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By | May 30, 2020
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In the past, Long Tail Pro is a software that can be downloaded, installed and run on your PC. Nowadays, you need not download a piece of software. Instead, you are provided with an email/password account to login to a website: https://longtailpro.com


The important information on the billing page is the number of keywords you can look up per day, the rank tracker terms. For annual pro plan, the keywords per day limit is 2500, the rank tracker terms limit is 200. For starter plan, the limits are lower(800?).

On the “Keyword Research” page, you can input a domain, then it will retrieve the authority information of this domain, and give you two numbers based on the authority information. You can rank keywords easily whose KC is below the two numbers and rank keywords with KC in the range of the two numbers with more efforts.


Below, you can get keyword information in different ways. You can input 1-5 seed keywords, and tell LTP how many keywords it will suggest for each seed keyword(up to 400). Then click the “RETRIEVE” button, it will pull all suggested keywords below. For example, if you input 2 seed keywords and input 20 for “Suggestions per keyword”, you will get 40 suggested keywords with their KC, Volume, Bid, Words, Rank Value, etc.


You should focus those keywords that have green or yellow KC values as they are the possible keywords you can rank for. You can click “+20” before a keyword to get additional 20 keywords related to this keyword. Click the keyword to go to the details of the keyword.


The competition analysis for this keyword is also displayed on this page.


The Avg. KC is the average KC of every search result for this keyword on the first page of SERP.

We can not only retrieve suggested keywords based on seed keywords, but also competitor’s keywords by inputting competitor’s domain or web page.


We can also manually input specific keywords and retrieve their information.


All keywords information are grouped together so there won’t be repeated in a project.

On the SERP Analysis page, you can input a keyword to get competition analysis for this keyword as we have talked above.



On the rank tracker page, you can input several keywords and a domain(url). It will display the ranks of the domain for each keyword on SERP.


But you need to wait for some time before the ranking data are available.



On backlink analysis page, you can input a domain/url to get its backlink profile.


On Profile&Settings page, you can change your personal information.


On the video tutorials page, you can learn 13 lessons.


Click the Help link, you will be brought to a support web page where you can submit tickets, read guide to long tail pro, FAQ, troubleshooting, etc.


These are basically what is inside Long Tail Pro’s website after login.

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