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By | August 25, 2018
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PassionFuze review

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Training and Coaching Program Teaching You How to Build Your Passion Into Your Digital Product Online for Passive Income.

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Tag Archives: PassionFuze review PassionFuze Review Mike | July 30, 2018. PassionFuze by DPAPA: Reviews by those who have bought the product. If you have bought the product, please leave your thoughts in the comments below this post.

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PassionFuze Review –
In this PassionFuze Review, I go through what I liked and did not like about PassionFuze. Take it from someone who has gone through the product.

okay I wanted to show you inside my
members area where I’ve got all my my
products that I’ve created as an
affiliate marketer as a blogger like
again 2012 I never I never knew what
affiliate marketing was and then after
that my first product was passion blog
pro now passion blog pro went out to
sell about eleven thousand two hundred
and eighty dollars worth
with refunds up to ninety four dollars
it was one of my flagship product still
sells today at forty seven one of the
most powerful things right and and it’s
going great the passion blow pro started
I turned it into a free program it’s the
first twelve videos of how to begin your
online empire just like I’ve created it
and I and I left it for free this is
when you sign up to me in my list if you
come to my website sign up you’re gonna
be able to get access to this and your
first email that you’re gonna open up
from me okay bits and bytes was another
project that I did when I went back to
Cyprus I decided I wanted to create
loops for marketers out there because I
kept on looking for music to add to my
things but I didn’t I didn’t have any I
wanted to create loops and I thought
maybe my mic and wanted this I created
it with a musician a professional
musician 500 loops beats and bites
awesome product still selling today my
GP crack this is where I got put on the
map because bill Hugo came out his ID
look we started talking he loved the
idea of what I had with gear bubble case
study that I created we rebranded it to
GB cracks bill Hugo put me on the map
and that’s when other affiliates got on
board and got to know who I was
etc this was in 2016 if I’m not mistaken
and then after that you know I got
confidence I knew what the the strategy
was now on how to launch how to become a
successful entrepreneur online and then
I launched my own product on my own
right so like this one was my first one
okay but it still it it outselves slips
our profits but it’s because it’s been
out like
years and for-profits is from the
September 2016 and you know what I did
it because I wanted to go out and buy a
vehicle and I wanted to buy a Vespa so I
put down to what am I gonna do I said I
wanted to create a course that I had in
mind which is very powerful it’s
basically a more of a targeted of more
targeted because passion block Pro
covers everything and except for profits
covers one part which is more focused on
how I do my reviews and how I send
traffic and how you can become an
affiliate marketer now flip-flop profits
is another I’m very proud of this I’m
probably gonna relaunch this with a
newer methods based on the same thing
then I had passion tube Pro I tried
again put it out there didn’t go as well
because I didn’t I didn’t push on it as
I wanted I just left it it was something
they had to do with YouTube
I want to relaunch this as well and I
will and and I can okay and then traffic
zion was my big hit this is where i got
together with this was after marketing
alliance in portugal and I got together
with Alex that was part of that thing I
got together with the developer got my
idea out this is perfect idea and we got
it out and it’s done so well and we’re
about to hit like the 2000 sales on
jvzoo almost were 1500 or 1800 can’t
remember right now but it’s still
selling till today and it’s doing well
then we did Big Bang profits and we did
pinch or right now so these all combined
okay is basically about 150 K okay I’m
gonna go ahead and get a calculator and
then I’m gonna show you something else
oh I’m doing 11,000 280 alright I’m not
gonna count this I’m gonna count this
921 all right 20
five six five five four four five one
two eight six five three three six
three five 4000 seven and nineteen 673
now combined I made a hundred and fifty
eight thousand 0.0005 and I’d like to go
ahead and divide that by two and I paid
affiliates about seventy nine thousand
I’m gonna plus ten because I’ve been
painting affiliates on my passion blog
fro so I made about roughly eighty nine
and then from the eighty nine half of
the eighty nine well well the the last
three trucks was half with Alex but
basically look I’ve been able to
generate one hundred and sixty thousand
dollars with my own products I can teach
you the same on July 29th with my
passion fuse show you exactly what I did
to get these created how I’ve been able
to generate that kind of money how I’ve
been able to set things up and how you
can go out and do the same with your
passion it doesn’t matter what it is I’m
gonna share I’m gonna help you create
your first digital product online and
make money from it okay
doesn’t matter what money you’re gonna
put it out there and you’re gonna make
money doesn’t what it doesn’t matter
what it is I’ve had ones that flopped
and I’ve had other ones that got me
things and and it doesn’t matter I’m
putting it I’m putting things out there
that I feel will cover everybody you
know but this it is the thing about this
market you know I could have hit big
numbers with these but it all has to do
with politics and affiliate marketers
I’m gonna show you what you need to do
to get back past that as well alright
many ways of getting yourself involved
and getting yourself money in your
pocket you know what creating your own
products is faster than even doing
affiliate marketing okay you will have a
sustainable business behind you and you
can do this on any passion for any Miche
okay doesn’t matter
alright so July 29th keep your calendars
open I’m gonna be launching passion fuse
and I can’t wait and I’m gonna be
sharing my secrets on how you could
generate 150 K in it depends on whatever
it a night I’ve launched three products
in the last three months and that’s
basically what it brought me that number
alright so see you in July 29th the
passion fuse pizza

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