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videorobot bonus

videorobot bonus

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Revolutionary “All-Inclusive” Video Creation Platform With Unlimited Video Renders, Text-To-Speech, One-Click Translation and More. Includes Commercial License!

What is inside VideoRobot?

I’m going to give you a quick overview of what VideoRobot does. It gives me the world’s only all-inclusive video platform to create next generation pro quality videos in any language or niche within minutes. That’s exactly what this does. Now you’re going to get 300 ready-made video templates, you’re going to get flexible blank video canvases,  you’re going to get maximum reach and engagement and a commercial license which is included which is going to allow you to sell these videos as a service on places like Fiverr and upwork. That’s how you can monetize from this and also I have my own ways of monetizing from this as well which I talked to you about in my bonus.

Now I’m not going to have the time to go through this whole sales page with you because it’s very lengthy. However, go and check it out on your own because there’s some templates on there which you can watch straight away. There’s a ton more information on here that you really should be reading and there are testimonials and there are all kinds of cool stuff on here that you should really go and check out yourself. Do that obviously by clicking  on any of the links on this web page. It will take you through there, so go and have a read-through of that.

videorobot review

videorobot review

I’m going to jump into the members area now into the software and I’m going to show you how this works. In a nutshell it’s going to allow you to create little videos that you’ll be able to sell as services for other businesses. This is really hot right now. If I click on “create a new video”, you have the option to use 3d avatar templates, kinetic animation templates, whiteboard animation templates, a blank canvas where you could start from scratch. I’m going to use 3d avatar template so I’m going to click on there and then I’m going to click on next.It’s a six-step process so we’re on step number two now. Here you can choose from these templates that have been made straight off the bat. All you need to do is just go and edit them. You have alarm, installation, bankruptcy, attorney, business, services, car, dealership, child, care, chiropractor, cleaning, surveys, construction, contractor, cpa, dentist, divorce, attorney, dog training, and the list goes on, There’re over 300 templates that you have access to here: dry cleaning, electrician equipment rental, event planner, financial planner, florist funeral services, gym, hair salon, handyman, home, remodeling, etc. You can see the potential of this by looking for businesses in your local area and saying I will do your video marketing for you and you could boom going in a straight away and start creating a video in less than five minutes for them. Let’s say we have an event planner who wants a video making. We’re going to click on here. You can preview it.You have this little Avatar who actually does all the talking for you reading the text as we go. We’re choosing this one. Then we’re going to go on to the next step. We can have a male or a female voice so I’m just going to choose a female for that. I’m going to click on next step. Now I can customize it here. We can choose a different person to be presenting here such as the chef’s, the kind of businesswoman, the gym lady, and there’s a ton more of the persons you can choose from one here as well. Then you can click on the next step now. Here’s where we choose the voiceover options so you can have the ready-made voiceover that’s already in there. These have all been done by a professional voice-over artist so they’re ready to use straight off the bat. You can also have text-to-speech. If you’re doing this in a different language such as Spanish, you can change the language here. Let’s go down and find Spanish. This is going to translate  all of the text here into Spanish. Let’s just have a listen to this. I don’t speak Spanish myself so I don’t know if that is correct. All you would need to do is just choose your script in English which you can go and get from a few different places. You could even get one professionally made on Fiverr. Paste that into there, change the language ,it’s gonna change it into whatever language you want.We got Australian English, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Castilian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Icelandic, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, US, Welsh. Let’s just put it into Japanese. You can see if you are a speaker of a different language and you want to use  the honey of the power of video marketing for local businesses in your country, you can also use this app which is pretty cool because not a lot of these software’s allow you to do this in different languages apart from English which does kind of soccer. But for this you can. Apart from having a text-to-speech function where you can change the language, you can also record your own voice. All you would do is just hit the record button and speak into it. You must allow it to use your microphone. You can use that recorded voice, or you can go to the media library and you can select from the library for an mp3 file that you may have. You might want to outsource this to a place like Fiverr and give them a script and get somebody to professionally do a voiceover for you, which they would give you in an mp3 file and you’d simply upload the mp3 file into here, and you would be able to use that. If you’re not confident doing a live recording, you could actually do an mp3 version of the recording and then you could upload that as well. There’s a ton of different options that you could use. I’m just going to go with a ready-made voiceover. You can have it to include subtitles if you want. You can also have background music. You can select from the library. As you can see inside the library, there’re not that many options for good background music, so you can upload your own background music inside of there. I’m not going to use background music. I’m just going to click on the next step. Here we can personalize the video so we can choose our logo inside of here. We can choose a ready-made logo. We can go to my media. We can upload our own logo from there as well. We can upload our own background image, and we can set our contact information in there so our name or our clients name obviously and the clients contact details. Click on next and here it’s going to put everything together but it’s also going to allow you to customize different aspects of it if you’re not happy with it. You can play it straight from here. Now you can go and customize any of these elements. Say you want to add more text onto the top of it. You can add more text right inside of here. You can change the color of it if you want it to stand out a little bit. Let’s make it green . You can see that’s come out in the background. You can change the intro, if you want to put your own logo in there, or if you want to put your client’s logo in there. You can preview how each of these logos come in animated, and you can change the logo aspects in there as well. You can also have that with an outro. So if you want to have your social media profiles on there on the outros, you can do that for your logo on the outro. You can customize these little bits of text that come in and they’re already kind of they’re already nicely laid out but you can animate them as well. You can also add different whiteboard features in here if you want to have your logo drawn in a white bar do an absolute X come in with a hand right in the text. Then you can also customize the background. You can customize the contact information, the actor, all of these things you can  customize directly from this kind of preview page. Once you’re happy with it, you just simply click on “create movie”. You can make a title for it such as  “event planner demo”. You can choose to have it in 1080 HD or 720 HD. You can have it as an mp4 file or a web M file. You can create a social media gif as well. I think you need to have an upgrade to be able to do that. So you just submit that and it’s going to start rendering it. On the next page you’ll be able to access all of the movies that you’ve already made. This is one that I made just previous to this. You can preview it right here. You go yet the idea. Then all you need to do is just export it to a download. You’ll be able to download it to mp3 or whatever format you chose. Then you would be able to upload this to Fiverr for your client or wherever you want to upload this. That’s basically how this works. You have access to your media library right here so you can upload new files, logos, backgrounds, music. You can do all of that in there.

Apart from the the 3d avatar templates they have animation templates, kinetic animation templates, whiteboard animation templates, and obviously you can start right from the beginning with a blank canvas.

Now I’m going to talk to you about the prices and the upsells. The price of everything that I just showed you inside the software for the front end is $37 to $47.It’s $37 if you get in there on launch day which is this Thursday and that is the eighth of March 2018. If you get in there at 11:00 a.m. est, you’ll be able to pick this up for $37. If you drag your feet and you’re little bit late getting in, it’s going to be going up to $47. By the end of the launch it’s going to be going up to hundreds of dollars. So save yourself some time, save yourself some money, and get in there as early as you can. For the front end you get you basically everything that I just explained to you. You get a hundred templates of each of the types: 3d avatars, kinetic niche, whiteboard.  You get professional, male, female voice overs for all of the templates that are included. You get new blank video canvases. You get in any language up to 30 seconds in length for the blank video canvas. You get industry-leading features like text-to-speech one-click language translation, lifelike 3d avatars, basically everything I just showed you.

There are four upsells. The first upsell is going to cost $44 lifetime, if you pick it up during the launch, because after the launch this upsell is going to go up to $27 a month. So it’s in your best interest to pick this up during the launch for just $45 one time.For this you get to unlock new text effects, motion animations intros and outros. You get to unlock new lifelike 3d avatars. You get monthly done for you templates in the hottest niches. This alone is going to be worth it because you can take these new templates and you can create them into videos and you can go out and sell them. You can go and lobby new clients with them. There’s a ton of stuff you can do.  There are monthly new text effects and animations. You also get access to everything for the one-time price during the launch period before it goes up to monthly.

The second upsell is $67 and this is video robot agency license. For this you get to use the 1080 high quality video output. If you don’t get the agency license, you can only use it in 720 HD. But if you get the agency license, you use it in 1080 which is way better. You get text transcripts of all niche video templates. You can customize the text groups. You can make new voice-overs which is going to be super good because it’s going to make you stand out from other people. Increase the length of blank canvas videos. You can make them up to 6 minutes in length which is pretty good. You can get human green screen spokesperson templates with 50 videos ready-made. So basically it’s a massive expansion pack if you get these upsell #2.

Upsell#3 is a three- -in-one traffic suite and this is $37. For this you get access to three amazing software tools for the price of one. You get magic video ranker which instantly predicts and finds keywords for your videos. You get video syndication robot which syndicates videos to the top video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, dailymotion etc. You get social traffic suite which instantly submits your video to top 10 social media sites.

Upsell#4- Profit Maximizer. This is $27 and for this you can instantly add subtitles and turn your videos into GIFs to maximize your results in your videos. With these gifs you can go and put these into things like Facebook posts, Instagram videos, so you’ll be able to grab some extra traffic from social networks using these animated gifs and that’s a pretty good idea.

I’m gonna recommend upsell#4,upsell#2 and upsell#1 but they’re all optional. You don’t have to get them. But I do definitely recommend that you get the front end because you’re going to be able to make some really good money using this and selling this as a service to other businesses on Fiverr and upworks.

So that’s it from me and I want you to be able to get the best out of video robot as you can.  I hope you got some value out of this videorobot review.




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