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By | October 6, 2019
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Unlike ExpressVPN, you need to input email/password in order to login NordVPN’s client.

nordvpn login

After login, you will see the dashboard.

nordvpn dashboard

The main part of the dashboard is a map showing servers in countries of the world. The left column shows the countries where nordvpn servers are available. Click a country, the map will show the country and the client starts to connect servers in that country. Unfortunately, you cannot know exactly  which the server is being connected. If you click the … after a country, you will see a little window pops up on which you can choose exactly which server in that country to connect.

nordvpn select country server

Click the Settings button on top of the dashboard, and you’ll be taken to the Settings window. The settings are grouped into 4 parts: General, Auto Connect,Advanced, My Account.

In the General Settings, you can:nordvpn settings general

  • Turn CyberSec on or off. CyberSec is used to avoid ads and protect your security from malware,phishing and other threats. This function makes NordVPN like a antivirus.
  • Start NordVPN on startup
  • Internet Kill Switch. You will be able to access the Internet only when connected to VPN.
  • Invisibility on LAN. Your computer will be invisible to others on a local area network(LAN).
  • App Kill Switch. Applications to kill if a VPN connection unexpectedly drops. Here you can add applications by browsing the folders.
  • Notifications. I want to get notifications when connecting/disconnecting from NordVPN
  • Start minimized.


In the Auto Connect Settings, you can:

nordvpn settings auto connect

  • Automatically connects when app stars
  • Automatically connects when insecure wireless network detected
  • Choose a gateway(country) for the auto connection
  • Choose a server in the country selected above for the auto connection

In the Advanced Settings, you can:

nordvpn settings advanced

  • Choose between TCP and UDP protocols for VPN connection(UDP recommended)
  • Set your custom DNS
  • Whether or not use obfuscated servers. Using obfuscated servers can improve connectivity in restricted areas but may slow down your network.
  • In case of technical issues, collect diagnostic data and send a report to the developer.

In the My Account settings, you can change your password.

So the UI of NordVPN is concise and clean. You do not need to do many settings. The common task you will do is clicking a country to connect. The countries are Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States. Looks not few. The bad news is I could not connect to any of them.  Whatever country I choose, the result is  always “Connection timed out”.

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