Instant Software Brander review 2021

By | January 13, 2021
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This is my review of instant software brander from the vendor Eric Holmlund, a brief note to better use, even tools like this. I highly recommend a excellent training about funnels that you can find at com if you are interested now in this review, we’re going to have a look at the sales page I’ll. Have you in and show you that the software itself at a short demo and I’ll conclude with my recommendation, and so, what is it? Instant software brander is a program that lets you brand several pre-created apps as your own, so that you can use them to promote whatever you want. The method by which the vendor explains it about clients is that it is a collection of applications that they can rebrand with their own software title, links and advertisements. In just a couple clicks, literally, the program can be sold or given away as lead magnets and viral traffic generators. It says that they’re also including landing pages and e-cover templates, so that the entire procedure is a turnkey for those customers. It’S super simple and you may have your own software in a couple of minutes and I’m going to show you at the demo that really super true. I mean it is really neat stuff. There are a number of things that I have some question about, but it is a matter of the individual who’s using the tool, so this is a neat tool. I love the idea of it. I’Ve been a software developer myself for more than two decades, and so I love seeing stuff. That’S just a very neat way to look at things and in the cells webpage here he goes forward and really has a very quick demo where under a minute, he goes ahead and makes a branded piece of software and I will show you how, in in the demo That I’m going to do because I am actually going to do a demonstration of it. It’S not very costly. You get basically seven pieces of applications sell as your own market. The rights create bundles, create unlimited new variants used as bonuses used as direct magnets, give away. As viral traffic magnets here, it’s describing the idea about plr white label rights and talking about lots of stuff out. There isn’t simple to rebrand like you, buy something and it is normally plr stuff, you think of as an ebook or you know a checklist or something that someone can take and use that a whole lot of people might get. But they might not. May never. Look at very often, but here is something that you can give away like that. But it’s an actual piece of software. And that’s what he’s saying here that you can give the software its own name like a title. You can put your company or your own name as the author, like the creator of the software, and then you can put your own links in the software and you can put your own advertisements in the software. I’M just going to sort of scroll down here. Pretty quick: these are the seven pieces of software which are included in this offer. They do have upsells and I don’t have a list of these, but basically the upsells are you can to get a price. You can get a good deal more pieces of software, so I would say, if you are interested in this, perhaps you check out these or actually just watch my review, since I am going to show these to you every single one of them and just give you my opinion about them. So that you can look at them and then you can go from there if you think that it’s something that suggests to you that perhaps you should get more, then maybe that’s what you need to do or if you look at it and think well, maybe I just Like this well maybe go ahead and do so, or maybe you think this just is not for me and and if that’s the case well, that is fantastic also, because that’s why I’m making an honest review I love to show things as they really are, and and Just give my opinion about it and hopefully save you some time and possibly save you some money. If, if that’s what needs to happen also, every one of these, so one of these, it says, keyword, density, analyzer, a goal, planner, a key word tool, privacy policy, generator, an roi calculator, an easy budget instrument and a video duplicator. What are each of those, and not only that you don’t only get those pieces of software, but look at this. You get essentially a squeeze page for each of the software. Already pre-written I mean you could go in and just some advice, maybe change the pictures and rebrand these pages pretty easily yourself, because they’re templates, and so how can this work at the same time you start the software brander, you literally just go measure, one two, three, four five and I’M going to share with you that in only a moment – and it already has a few basic ads in their sample, but you can replace these with your own images. Rebrand it you’re ready to go and then click on the buttons not much to it. Is there 100 percent money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied 30 days? I think it’s fairly straightforward. It is not a complex sales page is it. I love this type of a thing. So let’s go ahead and look at the product and first I think I’m going to just show you the pages right, so free keyword, analyzer. This is this. Is that squeeze page? So you can collect someone’s email address, put them on a list. What does this say? Looking for a simple way to calculate your keyword density, what is a keyword? Analyzer? It’S going to help you understand about a key word and the density of it. Here’S another one aims, checking out goals and this talks about a simple way to realize your objectives, essentially write them down. But what does that mean here? And so, if someone gets this software – and I need you to consider this – I am setting up expectation once I give somebody a page like this, I am setting up your anticipation. What do you expect to see when you get the free software and then you go ahead and use it? That’S the question. I would like you to think about, like I demonstrate the actual software itself, I’m going to just quickly. Click on each of them, so this one’s about goals, this one is all about build a list of valuable keyword phrases, sounds interesting to me. How about you, perhaps just give me your email and I will, provide you with a copy of the software right. I mean that is! That’S what we’re referring to here I mean this is extremely different than you understand. Read this ebook all right and I will reveal you that the apps themselves are really neat because they are pretty interactive, but once again, what is the expectation and then what are we going to get this? One here is talking about a fast way to produce your privacy policy and protect your company. Now, anyone who has to create sites or get their marketing stuff together and get everything this is sort of cool. I’d sell this, as you know, create that initial draft that rough draft, this one here, free software, how to efficiently calculate your advertising return on investment, the roi. How cool is that right? This’S another one, the budget, one and it says super easy to use – allows you to calculate your budget in five seconds or not answer a simple question. Click create and it says that it shows you based on 50, 30, 20 and 60 2020 budget rules. What is the expectation think about it? I’M getting ready to show us the software and demonstrate how it works. I’M just trying to look at these to see consider. What’S the expectation this one here duplicate videos for youtube, so it states you can brand any video with your own video content or advertisements, and it says it you don’t need another piece of software, you simply go ahead and this will add intros and outros to The videos, email address, click the button and I will provide you the software for free. So what’s the software that I’m going to give to you? Well, let’s take a look at this. Here are the different pieces of applications all by themselves, and if I was to click on one of them or double click it it would only open up, and so, when you actually get the package, you get you get the seven software and you get the seven Squeeze pages and you’ll be able to edit stuff as you need for you, get the ad templates. You receive the brander tool itself, which is the main. This is the main component and then these will be the ebook covers. So how does this work? You double click. The software brander. You discover the piece of software that you want to use, let us look at the privacy generator and this will work exactly the exact same way for all of these say open. What’S the new name, so this is privacy policy generator? How about we’ll call it the easy privacy policy founder, I am going to copy that and I will show you why in a second and then you can set the name of your organization and you can put an advertisement on the left or right in the bottom and you will observe why in a month per minute so right now I am searching for the left, all right. So the left – and we can put a link here if we need to a right advertisement, okay and a link and a base ad and we’ll place another link all right. So, let’s see how quickly it takes now, you saw how long that took that actually wasn’t bad now I only said save when I click save, I want to tell it where I want to save it, and I’m just going to put it right in here. Alright and there we go, I’m going to say, save, that is it. It made the app already. I mean that wasn’t so bad right now, let’s go and take a look at the program here. We are and let us go ahead and run the program and I open the app and each of the other programs is like the sense that they’re going to go ahead. And when we say about the app and look it is the title and who is the copyright. A key to any door llc, that’s pretty cool, I believe that is pretty cool and then over here is a sample ad they had and if I click on it it opens the the web page. You know the link that I have right. That’S cool! If I am in here , I have another small advertisement kind of a thing, and this is an idea that I am working on to help people get free of shiny object syndrome, all right. So, let us put a date in let’s say well, let’s say today’s date. So 12, 17 2020 domain name directly and here we can put right and then create. Look at this here we are and it is the privacy policy, and it has all of the basic information that you really do need in a privacy policy but ammo there. It’s that could be kind of useful. How could I market something like this? Perhaps I could make a review movie and chat about it and if anyone wants it, they could, allow me to know – and you know somehow I can get their email or something or if you are interested in something like this visit a key to any door dot com. Slash contact dash us and send me an email and ask me for any of them, and maybe I can do it, but you can save it and it saves it as a text file. I believe that’s pretty cool and so each one of the apps here’s the return on investment program. Let’S see what that one looks like here. We are so how much money did you spend on the ad? Let’S say a hundred dollars? How many views did you get? How many people saw it, let’s say 1688, how many clicks were there like if you were paying for advertisements somewhere on facebook or google or bing or whatever you know that you can get this information normally, and you know how many clicks did you create from all That, let us say it created 2 900 clicks. How many orders did you receive from the advertising that you did? Let’S say we got three orders and how much money did you make in the ads right? You got three orders, so let us say they were ten bucks. A piece – and so let’s say it is 30 and then you compute and look over here – price per click, three cents return on investment, negative 70 cents, right click through rate, and it gives you this information. You decide what to do with your ad campaign and what or where to just all types of stuff. So I believe this is a pretty neat thing really now, once I said that it is dependent upon how you sell it, the best way to market it. I believe that is important too so so, for instance, the goal maker, here is the target manufacturer, you type in some information and the inspiration and over here I could place some steps right and then I can save it. And if I save it, when you save this, it’s only a text file with easy stuff. I don’t understand – and this is exactly what I am saying not all these are likely to be what you want, or always so, it’s kind of like you determine you’re the advertiser you’re, the marketer you’re, promoting your company. So if you were planning to promote this app as a tool that someone might want to get, I would say you got to set the expectations right and the same thing with any of the other applications we see here. It’S a question of moving ahead and you understand selling them in a way that you’re not going to let down your user either right. So if you ex, if you set the expectations too high, you might let people down. A simple budget right: well, if I open the simple budget tool once I think of a budget, I think of something different than this really, but you place the amount of money which you have after taxation, and this shows you 50, 30, 20 and 60 20. 20. . I never really knew what people were. So when I heard about a budget item, I thought of something differently than this, so I might have been let down a little bit, even though it’s kind of cool it, it would have been a just way. Shiny object not very helpful to me, so that’s what I would like you to think about. It has a great deal of potential if you like it good there’s a link in the description. If you do not, then do not get it a lot of potential. When you have any questions about this, let me know and I will respond to you. 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