POINTRANK 2.0 – Automated Live Events Gets Unlimited Free Traffic

By | January 13, 2021
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Pointrank 2.0 review, hey! What’S up you guys, this is artwork from reviews2018.com, and this is my Pointrank 2.0 review demo and 5697 dollar bonus for this guys. This is the brand new product released by tommy, ebsco and gara barab, and it’ll get you tons of free visitors from youtube and google by ranking your movie on the top positions utilizing live events. So the cool thing about this model and this program is that normally you get to make a live event. It’S endure for whatever an hour or even a day. If you schedule it uh a day ahead and then once it is done, it’s done you are not getting any more visitors with Pointrank 2.0. You can actually repeat the same event over and over and over again, meaning that you are going to get these positions literally forever, and it’s a lot of additional stuff included inside like a social links, blaster such as an autoresponder, so a lot of different things. Additional to the software are a part of these key functions, but the most important issue is that you are gon na be getting a great deal of free visitors from google and youtube, and this traffic is super targeted, so we’ll review it. As always. I have a massive bonus to it. I’Ll show you the bonus in only a second and, as always, be certain you crush the like button subscribe to this station click on the bell. Leave me a comment: if you have some queries right now, let’s jump to this pointrank 2.0 review before I am going to share with you that the sales page. I only want to be certain that you understand that, if you are seeing on youtube, the first link in the description requires you to my site from my blog. If you will opt to pick up your copy simply use any one of those blue links. These are my affiliate links and this way you are gon na receive my bonus. Okay. So again, nearly six thousand dollars worth of bonuses, you are gon na get all this for free and at this time, let’s check out the sales page. As you can see, it states, Pointrank attention. This makes getting visitors and responsive leads from seo dead. Easy and free new software generates and rankings easy little videos for several keywords, all at once on page one of google and youtube in moments and makes them remain rated for decades plus introducing legion system which collects nurtures and mails leads for long-term and recording income inside One dash: okay, so men the 1.0 version used to only rank videos. The 2.0 version will really create the movies for you, then it’ll rank it and then it will be sure it stays rated because it is going to just keep on repeating the identical live event. For you, so when the live event is going to be finished, it automatically creates a new one okay, so this is what is different with the 2.0 version, so guys, let’s begin scrolling, we’ve got four easy steps. We’ve got some uh proof in, because you can see positions and also uh testimonials from actual users. Evidently, the 1.0 users tested it extensively, tom, garop and yogesh. These are the the three men behind this product men. This is a fairly long sales page. That means you can go for all of the uh once it is live pointrank 2.0. Does the name uh they are essentially saying what is contained, they have a demo. I will have the exact same presentation on my website and on my youtube station, so you can look it over. Some more reviews, some more evidence, quick action bonuses, you are getting my bonuses in addition to whatever is offered right here, a money-back guarantee. Obviously you’re not at risk in any respect. You can test it out and see. That’S essentially it let us take a look at the inside of the members area so men. This is how it looks like fine. So again, this is in fact a not a piece of software. This is similar to a four in one piece of software, so, as you can see, the first issue is in fact linking their vip group. So here you’re likely to be getting support. You may ask questions. It is possible to exchange tips with all members, so a very, very cool thing that they included right here. On top, then we’ve got the dashboard as you can see, and we’ve got all the statistics.


You understand all of the links and everything else . We have create or locate video so men again, I told you you will have the ability to really create or discover other people’s movies to use from within the program. So that is a very, very cool feature. You do not have to do what I am doing at the moment. Okay, I have an entire setup, I am recording this I am gon na need to edit this movie. It takes me like two to three hours each video. You get to make these videos or simply use other people’s videos. As you can see, two easy steps: you just enter the name, you pick the video and then we have the key words and that is essentially so step 1 step. Two and you’re finished, you have the movie. Then we proceed to rank videos. As you can see. We’ve got video rank, wizards and event lists, so super easy: you basically do the key word, research or what is done from within the program, then you visit the event creation ukrainian occasion and how it looks like if you are gon na visit youtube automatically. On top, whatever you’re subscribed on most of the live events are always on top, since this is the way youtube functions, so you will always be on top today the best way to stay on top. Can you go to automate positions right here? Alright, so, as you can see, you are going to be producing these events and again, let us say your event will be uh in seven days. So for these seven days you’ll actually keep on top of those google ranks and youtube rankings. You’Re gon na get leads you are gon na get traffic from it. Obviously you can put anything you want in the description. So this is the way you get all of the traffic today once this event is going to be accomplished. Uh Pointrank 2.0 will start automatically the exact same occasion, but for the next seven days, so you can literally do this forever, and this is a large big upgrade, comparing to point rank 1.0 version and some other software that’s available on the industry right now. Alright, so this is the way you set all this up automate positions. Then we’ve got local ranking. This is in fact one of the oto, therefore I will uh show you all the audios in only a second. Then we’ve lead management so men uh. Obviously it’s possible to create leads and actually another module is added which will generate these leads for you and then you can set up your autoresponder and hook up your autoresponder to point rank 2.0 or this program will actually store the prospects for you also. If you do not have an autoresponder or perhaps, if you do not need to use it, you only need to store leads, possibly for your customers from an inside the program. This is another very cool thing that they added to the 2.0 version. Then we’ve got video templates. So, as you can see, we’ve got the template listing right here. These can be all the templates you will use for producing videos and then we’ve got video gallery. Apparently, these can be all the videos that you created and, lastly, we’ve got fun nails, so that you can really create thumbnails from inside the software. As you can see, this is a picture creator also, another piece of software that’s included with this. So you don’t need to go to a different site or you don’t need to pay somebody else to actually create these thumbnails. Everything is contained within Pointrank 2.0. So men, obviously, part of all this. All of the video training on how best to use the software, as well as how to make money with it will be contained. So all in all, I believe this is an wonderful product. Essentially, to begin with, you don’t need to pay any monthly charges. Second of all, this is similar to a four in one five in one piece of software, so what’s inside and occasionally with these different seo, softwares. To start with, it can be complex and second of all, uh. They let you buy like backlinks or you know, social bookmarks, or they let you go somewhere else and buy something else. For the machine to operate with point rank 2.0, you do not need to do anything else. No hidden charges, no recurring charges! You don’t need to get any extra backlinks or embeds, or you understand social signs, none of it. Everything you need is point rank 2.0 and you’ll have the ability to get traffic. Make sales generate prospects. Do it locally, do anything you want with this traffic? Okay, so men that is the inside of the members area, let us check out the pricing and all the upsells. So men, as you can see, pointrank 2.0 is going to be 37. That’S the early bird cost 47 dollars after the launching. Okay. So if you truly want to pick this up for 37 bucks, be certain that you show up early and save yourself 10, as you can see, commercial permit will be included, and it is just during the launch period. So pick it up once it is live, so that which I showed you in this movie will be included right here. Then we have update number one, which is point rank pro 67 here, you’re gon na be uh, getting unlimited youtube accounts and unlimited automations. Okay, so are you gon na have the ability to add unlimited youtube accounts, create unlimited, live events and make unlimited single events. At unlimited social networking accounts, you can do movie rotation and it supports 1080p. So this is complete number. 1 upgrade number two. We’ve got point rank nearby 47. As you can see, this will give you high paying local customers and gets them on the first page rankings for a number of keywords all at one time, so another way for you to earn money. So clearly, you can use pointrank 2.0 for whatever. You want for affiliate advertising selling your own goods, e-commerce, cpa advertising, but if you would like to do local advertising – and occasionally these customers are paying hundreds – if not thousands of dollars – that is certainly the update to go with along with the next update and the last one we’ve point rank agency 197 bucks and, as you can see, user will have the ability to set up around 50 to 200, depending if you are gon na spend 197 or 297 sub accounts. So this is uh. These sub accounts can be offered to your customers, so that they can use the software themselves. Alright, so you can charge whatever you want for these accounts fifty bucks a hundred dollars, two hundred dollars, anything you need to bill them or you can even charge them a recurring fee if you would like to so that is again, 197 to 297, and those are just the just few upsells you will be presented with so normally you understand a few of those sticks have like six, seven, eight upsells. We have three, and these are super useful, so it is going to really make the principal software better, but of course you will be OK with the major version of the software independently, so men at the moment. Allow me to show you all the bonuses I have in store for you. I do have a massive bonus package. Definitely the biggest bonus bundle to Pointrank 2.0 out there. First of all, let me just tell you that in case you want to receive all these remarkable bonuses, then simply pick up point rank 2.0 through my connection to select this up for my connection, just click on any of these blue hyperlinks, as you can see 10 a.m. Eastern on december 20th is when a Pointrank 2.0 goes soldiers out of my blog usage. These links go to the sales page, pick up your copy or, in case you are, watching on youtube. The next link in the description will take you directly to the sales page following this date. First link in the description clearly takes you to my website, so guys, first of all, you’re gon na find free custom-made bonuses, three unique ways to get traffic at no cost. Next up, you’re gon na find additional software that I received out of tom for my viewers. Simply fine, so thumbnail ranker picture, search secrets, uh building a 100k to 1 million per year company on the internet, 666. 317. Youtube use instance, research, buyers, listing blueprint, auto spinner, rewriter e-book jackpot. The way to get millions from simple little sites and no merchandise also how to market wordpress plugins seo fi. I’m market sales, entrepreneurs switching magic, expert applications and additional values of this day ordered products. Flip me flip me: income booster arbitrage sugar, dad, create 497 over and over again, if literally broof, tidal, wave traffic, urgent, turbo garbage money, simple arbitrage, gains, blaze, tube traffic avalanche, a case study on free traffic and extra package of plug-ins affiliate gain, plug-in giant plug-in best Sales page composing applications swiss page creator. True tags is pro box. Sales bar brief code call to action authority, traffic masters, facebook live response, asin press stage on vid builder, media play picture and video commentary; societal, automobile pasta, slick pop, beat bot, customer, extractor picture, catch viral suite actions, simulation facebook, audience builder, instant publisher, pin book social tracker Traffic cover facebook, traffic , facebook photo competition, responsive slider, youtube, video gallery, pinterest portfolio article with post widget and classes plugin, and along with all this, you’ll receive my mega bonus, which will be 116 ws of the day and merchandise of this day awarded products. And it follows that the complete value of the package is five thousand six hundred and ninety seven dollars. All these bonuses are yours for free of me as a thank you for picking up Pointrank 2.0 through my link, guys. As always, I have a full written review on my website, so feel free to take a look as well have a complete, funnel breakdown and now I think we could sum up this point rank 2.0 review so men. To begin with, everything you need is within the program, so no additional fees, no hidden charges, no extra outsourcing or anything else – is required. You’Re likely to have a commercial license, but only with the early bird price so be certain to pick this up when it goes, live and you are likely to get an extra commercial license. Push positions technology for long term positions, fine, so normally again with live videos, you have to rank for an hour or a day or seven days, after which it’s done. This is a brand new technology that just be certain you always stay rated. This is an all round platform. Again, this is similar to a 501 uh bit of software 100 free traffic from google and youtube. You can not really beat that and you’ll be really tapping into the gigantic potential of seo without understanding seo. So seo is a science I do seo is still you understand. Occasionally over my head, you get to. You know get all of the advantages of seo without really uh working a hard edit or knowing anything about it and you are, obtaining a money back guarantee, so absolutely no risk on your part. Now men what I do not like about point rank 2.0. It’s seo. So you’ll need to sort of learn a little bit about it. Okay, so you’ll have to understand about the key words: the rank factors you understand thumbnails, how all this works . However, with that being said, all of this, or a lot of it is already automatic for you. So I think it is a excellent piece of software if you’re a complete beginner and even if you’re not a newcomer, it saves you a lot of time. So men that is what I have for you before you proceed. Allow me to show you how you can really maintain my bonus, so all you’ve got to do is visit your jvzoo uh purchase history. Therefore, while on jvzoo, simply click right here where it says searching for your purchase, locate Pointrank2.0 and click on it and beneath the button that says: click here to get your purchase, you need to see another button stating bonuses for mars. So that is the way you claim my bonus. You don’t need to send me mails or receipts. It’s all done for you automatically and men for the last time 10 a.m. Eastern on december 20th is when point rank 2.0 goes, live, be certain that you use my link to acquire every one these remarkable bonuses. As always, if you have any queries, please leave me a comment. Please, like this. Video subscribe to this station click on the bell, and I will be seeing you soon in another review.

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