
a PDF you can add that inside of here so
people can get that while on the webinar
and then you have this tracking function
here where you can add a ton of
different tracking pixels so if you want
to track in pixel on the on the
registration page you can add it there
if you want one on the thank you page
you can add it there if you want one on
the webinar room you can add it there so
you can have different pixels for
different pages if you want branding
this is where you can add all of your
logos and stuff you can change kind of
the color scheme of the registration
page and/or the actual webinar page
itself and then you have access to all
the registrants so as soon as people
register they will go through onto here
so if I just register some random name
so let me register that and hopefully
when i refresh this registrants it’s
gonna show up and there we go so okay
and then you got the registration page
builder so if you really want to
customize this you can do at the moment
this is what it kind of looks like okay
we just go back to that registration
page at the moment this is what it looks
like if I want to if I want to customize
it I can do it inside of here with the
customizable editor so you’ve got you
can you can buy premium templates these
are I’m not sure if these are free on
our I’ll have to look at the the upsells
for this in a minute but this also comes
with a ton of different templates that
you can use if you want to use together
with your registration page so you can
get access those those templates there
okay and that’s everything that you can
do so let me just close that down oops
so there you have it you can connect
your PayPal account you can connect it
with any autoresponder that you want you
can make a either a live webinar or a
pre-recorded webinar so if you wanted to
do the pre-recorded one you can upload
it right here mp4 file only and then you
do everything else pretty much the same
as what you did for the live webinar
except the countdown timer is going to
be different you can have it five to
five 10 minutes 15 20 30 minutes 40
minutes 45 minutes which is which is
pretty cool
so the main thing about this HQ webinar
is its charging you a one-off fee as
opposed to as opposed to a monthly fee
like these other companies are doing
which makes this stand out from the rest
and makes this really really unique
I mean instead instead of spending you
know upwards of three hundred and forty
dollars a month for one of these other
this is only gonna cost you forty seven
dollars unlimited one-time whereas I
know a lot of these like GoToWebinar
they will charge you per subscriber so
you’ll be charged for like if you go
over 5,000 registrants that you’re gonna
get boosted up to the next level it’s
the same with zoom and it’s the same
with this other one
whereas with HQ webinar you’re not gonna
get charged for that which is which is
pretty awesome so prices and upsells
okay everything that I just showed you
on the front end is gonna cost you forty
seven dollars that is during the launch
period but it’s going to go up to ninety
seven dollars towards the end of the
launch I know this is going to be
launching for the next four days so if
you want to pick this up for forty seven
dollars you need to make sure that you
do so between now and four days time
okay this just went live by the way so
if you do want to pick this up right now
all you need to do is click on the link
down below in the description this video
scroll down this page and then click on
any of these orange buttons that will
take you through to this sales page
where you can pick up HQ webinar if you
want to okay back to the pricing the
upsells so there’s a couple of upsells
here oops uh number one is again forty
seven dollars if you buy it during the
launch period it’s going to go up to
ninety seven dollars this is HQ webinar
pro and this is going to allow you to
optimize your messenger campaigns and
grow your messenger subscribers leads
instantly four five times the profits
with HQ webinar premium I actually got
no idea what that is I think it’s going
to allow you to integrate your messenger
with HQ webinar but honestly if that’s
all that it does I don’t really think
that you need it I’m not I’m not
entirely sure what that is I mean if it
allows you yeah if it only allows you to
integrate messenger then I don’t think
it’s worth picking up oops um number two
is HQ webinar resellers now this is
gonna allow you to resell HQ webinars
effectively as your own product so all
you would need to do is send your
to this very sales page right here and
if anybody buys it you get to keep a
hundred percent of these upsells now
they’re charging two hundred and
forty-seven dollars for this resellers
license and I know for a fact these guys
would have spent thousands I mean
thousands on create and developing this
cloud-based software and also paying a
paying a high quality sales copywriter
to make this whole sales page make the
video I mean these sales pages are not
cheap okay so for two hundred and forty
seven dollars you get access to resell
this software and you get access to send
people to this sales page and if anybody
buys anything you get to keep a hundred
percent of all of these price points so
effectively if you bought this for two
for seven you’d only need to sell was it
five ten fifteen twenty twenty you don’t
even really need to sell five copies of
the front end and you’ve already made
your money back now if people buy any of
these upsells obviously you get to keep
you get to keep the money from that as
well because it’s gonna be a hundred
percent all the way through the funnel
so if you were to send your traffic to
this sales page and somebody bought the
whole funnel you’ve already made your
money back and then some and I know that
a lot of people are buying these
reseller licenses and they’re reselling
these products while they’re still fresh
and they are making an absolute killing
because they know how to send traffic
and that’s all you need to do just send
traffic to this sales page okay oops on
number three is HQ webinar templates I
think that’s what I was talking to you
about those registration page templates
it will give you access to those I can’t
can I go back in and show you
registration page builder so if I go to
the editor and then it says premium
templates here it’s going to give you
access to these templates right hanyan
there’s a ton of them that you can
choose from for you so you can make your
registration page look really
professional really good like this one
right here
so you can make it look like this just
with a click of a button okay which is
actually worth it for where’s the price
is 47 dollars which is how much is gonna
cost during the launch phase is gonna go
up to 97 but I think that’s worth it for
all of those all of these templates that
you get access to I’d pay $47 for that
just cuz it’s gonna save me so much time
from building it myself so the upsells
that I’m gonna recommend are still
number three and upsell number two I
don’t really know what someone does and
for that reason I’m not gonna recommend
it but definitely if you have the money
get the resellers license because that’s
gonna enable you to resell this and make
well they’re saying five thousand to ten
thousand dollars a week and I actually
believe them because I know they spent a
ton of money on this software and it is
a ridiculously cheap for forty seven
dollars for a webinar software that
allows you to do everything and above
what most of the monthly webinar
software’s are charging three hundred
fifty dollars a month for so I know a
lot of people going to be interested in
this so it would be good one to buy the
resellers license for so okay let’s have
a look I do have the demo video here on
my bonus page if you don’t want to go
through to the sales page to watch it
you simply just need to click on the
link down below in the description this
video come to my bonus page scroll down
and then go to the demo video down here
you can go and watch that it’s 15
minutes long it’s going to show you
exactly the ins and outs of HQ webinar
also don’t forget to check out my
bonuses because I did spend a ton of
time creating these bonuses so that you
can get the best out of HQ webinar as
possible apart from that I’m done here I
appreciate you coming here to watch this
and I hope you got some value from this
HQ webinar review speak to you soon bye

Buy HQWebinar:



HQWebinar Inspection — Introduction

The webinar is currently a fantastic selection for almost all of the marketers. A lot of people choose it to catch attention and direct in advertising. I evaluate it’s powerful if we understand the ideal way to get the job done. On the other hand, the job isn’t straightforward. It’s hard for us to handle the work along with the outcome. So, today I’m pleased to present there is a digital product named HQ Webinar. It’ll build you powerful webinar including all the information you desire. In any case, it can help you to control the job by reporting the outcomes.

HQWebinar Inspection — Overview

HQWebinar Review

Merchandise: HQWebinar
Establish Date: 2018-Jun-30

Refund: 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Niche: Software
HQWebinar Inspection — What Can It Be?

HQ Webinar is your brand-new software altering how that you use webinars to have sales and leads. It’s possible to share and market your webinar. The program will be appealing once you are able to personalize and insert pictures in addition to videos onto it. In addition, you can control the impact of this operation.
About the Writer — Jai Sharma

Have you ever understood Jai Sharma? He’s among the very successful digital marketers in addition to applications founders. It’s possible to refer all them to the world wide web. They are highly valued by many specialists. With the support of partners that are professional electronic entrepreneurs, Jai Sharma developed HQ Webinar together with all the hope to deliver a brand new video game changer in the manner in which we make money online.
HQWebinar Review — Particular Characteristics of HQ Webinar

Numerous Coordinators

You may invite up to 15 coordinators into the function. Additionally, there are the functionalities of controlling their user friendly, webcam and other tools.

Insert Multimedia

It’s a fascinating thing when you may add videos and examine tools from outside sites to the webinar so you are able to create the webinar exciting and eventful.

Remind Your Attendees

You may send continuously reminder mails and enrollment verification aid for all your supporters. More, the upgrades will be sent within 24 hours 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to the scheduled launch time.

No Delays

Users have the right to access this instant streaming. With minimal latency and accessibility gaps, you are able to boost engagement prices and replies that are convenient in real time.

True HD

The frame shares your movie tools like system display, webcams or other movie tools in a high definition manner.

Smooth Screen Sharing

These flexible display sharing options permit you to personalize the movie sharing experience. You can now share entire video display or particular adventures from around 3 sources in precisely the exact same moment.

Instant Chat Choice

Let us enjoy the real time chat encounter with your customers utilizing the chat boxes. They’ll don’t hesitate to ask their questions and doubts and you’re able to resolve them together with the instantaneous feedback.

Waiting Lounge

It’s a virtual waiting area where your customers can navigate through useful info and resources when waiting for your function.

Recorded Events

Each of the events are listed in HD format, so the info is guaranteed available for your attendees following the conclusion of the webinar.

Replay Afterwards

You can discuss the webinar encounter with your attendees along with other registrants
HQWebinar Review
Detailed Stats

You’ve got the report together with statistical details.

Revolutionary Serverless BDN

HQ Webinar isn’t determined by a single server. This program provides better speed and improved functionality to different HQ Webinar out of its competitors.

Send your prospects to various funnels or opt-in pages based on which answers they gave, providing you ultra-targeted lists and purchase

My Experience In Utilizing HQWebinar and How Does This Operate?

I used this particular product since beta tester so that you can trust anything that I examine now.

This item isn’t tough to use. I can state it is quite straightforward and easy that you do the job. Just by a few measures, HQ Webinar can perform all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is logging to the dashboard. After that, let us see the demonstration video to be aware of what the upcoming actions which you ought to do.
HQWebinar Review
Now I will have a tour that will assist you know everything about it.

Here’s the main dash of HQWebinar:

Today I will create new webinar demonstration for you:

HQWebinar Review

Now I will make live webinar:

-Measure 1: I Must put some advice as below:

-Measure 2: Now, there are few settings you can personalize as below:

I will describe each of these:

1/Webinar Details:

Within this module, you may put personal chat or people conversation for your attendees, then divert them following the webinar (by way of instance now, I set you to be redirected to Google), and you may set up paid or free to your attendees.

To install paid webinar, You Need to link to Paypal provided below:

HQWebinar Review

2/Webinar Coordinators:

Within this module you may invite one associate who can help you handle resources or chat.

Please visit my screenshot below, you may add your email and spouse name, and they’ll get the email with telling about it.

3/Email Funnel:

With this module, you also can set up notification mails that sent directly to a registrants at prompt affirmation, 24 hours earlier, 1 hour and 15 minutes earlier.

Notice: You definitely can personalize these mails:

HQWebinar Review


With this segment, you can edit your types as removing or adding any text area.



HQWebinar Review


With this segment, it permits you to incorporate your logo to each one of webinar webpage and even at the mail registration. It’s possible to edit its own color.


This reveals all of leads signed up for your own training.

View my screenshot below, I signed up for my training evaluation and it immediately is shown from the dashboard.

And this is interior training room I just make. It’s possible to set your Mic/Video with one-click including under.

My view:

I love this instrument since this is the most affordable price ever webinar tool together with high quality tool I visit. There are a lot of attributes inside using a cheap cost. I totally recommend it for individuals.

If you do not believe me, then please visit my comparison table involving HQWebinar and Others under:

HQWebinar Inspection — Who Need To Use It?

HQ Webinar is acceptable for anybody who would like to develop company, get leads and traffic from Webinar. It does not if you’re a newcomer or a veteran, you can gain from this instrument.

ECom shop owners
Company owners
Affiliate marketers
Online marketers

HQWebinar Review — Benefits and Disadvantages

Nothing to download or install
No expertise or skills required
24/7 support to Repair any Issues


But, I counsel you need to check the online connection before functioning to ensure that the procedure works smoothly.
HQWebinar Review — Cost and Analysis

HQ Webinar brings you lots of alternatives to pick from. Each of bundle includes various characteristics and costs, and that means that you may find the one which matches all of your requirements and price range. The Front End package costs $47. It comprises all of the features I mentioned previously. You may purchase the OTO two with more innovative capabilities. It’s HQ Webinar Avengers and its cost is 247.

Here’s the facts:

HQWebinar Review

I notice that following the launching date, the purchase price of this product increases. Therefore, in the event that you hesitate too long, then you may overlook the major thing. You’ve got right to select one from several valuable bonuses that enable you to go quickly to triumph. The author also provides you the 30-day money back guarantee to make sure your investment is secure and you’ll be able to take your finance back if you aren’t pleased with this instrument.
HQWebinar Inspection — Conclusion

I would like to say thank you to your own reading. I strongly recommend this software for many marketers that use Webinar to make money. Frankly, it’s really hard to get another item which successfully helps us to develop bank and list income with Webinar such as HQ Webinar. I recommend you think carefully this opportunity. I’ve experienced it and find the gratification, so that I hope you find something helpful from my HQWebinar Inspection to help you in decision making. Wish you success and best of luck!

Hosting a live webinar may make it simpler and quicker for company owners to reach out for their clients. However, without a strong sufficient host, the streaming may get glitchy, which might also cause the adverse impact in your traffic and earnings.

HQWebinar is presently among the most powerful peer reviewed technology for producing and conducting webinars.

Additionally, it has helped me a great deal in handling my webinars and getting off with host problems. Let us see what this tool could do to assist you with your job.

HQWebinar Rating

Quality – 9/10

Support – 9/10


Experts of HQWebinar

– Affordable Front finish and Funnel Price
– Super easy to use and handle
– Similar use to Demio, among the best webinar services up to Now
– Could setup reminder and They’ll send message via their email, maybe not you (such as Demio)

– Record both paid and free webinar

– Handle All Opinions and Queries in 1 Area
– Could Offer record during live webinar

– Automobile Replay for individuals
– Can add your own habit monitoring script

Disadvantages of HQWebinar

– Does not have restricted seat as larger providers do (when conducting live a webinar,if have some restriction )
HQWebinar Inspection — Overview
Merchandise Creator Jai Sharma
Product Name HQWebinar
Release Date 2018-Jun-30

Revenue Page CLICK HERE
Niche Software

Refund 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Recommend Highly Recommend
What can it be?

Using HQWebinar, you may produce intuitive reside pages, replay webpages, or some other webpage to conduct your own training.

Its technologies is a decentralized system formed when over two PCs connect with no requirement for any server. This technology ensures that the smooth functioning of your own training.

It prevents you from needing to solving the host problems. Provided that there are two PC from the network, it is possible to conduct your webinar with no hassle.

Jai Sharma is the founder of can digital goods focusing on internet marketing and training. HQWebinar is just one of the demanding the majority of his study, trials and mistakes.

Jai is a pioneer in webinar hosting for many decades. Frustrated from the host difficulties, he developed HQWebinar as a detailed solution for webinar generation and performance.

With over ten decades of expertise working from the training sector, Jai consistently ensures the maximum quality of his merchandise. HQWebinar is consequently anticipated to be no exception. Let us get to learn more about it inside this HQWebinar Review.
What Are the Fantastic Capabilities?
As much as 15 coordinators

You may invite up to 15 coordinators for your own events. HQWebinar makes certain all functions work easily, from commanding your mic to correcting your webcam or another source.
Multimedia adding

You may add any document from outside sites to your own training. This attribute helps your occasion more interactive and exciting.
Remind attendees

Registration verification and constant reminder service each of attendees 24/7.
No delay

With HQWebinar, you’ll have easy and instantaneous access. HQWebinar reduces interruptions and latency to ensure that you are able to enjoy high involvement rate immediately.
Authentic HD and Smooth display sharing

The built-in frame permits you to stream your movies and occasions in HD quality. Additionally, it customizes your movie sharing expertise and diversifies the resources on your requirement.
Immediate chat alternative & waiting couch

HQWebinar provides real-time conversation box and virtual waiting space for those attendees. They thus don’t waste any moment joining your occasions.
Record & Replay

This record is going to be an important material for those attendees after the event finishes.

HQWebinar also allows you to discuss your expertise with your attendees along with other registrants. This tools really cares for both the user and client expertise in regards to training hosting.
Thorough analytics

HQWebinar provides the insight to your training performance.
Serverless BDN

This webinar hosting system doesn’t rely on any host. It thus provides higher streaming rate and better overall functionality of your own events.

To Find out More, click on the button below:

The Way to Use It?

Demo Video

HQWebinar is particularly appropriate for those selling goods on the web. With quality and smooth webinars, you’re more likely to learn more visitors and convert them to sales.

It gives you the ability to maximize the ROI from minimal investment.

HQWebinar is also a excellent starting point for novices searching for easy method to be successful with your internet business. Therefore, in the event that you would like to conserve your time and effort for producing a webinar from scratch, then HQWebinar is exactly what I certainly recommend.
Personal Experience

As stated in my HQWebinar Inspection, this instrument has led a lot to elevate the visitors to my own training. It did a fantastic job of earning more reaches and earnings.

All of the functions work flawlessly, and also the quality of the movies can also be exceptional. I strongly recommend HQWebinar to anybody hoping to gain from their internet business event.

However, what I enjoy the most about this tool is that it’s quite simple to use. Actually, I don’t believe you will require any previous understanding or expertise of training working. HQWebinar is a foolproof yet complete solution for enhancing the earnings from your webinars.

I love this instrument since this is the most affordable price ever webinar tool together with high quality tool I visit. There are a lot of attributes inside using a inexpensive cost. I totally recommend it for individuals.

If you do not believe me, then please visit my comparison table involving HQWebinar and Others under:


It’s independent on any server. And because of this, it’s competitively quicker and better.

It works with almost any market and it’s super simple to use. It’s all you want to host a high quality and skilled webinar.

It’s time for me to discontinue my HQWebinar Inspection . I think there’s not any better to explain to you how valuable it’s to your company than allowing you to experience yourself. If HQWebinar is the one you’re thinking for to boost profit and sales, do it.

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