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By | September 25, 2018

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viddyoze review

viddyoze 3.0 review



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Welcome To The BRAND NEW Viddyoze 3.0. The world’s fastest web based 3D animation platform. Now with over 170+ templates!

What is inside Viddyoze?

Today we’re gonna be doing a  review on viddyoze. Now version 3.0 is gonna be launching on May the 1st I don’t believe there’s a whole lot of changes since version 2. Maybe some new templates have been added, maybe you know some small modifications but I’m gonna go over the details and show you everything about viddyoze that you need to know before you buy it. You can get all the details about viddyoze by visiting the link. It’ll first take you to my bonus page so if you do buy videos through my bonus page you’re going to get all those bonuses on that page just as a way of saying thank you. What I done for this review is I actually went out and bought the viddyoze package, the $97 one. Now at the time this is going to be sold I think it might even be 67 so you have to check that and I also upgrade it to the templates club membership so I’m going to show you what you get with that as well. And throughout this video demonstration you’re going to see animations just randomly pop up on the screen. Any kind of animation that you see throughout this video was made and added with viddyoze.
I have a company and we do a lot of web designing and a lot of video marketing and I thought this could be useful for that as well when I purchased this but I didn’t really know how well this software would work well. It’s not really software; it’s all based online in the cloud so you can just log in and use it anywhere but I think it’s gonna be extremely beneficial to me in my business and to our video marketing because it does so much more than what I thought. You could do with it to enhance your videos and really make them look professional and keep users engaged with it. So if you are involved with video marketing I highly suggest that you take a deeper look into the software. I’m going to go through and show you some some of the stuff that it can do and so actually let’s go ahead and jump into it.

When you first purchase viddyoze you’re obviously going to register and create a username and a password where you can log in. When you do it, if you just get the base package which for me like I said it was $97, but I believe when version 3.0 comes out it may even be 67 at least for a while. After you buy that you’re going to be presented or at least I was with a page like this but what this is? This is well worth it. For just thirty seven dollars a month you can get an additional fifteen new templates added. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever went out and bought logos intros outros or special effects before from Fiverr, upwork, or any of these companies, but they can be expensive. You know, they start off with $5 and depending on what you want added to it, if you want music added to it, if you want background effects added to it, and different things, you know, it can cost you upwards of 30, 40, 50 dollars. So here you get 15 new ones every month and it’s gonna cost you an extra thirty seven dollars a month which is very affordable. Or, you can pay it yearly and get two months free. So with that being said let’s jump in and I will show you inside of viddyoze.

viddyoze templates

viddyoze templates


When you log in you’re gonna see here on the left-hand side. These are the templates that you have and like I said I do have all of them and they are categorized. Here is a list of the categories:

  • Logo
  • Intros
  • Outro
  • Title
  • Overlay
  • Alpha
  • Social
  • Background
  • Live
  • Transition

We’re gonna go through and just look at a few of each one of them. They’re very professional. For example, you can see ones here for fire, you know, if you have a bakery it might work well for you. They have smoke effects. It says Inferno title.  And so we can go through and it’s goodly alpha they have some really neat ones in here. These are effects that you can overlay on top of your video just to kind of add additional effects to it. You can see here little arrows, pop up there like paper arrows. They have petals falling, big arrows, brackets with text. They have a lot of lower thirds, a lot of very professional ones. They have breakthrough titles…, just different effects you can add. You can see down here that there’s multiple pages so you can go through many of these pages and see everything that they have. For background there’s only six of these currently, but what they do have is pretty nice. They have 154 intros so it might take you a little while to go through and look at all of them. But they have them. It’d be hard to not find one that you couldn’t use for whatever your videos want to be. Cinematic intros…, and we’ll just skip through here and go through. Now obviously I have not had this for a long period of time so I’ve not been through all of these yet to see what they are. But one thing that I do wish that they would improve one is being able to watch these as you hover over them faster because it does have like a three to five-second delay and you know they got hundreds of these things and by time you look through them all it can take a long time to look through them. They have some really professional logos in here and these are great if you do any kind of your own work that you sell, you could make literally a killing from this just offering what they have here. And in a minute we’re gonna pick one of these and I’m gonna show you how it works. These are really neat. You can see here that they have images in the background and with these images you’re gonna put in you’re just going to upload your image and it’s gonna replace the picture on the wall with your image so this is a good one to do. Let’s go ahead and let me just go ahead and pick this one. Once you select it, the only thing you have to do is upload an image and choose the canvas color which we’re gonna leave white for this example. Let me go ahead and choose upload and I’m gonna go ahead and pick an image to add. Okay, and I added my logo for on here and we’re gonna click render video. That’s all we have to do and it’s gonna give us some previews of what its gonna look like before we continue with it. So you can see here, we click on it, kind of goes through and shows you so what we can do here is we can name the video and we’ll call it a tee picture. You can include the audio that comes with the video if you want that included, and I do cause it sounds good to me so I’m gonna add it on here and click render video. Now you can also go ahead and go back and work on something else while it’s making this video so you just don’t have to wait around. Let’s go back to create new again and we’re on go ahead just jump back down here to a few of these other ones that’s in here. This is another one that I made with a laptop which was really cool and what it does is it just replaces the picture that you upload into the screen of that computer and it looks like that’s what they’re watching. They have all kinds of really neat ones in this category and some of these you may have seen from the demo page on viddyoze itself. They have a lot of these demos already made up and you can see all those if you go through the link. This one’s really neat the graffiti logo so it’s like whatever image that you upload there is what it shows them spray-painting. That’s pretty neat. With the iPhone you can put in upload an image and that’s what’s going to show on that screen. So let me go ahead and go back to the videos and see if this is done yet. Now that one’s still rendering so we’ll just go back. There’s 267 logos we are not going to go through all of these. I’m not going to go through all the pages but there are a lot of them and there’s a lot of really nice ones. This is the one that I use. That’s the one that I used there to create the my company logo. This one here I’m not sure how it’s much of a logo really okay there I guess I didn’t watch it long enough last time. That one’s pretty neat, got some bubbles, and you got a breakthrough girl, and a guy… okay so there’s page after page of these logos that comes with it and they’re really professional looking. And there’s outros we can add to it. There’s just a few overlays you can use and some of these I believe we’re in the other categories. There’re social. These are ones you’re going to use to get people to really draw attention to subscribing or signing up to your social accounts through video. And I think it’s the last page that has ones there for YouTube you’ll probably see that show up in this video if it hasn’t already. They have all kinds of 67 different types of titles currently and there’s a few transitions you can do in between your videos. Let’s go back to videos it should be done, it is, so let me go ahead and download it and then we’ll watch it. okay so here’s the video.  Yeah, I don’t see anything really that special about the logo that would cause you to want to stay in there and just stare at it, but you know what I guess  it is pretty cool so anyway but it’s really neat. How it can make these videos and how it can use any image that you upload to replace it within and it just really makes it unique, really makes it stand out, and really makes it professional. That’s pretty much it for videos. It is so simple to use. It’s just a matter of going through selecting a template, adding your logo or your image to it and rendering it and that’s it! so very easy to use! The biggest thing you’ll spend your time with videos is going through and looking at all the templates they have especially if you upgrade to the membership for the club for 37 dollars a month which in my opinion is a no-brainer to get all the extras and the extra 15 a month because as soon as you get those extra 15 a month if you sell these you’re gonna have brand new ones every month coming you can add. You can promote those and try to sell them so great way to make a lot of extra money or just a great way to really showcase your own videos or your clients videos and make them stand out.


This has been my review of viddyoze 3.0 unless they change it which I don’t think that we have much changed here in the next couple weeks when it comes out. You’re gonna find out the truth about the products. You’re going to get all the details so you know exactly what you’re getting before you buy and also don’t forget that if you choose to buy Viddyoze , go through my link there on the screen because I’m going to give you a great bonus package to go with it so thanks again if you guys got questions or comments please leave them under this post and I will to get to them as soon as I can.



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