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By | February 2, 2021
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I love any sort of video or youtube based program. That’S going to help my company to have the ability to grow, to receive my message out there and, of course, to drive more sales. Well, today, we have got something that does exactly that. This is actually a killer deal alright, so here we are inside of videostylerr and with Videostylerr you are likely to get two fundamental things here. One is that this membership area that has trainings and the welcome, in addition to hyperlinks to the mastermind training which they are going to do, etc.. And the other is the real software that’s over here and that you are likely to get by coming into the Videostylerr software right here and down here, there is going to be a button which says to sign in or register. So you click on this. You register an account and once you do, which you could go right into the software to have the ability to produce your different wallpapers and video templates. Alright, in order starting off, you have got your welcome. You’Ve got your outline again. You got your applications here today. This is where you are going to find all the trainings on how to do things so demonstrating controllers. Okay, that is likely to give you all of the info you need about that down here. You’Ve got how to load templates . So as soon as you create your template, how can you put it on your video? Well, this will show you just how to do this and they really use a free third party software. This’S really really cool that lets you place the templates onto the present videos as soon as you design your templates fine. So in the event you don’t understand how to do this manually, this will do this all for you right inside of there today you can also do things such as add, captions and they are, going to show you exactly how you can do that. So in case you wish to place captions on your own videos, you can do that down here, the way to adjust the templates. This will show you how you can make the minor adjustments like, for example, in this one here, you can see this particular window, with the movie inside, is small and over to the left and then there is blank space over to the right. Well, what? If your movie has your individual on the right and they’re covered by the picture, this will show you how you can make those adjustments so you fit in where you need to within the template itself. Alright down how to do thumbnails. So again, you are going to use the software you are likely to make youtube thumbnails, and this will show you how you can upload your thumbnail into youtube, which I am sure most of you understand how to do. However, it’s here if you do not know how to do that. The next thing they have is about zoom and the way to do zoom templates. Now this will give you that cnn style side by side that’s truly cool. Everybody loves that stuff, and they said that this is for zoom. This would work just as well with, if you are doing an interview on skype, this would work just as well if you are using memo live like I use. If you wanted to use this as one of the templates, so each these items would work very well for you. So it is not just zoom, although zoom is kind of this example here, since well quite honestly, over 300 million people now use zoom, which is absolutely incredible, and a great deal of people are doing their interviews throughout there. So you do zoom place this great graphic on it and you have got a gorgeous video on there. So let us take a look at the actual software, in order to kind of get a much better idea. So I am going to come out here and what this has is a great deal of ready-made templates. You can now come here and you can create a template from scratch, but quite frankly, they have such terrific templates in here. Most of you are probably going to do so, and it is going to be faster and easier for me to demonstrate how this works by coming in here, so the first one they have are the movie wrappers. Now these are wonderful. This is plenty of fun. This is something which you could do to put onto facebook so you’re not only putting a movie, but maybe you have got some information , and you will see a few of these templates which they have here so enjoy this here and it is kind of neat. You know you have this man here, you got up a message here and then you’d have your movie in here and then that will be submitted up on facebook or instagram, or you understand your own site, but uh. Mostly, facebook, I believe, is where most individuals are gon na get the most from the down. Here. You’Ve got some tick, tock, specific ones; fine, only a ton of those templates and how these work are very, very easy. So, let’s um, let us choose one of those graphics here um. Let’S state this one right here: we are just going to open up that one: fine, and so if we open up this one here, you will realize that is the actual template. Okay, and so what you are going to do is you are going to click on your text . If you would like to change this right now, it states sprinkle in your distinctive differences. So maybe what we are going to say is watch this movie uh to find out more what you are gon na find out more about. I don’t have any idea, but you get the idea that this is what we’re gon na possess and, obviously, you can centre all this stuff and put it up how you want make it look how you want it to look. Okay, and so there that is pretty much all you must do with this zoom in there just so you can see it today. You can come in here and you may make different adjustments. So, for example, let us say uh watch this, which I spelled watch incorrect. The fantastic thing is, even when you spell things wrong: it is quite easy to generate a change. Okay. Now, let us say we need this bottom line for another colour. We could come down here and we can change that color to something possibly a slightly gray. Alright, just to give it a little bit of a change there you can now go. Of course extreme you may pick any colour, you need, in reality you know in actuality, I’m going to make it like that. I sort of like that colour right there, several other things which you can do with this is that you can do bolds you can do italics. You can do underlines left center, like you would with almost anything – and you know, possibly to learn more we are likely to select a different font to make it look somewhat different um. Let’S see what we have here, I do not know if we have anything fun. We would like to do with this: Let us go with this one here: fine, so now, we have got this so we could put this in here and that just gives it a little bit of a styling change there and again, you can make one of these adjustments that You want today there are different things which you can do in here. Besides only change the text – that is already there, you can really add unique items like I only that was unintentional, but you can add extra text in there since I had the text tool check marked over here. Had the text tool turned on, so I clicked it, it made it for me, but you can add other text items by coming in here. You can add shapes fine, so if we would like to put a bubble in there, we can do this by simply coming up here making a tiny bubble. Alright – and you know – perhaps you need to – I do not know – we will put it here for now and then, in the event that you wished to place text in the bubble, you return to the text tool you type in here and you can well really we will type outside this And say: oh, I do not know what we would like to do we will say: um thanks. Oh I have got caps lock thanks for watching, fine and so today we could take that and we could move that over here today. Obviously we do not want this to be exactly the same. Color as the bubble and we don’t want it to be big, so we are able to come in here – we could change that text dimensions. Alright, we can change that color, likely to a shameful for this and if we take that and bring that over here, you can see it is going to go together with there, so we would like to make it say thanks for seeing so we are going to place This on a different line, we are going to centre that just like this and so today, we have got you can resize this when we will need to thanks for seeing inside of bubble, fine, so it is quite easy to make these modifications and add these images. Now you can do other things also. It’s possible to draw on here. Therefore, if you had to you, could you understand draw lines on there? You can draw straight lines like so fine, quite simple to make these different kinds of modifications in here and, obviously, if you would like to eliminate these, you could always eliminate whatever you’ve created also. You’Ve also got the choice to rotate things. Alright, so we can, as you can see, it is going to rotate out these things and it zooms out and in there to show you the spinning that is sort of cool. I like the way they do that. Okay and you could always find precise – return to zero. You could even use these 30s fine and that is going to permit you to create some really cool things now right here. It is also possible to mirror items if you really wanted to do so, so you could flip them x and y fine. All of this stuff can be achieved here. You can even crop things if you will need to crop, you can crop to various sizes. So if we wanted to harvest the 43, we can do that and you will see what it looks like right there. So in case you would like to produce a 4-3 video, you can certainly do that. If you would like to generate a square video, you can certainly do that. If you would like to create custom size, you can change the custom dimensions. You can do three two you can and then you return to 16 by nine, that is the norm. You may cancel out that and as soon as you’re done making all this today this is uh, not the prettiest in the world. In actuality, we are going to eliminate these nasty lines by clicking on them and deleting them. In actuality, we are going to eliminate this also, because we do not like that, we are going to keep it nice and easy. So there we now have our template, so we all must do is download this and you will see it is going to download as a png, and so today we are done so today we can use the practice we get over here. Alright on how to use the templates you see that training, which is the way to load the templates on movie, fine, you are, going to follow that it is going to take you to a different program, that is going to get you upload your video upload, your own picture and place it together Into one document and it is very very simple to do fine, but we also have more than just wrappers in here and enjoy so, we have got a great deal of wrappers. Let’S return here! Can fine, so you may see only a ton of these wrappers which are in here which you can use plus some genuinely nice ones also, and all of the tick tock ones just like we showed you. I mean look at this one’s really cool. I really like this one. Um this one I enjoy so there is a great deal of them – that I can really get behind. I like this one here too, fine, so get in there and start using some of these. You have facebook cover templates. Alright, so you can see those here and they work exactly the same, so that you can select a template and then you go in and you make your changes. If we wanted to use this one here, exactly like with the other one you come in here and you may create your adjustments 10 ways to be happy. Oh well, guess what there are now only nine ways to be happy. Sorry, only nine fine, but you can come in here and you may make any of these changes that you need inside of here to make this look how you would like it to look. Okay, you have your video thumbnails today for those who do not use a thumbnail program already. These are really pretty good, so that you can come in here and you may select one of these templates and you can make your adjustments . Okay and they are. Very very simplistic, they are, not um. So far as the way you edit them, they you just go in there, you edit them very quickly now another one – and this is truly the cool thing for a good deal of people. These are the zoom templates. Now, as you know, 300 million also – since I said it earlier – are using zoom at this time, and this will give you that cnn style one individual on the left one person on the right. Okay, so you’re able to come in here and you’ll be able to look at any one of these templates and you can use them to your uh, zoom or perhaps skype, um, and actually anything in the event that you got two movies like I have done things, where I use double take on my Iphone where I put the telephone between myself and another individual and front camera shoots the rear camera shoots me: I have got two video streams and then I can bring this into a movie editor put among those flows on one side, one on the Other and flourish we have a great little video okay. So these workout like this one here is really great. I like this one okay, so you can now come in here and you’ll be able to change this around. So digital launching insider review instead of tales. So very straightforward and again you simply download them, and then you use them within your zoom. There’S some other things in here too. You’Ve got some youtube. Banners which are in here that you can work with you have got linkedin which you can utilize only video banners, which these are sort of nice. You may use these some of the things that you are doing, and they have some novel templates in here also. So if you are going to do giveaways, you have the choice to do a wonderful book, give a publication template inside of there and then again. You just got your featured templates in there too. So again. For me, the big issue is that the wrappers, the thumbnails and the zoom templates. Those are the things that I think really actually make this. So in case you wish to have the ability to improve your videos and do it with a killer app, that is going to permit you to do that. Well, this is the one which you can use to do all that stuff. So it’s a really nice little program and think you are going to get a good deal of mileage from this. And, of course, you can use this with your customers, especially the customers using zoom, since there are, I know, a ton of people who are getting paid to help. Clients do zoom meetings, and this might help take this to a whole new level, so make certain to check out this. Videostylerr very good little app have a good deal of fun with it and if you have any questions naturally, allow me to know well there you go. That’S Videostylerr, as you can see, this is really a killer app. I mean one: that is going to let you do some really neat things with your own videos. Insert those nice banners create some thumbnails and a good deal more and if you are prepared to do that.

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