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By | August 25, 2018
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IM Video Masters review

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all right guys Philip loop is here with
Mitch’s be crazy calm and apparently I
was live for a little while let me turn
this off phone on just a second guys I
got some audio going on here that
shouldn’t be going on all right but
anyways guys I’m still kind of new to
YouTube live streaming but today I’m
gonna be showing you uh I am video
masters which i think is a really cool
video a video product better yet by my
buddy Kevin Fahey fat he I don’t know
how to say I never know how to say and
basically he’s got a birthday cell going
on right now where it’s gonna be 33% off
this actually came out a few months back
pretty cool video and what’s it called
um pretty cool product and thing this is
the thing about being live now anyways
guys uh
so the thing is that um so the thing is
that this product it came out some time
back and the thing is that if you are
doing any kind of video marketing it’s
good to be a little bit more
professional I’m trying to do that
myself by doing this right here move
this camera back a little bit you see I
got a vision board back there and
whatnot but anyways guys um the thing is
that you have some people in here if
you’re in here go ahead and say hi
and just for the heck of it I haven’t
really done too much YouTube live but um
I think I got a link to in fact I don’t
think I’ve even put a link to this yet
you know it’s called let me go ahead and
put a link to this guy’s give me a
second it’s gonna be a link to IM
video masters which is a pretty cool
product let me see if I can get any in
here I’ll have it in here in just a
second guys uh apparently I need to pull
that up
my next review will be even better so
tell you what guys I’ll put the link
here at the end of the video just let
him waste too much time so anyways IM
video masters let me go ahead and change
my screen I want to show you how what
the sales page looked like I am videos
masters is by my buddy Kevin Fahey who
is a cafe he is the Irish dude great big
great video marketer internet marketer
in general and he’s just been doing this
for some time so the thing is that he
has been doing this for a few years now
don’t know exactly when he started but
he’s got some great videos I’ll tell you
that much so he’s got a little birthday
sell you turned thirty three years old
this product is usually
$47 is $31 right now you’ll see here and
that’s gonna be going on till one night
one day and 12 hours from now so that’s
what midnight on the 29th or something
like that I don’t know my math isn’t
perfect but it says you know how to it’s
a thirty part a two part video course
that teaches how to create edit and
publish videos for every scenario in the
world of internet marketing so I’m gonna
go ahead and start with the ugly year
guys like just because it’s already here
I really don’t like the solfege I mean I
love Kevin but I don’t like the self age
I think it could be better but you know
whatever right it’s not it’s not the
biggest deal in the world this this
sales page is it’s really really fancy
looking and whatnot but I think I think
the colors are all kind of crazy in my
opinion that’s my personal opinion
hopefully he doesn’t get any kind of
offence from that or anything like that
but it talks about how YouTube has
reports 100 percent rise in mobile video
every year just true i watch youtube
videos all the time and I know other
people do that including the video on
your page boosts user engagement by 22
percent very very true percent of video
of visitors are more likely to purchase
a product after watching the video you
know I’ve been doing this for some time
I’ve done Facebook live reviews and I’ve
made sales while doing that so I have
some experience with that so basically
it’s talking about how everybody is
using everybody in their dog is using
video okay so with that being said you
know this is the sales page it’s a
thirty one dollar product good stuff
here there is any show you all the
modules it’s got or whatever that’s Eve
Italy has an overview what up blah blah
blah here’s a bunch of screenshots of
some money you know I think that’s cool
and all that so it’s gonna show you
recording you know what I’ll just show
you the members area because it’s gonna
be a little bit easier so here’s the
member oh by the way here’s what I
really don’t like I don’t like that it
pops up with this where you get a free
it’s all good and all that guys you get
something for free but I kept like
trying to leave this page or whatever
are just like going up here to the
address bar URL address bar and this
thing kept popping up that’s part of the
ugly I just really didn’t like that
that’s about it that’s about it on the
ugly alright so here’s the actual
members area guys guys um if you look
here you’ll see that uh make sure that
you can actually see my screen okay you
look here you’ll see that here’s video
masters alright it does have one up so
guys I will say that and it’s gonna be
something’s gonna be Facebook ads
related but I’m just it’s gonna be some
videos you can use for Facebook ads but
really gonna be showing you the front
end which is IM video masters okay just
all about recording videos module one is
gonna be all about equipment and you
look here it’s got a camera audio and
other recording setup right i’m not
gonna go into intricacies of every
single little thing just gonna tell you
that this is this is very very in-depth
stuff okay
recording types office and webcam
whiteboard green screen you know I’ve
never met with messed with green screen
guys but I think it looks really really
cool makes your stuff look very
professional and stand out more than
other people I’m not using one right now
but here you could put yourself like you
know like by the Eiffel Tower or
something like that right module three
is gonna be about funnel video so this
is where the this is the nitty gritty
for your videos right this for setting
up sales pages opt-in pages Davey pages
for product launches PowerPoint
presentations for like webinars and
whatnot so that’s something that’s gonna
be very very um what’s called very very
important if you’re doing any kind of
product launching or anything like that
or just building up an email this really
right you know you don’t have to be
product launches but you could be
setting up like some free downloads and
whatnot and you’re gonna need download
pages you’re gonna need opt-in pages at
the very least and maybe you’re selling
your own product you’re not really been
an official product launch I’ve done
that myself it’s good to know about
sales page okay now before takeoff this
just kind of preparation kind of stuff
which is going to be lighting recording
outdoors because all that stuff really
messes with the way your camera your
your video is gonna look right script
preparation that’s another thing guys as
you can see I mean I didn’t have any
kind of script guys I’m just kind of
going off the cuff here but I can tell
you from personal experience I’ve done
quite a bit of live videos and having a
little script even if it’s just a little
bit of a template of what you’re gonna
talk about is gonna help you immensely
okay yeah or here’s time in sunlight you
know what time to go out and shoot you
know what times to shoot and stuff like
that that’s gonna help you a lot okay
yeah what times are best you know of
course Kevin is out in Spain so things
might be a little bit different so
there’s that module five is gonna be
software now there actually is free
software in fact I’m using one of them
right now I’ll tell you right now it’s
called OBS open broadcaster software you
can use that and they’re also paid
software that’s recommended what the god
I’m just telling you that because I have
personal experience with that but when
it comes to software guys you’re gonna
get more out of pace
that’s just the way it is because it’s
more upkept they have more of an
incentive to keep it upright because if
it’s free you know you don’t you just
don’t have as much of an incentive to
keep up with it there’s no monthly
charge so you don’t have like as good
support you know what I mean
if it’s free that’s what it is right you
kind of get what you pay for
although I will say that OBS has been
really cool I’m using that right now
it’s not perfect or anything like that
but it’s pretty darn good DSL argh I
always get that wrong I’m always a DLSR
whatever for facebook live so that’s
gonna be a you know some tips for that
camera right I don’t have one myself but
I would love to have one cuz I think
they look great audio software it’s just
kind of course that’s what it is guys
you have to have a good microphone I
have one myself you know it’s not the
best in the world guys but its better
than cheap microphones people have to be
able to hear you well okay the next
thing is gonna be animations all right
so you can have video backgrounds text
effects logo intros if you look at the
people that are at the top like if you
check out Brian Dean or something like
he has like text on the screen he has a
stuff that’s interactive think about
commercials they have stuff that’s
interactive and that’s gonna help you
you know get people to to care about
your videos write care about what’s
going on because nicely text on the
screen that comes up while you’re
talking and whatnot it’s just way more
interactive it’s gonna be something that
you should learn over time I don’t think
you have to do it right away but it’s
definitely gonna help you so I’m gonna
help because gonna make your videos more
dynamic module 7 is gonna be some bonus
trading video hosting options and the
checklist software checklist video ads
case study is gonna be a Facebook ad
related thing and see I don’t remember
what the more bonuses are it’s been
months since I looked at this to be
honest guys video hopefully I’m not
giving away something here so basically
it’s some kind of thing it’s gonna help
you with video I’m not really gonna mess
with that guys I’m just gonna tell you
that uh what’s it called um it’s gonna
have a couple bonuses anyhow I don’t
want to give anything away there now but
that’s pretty much it guys let me go
over here and just change up the screen
the thing is that IM video masters is a
very very good product you’ll get your
money’s worth I think it’s a fantastic
product I think it’s something that
people that are doing video should
actually pick up because it’s gonna help
you stand out over everybody else you
know everybody else is doing kind of
cheap stuff you know that’s the way it
is you know like me I’ve done stuff on
my cell phone I’m not saying you can’t
get started with that
but I do have a little camera right here
this camera here it’s got a little
tripod and whatnot looks a little
different right it’s a little different
angle than people being looking at me
straight on and you know you get to see
you know I got a little vision board
back there I’m by the wall or whatever
and it’s a little bit more dynamic it’s
a little bit of a different angle than
if you’re just what’s it called doing it
straight up like cell phone video where
shaky I actually did a facebook live
just now on that and you know that’s not
as professional but whatever guys
whatever if you put a little bit more
into your promotions your video
promotions or into your videos in
general you’re gonna grow an audience
you’re gonna make get more leads and get
more sales if you’re more professional
that’s all there is to it maybe more
professional you know what’s called with
that in your own flavor you know I’m a
little bit rough around the edges I’ll
be honest but I try to be professional
whenever I can’t be anyhow whenever I
need to be let’s put it that way right
right now I’m just like in the total
Mavericks uniform or whatever but who
cares right anyways guys if you like it
I’m actually gonna be adding you should
see a pin post or I might just add it
into the description area of this video
a link to IM video masters ok thank
you so much for joining me and if you
have any questions leave them in the
comments below like this video if you
think you got something out of it and
subscribe to my channel if you wants the
other cool little live reviews and other
tips and tricks I’ll have some more
stuff on some other products I mean I’m
personally using and some that I get
review access to thank you so much for
joining me have a great day

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