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By | August 25, 2018
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IM Funnels review

Click here to go to the official website of Kevin Fahey, where you can get the IM Funnels manuals/documents/tutorials. We suggest you to check user reviews of IM Funnels on Youtube,Facebook, and Amazon before buying it. Some websites provide ratings from a lot of customers for IM Funnels. Negative comments are especially valuable for you to know the pros and cons of IM Funnels.

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Before purchasing it, you’d better install/evaluate IM Funnels yourself and get the opinions about whether it is useful to resolve your problem.

Six done for you sales funnels includes, funnel templates (Optimizepress and HTML), free offer gifts, email swipes, social media posts and lots more…

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hey guys Shan here from chance tips calm
I hope everybody’s having a great day
today I am going to be doing a review on
a product called IM Funnels and the
product creator is named Kevin foggy now
kevin has been in I am space for quite a
while I think probably about 2009 that
made me wrong but I think somewhere
around there maybe two thousand nine ish
but he has created a lot of high quality
products and this one is that this i”m
funnels is no exception this design
follows is a topknot product so much so
that I actually bought the product I
mean it’s it’s a really good product if
you ever if you’re starting out online
and you’re trying to make some money
this is gonna be a product that you want
to start with this will give you all the
tools that you need to get started but
enough about that why don’t we go ahead
and jump on over to the sales page and I
want to actually take you behind the
scenes into the dashboard so you can see
what the actual product looks like being
that I’ve already bought the product
already alright let’s go ahead and check
it out
okay folks here we are on the sales page
and this Kevin’s sales pages his funnels
and everything are always hi hi product
I mean its high quality and here you can
see the sales page here you get six done
free funnels proven to convert sales
funnels I can tell you to all the
products that are in this package here
that he has all of them have been high
converting funnels I’ve actually watched
him launch all these products I know for
a fact that these are high quality
products right now when you get on board
early you’re gonna be able to get it
from 1995 there’s also a three dollar
coupon IMF to off is a coupon which will
give you three dollars and 35 cents off
bring it down to no I guess you can do
the math on that but this is the the
video or you talks about the product and
you get six 100% done for you proven
sales funnels you get the easy
point-and-click uploads everything from
squeeze pages pretty sales reports Thank
You pages the promotional emails welcome
emails social media posts I mean
everything here is done as close as you
can get to done for you without him
doing it doing it actually doing it for
you for you and give you the money and
then of course you could have 30-day
money-back guarantee if you’re not
satisfied with this a lot of know and he
will refund your money but I I can tell
you that this is gonna be a low refund
rate for sure but let’s take a look go
let’s go down here he’s got his income
proof here which gives you an idea of
how much money some of these funnels
have been have created on if we go back
up to the top rope look you see that
he’s done over a half a million dollars
in sales with all of these funnels
combined six ten six hundred and ten
thousand five hundred ninety nine
dollars with all these funnels it’s
crazy but if we come down we can see
that some of his income proof here and
some of the funnels that he’s used
The Donald Pilar products that’s in
I am VIP training that’s all in there I
am I feel that funnel all of these
products are in this this packets right
here that he has let’s keep going down
let’s check it out
this right here is Kevin Feige and this
kind of just talks about you know
they’ll make it look so easy
but they don’t but they make it seem
like it’s so simple but it’s actually
not as simple as it looks it costs a lot
of money to put the kind of funnels
together that he puts together I can
tell that this is you know I can see
that how this would be pretty expensive
to put together
the quality that he puts together and
let’s go keep going down here then you
this can give you an idea of how much
our funnel like or how much a product
like this would cost the sales copy by
itself is fifteen hundred page design
twelve hundred the product itself 2500
squeeze page by itself is five hundred
so you can kind of get an idea how much
you know this would cost to do on your
own and this is actually included in the
product so total cost to outsource
everything would be eighty four hundred
roughly you know ramen about what you
get all of this included in these
funnels right yes so this is the six
that come with this package I am newbie
you get all of this you can take a look
at the sales page and I’m not gonna go
into every single thing but you can come
on over here take a look at the sales
page yourself but this gives you an idea
of all the funnels that are in the top
six that are in the front end product we
also have the O teals that the first oto
includes ten more of the funnel his
products his funnels then the OTO number
two is going to be Pio our rights worse
you get a hundred percent Commission’s
on either the six or the ten you know
the sixteen way if you buy OTO one you
get a hundred percent commission on all
of that and in the last OTO will be
coaching that you would get
with you if that’s something that you’d
want to do but the front end by itself
guys for $20 is insane crazy so you get
the dunking you sales page you get the
done-for-you squeeze page templates
Dunphy Thank You page templates the free
bonuses that you can add on to you know
giveaway as well the email swipe packs
Facebook posts and tweets today the
actual post that they use to promote
these products when they launch these
products that that’s awesome and then
you know they’re optimized press thrive
themes and HTML templates so what that
means is if you don’t have optimized
press or thrive themes like Francis with
my case I don’t I don’t have those so
I’m gonna be able to mirror those
squeeze pages and Thank You pages on my
own software that I use which is which
is what you could do if for instance you
don’t have these the software that that
he uses here then of course you get
access to the step-by-step quick start
training and his exclusive bonus
training webinars that’s gonna be on the
21st of January at 2:00 p.m. Eastern
so then this is uh this is a pretty
intense product I really like it
obviously like I mentioned earlier I
actually like it so much that I bought
it for $20 that you certainly can’t that
for me was a no-brainer I went ahead and
grabbed it right away soon as as soon as
I launched I grabbed it but and then of
course the bonuses you get affiliate
marketing research and planning and
after that marketing traffic leads and
sales and of course a 30 day money back
guarantee so that is the sales page
right there
it gives you an idea of what’s included
on sales page so let’s jump on over to
the dashboard mentioned dashboard okay
here we go we are not mentioned
dashboard and these are the front-end
products that I mentioned that will be
included in the front end product and
the first link here in the drop down
will be
trade so it’ll teach you how to get
everything installed into your own
optimize press now from what I was told
with Kevin if you have optimized press
it it’s a one-click installation you
just click the button and it’ll
automatically be posted to your optimize
press off you know membership thrive
themes I’m assuming that you’ll be the
same case and then of course
HTML templates this is where you would
actually go ahead and install into the
amount to your your own software how to
request affiliate links how to rebrand
the PDF so you can actually set that up
you know to promote the product and get
people off or in your own autoresponder
rebrand the download and then of course
connecting your autoresponder follow-up
email sequence and then customizing the
graphics so that’s what the front end
product is and if you just getting into
affiliate marketing or to make money
online space this is an easy way to get
started for $20 you can’t beat it for
you know going to McDonald’s or you know
ordering some pizza or something that
you get an opportunity to start up start
making money on the line right off the
bat and this is the pro version like we
talked about earlier this is the OTO one
this gives you the the other ten funnels
that are included in OTO one so if you
purchase OTO one which is $37 this will
give you 10 more funnels so you actually
end up with 16 instead of the 6 and then
this here is reset our rights on the
complete package whether you bought 6 or
10 you get reseller rights I believe
this is 297 for the for the resell
rights and then the last OTO like I
mentioned will be coaching so this is
the product right here and I can tell
you if you know again I keep match
because this is what I was taught if
you’re wanting to make money online you
need to get as many buy buttons as
possible out there and proof for that is
if you go on my facebook wall you will
see that I posted on me to post the
other day of products that I have set up
a while ago and I still get sales from
those when I’m sleeping even I woke up
and somebody bought it so you make money
you know and get off as many of these as
you can out there and that’s how you
build build this momentum going and then
of course you also want to develop your
own products as well but the more
buttons you got out there the better so
that’s good this gives you a good run
down of IM Funnels and gives you a
good idea of what’s involved with this
from a sales page to that shole
dashboard I hope that’s gonna kind of
wrap this up for me this review I hope
that gave you a good idea of what’s
involved if you guys have any kind of
questions make sure you get shoot me an
it’s Shannon at chance tips calm for my
email you can also go to my website and
go to the contact me page and of course
hit hit me up on Facebook you can find
me at Shan Zhai for my facebook username
and I’m always on youtube as well you
can find me a chance tips on so there’s
a way to find me if you have a question
but I appreciate you checking this out I
highly recommend this product Kevin does
not ever put out crappy you know
products and this is one that was was
really good so good that I actually
jumped on and bought it as soon as it
came out I think I think it was out for
like two minutes and I went and bought
it so that’s it for me this is again
Shannon from chance tips com I
appreciate you being here if you have
any questions hit me up I hope you guys
have a great day and we will see you
guys again next time
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