My Super Affiliate Builder Review 2021

By | February 1, 2021
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I’m going to share with you an offer which will be ideal for people which are doing affiliate marketing using clickbank and forcing traffic with compensated resources such as Google or facebook. Now most of us know that doing affiliate marketing or promoting clickbank provides with facebook is slightly hard and there’s a way to bypass the actual approval procedure. And today, if you play around with facebook’s principles, you will come out a winner. Okay and I have got a tool and bonuses and training that would really help you do that with facebook advertisements do that with google with a simple software which will build quiz funnels for you in almost any market potential. There’S always the best way to go around the selling facebook. Doesn’T need you to only sell, but if you, if your consumer, the traffic that is coming to your pages, are participating with you, then there is an entirely different game. Here, um, you get more affordable, clicks, quality traffic, you do not get your accounts closed down and you essentially can create commissions using facebook ads driving visitors to these pages which I am going to demonstrate how you can build your own and how you can use. My ones because I have done I have done for you pages which you can use for your own campaigns, and much more with all the bonuses that I need for you for my super affiliate builder. It’S essentially a page builder uh, but it is via a plug-in you could install in your wordpress accounts and you can build unlimited funnels quiz type funnels in any market and I will demonstrate how now before we dig into the program in the coaching members area. Allow me to just show you that these are actual results from folks which have been using the exact same techniques. I have not had the opportunity to really test this software myself, but I know a hundred percent, a hundred and ten percent hundred hundred percent that this works and it works because I have been teaching it through my coaching through my free training, whatever not precisely the identical style, but I am just saying that I have done a great deal of quiz funnel kind and landers to understand that these are those that convert better than anything else out there and you will see why inside the particular offer. But there’s a case study showing you precisely how this real quiz, like you can actually come here. Watch this video, it is a 22 minute video and you can actually resolve a quizlander based on what they did, since this is they created over 100 000 uh, an affiliate commission using this exact same lander which you are seeing here. I’ve similar lenders that I am giving you bonuses as well that you simply plug and play exactly all you’ve got to do is just stick around and see this review today. There’Ll be landers as well with uh graphics with questions which you may add and make, and it is pretty much very easy in the method that they are teaching you, but the real bonuses are here in my little video thing which I created all right. So what you are seeing right now are the bonuses which I am going to be providing you with the bonus amount one is uh, essentially uh five done for you, clickbank uh quiz, funnel kind landers, I am going to be providing for you it is plug and play you can really use This and replicate and utilize them in the plugins right here. It’S perfect , you are, going to be getting your ads copy uh for facebook advertisements for all the lenders that I am giving you I am also going to be giving you an audience list which you can place into your um facebook advertising account where you can construct a listing, a look-alike audience. I show you how you can do this using the list that I am giving you, you can not use that list to send them emails, but you can use that list to make a look-alike audience that’s a buyer’s list. It’S people that purchased either from me or from offers that are alike in the market that I am going to be providing you. So this is huge since I am also giving you pictures, you may use a buyers list just like to construct uh the audience of this uh effort and everything all perfect. So it is pretty powerful uh! This’S uh number three! I’M giving you a way to brand your company really fast like right. As you’re creating your webpages, then you may make a real logo real fast, showing you the procedure, I will teach you how you can brand yourself in less than five minutes without youthinking of it too much. Alright, bonus number four is essentially my five completed for you high ticket supplies, because as soon as you learn how to promote supplies from clickbank, then you can use this procedure to advertise offers for high ticket supplies. That means you can use the same method as well as the templates offered to you within my super affiliate builder. That means you can build your own funnels very fast. It’S about done for you copy and paste either from the methods that I am showing you here or through placing them within your funnel builder uh to your super affiliate funnel builder okay. So I am giving you five done for you who are ready for you to go. Uh uh tested improvement that attracted me outcomes as well, and I am gon na be offering you a method from all of the traffic that you are going to be sending to each of these funnels, the funnel builder uh, the domain names, the sites uh. A way which you can generate leads without them needing to opt in so perhaps people arrived, they landed, but it is not only which you may use these lists as viewers lists for any traffic that has come to those pages and construct another retargeting list based on the Visitors from those that you do not necessarily have to use the mails to send them something because they did not opt in anywhere, but there’s a way to create an audience, a look-alike to maximize your results, I am telling you what I am giving you here is a more concentrated thing which you can imagine fine, so these are the bonuses for my super affiliate builder. Now, let’s jump to the super affiliate construct. This is the members area. This is what you are getting for the novices. It’S essentially to show you everything that you are going to be doing with this construction, which costs such as, I believe, around 29 bucks. It’S worth it since you get infinite acceptable, so you get your training and how you’re going to begin. Alright, there’s videos showing you just what you will need to do. They explain the technique of this quiz funnel type method: fine, showing you how and what you will need to do how to put this up. Okay, what’s in here for you to essentially get it going. Alright, so this is pretty cool they are, showing you precisely how to create this, funnel you could actually follow along and build your own since it works okay. This is this real one was worth. I don’t know 100 000 they left on clickbank. Okay, integrations. You can construct the list with this type of funnel uh builder. All right, you are able to incorporate the significant um autoresponders aweber active effort, uh mailchimp, uh, getresponse they are all there and you can incorporate with this or you may use zapier where they are, showing you just how to connect it using zapier uh, which is just another way of linking things And uh collecting leads and everything like this, all right, there is the uh quiz coaching, where you are going to go through the entire quiz journey of learning how to construct quiz. I mean you are going to become a specialist. This’S going to help! You discover the offer uh how to push the visitors the funnel it is all here, they are, providing you with everything: fine, everything they are, even showing you how you can set up events uh for facebook to burst your conversions, yet another trick, uh you can learn everything, then they are teaching! You, the uh landing page template on which this is all about: uh, the way to set it up, uh and everything like this. Okay, so it is pretty cool, you finish that and then uh they have a recommended uh software, all right, they are gon na show you enjoy use. Uh, commission gorilla and everything like this. I can tell you that you do not actually need to use commission gorilla. You can use other procedures, I am going to be. In fact, I should have nicely, it is very easy use: google docs to use bonuses which you may want to add, but this is much more sophisticated just go through the training. You are going to be fine, and everything like that. Now, let’s jump in the software uh after you place it on your site, so this is one of my sites, it is uh and it is my fate, tuning secret site, I have, ent, I have added the plugin and basically, I am going to share with you exactly what this looks like. How easy this is to use and what else you might be doing with this fine, so scrolling down! You can see what I can do this is fill in the information quite easily they have got all the mapping prepared the questions that I would like to eat, but in addition they have done for you examples it is possible to use fine, so I can decide on the affiliate quiz exercise instance, fine and then scrolling down it’s gon na set up everything. For me, it has got the questions. The answers all I need to do is just go over here. Uh sorry uh go over here to the poll results and then I can choose uh what it is I would like to include my results. Alright – and you can add 1 outcome, you can add two or you can take them straight to the uh connection, which is your affiliate link that you are going to be adding here linked to the zapier item, so it’s possible to collect leads. If you do not, you know that it’s just everything , you link it to your aweber, select the list you need to pick from the aweber listing, and you can add your conversion tracking here for any conversions you need to build like it is all built in. So that you can really take this and send out uh traffic also. Okay and you are gon na be sending you understand any traffic that is paid, any free traffic, whatever traffic is gon na, be assisting you uh generate prospects. So this is a good example of the uh among those you know, the real quizzes that you are gon na be generating. So, by way of instance, if someone comes here and follows you can see that how everything is working perfectly well, uh with your wordpress account. Okay. So there we go alright and I should give them. I didn’t I did not set a url anywhere, but this is the way it works. This is one of those methods, one of those templates, but there is much more uh to this fine, so you are going to be going through the training you are going to be setting up things, everything and they are going to explain how you are going to be generating more Cash uh with their uh case, research that you are going to be checking out and also the training that they have for you. Alright, so it’s all here, I do not need to experience the actual building. There’S no point of me doing so: it is all within the training. This is a superb tool to have. For those who have a wordpress account, it is perfect, if you do not, you want to construct a wordpress account. Uh get some a domain happening, but it is something that’s well worth it alright, so this is what it is, but now that I am telling you about all of this and I am thinking, is there some thing else. That’S missing. I’M seriously I am going to be adding a few more bonuses, since I feel like there is something missing from this uh to assist you and I am trying to think like as a newbie. What would I need if someone gave me this plugin? What can it be that I should learn how to build? So I’m thinking I am gon na get you within my flip-flop earnings course, so that you can go out there and build a wordpress website quite fast and uh for cheap okay. So I am get all info there, but in addition, it shows you my travel on how I managed to create my first commissions with affiliate marketing through paid advertisements. So I am going to be incorporating that incentive and then added in that video thing which I added and one more thing which I wanted to add is I want to show you ways to get free traffic back to that site that you have created on wordpress at no cost, okay, it is basically my traffic signal method, but I am going to be showing you the way you can do it with the wordpress uh account. Okay, so you are going to be getting free traffic to your own quiz, funnels. Okay, that is powerful and you will see why, in my incentive, it’s gon na be really like. This is the best opportunity for you to get all this uh to get a good, a fantastic cost of like 29 bucks. I think I think it is even cheaper, I am not sure but uh the cost will be increasing and moving away in three days following this launching is over all right. So basically I need you to come scroll down under select up. My super affiliate builder and you will find a google doc with my bonuses which I promised you inside that google doc today, if it is not ready yet some incentives aren’t ready, yet don’t worry, I am still either generating them or adding them as we talk, and it is going to be there from the date which I promise you on on the surface of the google doc aside from that. Thank you for viewing. Please, like subscribe remark below challenge me if like, but I am telling you right now, if you are doing any sort of affiliate marketing with clickbank. This is a superb tool to use. You understand very well. The click funnels promotes these sort of quiz funnel type templates. Well you can now build your own with wordpress uh, something which is uh that works fine using the real uh survey templates they have for you personally and you building uh, using the the templates which I am gon t be uh, making for you, fine, it is very straightforward to use it is just entering a few things and I am telling you you can construct funnels forever using this method today. Another small thing that I would like to show you is that on clickbank there are a variety of offers that currently provide you with templates which you can use for quizzes, which you may choose from here, uh for illustration uh in the pages that they have for you. So you can produce your own okay, it is a cool, small tip which you could do just head over to these tiny affiliate pages and go find the affiliate programs and attempt to find more templates. You can use for your campaigns utilizing this quiz type way of getting cheap clicks, because the quiz funnel method will bring. You cheap clicks to your offers that you are promoting for clickbank. I hope this is an eye opener. I hope you go ahead and pick it up check out the links below have a look at the 22 second case study, so that you can follow along if you, in case you got this if you believe you understand how to construct quizzes, that’s fine go ahead and do this. I also have quiz funnel templates which I am providing for you through group funnels besides that. Thanks for watching and I will talk to you inside

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