POSTLEY Review 2021

By | January 17, 2021
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So today, I am going to share with you an application that’s enabling you to spy on the competition, facebook and instagram advertisements, or it is going to give you fresh ideas for your own ads to operate, and in addition to that there are a whole lot of different tools within this application also enjoy an editor, a poster, much more uh, so stay tuned. I will review postley brand new program, that is being launched now and uh stay tuned, I will, see you in another hey there and thank you for checking out my review of postley. Now this is a completely new application that I am gon na do a walkthrough so you can see precisely what’s contained in this program so you can see precisely uh how you can apply this to your own facebook or instagram account. So, let’s just dive into this before I do, I wish to mention this video there is a link which will also redirect you to my bonuses which I am going to give away in the event that you choose to purchase uh postley through my connection, so ensure to check Out that connection – and now, let’s just dive into this review – and allow me to show you what it’s so basically once you log in this is what you may see. You’ve got all these tools in the left side and, let’s just start with the first one, that is known as the ads library. Now this will start a new page, and this page lets you spy on competitors advertisements. So it does not matter what sort of niche you’re. You can simply do a search in postley to learn what sort of advertisements are running really well and what are doing really well. So what I am going to do here is you may choose from these different alternatives. So you could look for a text advertisements. You could search from the remarks, the advertiser’s name, url, landing, page urls, etc.. So I am going to look for an advertisement in the text of an advertisement and, let’s say you are at the docs niche. Additionally, it is always a fantastic example to use. So what you are going to do is you are going to look for docs here and then you can do various sorts of sites, so you can do instagram or facebook search. You could look for the genders. If you would like to uh especially look for mills that are being targeted at these advertisements, you can choose that from this list. Now this is more important. I think where you can pick how many likes you wish to see on the article. So here it is possible to drag uh with this slider. So let’s say you want to find every post which has at least 5 000 likes, and you may also here place this slider to the daily likes. How many daily likes has to be added to this article, but let us just go for a entire likes of 5, 000 or 5200 and then you can pick a media type, a movie or a picture ad. You could target nations languages. So let’s say we would like to look for english and also you could look for what sort of buttons they’re using. But in this case, let’s just pick the language: english, a text ad for dogs and at least 5 000 likes and then press the search button, and then postley will look for advertisements which have at least 5 000 likes on their own articles which you can use and which you could spy on. So it’s loading at this time and you will need to load a few times so right now you find these advertisements are being loaded. If you wish to see more, you click load more advertisements, but what we are going to do here is when you go to a single ad here. Let’S take this one. You can see this advertisement has 7 000 likes almost 3 000 remarks in here and nearly 6 000 shares. So this is a really good item, that is doing and doing really well inside the dark market. So in case you wish to do advertising within the shadow or you are trying to find a particular product within the dark market which you can market, you can see this one does really well, since this is operating for some time now, since it has so many opinions. So many likes, etc.. Now, today I found another one, I am not positive whether it’s here, but that has been this one rather than redirected to this site. So in case you wish to have ideas, you may also get a whole lot of ideas from this from those articles, and I thought hello. This is a cool one. Look what these, what they are making. These are stuffed animals um, nearly almost real. If you find these puppies, you can almost not see which one is the real one. Obviously you can view it, but do you see how real they are and they are selling these for 250 bucks and they’re red hot? I found that in the advertisements library. So I searched for an affiliate program and they had an affiliate program in which they are paying you 10 percent for every cell, that you make with their distinctive link. So that is 25 percent, which means you might run advertisements for a company such as this. So the advertisements library is also likely to give you ideas what you can sell as an advertisement. Additionally, so here you can see. This is another. One looks amazing all buy orders today. Yours now get 10 off, so this is just one having a necklace . This puppy has a necklace, has 15 000 likes 466 opinions and 172 shares and everything you can see on top of that. What I forgot to mention here is that you can determine which sort of tar countries they aim so the usa, united kingdom and italy. It is possible to see male and female, so it is a good deal of females in here and the ages they’re also targeting. So that you can see a good deal of things in these advertisements. You can learn a whole lot of it from from those advertisements which you can apply to your personal advertisements. You can see exactly which ads are doing really. Well, you just scroll through these advertisements and if you prefer to review one, you just click on this and you’ll be able to see. Alright, this one is 10 000 likes 600  remarks, and this is the perfect ad, a perfect tool to spy on other people’s advertisements, and it’s pretty sophisticated as you can see. So that’s the first tool that you are likely to have um with postley. Now then, the next issue is auto boost. Now, if you operate a facebook page, you can do a car auto increase, so you might say um. Let’S say you have 20 likes. This is a 20 likes auto boost. You may choose your page on facebook here and then you may say: fine, I would like to have just goals when I post a photograph, as an instance, or a movie. Let’S say I am also doing a movie or you could do anything you want. Now you could say several articles promoted at once. You are able to say: fine maximum two simultaneously, using the article from well. You can pick the previous few days the last seven days, then you could also hear or do, and you may say when a page has for at least here it is possible to pick these choices for at least when my likes are greater than 20. By way of instance, then you want to begin conducting this post as an advertisement on facebook, because this way you understand your post is quite popular because plenty of people are liking, your article, or you could say when my article gets 50 likes. I wish to find this post instantly being promoted and you then go to another page, and here you can choose your advertisements account. So let’s say this is my ads account then you can create a new campaign, so it’s possible to make a campaign straight from postley or you may use an existing campaign which you can select from in the listing. So let’s say we would like to make a new campaign, and this is my um demonstration campaign only for demonstration purposes now and you wish brand awareness or you would like to drive conversions, by way of instance, and then set a budget . Yes and then you may say: fine, I would like to get a daily budget of 10 bucks, by way of instance, and then a little strategy bit cap or you could do a price cap or the lowest price , and then you move to next now in here you may set the advertisement set name, which means you may get give this a title demo, then this is a really cool part that I really like about. Uh postley. Is that you can you can do a stored audience which you have or you may make a new audience yourself today, let us say here this: this is a puppy’s audience. What you can do this is you can target your place. So you do america, and here or you do multiple nations. You might also do united states, united kingdom and the era from everybody. That’s at least 26 years to 65 years old, and this must be a woman, by way of instance, because women purchase more dog stuff. Now then, here this is pretty cool this. This is exactly what I said here when I do docs when I type this in here. Look what happens? Can you see how many viewers facebook is giving me now when you normally create advertisements in facebook? You only get about 20 20 options to select from now. Study this list, how many you can pick from here. You may code dog, three dog, knight, brewdog, so naturally there are also beers and things like that, but there is so much to pick from because there’s much more in here, um which you can target. So you could do much more targeting when you select from this list that you are seeing in here to say I love dogs, you’re gon na decide on this one, oh shoot. I love puppies, he recalled it and then it is in here as you can see. So allow me to zoom in again connection status, you can say: ok, they have to be married or single. Whatever education status, I would not mind these ones: the business languages, you can do english and then you go to save and you go to another page and then you can set up when I go next, I could say: fine, an audience is necessary. So I did not save my viewers, but you get the idea and this way you can set up ads automatically with postley. Now then you have the ads creator in here in which you can create your own ads. So let’s say over the docs, you can make pictures like this, in order to upload a picture like this and you make an image just like you’re. Seeing in here you just open the editor and then inside the editor you can upload pictures from your PC. So let us say you, you upload this picture, you state open and then you can begin editing this picture, so you can do text layers. You could do a contour like I just did with another one. So let’s say you need to do the same here and this is, let us say, dogs training. Then you just do this and you insert the text in here . Let’S say you need to do this, one double click! You can change this in here. Oh, I have to do it like this double click and then enter and say: fine uh, let us say the 10 finest dogs groomers. This is known as groomers rumors. Whatever you are able to create your advertisements like this and as soon as you’re done, you simply save your picture and you can use this on your advertisements. So that is pretty cool, it isn’t a very advanced editor, but it is cool. It’S all in one program. Canva, probably can do more than you see in here, but if you would like to produce quick ads, it is it’s pretty cool things in here by the way, I am going to give you a movie ad creator. Moreover, if you buy post it via my link, ensure you take a look at the link under this video, where you are able to create video ads. Okay, so that is the program creator. You may create folders like this demo presentation. You see when i do this. It’S going to save a folder, you can save your pictures in here. You could do article manager, so that you may also schedule and make posts with postley. So you could do regular posts. You can do call to actions articles. You could do slide article. So let us say a call to action in here you can make a new post, I am not going to show you them all, since they’re all pretty similar simply they serve another function. You may say that this is my dog’s effort and you might pick the pages where you would like to place this on and then you can do the url. Now. Let me do a regular article, say: fine, a normal post in here and the effort title docs then select my webpages tim then here you can do a text link, image or movie. So let’s say we need to perform a picture in here. We would like to do a picture post. We can upload our picture in here. So let’s say we can also select our picture storage. We can go to the pictures that we generated, so that is pretty cool. You see that, and I can decide on this one and this one is in my article: that is a cool thing of article having all in one program and you can add your messages now. Look. What I am going to do is I am going for this little thing here, where I can select from my messages which I created so dog’s love you see, a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. It’S only a demo text which I put in here that you can make here in the left side. I’M going to share with you that in a second and the identical thing is for hashtags. So let’s say you need to place hashtags in here. I created hashtags in here. You see that boom all of the hashtags are automatically being added to postley. Now, as I said you can do text article, link, post picture, post video articles, then you can also schedule this for later. So you may say I would like to schedule this in a particular time. You could do this at 40 understand 50 here and you could to the time zone. Then you could click article, I am not going to do so, because criteria will be posted. On my my tim without page, but you get the idea, and this is the case of the article that’s being created today, the identical thing is for telephone traction slide. The next issue is top audience today this, when is if you are, going to begin running ads with postley, it is going to show you, you can choose your advertisements accounts and then you can say a value in here website buy by way of example, lifetime, then you could discover Audiences which are performing best. I can’t show you that right now, but it is going to show you which ads are performing best. You might also see that on your advertisements manager, but it is just good to have everything in the exact same application again. So that is that today what I just showed that you were the captions and, as you can see here, I have captions in here. So let’s say we need to get a text in here handmade. Let’S say we would like to use this multiple times in our advertisements. What we can do here is we can create a caption. So this is filled dogs. I could paste that in here and now I can save this, and when I create a new post within the article manager. I say new post in here. I can go here to my message: I can eliminate this. I can visit my captions and do things docs and boom. It’S automatically being added to my articles. So that is the component within captions. You can save these captions in here. So you may go over the world wide web, create these captions and create your ads in the future. The identical thing is for hashtags uh. Only postley is enabling you to create hashtags with postley itself, so this is docs dogs, two, by way of instance, and what you can do is you could type dogs in here or you could do affiliate marketing here and then you say: fine, I would like to have at Least, 10 tags and you are likely to generate. Can you see that it automatically produces these affiliate marketing tags for you, and if you would like to do make money on the internet, you can do that. Make money online. You could say I want to get a limit of 10. . Now, look: what happens it is going to bring these make money online tags too in exactly the exact same field here, so you’ve got affiliate advertising and earn money on the internet and you hit save well. This is called affiliate, also mmo and now you are gon na conserve it. And now you have your tax stored for affiliate marketing and earn money online. These programs are included within post today. The cool thing is that you can run this as a service , where you can make unique workspaces. So what you have seen in here is only 1 workspace. All that I have showed you is only 1 workspace that you are working now you’re able to make multiple workspaces so you can charge your customers, so that you can say allow me to run your ads for you. Allow me to run your media, your social networking station, for you. Let me do your article and the creation of those articles, the designing of your article and then what you can do is you can go to workspaces in here and then you may add a new workspace in here and then you say: okay, this is customer one And this is customer one and then you can send an email request . So let’s say this is the email address of your customer and then you may send an email that they link their facebook accounts to post them. So you can begin posting for them. So they give permission or you may say no and you just connect yourself with a different facebook page or facebook accounts, so that you can manage that account too, and then, in addition to that, you may even invite team members here in order to work within that particular workspace, so That’s all you’re likely to have um with postley. I think it’s a fairly cool application that will help you running ads, finding winning advertisements, also so uh yeah. That’s my review. When you have any questions, be sure that you ask them in the comments below also um what I forgot to mention sorry, what I forgot to mention is um. What did I want to say completely forgot it anyway, ensure to subscribe to my youtube channel like this movie, in case you enjoyed it also hit that telling, if you would like to remain updated with my most recent reviews and uh. Oh yeah click. The link under this video to find all my bonuses also check them out. Speak to you soon have an wonderful day.

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