Viral Lead Funnels Review 2021

By | January 20, 2021
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Welcome to my Viral Lead Funnels review. In the current review, we are going to be having a look inside the very same technology that both dropbox and airbnb used to grow their companies so quickly in the first days. This is a really amazing product. I’Ve been playing around with it now and yesterday. In summary, what it is is that the founders of the they used dropbox and airbnb as case studies reverse engineered the way they grew so quickly in the first days and have put it together inside a very, very slick and strong viral funnel builder, so stay tuned If you would like to see a complete walkthrough of viral lead funnels. I bring you the best product reviews, affiliate marketing tips and tricks. So please, if you are interested in seeing more content like this strike, the subscribe and enjoy buttons under any service, is greatly appreciated and I’ll, be taking you through the bonuses and freebies I will be giving you now. If you choose to acquire viral lead funnels through my link under I have a fantastic case study on offer for a bonus as well as a huge software bundle as well to proceed with viral lead funnels. So keep an eye out for this one. So I am about the viral lead funnels, bonus page today so later on I will Take you through exactly what viral lead funnels is the funnel and the bonuses. But essentially it is what we just said: fulfill viral lead funnels, the world’s number one and fastest fastest viral guide Funnel builder, so what exactly do we mean by viral lead funnel construct, or what exactly do we mean by viral loops? Because that is really what this program is all about? So basically, what happens is it requires people that are entering a funnel and gives them incentives and rewards to continue going through the funnel or to get refer others into that funnel also? So the founders  did a case study. They took a million prospects, they’d generated a million leads and out of that using the incentives using the referrals they were able to get 11 000 More leads from only a million people. sounds too good to be true, but they have tested this. It actually works and they packed into a very slick program. So let’s have a look, so I am within the viral lead funnel applications today, which is on a stage called expansion. Sap and you have two choices here to build your own funnel. You may either have your landing page or hosted by the program, or you could make a widget to embed in your current website. So in case you wish to take this viral loop technologies and place it onto your current website, you can that is really great. You’Ve got an choice to build from scratch, using the drag and drop funnel builder, and we have also got some done a few templates. So, let us add a test campaign evaluation one and let us go and have a look at the templates. First of all, merely to see what we’ve got fine, so I am on the pick, a campaign template page so here you will be choosing which style or that market you would like to ha or to use for your squeeze page. I’M sorry! So we have got a whole lot of unique templates here. As always, you can always use the drag and drop editor to build from scratch. We’Ve obtained, you know things like um, baldness done, a couple solutions, add campaigns , and these templates are more there for you to modify and use as your okay. So, let’s let us select this one here and then click choose and continue and you always have the option to create new pages within the funnel. But let us take a look at this one and give it a go. So I only want to give you a quick demonstration about how great this drag-and-drop editor is, so here, essentially you are offering people incentives and benefits to experience the funnel okay. So these funnels are designed with conversions in mind, killer money, pumping posts with this program. In 20 minutes or less okay – and you can edit this to your heart’s content by dragging and dropping those editable blocks on here. We put this one on down here, and this segment is here today and we can go on and edit. This um, nevertheless, which way we went so by steve harvey I mean I did not do that. That’S iffy! This’S not me, but still just shows you just how simple you can edit this fine. So I am not going to enter the comprehensive ed’s of this funnel builder since you understand changing things like fonts dimensions, etc, and it is really nice responsive funnel builder. However, if we return here is where the power of viral lead funnels comes in, and it is how you have got these different choices here, where you can create, rewards based on activities thank yous, etc.. So, let’s click on benefit and I will show you what we mean so here we have we could add a reward which says 30 days, content promotion program and the individual would have to create 20 points to unlock this. So you get given a code so for every individual who visits this funnel they get given their own special code, that is unique to them say. By way of instance, you were able to refer 100 people into this funnel. Okay, those hundred people could each refer with their own codes. Another 100 people each and every one of those individuals could also refer another 100 people. Each we have got this. This pyramid effect, where only by speaking 100 people, it is possible to generate 10 000 readers 100, 000 readers and outside, and that is how dropbox and airbnb did it in the first days. So we will make a reward here, we will just say steve mega bonus and we’re going to say that they need 50 points to unlock this along with the reward type. So that you can redirect them to a url. I have an attachment, a reusable coupon, coupon only usage or send email, just we’ll we will say steve, coupon store, and here we go so we have got 30 days articles marketing plan if they would like to access the points to unlock 20 or whenever they would like to Access my mega bonus points to unlock 50. . So let us take a look at the activities now and this. This is how folks earn those rewards. So you create rewards here and you then folks get points to make these rewards, so direct signal a bonus, so say john signs up right. How many bonus points will john get five and you can set that down or up how? Whatever, which way you need visit. The points john drives visitors to your landing page. The number of points will john get for every unique, visitor more points for that guide points. How many points will john get for every lead that signs up through his distinctive connection and then referred sign up bonus? John reverse season: how many points will susan get? So you probably you know that you put 10 15, 20 etc, and so it encourages people to do more to refer others to unlock the next grade. The benefits should get better and then we have got a thank you page and we’ll have a look at this now and again. This is a template, so def congrats um, which would be the individual’s name. Therefore it would take their title from the first sign up and then they get their freebie to download. Now here we go here, so it is encouraging people to do it because they can click here straight off to have the download, but they’ve got these choices here. Share with your friends to unlock another freebie 20 points, and this is their distinctive code, and will you find these points here discuss on facebook, and five share on five plus twitter send by email and ten sharing what is up and five, so if they click on these buttons, They get more points and it unlocks further benefits. So simply by referring, let us say you get 10 people into your funnel. Whichever niche you are in weight loss make money online get 10 people to your funnel and then they each could get 10 people. Okay, so consider snowball effect, and that is exactly what this viral loop does. You could even just get one person into your funnel and when each and every person follows through, you might get hundreds, if not thousands, fine, that is the power of viral loop technologies. Nothing comes close to it in terms of advertising, it has proven it is tested and that is how, if you are the founder of the generating 11 000 leads only from 1 000 individuals entering the funnel okay outstanding stuff. Um you have got plenty of different options here : um you have got social um and look at this automatically does your articles format them for each of the various platforms. Facebook, twitter, pinterest, email. Absolutely perfect! Oh, that is not me, but it’s got my name and when we return as well, I only want to show you if we create another webpage. That is doing it from scratch, so we would like to give it um a wonderful header and then we will put this here. Um and then I would say we will have a sign off call to action. That’S how easy it’s to edit this um and it has got a variety of things to improve conversions, countdown, timers lack, etc.. Um different languages, wow, okay, so there is an absolute ton of stuff there is, also full training within the um the academy. I will not look at this in this review, but really excellent product men, really really distinctive product to make viral loops and whatever business you are in you are. Just starting out marketing or you have an existing company that you wish to drive more visitors to individuals, love gamification. They love competitions, they love free stuff, they love games, they adore incentives, they adore rewards, it is only human nature, so this is a excellent way to build that list and also to attract your customers. More really, really cool. Okay. So, let us take a look at the funnel. To begin with, how much will put you back and then I will? Take you through the bonuses which are on offer for this item. Absolutely insane bonus package, men, probably the best bonus package, I’ve ever participate in created and negotiated. So let’s have a look: fulfill virus direct, funnels, the world’s fastest viral guide funnel builder, how it functions, etc.. So for everything I just showed you, the private and the commercial license will set you back 47 dollars, fine, complete no-brainer. They can really easily charge a monthly fee for this, but 47 dollars for everything you have just seen is really wonderful oto one quiz, one sixty seven bucks, so it provides a quiz creator for you in order to section leads for really targeted listings. These quizzes can be made right within the quiz and dashboard. This is a superb way to get people into your funnel through social and things like that. It’S known as a bridge quiz and it really engages people so by the end of the quiz. They’Re really hyped up about what their the subject they are on so oto. 1 quiz funnels oto, two viral lead funnels, boundless 67 um. You receive unlimited everything um and also you get automated hooks. So, just with a single click, you are able to optionally add user to various autoresponder lists, eliminate them incorporate them with webinar platforms, um, including with subscription programs, etc.. Wonderful oto, oto, three viral lead funnels, has done a few templates 97. So that you get 50 more of everything. 50 down perspective templates 50 high, converting content landing pages 50 down a couple of lead magnets okay. So this is actually really great guys because you may want look um. You may want to give away lots and a lot of things like I do and they have done. 50 done a few lead magnets , including software video classes and premium reports. They’Ve even obtained secondary, lead magnets there for you, so I think definitely oto three is likely um. You understand oto one or two three are really so great oto for resellify. So you receive reseller rights to five top quality applications, programs social cake, layout, package, electro, etc.. What’S really good about this um is that it is possible to use these then on your viral lead funnels, which would you know, give away softwares of this caliber. I mean sochi, holder, cake, bun uh offered at 10 earlier this year. So yeah, that is really great. So that is the final really good funnel, but undoubtedly the front end. I love oto three so taking the timer out men, because when the time is gone, that is it no longer bonuses. This bonus package is crazy so stay tuned, so my exclusive bonus update, if you choose to become viral lead funnels through my link below, is email list. 600. 000. My business partner paul, essentially a few years back. He built managed to construct an email list of six hundred million people in two decades, using very similar methods for example found in viral lead funnels. We really case researched this and made a module with this inside one of my paid training classes. Now I thought this could be an ideal bonus to offer you to match viral lead funnels. So it shows you precisely it is. A video training demonstrates precisely what paul did to create this email list of 600 000 individuals in a couple of decades, so we’ve taken out the module of the paid training program and we are going to give it to you as an exclusive incentive. So you can see precisely how my business partner paul did so, and that means you can begin replicating it in your company also. Okay, so you’re going to get email list. 600K. If you get through my link below, I thought that was a terrific bonus. A really congruent synergistic bonus, big words there you will also get – and this is part of the software bundle – I have negotiated as a bonus. This is mad men. You’Ll get exclusive bonus number one follow accessibility to sochi, ultima, the all-in-one social media, marketing instrument. This is only available to the first that you purchase this guys, as this is a well-priced program on its own assistance. You get more traffic and views from societal and various different other things. Schedule posting content creation and much more really great app you will also get complete access. Lifetime access to direct fusion elite you will also have access, and I really enjoy this tool influencer this instrument can help you find influences to assist. You broadcast your advertising message and promote things. The products you want, perhaps you’ll, also get access to messenger bot builder, really great, program to construct chat, bots with drag and drop editor really very nice . This sells on its own for a fantastic sum, you’re likely to have lifetime access to messenger bot builder you are. Also likely to find content explorer, if you want content for any of your social websites or sites, you can get it here. You’Re also gon na find social traffic media . Another fantastic software you are also gon na acquire clickable another terrific software and you are also gon t get, and for some reason I did not set the name: yeah facebook audience builder try and establish your audience through facebook you are also likely to become social tracker online social monitoring tool Track your entire social networking accounts in only 1 dashboard you’re also likely to get I am running out of breath . Pin book build and monitor and increase your pinterest audience. I love pinterest. This is a excellent app you are, seeing a traffic hoover viral origin inspection. Article list builder viral package create viral buzzfeed style websites by yourself, and you only get 15 plr completed a few campaigns. You can do anything you like, with giveaways bonuses, whatever 14 bonuses and my 600k email case study, such as applications such as social ultima, messenger bot, influencer, etc.. That’S a loony bonus pack, men worth many many more times what the price of viral elite funnels will be on its own, so yeah to me it is a no-brainer, really very cool, unique software that could make your funnels go viral and you know that is what people want. There’S no better advertising than viral now men, which is something to actually get your teeth into, in addition to the bonuses so yeah. As always any comments. Any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to comment below the video also, in the event you enjoyed the movie, please consider hitting the like and join buttons. Any support is very good greatly appreciated. My name is steve harvey. This has been my viral prospects funnel inspection.

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