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By | January 16, 2021
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Today, what I’m likely to do is I’m going to show you a brand new product that’s called storey that lets you add stories of consumer reviews to your sites. Its a pretty cool plugin. I’Ve never seen it before. Actually it is a cloud-based platform, but before I do this, I want to ask you to enjoy this movie of course subscribe to my YouTube station and hit that telling bell. If you would like to stay updated with my newest reviews. Now allow me to get to my site and let me show you what it is so you have a fantastic idea what this item is all about. Now, there is a link beneath this video which will redirect you to this site. This is my site where I have a live example, and essentially this is what storey are and when you scroll down here, it states why storey describing a bit and then here you find those stories. You can now add these buttons in your sales page prior to the checkout. Now look what happens when I click on one of those stories. It’s going to start up a completely new story from Kelly, it is giving me five stars and wow 200 increase in earnings. That’s going to demonstrate to you another story. From Stephen s: incredible doubled my earnings overnight two thumbs up. Then it is going to share with you another story, and it is essentially what storey is all about, and you’ve got different kind of pop-ups which you can add to your site. I’M going to share with you a few more too, and that is also in the updated plan, can also discuss the pricing later. As you can see in the end of the storey it pop-up pops up a window where you are able to add your own button or an opt-in form, something like this. Now everything can be configured at the rear end before I’m going to show you that I want to mention , through the link below this video on this site, you’ll also see my bonuses which I’m likely to give away, and I got a brand new Bonus which I’m likely to give away to you, which is a free account to my connection platform. This is a cloud-based platform which lets you create one site and it is the only site that you are going to have to improve your own profiles on YouTube. On Facebook, on Instagram on tick, tock just use this link, and you can make a website in this way, as you can see in here where you can add all your hyperlinks to your YouTube station, your Facebook station your tick tock, where people can opt into your list. Its a very beautiful cloud-based platform and I’m going to give it away in case you’d opt to pick up the story through this button or one of the buttons on my webpage. If you buy it through my link and my next bonus, I have two mega: bonuses: is you are gon na receive a free, my analytics accounts, and this lets you record visitors on your site. Just like there’s a camera on your site, seeing what people do on your site, what links they click, what images they look at, etc.. You can see heat maps also going to give you a free account of the. Also, to you so you could use this and additional bonuses also just ensure to look at them here. This is also a WordPress plugin to add a story to your website. This is a really cool bonus, also white label rights, to social pop-up, to increase conversions on your site, so be certain you look at these bonuses on my site before you buy and then simply click on one of the blue buttons until you buy, then those Bonuses will be automatically be sent on your warrior or on your zoo account. If you do not have a zoo account, simply contact me via my site and I’ll be sure to receive those bonuses. Now let’s dive into the story, and let me show you how easy this works so as soon as you’ve logged into this is what you will see you get your dash and you have two things: you’ve got your dash and your performance summary now in the operation overview, you can view precisely how many stories are being watched, how many times how many moments, how many stories have been opened, but what we are going to do is we are going to look to a campaign. So in case you click on create a new effort, then it is going to open a campaign. Now I’m going to edit my current campaign which you saw on my site, so here you give your campaign a title. You may choose your autoresponder if you would like to catch leads through your types, I’m not going to show you that right now, but that is also possible, and in here you can add those stories today. Do you find those stories? Those were the exact stories that you saw here on my site. These are those images that you are seeing right here, and I forgot to mention 1 thing: there is also a plus button which you can add to your site when they click on this along button. People may add their own review, their own story to your site. You can disable or enable this, but this is exactly what you see . You find these reviews and if you would like to add an excess review you click on this plus button in here. You can begin typing your review, it is possible to give it the stars and in here you can upload your own photos. Now you could do emblem files or you may use the library from splash. Lets say you need a headshot from someone that you want a picture. You can just select one of these pictures in here. Then you opt for this picture and you’ll be able to crop this picture. You state done and now this individual has been added to your testimonials on your site. Of course you will need to type a small text in here, but this is how easy you include stories to your site. Now, let’s click on continue and in here you can see precisely what it is now you’ve got two modes, you get a light manner and a dim manner, so you could select which one you prefer on your site and in here you can choose which backgrounds you would like to add to each of these reviews today, as you can see here, I’ve one review, two reviews, three reviews, four reviews and you can alter these wallpapers, so you could just click here and then you can look for pictures or you can upload your own pictures or you could visit your library and you can use that as a background image for each particular review. You may change the text colors, you can change the background, colours, and so on, and everything could be managed in here. The review celebrities you can give these color. Lets say you would like to have those orange, then these celebrities become red or orange. You can just change that in here. In addition, when you update there is an update, you can add layers. When I click on this layer, you can see it is going to add layers to your stories and let us proceed and then this is interesting as it is possible to add leads or not. So when I click leads on it is going to bring this opt-in form also for your uh stories, get story with my bonuses enter email address and individuals fill out, their email address to get this, and, of course you may change this text. You may choose your autoresponder in here on your redirect url or you might add a buy button on the narrative. Thats what you saw on my site. You can change the text by now. You may change the color of the button. If you prefer to get this red button, by way of instance, the text color the button up, you can open this in a new tab. Add your own heading, the colours and then here is the interesting part. You can choose if you want to display this. So after all, stories are completed after the first story has finished playing following the second narrative or after all, stories have finished playing. So when these tales are playing today, I’ve put it to the end. So this is the first narrative. This is the next story. The next story, the fourth story and then in the end it will pop up this window so that individuals can buy this product through that particular story and that is what you manage in here today: let us press continue. Lets turn this back to blue, because I, like blue, better and in here you may embed this on your site today, as you can see here, this is exactly what you may see or you can do it in a widget. This is a widget. You can even add it as a widget to your site. Personally, I really enjoy this one embedded onto your webpage and you can also add a text over these stories. You can now change the text, colours, etc.. Its pretty flexible. It is possible to alter the sizing, as you can see here. If you would like the tiny icons or you want the big icons, so you can match it to your site design and then you have the choice to permit new uploads or not. When I do know it doesn’t allow people to upload their own narrative here, there is no plus button like you are, viewing in here this also button allows people to upload their own review. So, let us say I wish to add my own review to my site. Subsequently I’m going to say: fine, I’m Julie and my email is Julie at damn, I’m gon na upload my photograph. This is Julie. It is a karen folder with this julie. Tell us about your experience. This item is simply awesome and the star rating 5 stars, and I can even upload a movie I’m not going to do this right. Now, I’m likely to submit this, and this review has been submitted to my site. Now it is not automatically going to show in here, since you’ve got the option to medium what people are filling out. So I’m likely to turn this back to yes, I’m likely to click continue and then you have the choice how you wish to display now right now, this has been exhibited as a pop-up my site within the story. Whenever you have the upgrade, you may also do a tacky, that is being added to the right side of your site, as you can see in here, and this 1 I personally, as well as is the slide out. This will take one third of your screen. You may also place it to the left, and this is one third of the screen, so when folks click on one of these tales, one third of your display will be full of a testimonial narrative, as you can see in this circumstance, I’m going to make sure that it remains at pop-up, since this is the front end. That is also what I have on my site and you click continue and when you press go live, I’m not going to do this right. Now, it is going to leave your story today. This will take a couple of minutes and then it is going to be prepared, and it is going to offer you an embedded code which you can add to any website you have, that’s, essentially what narrative is now. The next thing that narrative has is a traffic connection that’s quite powerful, because it’s possible to create new campaigns in here. It is also possible to set them in folders, as you can see, that is the exact same thing with all the other campaigns, but here it is also possible to make links. Now allow me to show you what this is. This is a preview link and it says, submit your review below, submit a movie review under and get featured on our page. What you can do is you may send this page or medium it or alter it? A bit and then send it to the people who have bought your goods so that they can complete the inspection for you. So it is possible to collect all these reviews and then add them to your site. Now, in the end, when you visit your dashboard in here, allow me to see where it’s up to preferences in here once you go here to agree. You may see here. This review was added. This is Julie, so what you could do this, you can download this or you can visit your story queue. You see Julie here, you can see what Julie has stated in here. This item is simply awesome and if you want it, you can approve it by clicking this button it states you can see the story. You may approve this story or you could trash this story. I’M not going to approve this as it’s a brief review and I’d prefer to keep it the way. It’s right now on my site, but this is essentially how it is, and then you see here are all of your testimonials, the accepted reviews and the pending testimonials which you still must moderate and that is essentially what story is all about. It’S a really powerful software which lets you do testimonials totally different ways that people are used to and it is going to show stories that people see anyplace on Facebook, on Instagram, on tiktok, and so on, and that is essentially what it is. So in case you prefer to pick up the story, to be sure to to have a look at my site again, you can read more information also about the pricing here. It begins with 27 for the private on 37 for the commercial version. You can read everything about it about the ones which are being offered to you and, if you want, to pick up through my link, I enjoy it and just click one of those blue buttons and you are also likely to get these wonderful bonuses all perfect. Thank you for viewing and like this video, if you enjoy this subscribe to my YouTube channel um, if you would like to remain updated with my testimonials and hit that telling bell, if you want to get notified each time, I upload a fresh inspection. Thank you for seeing and speak to you soon.

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