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By | August 25, 2018
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Outsourcing Mastery review

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Outsourcing Mastery

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today on the show we have Sam
Becker on and we’re gonna be talking
about how you can outsource the parts of
your business that are taking up your
time that are taking you away from the
things that could actually make be
making you money and the three steps to
go from zero to three to four or even
five figures per day let’s get into it
here’s Sam we are here today with Sam
Becker Sam welcome back to the show hi
thanks give me on Sam you’re one of
these people that I don’t feel like I
really have to even introduce one of the
top marketers on jvzoo both the
affiliate side and on the product
creation side and there’s something that
I’ve noticed about you lately and I know
I know this from talking to you as well
is that you’ve been doing a lot more
outsourcing in your business you’ve been
doing things or actually not doing
things that you used to do and I’m sure
this has changed your business and your
your lifestyle are you how are you
running all this so I’m gonna start this
off by reading out the headline for the
product we’re gonna be talking about
it says here sick of working too hard
and not seeing the results you deserve
Automation secrets of a seven-figure
marketer for creating and growing
passive profits in any niche so bring us
into this Sam what’s been going on here
and what’s this all about why should we
be excited sure so it was probably about
two and a half years ago now when I
first started getting to online
marketing we started having some success
and I was looking at photos the other
day this is why I was doing the talk and
Portugal and there was a photo there
with me and Eva we were in bed I think
on it was Christmas Eve and we were
working on a product promotion and I
think it was that there was something
else we were doing as well I think a
server had gone down or something had
and that Christmas Eve we were working
throughout the Christmas Eve we were
making it much at the time but we were
working all throughout Christmas Eve in
order to get promotions out and all of
these things and it was around about
that time that we sort of seared bets
oh we can’t let’s keep going on so
that’s only got into started getting
into outsourcing we found there was a
number of difficulties and hurdles when
we first started outsourcing but the
reason that we wanted to do it was
because the first reason that you know I
don’t work a 9 to 5
the reason that I don’t work for boss is
because I want freedom in my life but
problem is if you make if you get
freedom but you’re working too hard you
know you your freedom is taken away
anyway so you don’t get to enjoy do the
things you want to do so my goal when I
started outsourcing my business was to
get it to the stage where I’d be able to
unplug from the business entirely and I
would be able to travel with my wife and
we’d be able to enjoy the money that
we’re making and position ourselves more
as the business owner so we’re not
working on the business or in the
business we have we’re more positioning
ourselves to work the business basically
as the business owner and there’s no
reason why you can’t do it or not do it
in online marketing I mean big companies
do this the advantage that we have is
online marketers is there not only can
we create a lifestyle for ourselves but
also there’s a number of people that you
can find and bring on board for as
little as $2 per hour who can help you
in your business and then themselves in
themselves they want to be able to work
from home they want to be able to do
things without having to go and work a
nine-to-five job themselves and in many
cases what I’ve found is that people
were brought in to help us within our
business also have the same goals in
terms of lifestyle that we do but they
enjoy genuinely do enjoy doing what
they’re doing for us because they’re
able to do it on their own time where
they are and they’re able to contribute
to our business and it’s been one of the
one of the best things that we’ve set up
at net really one of brokens us to this
system creating outsourcing mastery it’s
really a compilation of some of the
lessons the mistakes and then hopefully
the reason we’ve included the mistakes
is to prevent people from making the
same mistakes and also the system’s
processes that we’ve been able to
clean our business and put into our
business to completely almost completely
outsource our online marketing business
for launches and affiliate promotions
the affiliate promotions being probably
the most difficult but the most
significant and it should be act as a
guideline to make it really easy for
anyone whether you’re starting out in
this business or whether you’ve got a
successful business to start outsourcing
the different tasks that go into
creating successful affiliate promotions
and successful products to launch it’s
also good for people that are not making
any money online one of the things when
you’re working 9:00 to 5:00 is there or
you you know you got home and the last
thing you really want to do is get back
into work and your problem you might
have a partner at home who wants to hang
out with you you might have kids and it
can be very difficult to find the time
and if you are in a situation like that
one of the best things that you can do
to move your business forward and
continue to move it forward is put a
little bit of money every day into
actually finding a skilled person to
help with different tasks and your
business for example you could bring on
someone who’s an assistant for a low
cost and that assistant could then how
to organize certain things for you or
they could create something for you we’d
even bring on someone who’s an expert in
the area to create a product for you for
a low cost every day you don’t bring
them on all the time like there’s one
part to talk about hours you’ve read out
and there’s many skilled experts people
out there that that can help and
contribute to your business just working
one or two hours per day when you’re
first starting out to really make a big
impact and move things forward and
especially if you’re not risk of you
yourself can’t breed ticks Evie this can
be really good though I mean we’ve put
on developers videographers people that
have more skills in these areas that I
don’t have and they because they enjoy
doing like they’re doing have been able
to take that position that task that
needed to be done and really run with it
and do a much better job than I could
have ever hoped to do because I simply
do not have the skills all the time to
learn those skills everything there’s
many different ways that someone could
use this system and there’s many other
different ways that people can add
outsourcing into their business what we
wanted to do
create an all-in-one basically guide to
allow you whatever your situation is to
start getting help and start automating
different tasks and also give you the
resources you need to be sure that you
can actually automate those tasks
without making mistakes and without
spending a significant amount of money
on those mistakes like we have so you
can get started hopefully right away and
get some success and move your business
forward one thing that you says there
you talk about mistakes talk to me a lot
about some mistakes that you guys have
made when it comes to outsourcing maybe
the risks involved in doing this the
wrong way so one of the biggest mistakes
that I was making was when I first
started the working arrangement with the
outsource not asking the right questions
because you can find someone very easily
online these days who can say that they
can do a task for you but when you bring
them on you find out that they’re not
very good at doing that task they’re
simply desperate for money they want
money or they might not even be a real
person there might be someone who’s
using an alias in order to try and bring
you on and these things are easy to
prevent if you’re not to look for so one
of the things that that that I’ve really
identified is one of the points where we
got ourselves into the most trouble was
not testing our outsource in at the very
beginning one of the mistakes that you
can make when you’re not if you don’t
test people is that you can bring on
someone who’s not very trustworthy give
them access that they could do damage
with and then have them do damage we’ve
had their heaven in the past we’ve had
websites held rents and buyout sources
because we gave them access when they
really shouldn’t have given access and
we could have identified and put in
place certain security procedures which
we go throwing the guide to prevent that
from happening and to prevent that loss
of time loss of income that was that
resulted from that situation there are
many other situations like that most of
them I would I would argue all of them
can actually be prevented if you go
through the process that we outline
within this system we go through the
questions you should be asking what
types of people you should be looking
what did four different countries and
people we’ve had success working with
and also what price as well as
some of the things you can put in place
in your business to make sure that even
if this person does want to do damage if
the worst happens and they do want to do
damage to your business you can proving
there from happening by putting the
right things in place and we show you
how to put those things in place so that
doesn’t become a problem is there
anything that you wouldn’t ever
outsource to someone in your business
good question I wouldn’t outsource
actually I probably would outsource the
running with my business if I could find
about this and probably the know there’s
I’d I can’t think of anything like I
thought two years ago I spoke in
Liverpool I was speaking in Anna Bentham
we were doing big enough big numbers
through affiliate marketing I was doing
I think six figures per month as a time
through affiliate marketing and we were
working really hard though and I
remember saying that you know I didn’t
think I could outsource my email swipes
and think I could email
outsource my bonus pages or the bonuses
that were in the bonus pages that it was
the creation of these bonuses we were
offering and I thought it would be very
difficult to outsource launches but you
know for this launch this outsourcing
launch I’m not even I don’t think I’m
even featured in the sales video I am
featuring a salad video actually but I
didn’t I didn’t do any of there none of
the in this whole launch actually this
is probably the most work right now that
I’m doing for other than the training
videos and the training itself obviously
created those myself but the putting
together of the launch the promotion of
the the affiliate promotions I’ve been
doing recently it was quite funny
actually we had I don’t know if you know
Ali G he was he does a launches so he’s
at the event that we were at we were at
this event and Portimao
and Porto yesterday and everyone was
like Ali what are you doing why aren’t
you doing you don’t have a launch
tomorrow and Ali was just you know
chatting out hanging out with everyone
and it was I oh yeah I’ve got a I’ve got
a launch and then they’re like are you
promoting the launch to asking me are
you promoting her like that I think I’m
promoting it yeah Ali’s like I think
everybody are you actually launching and
the funny thing was is because we’ve
both outsourced to those parts of our
business so the people that were behind
the scenes working on it they knew what
was going on and for us we were out
good time well all of this had happened
I think I’m coming
I think I’m sickened in terms of
affiliate sales and was launched at the
moment and he was catching a plane at
the time that his launch was going live
I think I don’t said he was on a plane
he message me we Neal and he was like
sorry Mike I was on a plane when you
messaged I was thinking myself I don’t
know if I could do that I don’t know if
I could be on a plane when my launch was
going live yeah I mean so it’s just
funny in those two eyes are Liz asked us
we were hanging out and I was asking me
as I you know I could hear my talk I was
talking about outsourcing at this event
and he said I heard your talk I thought
it was time to do this so see how it
goes and he had decided to completely
outsource there but anything there’s any
task that you can’t get sauce with in
this business I think it’s entirely
possible to outsource everything we’ve
been outsourced and support the last two
and a half years now we’ve been
outsourcing most of our affiliate
promotions over the last six months I
the thing that I do do every single time
and this is something that I probably
wouldn’t out saw who oversee and look at
everything that’s going out so for
example at the at a point before like it
was two hours before this call I got a
document including the emails that were
written and the details of the launch
the product itself in a review video
that we had done and I looked through
everything and I made sure that
everything was okay I looked through the
swipe and made a couple of edits and
changes and I send it back and I said
it’s ready to go let’s do it and then
the promotion went out so everything had
been put together for me for me to
overlook and see make sure that I was
comfortable it will be going out and
then it gets sent out so that’s one
thing that they’re probably I mean I
could outsource that task for me that’s
something that I would like to outsource
but I haven’t been able to outsource it
yet just because I’m quite particular
about I wanted talk to me in a year’s
time and we might have someone who maybe
is in that position overseeing that and
I think it’s entirely possible to either
hard it sometime sorry yeah but it’s
hard sometimes to back away a little bit
from your your business and like give
control to other people because I think
you think in your mind that you have
magical power and you’re like a wizard
over your business and if if you’re not
doing it then it’s not gonna work I had
the same thing with with my business and
I think it’s kind of interesting I’ll
talk about some things that I doubts
worse with my business I used to write I
used to do the same thing when you’re
talking about Christmas Eve you being
there sitting there with your wife and
your when you should be celebrating and
can you still hear me froze up a little
bit on anything you hear me
oh yeah Nina okay cool
so yeah I was sitting there on Chris I
was sitting there I might in my bed
doing my business and I’d be up until
like 2:00 in the morning and writing my
emails getting my posts ready getting
everything all set up and I just got to
the point where I was just like I
shouldn’t be doing this like why am i
why am i doing this in my business right
now I could be just having someone else
do it and I think that finding someone
else to do it I’m glad that you guys
covered that in your course because the
first time you go out there and you try
to find someone to do this work for you
you need to find someone that you’re
gonna trust someone that’s not gonna
actually do it right someone that’s
gonna you’re gonna be able to go to bed
and know that even if you’re aren’t
there that someone else is doing it and
they’re doing it in the in the right way
and you’re not gonna have everything
messed up on your business the next day
like I’m out I’m outsourcing my my
coffee writing for my my reviews I
haven’t run to the point where I
outsource my review videos and yet and I
haven’t gone to the point where I
outsource my interviews but I’m sure
there will be a point in the future
where because I still enjoy doing the
interviews I like it with the part of my
business that I I like doing it’s
something that I don’t want to outsource
at this point but in the future if I get
the point where I’m like okay I don’t
want to do these interviews anymore it’s
it’s episode five thousand at six and
I’ve done with this I could essentially
outsource to someone else now I would be
a little bit afraid my conversions might
go down I might make a little bit less
money but I’m sure I’d still make decent
money even if someone else was doing
these interviews yeah that’s the thing
you’ll have in return you’ll have
freedom to look at other parts of your
business or other opportunities and also
you know more time away which is one of
the things that
there’s one of the reasons we got into
this business in the first place so we
get actually in where our time well
we’re well we’re making money so
obviously there is a point within the
business that you know we we want to
we’ve been doing this for quite a long
time and there’s there’s other ways that
I want to be involved in this business
say for example I talked about speaking
one of the things that I’d love to be
able to do is do more speaking hang out
with people and in that way and do
traveling alongside the business but you
know having the option if you want to
work today or want to go travel or see
something you to that as always
something that is very handy so that’s
been one of the main goals for us you
know we got into this business for a
and yeah we obviously we want to make
sure that we’re able to do well but and
help people within the business as well
obviously there’s an element there of
that that we want to be able to progress
and be able to get known for doing
something cool but the the other side of
it is of you know today if we wanted to
take a break off I probably wouldn’t
recommend doing it today because we’re
launching tomorrow I’m not quite the
stage where I’m comfortable jumping on a
plane but if we really wanted to I think
we would be ok there’s people that would
be able to work on that and we’re there
I mean there’s different ways that you
can do this and we’re at the stage now
we have I think about 12 to 14 people
that are actually working within the
business and we started off with one
yeah and we stopped with one person
working couple of hours a day doing
bonus pages for us actually helping us
to automate the bonus papers that was
the first person we brought on board
after that success we brought on someone
in support and they were working and
helping for four hours a day and then
from there it just grew gradually it’s
not something that happened overnight we
didn’t just and I wouldn’t recommend
ever doing this jumping and grabbing you
know five different people and shoving
them into your business all at once it’s
a gradual process but the first person
that we got on board made such an impact
and save so much time that we were just
like okay well let’s see what else we
can do and how else we can we can build
this and what we’ve noticed is that the
more we started outsourcing different
tasks the more our income grew as well
and the more time that we started
so sometimes not outsource and can
actually really hold you back from the
amount of money that you could be making
if you started to automate different
tasks and with a competitive industry
like online marketing for example you
know if others are doing it other people
are outsourcing it’s always a good idea
to try and do that yourself as well
because the risk is that they’ll be able
to work faster they’ll be able to
produce more than you and as a result
there they’ll make more money and yeah
that’s one of the reasons that we also
needed to do it because there are other
people out there in this business it is
a competitive space and we need to keep
progressing and moving our business
forward in order to make sure that we
makes amazing our potential within this
marketplace so outsourcing mastery if
people are watching right now and they
are interested in perhaps picking this
up what exactly are they going to be
getting inside you’ve alluded to some
parts of it but is it like a PDF is it
videos the software what’s what’s
include also the fronting product is
it’s a PDF guide it goes through breaks
down a little tasks and our business it
goes through the different ways you
could outsource if you don’t have much
money to invest or if you don’t have any
money to invest it goes through a couple
of methods you can actually find people
who you can work with in order to get
certain tasks done like create a product
that you can help to launch and
different things like that how to
identify those types of people we go
through our different processes so we go
through the launch side of our business
we outline the processes we go through
the affiliate side we outline the
processes for that and it’s very clear
and and we also go through how to find
the people for that and what types of
people you’re looking for questions you
should be asking what mistakes you want
to avoid and also how to bring those
people into your business in the right
way so they can get up skilled in start
with with the new business so it’s gonna
go through all of that it’ll also go
through like little bits of advice
throughout about how you can do this
even if you are starting out and whether
you’ve got a successful business or a
new business we’ve made it so it’s it
gives you the options for what’s right
for you you can pick and choose what’s
going to be right for you to start off
with and then move from there
the fronting product is a yeah it’s a
guide and we’re also including spring
webinars with their we’re gonna walk you
through on those webinars
three different components that we think
are important it’s gonna start off with
affiliate marketing what you can do
right now to start progressing your
business with bringing someone on board
in order to help your affiliate
marketing launching will be the second
webinar and then after that we’re going
to be looking at other parts of the
business such as support and more like
the post sale side of things when you
know how to do these systems one of the
great things about this is you can go
into other businesses as well and you
can actually consult to them on the
assistance and help them to improve
their systems to automate their business
it’s one of the other things you’ll be
able to do it’s one of the most useful
skills you can learn this business cool
ok so that’s all it is so that’s one
fronting ok there bring us through the
ochio’s sure so the OTO and what we’ve
done for the OTO is at OTB one is the
faster master class and this is a
compilation of videos so they’re videos
with me that walk through the whole
process and person so I go through and I
outline some of the ways that we’ve been
outsourcing some of the different tasks
I go into that in depth it also includes
all of the different resources you’ll
need so legal documents we include with
this so when you’re assigning someone on
board for example and you want to get an
NDA sign because you don’t want them
sharing information about your business
with other people we provide documents
that you’ll be able to use as a base for
their obviously you should still get
those checked over because state to
state country to country are different
but we include those documents we
include process sheets with this we
include the types of documents that we
give to out sources in order for them to
understand the task better the process
better and it also includes basically is
everything that you need to outsource
your business the training to show you
what to do and then the processes the
guides and also videos to back that up
that show you exactly how to do it
that’s included within this is in total
I believe about five and a half hours
worth of video that you can go through
so you can get through this within a
short period of time and it will give
you a complete understanding of how
everything works and I also load up the
different systems that we have in our
business and actually show you behind
the scenes in our business you can see
how this is all working and operating so
you’ll be able to copy
and use your own cool okay so that’s OTO
number one Oh chill number two can you
hear me Sam well cut out ochio number
102 Yaga Nina
pillow tournament is a live webinar
series and this is a six-week coaching
program we are me and in Sam Robinson
who I worked quite closely with he’s
gonna we’re both gonna go over basically
everything that you’ll be doing on a
week-by-week basis to actually start
outsourcing your business it’s very
progressive and we’re going to go
through all of the different components
of absol that’s the series sex with
clean coaching program now the goal of
their coaching program is whatever the
stage you’re at to start automating the
tasks that are most important to
automate within your business it’s going
to go through at the very beginning or
the information that you need in order
to get a base understanding of how all
of this works and they’re gonna walk
through a week-to-week the important
things that go into completely
outsourcing and automating much of what
you’re doing now if you’re at the stage
where you’re just getting started is the
dog out see the notice that well
actually um we’re doing traveling right
now so we’re in a place in Porto so
really we’ve got pictures behind you as
well they’re a little bit distracting
your Sam if you look like yeah I don’t
know what comes out Walter I believe
it’s quite crazy actually there’s um
it’s the fun part about staying in
Airbnb and running your business from
wherever you want banged up there’s all
sorts of stuff I’m not I’m not entirely
sure I didn’t really I didn’t even say
yeah there’s a variety of different
images up so no this is I yeah I have no
idea what’s going on um the the OTO so
that’s basically the OTO to that’s gonna
include all a replays for all up there
the main component that is there if you
want to ask questions in real time if
you want to be able to get that feedback
from from us and also see exactly how
we’re doing everything
you’ll be able to do that through their
six-week coaching program it also
includes also for that at that time that
period of time a group so you’ll be able
to get access to a Skype group that
we’re running it might be a Facebook
group actually either a Skype group or a
Facebook group other side what’s what’s
Peter tomorrow and we’ll be
communicating through that so if you
have questions that come to you late at
night as you’re trying to do outsourcing
after you’ve seen one of our webinars
you’ll be able to poster than the group
communicate with members of the group
and also us as well to get answers a few
if you find that you’re you know doing
this and you have questions then the
final upgrade is our automation package
now this is to help you and your
outsources as well so the automation
package is what I believe is probably
one of the best investments we ever made
in our business which is a website
builder software and also a membership
website software what you will need for
every promotion that you do whether its
affiliate or a launch you’re going to
need some sort of page builder software
in order to create sales pages you’re
going to need hosting and you’re going
to need some sort of membership
component to it you want to obviously
protect your content so you’re going to
need a membership website so we’ve got a
software called igloo we’ve just dumped
it there with a new version of the
software that also includes hosting it
gives you different your you know you
can basically save your page and it’s
immediately online you can customize it
drag and drop all the different elements
you need it also includes over 100
templates and it also includes as part
of that there is obviously there’s
hosting and all of they’re included with
it so it includes a membership component
to it so you can lock off your
memberships websites with weeks with
WordPress it also works online without
web priests and that’s gonna be the
automation tickets so you can actually
give your outsourcer access to the
software in order to speed via them up
and this is what I do they’ve got access
to eglee and they basically build all my
bonus pages through a glue they build
all of my membership websites through a
glue apart from one of them actually
most of my with membership websites
through and they’re the one that they
haven’t is because it needs a bit more
customization because it has software
included but
that’s all that’s all included with this
package as well so it’ll help you to
automate it and it’ll speed up
throughout sources and you’ll be able to
find people there are good at design but
don’t have any tech experience they’re
not developers you don’t need a
developer you can bring someone on board
for 3 to 5 dollars per hour
who can customize and build pages for
you with the software so you don’t even
have to have to use it you can if you
want to you can jump and it’s really
easy to edit but what I recommend doing
is bringing someone on to actually
create these pages for you with the
software and it will only take them a
couple of hours per page so that’s um
that’s included as the OTO 3 Sam thank
you so much for coming on the show today
is there anything else anything we
missed anything you wanted to mention
before we wrap it up sure so the
probably the main thing that I’d like to
finish on is that if this is something
that most businesses that are growing go
through and that if you are in a
position whether you are successful or
you’re at the stage where you’re just
getting started this will give you a
very good understanding behind the
scenes of our business how we’ve been
able to outsource it and also behind the
scenes of many of the successful online
marketing businesses that are out there
so if you are looking to develop a
better understanding of how all this
works and also the different tasks that
go into running a successful online
business that makes money this will also
give you that so yeah hopefully you’ve
enjoyed this interview and you’ll come
on board for outsourcing mastery again
thank you so much for coming on the show
today and the best of luck with your
lunch thank you I hope you enjoyed the
interview today with Sam if you are
interested in picking up outsourcing
mastery and it’s the lowest price you’re
gonna want to come back tomorrow at
11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Wednesday
November 1st you’re gonna be able to
pick it up at its lowest early bird
discounted price along with my special
bonuses thank you so much for watching
and I’ll see you all tomorrow

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