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By | September 6, 2019
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The Social Blade was launched on 18 May 2019. This product was created by Robert McCorkle. Their innovative software offers the means for internet marketers to optimize social engagement on Facebook through automation.

Facebook has evolved over the years into a powerful marketing platform. Social engagement on FB is an ideal way to generate leads for your business. However, social activities such as adding friends, messaging and likes can be repetitive and boring.

The Social Blade helps online marketers to generate effective social engagement within any target niche on Facebook through automation. Please watch the product introductory video below.

The Social Blade

Product Details

Name : The Social Blade

Creator : Robert McCorkle

Launch Date: 1 May 2019

Special Launch Price : $29.99 onetime payment

Refund : Yes, 60 Days Money Back Guarantee

Review Score: 95/100

The Social Blade Suite Package

The Social Blade product suite comes with the following step by step video guides:

  • Installation Guide(in member area)
  • Tips : Keeping Your Account Safe
  • Send Friend Invite Request
  • Delete Pending Requests
  • Send Messages Automatically
  • Like Content
  • Send Fan Page Invites

Product Features – Members Area

The Social Blade Installation Guide

The Social Blade is a Google chrome extension. You will access the video installation guide within the members area. The installation should be done on Google chrome browser using the authorization key provided after buying the product. The guide is straightforward and easy to follow. You also get a video tutorial with useful tips to keep your account safe.

 the social blade

Send Friend Invite Requests

The Send Friend Invite  feature enables you to automate your friend requests by targeting your niche audience. Facebook allows each user to have up to 6,000 friends. However, there is no point in having 6,000 friends with zero engagement. To optimize your marketing results it is essential to target your niche audience. Targeted audience will surely increase your business leads.

This tool comes with a step by step video tutorial that shows you how to automate your friend requests using a niche focused strategy. This blockbuster social engagement tool can save you much time.

the social blade send friend request

Delete Pending Request

Facebook allows users to have a maximum of 1500 pending request. When you hit this limit, you will not be allowed to add more friends until you delete some of the existing requests. Doing this manually can be time consuming especially if you reach the max limit. This tool allows you to track and bulk delete all existing pending request. A step by step video instruction on how to use this feature can be accessed in the members area.

the social blade remove people

Fully Automated Messenger

Automated messages system enables you to send targeted scheduled customizable automated messages to your FB friends. It offers two options:

  1. You will be able to broadcast to selected friends.
  2. You can message new friends. (A new friend is categorized as any new connection you have on FB messenger with no existing dialogue between you)

Automated messages can be scheduled before or after a selected timeline. A detailed video guide is available in the members area.

the social blade send message

Like Content

Liking content is a good way to increase your social connection and visibility within Facebook. However, it is not sustainable to spend hours doing this manually. This feature enables you to automate up to 80 likes every 3 – 4 days interval.

Your social engagement will surely boost using this feature. You will also save a lot of time considering the manual alternative. A detailed video guide is available via the members area.

the social blade pricing

Send Fan Page Invites

Send Fan Page invites tool enables you to send invites to people that have engaged with your Facebook Fan/Group Pages. You must be the page owner or admin to use this function. Streamlining your page invites process helps save time especially if you have tons of engagement on your page.

the social blade review


  • User Friendly Interface
  • Time efficient
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • Step by step video guide
  • Niche Targeting
  • 60 Days Money Back Guarantee


  • Restricted to Chrome Browser
  • Susceptible to changes to FB Terms.


Time is money in my opinion. Therefore, any cost-efficient product that saves you time is a winner in my books. I am a fan of the The Social Blade due to its friendly interface.

There are other tools that can also deliver Facebook automation functions but  not with the same functional capabilities as the The Social Blade.

If you are those that value time and efficiency above anything else. The The Social Blade is for you. Check it out.

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