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By | August 25, 2018
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Super Affiliate Class review

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let’s just talk
about what the super affiliate class is
all about first I will show you the
inside of the members area so we are
inside as you can see you have five
modules all together and what’s really
cool about the product is that it
teaches proven methods it’s nothing
really new I have to say there are
proven methods that actually work inside
of our business and what makes us all
super affiliates most of the people are
actually not going to implement a lot of
these things and that is where the
problem happens so if you’re looking to
actually build a business and drive
traffic and you know convert that
traffic into sales then you really have
to build a list and that is pretty much
the best way to go now there might be
some other ways but in our business
internet marketing world basically the
way we make money is from building a
list now obviously there are so many
different strategies that you can use on
driving traffic we just explain how to
do that inside the Commission drill if
you haven’t picked it up definitely a
product that you want you because you
can get penny clicks traffic and turn
that traffic into sales
now what going back to this course
you’re actually getting this case study
with the super affiliate class now
another thing is besides the class or
the case study they actually gave you
all the swipes that they have used to
pull in this cash now the product that
they promoted was actually paying than
100% commission on the entire funnel and
that’s why they were able to generate
quite a bit of cash inside of 36 hours
but it is all based on finding the high
converting offers how to get bonuses how
to sell this to your email us so the
methods that they are showing here are
also how to set up your opt-in page how
to drive traffic free or paid like I
said it’s not a new
method it just it is a method that works
so I’m kind of trying to be upfront here
with you because I noticed a lot of
people are just trying to sell you a
course I want you to understand what you
can find inside now having said this let
me share something else with so this is
their sales page right now as you can
see and if we scroll down right here
they are showing you proof like I said
all the methods work and it really
depends on the offer and how you
structure it to see how much money you
can make so this is you know real proof
but here’s one thing that they shared
one second going down just to find it
there is additional proof that they have
that they banked over half a million
dollars using this method and I have to
say yes but they are also implementing
another list-building method which is
product launching we all do it now just
today as I’m recording this video I’m
gonna take you over to my water plus
account as you can see right here just
show you right here just in this is now
day four we pulled in over 14,000
dollars now you’re probably wondering
okay Rana while is showing me that I
want that kind of money to but you know
well here’s the thing this right here is
the method that I’ve been using for a
while we just got almost 2 800 sales
right now and that is very impressive
now you’re probably wondering how we do
that well if you do get a copy of the
super affiliate class which like I said
it’s not a new method but it is
definitely a method that works then I am
going to give you the exact step-by-step
case study on how I pulled in 42,000
dollars within 30 days to make this
happen so you get all the steps that you
need to implement in order to replicate
my results it’s based on my launch and
how I actually
do this so if you click on the link
right below this video then you will get
access to that case study and you will
see exactly how that happens so you can
replicate David and Billy’s results and
get those same figures thank you so much
for stopping by

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