List Genius Review 2021

By | February 1, 2021
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I am going to be reviewing a product called list genius. So, if that is something which you’re interested in stay tuned. so the question is what’s list genius and is it any good and just put it is essentially done for you, affiliate email, templates and evergreen niches which you could quite honestly copy and paste in to your autoresponders? And you simply replace your money links or whatever links which you have inside and and they are just set to choose another six months. That’s as straightforward as what it is you are going to be getting. But let us go ahead and jump into the webpage, so you can see what it is. We’Re going to be talking about today, unfortunately, because of the nature of this kind of product, it would not really be fair to the uh proprietor and programmer of this item. Purely because the item is text in its own right, so if I am revealing that text on screen, then there is you know the owners gon na get rid of a whole lot of cash, um out of it and his efforts should not go to waste. But what I am going to do is reviewing the sales page and only talking about a few things also. Now, before we begin, you might have noticed that in the bottom of my screen it says download my free video instruction course below and there’ll be a link in the description that you do precisely that and it is basically training on sites and traffic generation And all that stuff, like that, merely to help anyone struggling in regards to listing construction and getting up landing pages and things like that’s truly good in detail. Uh training, videos and it is completely free for you go ahead. Click on the link below and you will. Be taken to that today. I also wish to share a little bit of information regarding the bonus content. I will be giving away to you for absolutely free in the link in my description, you will be taken to my uh review of this, but in technology space, where you can find more info about the pricing and stuff like that um in addition to any factual information that I really discuss, as you can see here with the relevant links at the bottom now, if we examine the sidebar on the right, you will have the ability to see bonus articles. All this bonus material is all about traffic generation, um and using untapped methods that people do know about, but they do not really use and these courses will show you exactly how to do precisely that and you can see you have tons of these to Move through that will last you quite some time now, in addition to all this bonus content also. I’M also pleased to say that I just launched my new members area, which is going to be given to you once you use my links to buy this item and how this works is you’ll log in to your members area where you are able to get your Bonus content and then as soon as you’re in you are, going to have lifetime access to all of my bonuses and extra training which I do not share anywhere else online. It’S literally in the back door of the members area and as soon as you’ve obtained your login details as soon as you’ve bought one product, you’ll have access to all of this and I am really excited to begin getting feedback from people about what they think of it and like bite-size information that’s truly easy to follow and you’ll have direct access to all of this, so that is really exciting and let us proceed to list genius. Okay. So one of my concerns in regards to list genius is that the item is all about sales and you understand hooks and just basically getting people’s attention. However when we come to the webpage, it is not precisely the fanciest of webpages um. You’Ve got quite a plain background and just a text-based, video um plus some generic pictures, but it all it’s very text based heavy uh, which is really not too bad, since it is going to provide you a general idea of the type of quality of text and Revenue pitch you will be receiving in your mails, but the actual design of this website I feel like insufficient effort – has been put into it anyway, let’s go ahead and begin analyzing part of the earnings, page um and I am gon na. Let you own a watch of this video and go through each and every bit of text. It’S just uh. We do not have all day to go through all this um and you can take a look at this all on your own time, um. But let us go to the name so get the specific method the experts use to create money with that list on autopilot each and every day. You won’t believe how simple I have made it for you along with my done-for-you support. So, like I mentioned before, this is a done for you, kit of email swipes for six months, which you could copy and paste it into your email, autoresponders and let that do all of the work for you today. If we scroll down you can see, we have got a six minutes text based video. I’ve watched it. It’s slightly informative, but you know that it’s definitely not the most exciting movie um, so you might choose to listen to it in the background, whilst doing something else at the exact same time. Finally, what all this does for you is that it helps you build a list and promote to your list also. Now, if you have six months worth of articles, you understand already done for you which will save a massive amount of money and time. If you are, not a copywriter yourself today, the fantastic thing about this genius is well. They assert that these are tried and tested. Uh emails which have gone out and seemingly already have really good turning factors such as high open rates and high click-through prices, etc, etc, and obviously, there is no legitimate means of analyzing all of this out without waiting six months and going through each uh email, Which will be a gigantic case study if I get enough people wanting me to do so, but let’s go ahead and visit my site, which is where I have already got the pricing right here. You can see the pricing list genius and you can find this for 9.95, which is really pretty good price. Considering you can pay upwards of 50 only for a single email to be made from a freelancer um of any real quality, so that is actually not too bad, then you can also find the main product is an entire suite of six months worth of pre-written affiliate emails. Ready to be plugged into any autoresponder service, fine, now, if we scroll down a bit uh, I do need to let you know. I am an affiliate of the item, meaning if you use my purchase uh discount codes – and what is not – you will find a discount for this, but I would also receive a commission and I am pretty transparent with everything, that is why I use the imagery from Your spouse sites, because I have nothing to hide when it comes to this type of stuff. So just so that you know I do get a commission, but I tend to give honest reviews when I am reviewing these type of products. So, as you can see here, the first deal um following the first sale, will be 99, which is a life fee. Okay or if you do not wish to choose the 99 life, they provide you with all this for an 89 year, uh membership fee or if you do not need that, and you wish to try out the ropes a bit – you can get it for 19.95 per month. Okay and remember this is not the first product you are buying. This is the initial one-time deal so in this one-time deal. This is a membership program where, every month subscribers receive four weeks of pre-written emails, including smash campaigns promoting the most recent quality launches and its shareable campaign codes to professionally crafted html mails will also be suppliers. So what all this essentially means is, if you subscribe to the offer. Regardless of which one you go for it just of course, the 99 life is most likely the one for your best value, but you know: if you want to play it safe, then you’d go for this 1 um, but what this is essentially saying is that any New affiliate programs that come out or markets and stuff like that you are likely to find new uh email templates for you to quickly import into your autoresponders every week four times each month, so you have always got new content to keep pushing out to any new subscribers or present subscribers now, let us move on to a single time, offer number two that is 449 and this is an entire done-for-you assistance, such as creating a lead, magnet and setting up the mails effort. So you know, let’s say you have not got plenty of time on your hands because realistically, no matter how fast you work, you are, probably looking at about a day’s worth of work to really er. Well, maybe half a day, depending on how quickly you should receive six months worth to receive six months worth of templates on your autoresponder. What uh list genius is offering you is a 149 dollar fee that’s going to uh. Do all this, for you they are, going to put in all of the email templates for you and they are going to make the lead magnet webpages uh that it is essentially the whole done for you server. So you really do not need to worry about anything, and everything you will need to do is press the start button and it is literally on autopilot. So that is definitely a a significant advantage if you have not got plenty of time on your hands. Next is your one time offer uh number three, which is the last one which is 99 and you’ll be able to see um and if you wanted to sell this content and stuff like this, you can do because you will have the license appropriate for your funnels and all that stuff now 1 thing which I uh like to do, I don’t like to give opinions, um or statistical remarks when factual information is so easily available for all of us. So I actually go to the effort and find some relatable information um which you might not have know when it has to do with the specific topic and you can find all of the links in the very bottom of this page right here. So, let us go through uh a few of those facts, so, based on mailchimp, the average open rate for all businesses, they examined is 21.33 okay. If we do some simple math, allow me to just go ahead and open my calculator and, let’s just say, you have got a decent email listing of about 5 000 uh emails which you can send to so 5, 000 times 21.33, 21.33 percent and that is the open pace, so in case you send the email to 5000 individuals based on the market average, you need to have roughly 1066 individuals open that email. Let’S say 10 of them. Well, actually, let us be under generous and say eight percent of these on your email, so eight percent equals 85 individuals, then click and go to your offer or page and now, let us be under ample again and say: roughly four percent of these people equals so that You’Re going to have approximately 3 clients – perhaps more maybe less. We do not know, I am being under generous with everything and let us say that your minimum supply, let us say, you are an affiliate marketer. Your normal commission is, let us say, uh 37 and that is only on the front end. So let us do times 37 equals 126 and recall. This is only on the front end. You do not know if there is an upsell and generally there are upsells, so you might intentionally earn only from you understand one blast of using these templates per month or week that you are going to be receiving from this genius. You could potentially earn 126 per email. You know, and when cost of it’s essentially less than 15, I am just going to go 15, then you are gon na be profiting 111 and at the end of this six months. So, let’s just say you send an email out once a month, fine, which you probably need to be doing more. But if you do it once a month only times that and there you go you have, all you have got a wonderful investment and that is every month, possibly every three of your listing. So they are some excellent numbers there, and these are only on average, open rate and, depending on the market, you’re on you’re get a higher open rate, and when those are really high, converting uh emails, then you are gon na have a far higher prospect of making A higher income from this next, based on super office, email, open rates from mobile devices have increased by more than 100 because 2011, and the proportion of open rates from cellular continues to grow annually and there is really not much. I can say about that. Apart from it only means the fact that people are currently using emails on the phone you know. Evidently, it opens up the market more and you know you have an another possibility of getting in front of people through email advertising, since they have got the phone on them and it is another gadget. So most people have a computer and a telephone. So that’s two chances: if they do not use a telephone, they may use a desktop if they don’t use their desktop computer, they may use a phone. According to electronic agency community email marketing is up to 40 times more powerful than social media. Well, that in its own right is incredible and there is no surprise there, because email marketing is in fact far more personal. In my view than social media, based on everconvert email, advertising in 2020 still remains the very best and best way of attracting and keeping customers. And personally, the vast majority of my income actually comes out of email advertising and you know and you may click the links at the bottom of the page, which will take you to where I discovered this information. According to inbound email, marketing is essential for building relationships with prospects leads current clients and even past clients, since it gives you a opportunity to talk directly to them in their inbox at a time that’s convenient for them, and that is what everything’s about it is About capturing your audience focus at the ideal time, and in the event you ongoingly send them mails that are of worth or something on these lines. Well, you have created a trust together, and hope is what uh multi-million pound dollar businesses spend millions of dollars pounds each and every year on uh and that is what branding finally? Is it is trust? Therefore, if you’ve got that then you are just increasing the odds of you, understand them performing the sale according to answer expected to keep growing at an average annual rate of 4.4 percent during the next four decades, reaching 319.6 billion from the end of 2021 and we are Presently, in 2020, so email advertising isn’t declining, it is growing and it is growing pretty quickly. Okay. This is all well and stated, but this is all about retargeting, your your current uh list, you understand. What exactly are you gon na do if it comes to um, creating new mails for your listing and well, once more, just going to quickly return to my own bonus content. This is exactly what all of the content is all about. It’S about using traffic platforms. You know with large levels of traffic and it helps you quickly to begin generating traffic from these platforms to your uh money pages or your guide page webpages. So you can begin building up more and more databases, so that you may use your uh email, swipe files and begin scaling up those numbers, since the money is really in the database, and this is part of the reason why I am even talking and reviewing this genius, since you understand having a high converting email swipes is, you know a really powerful tool to have in your arsenal, and you know if they’re high converting, then it is definitely something which you wish to use in your system. Okay, so very fast. Let’S return to the pricing and just quickly recap, so that you may find the first offer for 9.95, that is the most important product. It’S a whole suite of six months worth of pre-written copy and paste this over to your autoresponder. Then you have got the next deal, that’s the one-time offer and you have got three payment plans for you can do the 99 lifetime program, meaning in five years time it you won’t be asked to pay more because you have gone together with the 99 plan or you’re going to be provided a second choice, which will be pay 89 annually and that is to renew the subscription or you may pay 19.95 monthly. If you would like to perform a little bit secure, then you have got the one-time offer the 2nd one-time offer, that is that the 149, which they finish done for you bundle, where they set up everything for you and you simply have to go ahead and click on the button. To begin everything, then you have got the final one-time deal, that is that the 99 license rights and where you can pay everything. So I truly hope you enjoyed this review like most internet marketers online. I’m trying out new things, seeing what my viewers like more because at the end of the day, I wish to make content that you guys love, and I wish to create everything that I am giving away for free for you and as available as possible. S

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