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By | December 19, 2020
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How to get a free moz pro account?

As a SEOer, you may need a tool like moz, majestic, ahrefs, and semrush, sooner or later. These services are very expensive.  In most cases, you’ll make no money by using these tools. Having a trial is important before you find a way to milk from these paid services. Unfortunately, they all request you to input a credit card to get a free trial. Among there services, I found moz is more generous than others. You can get a free moz pro account more easily and you can use it for free for 30 days, unlike 7-day trial of other similar services.

Click here to get a free premium moz account for 30 days. You need to prepare an email address(although moz does not send verification email to this email address so you can use a temporary email), an address(street, city, state, zip, country), and a credit card(cc number, expire date, and cvv) to create a moz account.

After creating a moz account, you can login to see this dashboard:



Click the avatar icon on the top-right corner if the website, click the Account&Billing menu item, you can see your subscription summary:


You will see several add-ons on this page. You can create at most 10 campaigns. If you want to create more campaigns, you need to purchase more campaigns here at $10/campaign/month. By default, you can get up to 800 keyword rankings. If you want more, you need to purchase at $20/200 keywords/month. You can let moz crawl 500k pages/week at most. If you want moz to crawl more page, you need to purchase more pages at the price of $15/50k pages/month. By default, you can use up to 30 keyword lists. To use more keyword lists, you need to buy at $25/5 lists/month. By default, you can use up to 30 link tracking lists at most. If you want more, you should buy at 25/5 lists/month. You have one user seat in your account but you can buy more user seats at $49/seat/month.

In the Billing Info of the Account Settings page, you can see the payment information: your credit card number(only the last 4 digits are shown, other digits are hidden), the expire date of the cc card, The CVV of your credit card is not shown which proves moz can protect your privacy well; your billing address; the current balance.


On the “Manage Seats” tab of the Account Settings page, you can manage who has access to your subscriptions. As the owner of this account, you are the only person who can manage seats, billing information, and subscription settings. You can click the “Add more seats” to buy more seats.


On the Email Settings tab of the Account Settings page, you can choose under what conditions moz can send emails to your email address.

On the “Community Profile” page, you can edit your profile information: full name and display name. The last activity time is also shown on this page. You ip information is not displayed though.

You can ask questions on moz community. Your asked questions will be shown on

There is a link to the moz academy in your account, where you can learn courses about SEO technology. But those courses are not free.


 Let’s see what you can do with a moz pro account:

Create a campaign:



  1. To Create a campaign, first you need to input a website and a brand name:createcampaign
  2. You also need to tell moz how many pages it can crawl on your site:setcrawllimit 
  3. You can also choose to connect to your google analytic account to fetch more data.googleanalytic
  4. You need to choose the search engines for which you would like to track rankings:selectsearchengines 
  5. The next step is choosing the keywords you would like to track across the selected search engines. Track on the national level, or add locations to track on the local level. Add labels to group keywords by topic. Moz crawls the website you submitted and fills the keywords automatically for you. You can also add other keywords here.
  6. In the last step, you can input several competitors’ websites. Moz will track competitive link and keyword metrics for these sites.

Campaign Information

After creating a campaigns, more menu items appear under the Campaigns menu.


Campaign Insights:



Campaign rankings:


Analyze a keyword:


SERP features:



Landing pages:


Page Optimization:


Site Crawl:




Issue Categories:


It takes time for Moz to crawl your site and display the information, so you need to be patient for these information to be ready.

Links Overview:


Link overview compares your site and competitors’ websites in: Domain Authority, Spam Score, Total links, % of total links, external + follow, External, followed links, Internal, followed links, External, nofollowed links, Internal, nofollowed links, Total linking domains, Followed linking domains.

Inbound links:


Inbound links page displays the domain authority, page authority, and the number of linking domains for your root domain. It also shows the inbound links in a table, for each link, shows its url, anchor text, PA,DA and the number of linking domains.

Linking domains:


Linking domains page displays the domains that link to your site. It shows the root domain, DA, and #linking domains.

Anchor Text:


Anchor Text page shows the anchor texts in a table, for every anchor text, shows the number of linking domains,the number of followed external links and the top links.

Top Pages:


Top Pages shows the top pages of your site, for every page, shows its url, PA, the number of linking domains, the number of external links, the number of outbound domains, status code.

Discovered and Lost

The Discovered and Lost page shows the linking domains recently discovered and lost, for very domain, shows the found date, DA, Spam Score, Top link discovered.


The Opportunities page shows the pages that mention your brand but don’t include a link.

Spam Score

The Spam Score pages shows the spam score distribution of linking domains, i.e., the percentage of linking domains in a range of spam score. For example, 70% of linking domains have the spam score of 1%-30%. The less of spam score, the better the linking domains. It also shows the 50 inbound links with their url, spam score, DA,and date crawled.

Site traffic:


The Site Traffic page shows the traffic from organic search.

Custom Reports:


Keyword Research

The campaign section of Moz mainly gets the information of your sites. The keyword Research section mainly gets the information about keywords:


Here you can research by keyword, by keyword list, or by site.

Research by keyword


Input a keyword and press the Analyze button, you can get the monthly volume, the difficulty, the organic CTR, and the priority of the keyword. In the keyword suggestions section, you can see may suggested keyword together with their monthly volume. In the SERP analysis section, you can see the SERP result, each entry in the SERP shows its PA and DA. In the Mentions section, you can see the pages mentioning your brand with their mentioning authority and date found.

Research by Site

Click “Explore by Site/Site Overview”, input a domain,and click the Analyze button, you will get the ranking keywords of this site.


The Top Ranking Keywords table uncovers the top ranking keywords,their corresponding pages, difficulty, monthly volume. Click “ranking Keywords”, you can see all ranking keywords.

Keyword Lists

You can create a keyword list which contains up to 500 keywords.


Moz will show statistics such as monthly volume, serp features, difficulty, organic ctr, priority about the keyword list, and also show the information on every keyword in the list.



Link Research


Input a domain and press Analyze button, you will get a variety of information about this site including Domain Authority, Linking Domains, Inbound Links, Ranking Keywords, Discovered and lost linking domains, metrics over time, Top followed links to this site, Top pages on this site, Top anchor text for this site, Linking Domains by DA. You can download All Links, Follow Links, Linking Domains, Follow Linking Domains, Top Pages as CSV files. There are separated pages for inbound links, linking domains, anchor text, top pages, discovered and lost, compare link profiles, spam score.

In Link Intersect section, you can search for domains that do not link to your site but have links to other specified sites.

On-Page Grade

In this section, you can input a web page and a keyword to analyze the problems that may affect the ranking of the keyword for this page.


On-Demand Crawl


In this section, you can input a domain for moz to crawl. After some time, it will produce a report indicating problems during crawling this site.

Rank Checker


In this section, drop a keyword and url(exact url or subdomain), select a search engine, then instantly see the performance of that keyword and URL, along with other keyword metrics.



There are many sections in Moz pro dashboard. Much information appears in more than one sections. The redundant information display may waste your time and give you illusion that moz has powerful functionalities and features.


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