Social Post Magic review 2021

By | January 16, 2021
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Welcome to my overview of social post magic by Walt Bayliss in this video. What you could expect to learn is a whole in-depth review everything you will need to know and more I’ll show you just what I heard to use social post magic for the past couple of days. I’Ll show you how it works and I’ll show you three reasons why scheduling content develops. Your business we will also discuss the pricing and the optional updates which will be pros and cons, and should I find any discount codes for this item, so that you can make it cheaper. I’ll leave that information in the link below from the movie description, which will take you to my full written review, where you could see all that. You will need to understand the pricing and sells the advantages and disadvantages, and additionally, should you decide to get this product on your own. I’Ll, have a list of approximately 17 enormous premium bonuses which you can get totally free by simply getting social post magic through the link. From the movie description, so with that said, let us enter social post magic and I’ll show you around the members area. So as soon as you log into the first thing you are going to be presented with, is this short, speedy guide or tutorial? That shows you just where everything you will need to use is located, so you understand just how to use the software as soon as you’ve gone through the tutorial you will be shown the dashboard, and the first thing you need to do is visit this section right here. That says, manage accounts, so that you can begin linking your social networking accounts to the program. So, as you can see, there is a good deal of social platforms. You may join with social post magic. The only platform you might not see at the present time is Instagram now. At the moment I spoke to walt the founder of social post Magic and Instagram is at the approval stage, so this will very soon be added to social post magic, but in the time that I’m producing this movie it is not available, but it’s coming so what you would like to do today is you wish to link your Social medias, all you’ve got to do is simply click on the app you want to produce. So for Facebook, I’m likely to click , create an account. Now, with this software, you must bear in mind that it has only pages and groups you may connect. You can’t connect your own personal profile so for this particular demonstration, I’m likely to add my webpage, I’m going to click on submit and now I have my Facebook page linked. Then I’m going to return. Let’S add twitter also. Just click add account it will open this window. Just say accept and you’ve been linked to twitter: let us do it with another one: let us get it done with LinkedIn, add accounts and just need to log in, and I guess me to enter into a code and then click on accept all right. So today we added complimentary accounts. Really fast, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, of course you may connect any account. You need, as you can see here, which makes it effortless for you to create content, schedule, content and handle all of your social accounts from only 1 dashboard, alright. So before we proceed with the remainder of the software walkthrough, let me just show you three reasons why scheduling your articles grows? Your organization, of course, when you are not interested in that, you can just jump ahead and we will return to the social post magic program. However, this is important to bear in mind as you use a software like this. From my experience, it is much easier to create seven days’ worth of articles in only 1 day, as opposed to creating one piece of articles daily for seven days. The reason why this is is because, when you do only 1 content daily for seven days, you overthink your articles. If you simply use one day to schedule an entire week’s worth of articles, you think about all the angles which you could use for your own content. If you are promoting one product, there’re many advantages to that item and you simply use each advantage to create a particular piece of content for every benefit and before you know it you will have seven days worth of articles as opposed to creating one piece of articles daily. For seven days, that is a excellent social networking hack for you, and this program allows it enables you to do this easy. Another reason is that using a software such as this permits you to work on your business as opposed to in your company. So once you sit down on a Sunday on Monday or whatever, and you schedule an entire week’s worth of articles, you’ve got a better image, a better overview of your company as opposed to simply hacking on the day’s content. You know you must think of something. So you only get stuck it’s a lot easier to make it in advance and in addition, it removes resistance. It saves you time by scheduling your articles and it provides you with peace of mind when you’ve got all of your content scheduled for the week of this month, and it actually helps you to grow your company. So with that being said, I hope that has been helpful. Lets get back in the review and now we are going to take a look at the remaining features within social post magic as soon as you’ve connected your accounts. What you probably need to do is go to the file manager and in the event you already have images or other files, you can then upload them in the file manager. Now you have the chance to just upload directly into social post magic. You’ve got 750 megabyte free storage or you can join your own google drive directly here or you can link your Dropbox. So that’s really simple to do. I recommend just using google drive or something like this, since it is simple to post all of your content on your google drive and then simply link your google drive by clicking this link. You just log in to your accounts, like so click on complex click on this button. Here, click on let and click allow again and now you’ve got all of your google drive or if you would like to use your Dropbox or anything you have that right in here that is going to be helpful once you produce content, so let’s go ahead and click compose, that is another thing I want to reveal: this is how you generate content using social post magic. So again, here you can upload media or you’ve got your Dropbox or your google drive connected directly here. If you would like to make a post, let us say I wish to upload something. This isn’t actually the ideal folder. To give you an example of that is my woman right here, so what you would like to do is you wish to write your text here. Lets do an illustration here this is an example article for social post magic. Then, let us add a picture, I’m going to click on my google drive. In fact, I do not have anything in my google drive for this particular demonstration, I’m just going to select a document from pixabay. You may use this button and you can type in anything, let us say black Friday and since it had been black Friday. I simply diffused it a couple of days ago. So, let’s just decide on this 1 yep that looks good market click on download. Subsequently I’m going to upload this one there we proceed only gon na click on this and now we’ve got this picture here just for demonstration purposes. You can now see that we’ve got some example text. We’ve got the example picture here and you can see how it looks now if I want to post this at this time. I can do this here, but you need to go here to select accounts merely to be certain you opt for the right societal medias to post on. So, let us say I want to post on everything. Now I have chosen all my pages. I can see the trailer for Facebook, I can view the trailer for twitter and I can view the trailer for LinkedIn because that is the accounts which I have assessed today. If you made a set previously, you can choose your group here. A group is a defined number of pages, so for those who have a marketing group, you can specify them. In case you have your individual group, you can specify them. For those who have clients that you are managing, you can pick all your accounts into specific classes, so that makes it really straightforward. If you would like to post at this time, you can just click on the article now button, if you are not sure to place it. Now or later you can store it as a draft or if you wish to schedule it in the future. You click on this program button and then you may choose the date. Lets state we need it for Wednesday this week and we need it to be on 1pm, so I can do this and then I can schedule today or should I want to replicate this informative article every specific number of days. I can do that also, but I personally would not use this one. So in case you wish to do so, you can simply go ahead and click on the schedule for this demonstration, though I’m just going to post now and then I’m likely to demonstrate how it appears on each platform. So I’m going to post today so now it says posted on selected accounts. Lets have a look here’s my page. Allow me to scroll down and here we have the article right here, so it posted on Facebook. Lets take a look at twitter. Here’S my article for twitter: Let us have a look at linkedin and here is my article for LinkedIn. So, as you can see it works, it looks great everything looks great and the program works really simple and it places it instantly. If I want to schedule it , I can just choose the date and once I have a good deal of content, I can go here to the calendar on the programs, and here I can view all of the content that is scheduled. Since I add content in the program, it is going to appear, so I can see precisely what’s going out on what date on what stage. So once I’ve been using this for some time, I might want to check at the reports. The reports will provide you a fantastic overview of all of the post you have created, because you can see here. Thats not a lot because I’m just demonstrating it today, but when you’ve some post scheduled and posted, you can see precisely what that is going to look like, as you can see here, as I mentioned previously, you can set your account together beneath the group’s Manager, if you wish to do so, you can simply choose your connected accounts and simply just give the group a name and join your account, so that’s it for this particular social post magic review. I hope this was useful to you. If it sounds like something, you could benefit from go ahead and have a look at the complete written review at the link below from the movie description, and you can check out all of the bonuses which I’ve obtained for you completely free for getting social post magic through this page, and I’ll also leave any discount codes to get it cheaper if those become available. So, with that being said, thanks for watching this movie, I will see you on the interior of social post magic all in a different, video bye for now.

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