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Quizitri review

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Quizitri is a killer quiz-building app designed to not only let you get more leads, but segment them onto ultra-targeted lists. More traffic, more leads and more conversions – what’s not to love?

hey there it’s David bear here from bear
on marketing and in this video I’m gonna
be showing you the new quiz building
platform called quasi tree now this is a
tool that I’ve just been playing with
for the last little bit and turned out
this great little survey or a quiz
specifically about financial literacy so
this would be a great way to do some
lead gen let’s say for a financial
advisor or a investment broker that sort
of thing so here it is you know how
financially literate are you test your
thinlit smarts and see how you compare
with the general US population so go
ahead and hit start the quiz and so
there’s a series of questions and I’ve
basically set it up I have six questions
you can see how many are here so you
know let’s let’s just go through and
answer them pretty quickly here so see
I’m trying to remember all of the
questions that I asked and the
appropriate answers so let’s see how
well I do okay so I set up basically six
questions and then a outcome based on
the scoring in this case so let me
actually show you how this works in the
background and of course you can go
ahead and share it on Facebook if you
want and that’s part of the purpose of
quizzes to actually be able to grow a
list by sharing them effectively getting
more virality out of a quiz alright so
here we are in cuisine tree and I’ve
built out basically I named the quiz I
decided it was gonna be a scored quiz
you could you could create it in a few
different ways I then selected the theme
that I wanted to use there’s a whole
bunch of different themes that I have
the option of choosing from which is
kind of cool and then I can I didn’t in
this case but I can set it up with a
lead capture form so if I want to
integrate it with let’s say a weber or
get response or you know MailChimp that
sort of thing or if I don’t have one of
the integrated api’s I can simply use a
form code that I can put right in here
and it will be able to it
the details that somebody fills out in
the forum and send it right over to my
autoresponder or my email service so
this is great if you want to like set up
a quiz and then instead of before you
give them their results you say enter
your email address here and we’ll send
you the results right and so that’s a
way to capture leads so that’s one
really kind of cool thing now you have
the ability to also click skip this
option here if you want to not force
somebody to but most of the time people
will actually go ahead and leave their
details you can also segment it by the
outcome so let’s say you have different
autoresponders that you want to send out
based on how somebody did in a quiz or
let’s say that they gave you information
that would suggest that they would be a
great candidate for one type of solution
or offer or product that you have versus
another well you can segment that and
send them into an autoresponder list
that simply addresses that particular
set of needs or interests that they’ve
shared here I set up three outcomes and
in this case it was based on scoring so
the score intervals I I set up that’s
pretty straight forward you can do this
in a few different ways you can either
have it show the text so in this case
that’s what I did I just had it show the
text but you could also have it redirect
to a different URL if you’d like to so
that’s an option and then you can also
have the the form capture their info
before you send them to that URL I set
up a basic start page and you know a
little button that says start the quiz
and then here are the questions and it’s
pretty straightforward how you set up
the questions you know what’s the
question text and then you have the
ability to segment so let me just hit
add and you can see I so you can type in
now based on them selecting this you
could also have them go to a different
question so you could basically have
different tree branches that are going
off in different directions based on
what somebody’s answer is
go ahead and now you also could upload
photos and have them select answers by
clicking on the photo instead of a text
answer so a few different options for
you there and then you just go ahead and
hit publish and when you publish it
you’re given a URL where it’s where it
lives or you can actually embed it into
another page that you have so let’s say
you want to put the quiz right on your
website you have the ability to do that
as well
Kwasi tree is is brand new and at the
moment I believe that it’s being offered
at a one-off price of something like $69
they may be moving that to a monthly fee
I’d honestly don’t know I haven’t seen
any details but for this launch I’m
pretty excited about the ability to
offer it to you at that price because
most of the services out there including
some services that I currently use are
monthly fees in the range of something
like you know $50 a month up to you know
150 or more based on the type of surveys
or quizzes that you’re doing I really
really like quasi tree it’s very
straightforward very simple to navigate
it gives you a lot of great options a
lot of variables in there but very very
intuitive and a great way to build out
quizzes to grow your list as well as
grow your audience online so hey this is
David bear with bear on marketing and
this has been my review of quasi tree
there’s a link attached to this video if
you’re interested in finding out more go
ahead and click it and it will bring you
over to cuisine sales page where you can
learn more about their offer thanks so

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About Author

He’s a well-known, gifted digital marketer that has been operating in the affiliating sector for several years. After analyzing for nearly a year, he especialized himself in product development, blog switching, email advertising, social websites and blogging. He’s established a lots of merchandise on JVZoo, also Clickbank and he assisted many IM novices to achieve their goal.

Now, let us look at the following portion of the Quizitri Review and discover additional information.

What is Quizitri?

Quizitri Review

Quizitri is an online platform constructed for advertising lovers & funnels.

This stage won’t only help you associate together or participate with your prospective prospects, but it’s going help you in preventing them by incorporating the men and women who have shared varying answers to the varying lists or tags.

The stage will then enable you to convert these prospects by creating unique micro responsibilities and they will be redirected into the various distinct sections of your funnel.

Interestingly, unlike each other stage Quizitri will make certain your ventures are successful by monitoring the general average value of each individual belief.

And yes! If you’re interested in finding something viral just like –“Which of those adorable kittens finest resemble your star sign” there also, the stage will have you covered.
How Can Quizitri Work?

Most preschool programs don’t think of what you — the entrepreneurs, the adviser, the online entrepreneur — actually require. Quizitri does.

It permits you to create quizzes especially targeted on traffic generation, or contribute acquisition, or revenue.

And in addition, it will help fine-tune your prospects according to their personal tastes.

So you wind up with highly-targeted, well-ordered contributor & client lists which make it much easier for you to give folks what they desire.

Quizitri Review

Demo video: Do not settle for the little video! Click the fullscreen button and then See in HD

Quizitri Characteristics

Quiz Logic
Segment even farther with branching quiz avenues, asking different followup queries based on earlier replies

Lead Segmentation

Gorgeous Templates
With a Wide Selection of lovely templates to Choose from, your own quizzes Won’t only Have the Ability to make you a thousand bucks, they’ll look it too

Pre-Written Quizes
You don’t only get templates.

Lead Price
Remain rewarding — Quizitri will monitor the value of your beliefs so that you always know whether you’re getting more out of them than you’re spending.

Client Rights
The Industrial license includes complete rights to make & market quizzes to customers

and More

Response Scoring
Quiz Embedding
Multiple Query
Mobile Responsive
Landing Pages
Thank You Pages
Autoresponder API
Viral Sharing
Remove Branding

Quizitri Review

Effortless List Segmentation… Quizitri could deliver your prospects to various lists according to their quiz result, permitting you to split your prospects into ultra-targeted classes & email them the products they’re most likely to wish to purchase.

Social Sharing… 84 percent of quizzes shared have been shared on societal websites which signifies the viral potential for any quiz is really remarkable… nearly as impressive as easy Quizitri create sharing them.

Auto-Redirects… after your quiz is finished & their unique results are tallied, you can divert them into a purpose-built webpage to provide their outcomes or promote a product, making sure fluency of advertising, joyful prospects, and rapid earnings.

Picture Replies… Quizitri’s array of questions makes it possible to get a much deeper insight into exactly what your prospects most want, while utilizing’image replies’ to keep them fully engaged on your quiz into the bitter finish.

Inline HTML enables you to embed your quiz virtually everywhere. — check out one on this site!

Pop Ups & Exit Intent… moment pop-ups in your own web-site to catch attention as soon as you know you have a solid possibility, and utilize depart intent to catch a direct before they leave.

WordPress Compatible… we’ve produce a super-lightweight WP plugin which allows you turn your site or sitemap right to a Quizitri hub! Huzzah!

We’ve invested a great deal of time mastering cellular & with so lots of individuals now using this, Quizitri can become your one stop direct store.

Hosted Quizzes… do not wish to market your quiz in your site? No issue, we’ll set it for you so that you can make certain your quizzes will remain live, protected, and lightning fast… constantly prepared to accumulate, section, & divert your own leads!

One-click Auto-Responder integration… easy API segmentation & direct acquisition with important email providers. It is so great you’ll forget it exists.

PLUS 15 Incredible PRE-WRITTEN quizzes… using Quizitri that you aren’t only getting templates. You’re becoming fully-written quizzes in a number of markets, so whether you need to go viral using whisky or create a hyper-targeted collection of vegans, then you can simply click on the button & proceed live.



Simple to follow
Mobile responsiveness
WP Compatible
Hosted Quizzes
One-click Auto-Responder integration


If you would like to go ahead & utilize the jelqing quizzes & plug them in the done-for-you templates then your initial Quizitri may wind up & running in half an hour from now. If You Would like to Create Your own, you might do it in an hour
Which means happier clients & simpler gains for you.

What type of quizzes could I create?

All of these!

Personality Quizzes
Viral Quizzes
Content Quizzes
Trivia Quizzes
Lead Segmentation Quizzes
Opt-in Quizzes
Data Quizzes
Sales Quizzes
Affiliate Quizzes
Pass/Fail Quizzes
Consultancy Quizzes
Client Quizzes

Can I market quizzes to customers?

Sure can. You’ll want the industrial permit, but such as the private license, it is an absolute bargain at the moment.

Am I likely to be up-sold to a template subscription?

No, but you’re going to be offered the chance to find a one-off pack of additional templates, which you may choose or not. But there is no monthly commitment involved in any given stage in this launch. You pay once now & get to maintain Quizitri into your advertising toolbox forever.

Just how many quizzes could I have?

It is infinite, on licences.

Can I divert quiz takers to my pages?

Sure! In reality, it’s suggested.

Quizitri Review

If you would like to go ahead & utilize the jelqing quizzes & plug them in the done-for-you templates then your initial Quizitri may wind up & running in half an hour from now. If you would like to produce your own, you might do it in one hour.

Is there a warranty?

Yup, and it is a great one. You get just one month to give it a try. If you don’t see results, you’ll find a total refund.

Why is it helpful?

Quizzes have been proven again and again to become among the most effective viral kinds of articles online.

Even world class lead conversion specialists like Neil Patel have observed enormous 500% gains in direct production thanks to quizzes.

But until now there has been a quiz program that 100% concentrated on improving your advertising funnels.

If more prospects & more earnings are something you’ll find helpful, you are certainly going to find Quizitri useful.

Just how much can it be?

At the moment, in this launch, it is just $69 max.

(It could now be much more affordable than this, it is dependent upon when you’re reading this…)

Quizitri Review

And to put this in perspective, most quiz programs out there is supplying half of the power, frequently with constraints on the number of prospects or quizzes you can have, for approximately $69/month.
Why Should You Get It?

Quizzes are among the most effective marketing tools available.

We’ve got all seen the way the sort of stocks they could create and also the visitors they could drive.

They’re about figuring out what makes your prospects BUY.

Make them join by way of a quiz plus they are going to inform you.

That’s why We’ve developed Quizitri

A quiz stage made for entrepreneurs & funnels.

Quizitri will not only help you ENGAGE your prospects…

It makes it possible to SEGMENT them by incorporating individuals who give different answers to various lists (or distinct tags, even if you want ).

Plus it will be certain that you remain PROFITABLE by monitoring the typical value of each belief.

Cost and Analysis

Quizitri has three distinct choices that you select based upon your needs & your budget. They come with numerous capabilities. You are able to find the Front End package along with all the features I mentioned previously. Or you could pick the Template package or the Quizitri Guru, it is dependent upon you.

Beside, Quizitri includes 1 Front-End and two OTOs:

Quizitri Review

I remind you that you are able to acquire valuable bonuses should you purchase this item. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee to make certain you’re secure in this particular investment.

“It Is A Good Deal. If I Invest Now?”

Quizitri comprise a 30-day Money-back Guarantee Policy. Try It now and Find The next Bonus Now!

Are you aware that Quizzes are among the most effective marketing tools out there? In case you’ve used it, then you may observe how the sort of stocks they could create and the visitors they could drive. Quizzes can reveal to you the very best products to provide and you understand your customers will select between options. However there are a number of difficulties you need to face when utilizing quizzes to acquire involvement.

The Way to Create your quizzes appealing to people
The Way to classify subscribers according to their replies
The Way to Provide the best products mechanically

I would like to present it to you with all the expertise I obtained. I hope you find it helpful and make the smart choice.
Quizitri Review — Review

Merchandise: Quizitri
Establish Date: 2018-Jun-12

Quizitri Review

Refund: 30 Days Money-back Guarantee
Niche: List Construction
Quizitri Review — What Can It Be?

Quizitri is your brand-new software which lets you create quizzes to push traffic and convert prospects and section leads for exceptionally targeted listings. Quizitri can enable you to do lots of jobs:

Engage your prospects
Segment them by incorporating individuals

Tracking typical worth of each impression

About the Writer — Andy Fletcher

You may find more info about those goods from the world wide web. With several years of experience, he’s developed and created this program. He attracts Quizitri together with all the hope to deliver a brand new video game changer in how we catch traffic and leads.
Quizitri Review — Particular Features of Quizitri

Because of this, it is possible to fine-tune their outcome and provide them an ideal product in the conclusion.
Uncomplicated listing segmentation: Quizitri sends your prospects to various lists according to their quiz result; you could split your prospects into ultra-targeted classes and email them the goods they wish to purchase.
Social Sharing: 84 percent of quizzes are shared on Social Networking, therefore the viral potential for any quiz Is Really remarkable
Auto-Redirects: Whenyour quiz is finished and their unique results are tallied, you can divert them into a purpose-built webpage, after which you send their outcomes or promote a item, Picture Replies: Quizitri’s array of questions makes it possible to get a deeper insight to exactly what your prospects most want. It employs the’image replies’ to keep them fully engaged on your quiz into the bitter finish.
Embedded Inline HTML Quizitri: If you provide more choices to individuals, you have opportunity to get more focus and direct. HTML enables you to embed your quiz virtually anywhere
Pop-ups and Exit Intent: Time pop-ups in your site will catch attention whenever you’ve got a solid possibility, and utilize depart intent to catch a lead.
WordPress Compatible: There’s a super-lightweight WP plugin letting you to flip your blog or site to a Quizitri hub
Quizitri could turn into your one-stop lead store.
Hosted Quizzes: Do not you wish to embed your quiz in your site?
One-click Auto-Responder integration: You will find the easy API segmentation and direct acquisition with important email Providers
15 Incredible Pre-written quizzes: You may don’t only design templates but additionally fully-written quizzes in many different niches. If you would like to go viral using whisky or create a hyper-targeted collection of vegans, then you can simply click on the button and then go live.

Quizitri Review — My Expertise In Utilizing Quizitri?

I used this particular product as beta so now I will have a tour that will assist you know everything about it.

Here’s the first dash of Quizitri:

Quizitri Review

Quizitri Review

Here is a few niches you can Pick from Quizitri:

I will select market”Investments and Financial” to create as the case for you now.

You can click on”Preview” to view any questions you can utilize:

Next, I will select theme for this, I find there are 69 topics under different niches here:

Next, I need to make my catch form to receive emails of traffic.

Notice: You can connect your kind using 7 autoresponder methods under:

Next, I put up any results like below:

Notice: Outcome is exactly what people read or are redirected as soon as they select a response from your own quiz.

The following work is that I put up content of page, this is where your customers come and watch initially.

The final job would be to”Publish” my effort, and this is result:

+URL: it is possible to replicate your URL and paste it for your visitor.

At this time, you can visit https://app.quizitri.com/render/0ddbea14-4430-48d6-b6af-8d7dfb86819b to determine my case I create now.

My Opinion:

I love this instrument because I understand how successful the quiz is. I saw a lot of popular content with the majority of stocks are quizzes. Employing quiz to participate people is the newest way in online advertising.

With this particular tool, firstly I find it’s not difficult to use. In all honesty, I simply watch demonstration just 1 time to fully grasp how it functions, then I use it readily. Second, I believe this tool may be used for a variety of niches since it’s possible to import your quiz from the PC.

This Quiz app is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs to focus especially on improving the funnels. So, It Is Going to be a perfect choice if You’re

Online marketer
Company owner
Affiliate marketer
Ecom shop owner
Website owner

Benefits and Pitfalls

Zero limitations
Rapid Business Growth
Make email marketing simple

Master your market
Quick deployment for Fast Outcome
Nothing to download or install
No specialized skills and expertise required


Not Any

Cost and Analysis

Quizitri has three distinct choices that you select based upon your requirements and your budget. They come with numerous capabilities. They all cost $69. You are able to find the Front End package along with all the features I mentioned previously. Or you could pick the Template package or the Quizitri Guru, it is dependent upon you.

Beside, Quizitri includes 1 Front-End and two OTOs:

I remind you that you are able to acquire valuable bonuses should you purchase this item. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee to make certain you are secure in this particular investment.

In the conclusion of the Quizitri Review, I wish to say thank you to your own reading. I evaluate this item is incredible for many marketers. You shouldn’t discount it if you’re seriously interested in the best way to get leads and conversions. If you wait too long, you’ll overlook the deal price. After the launching date, the purchase price increases every day. Thus, it’s the very best time to create a determination.

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