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By | December 12, 2019
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My VyprVPN review includes the introduction of its client, the control panel, and my personal experience in using it.

VyprVPN client

First, the name of this VPN provider is weird. Till now, I still do not know what Vypr stands for. Second, you may have difficulties in installing VyprVPN. The installer of VyprVPN client is small, less than 10M, good! This means you can download it in a short while, not like the expressvpn client which is larger than 30M. Unfortunately, when you run the installer, it will connect to several sites such as https://downloads-goldenfrog.netdna-ssl.com and cloudfront.net  to download extra files, such as dotnet framework and vc redistributable. This means if you are in restricted region where those websites are blocked, you will not be able to complete the installation. So you’d better download the VyprVPN software and install it on your device before leaving for a censored country. Third, the GUI language of the client is not configurable. It automatically uses the language you set in Windows.

Here is the UI you run VyprVPN for the first time:


If you click the “Connect” button, you will be prompted a login window. You need an email and  password to login VyprVPN.


After successful login, it automatically connects to a fastest server.


One thing to note is that even after you quit the VyprVPN client, the VPN connection persists. You should right-click on the VyprVPN’s icon on the system tray bar and click “Disconnect” to explicitly disconnect the connection.

You can click the “Servers” button at the bottom-right corner to select a server in particular country.


The following is part of available server locations:


You can click the “Customize” button at the bottom-left corner to change the settings.


If you live in  a country with strict censorship, the first thing you should do is changing the Protocol here from the default OpenVPN 256-bit Encryption to Chameleon 256-bit Encryption.  Here is the list of the protocols VyprVPN supports:


    • Chameleon 256-bit EncryptionOur technology uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles the metadata to prevent DPI,VPN blocking , and throttling.
    • OpenVPN 256-bit EncryptionThe highest performance and fastest speeds, even on connections with high latency and across great distances.
    • OpenVPN 160-bit encryptionA secure connection that is often faster due to lower level if encryption.
    • L2TP/IPsec 256-bit EncryptionL2TP/IPsec offers high speeds and secure encryption comparable to OpenVPN, but lacks advanced configuration.

Other settings you can turn on/off:

Public Wi-Fi Protection

Automatically connect to VyprVPN on untrusted Wi-Fi networkds to stay secured at all times. You can add trusted networkds here.

public wifi protection


Kill Switch

Block all internet and network traffic when VyprVPN disconnects or is not enabled.

kill switch

You can configure Kill Switch furtherly:

App: Deactivate Kill Switch when application quits

System: Kill switch is active after application quits

Stop all LAN trffic when Kill Switch is active

config kill switch


Choose which domain name server VyprVPN. You can use VyprDNS: Goldern Frog’s won zero logging DNS available exclusively to VyprVPN users, or 3rd Party DNS.




Automatic Reconnect

Automatically reconnect to VyprVPN if a connection is dropped.



Startup Options

choose how VyprVPN behaves when Wondows OS starts.

  • Lauch App on login. Lauch the VyprVPN app when you login to Windows.
  • Connect on App lauch. Connect VyprVPN automatically when the application lauches.
  • Connect on System Boot. Connect VyprVPN automatically any time the PC is turned on or restarted, before logging into Windows.

startup options



Desktop notifications for connecting, disconnecting and failures. You can choose to receive notifications for all connection activity or only connections failures.



Tap Adapter

Choose which TAP network adapter is used for OpenVPN/Chameleon. You can choose from OpenVPN TAP adapter(default network adapter) or VyprVPN TAP adapter(use only if you experience connection issues as a result of conflicts with other VPNs)

tap adapter

This is about all you can do with the VyprVPN client. If you have the experience of using other VPNs, you should be familiar with these settings. The configuration is not complex. The default one works fine in most cases.

VyprVPN control panel

You may wonder what is inside the VyprVPN website when you login. What can you do when logging in VyprVPN’s control panel? When I use the VyprVPN client to connect a VPN server, does it log my activities in the control panel? If multiple persons share a common VyprVPN, can I see other guys’ activities in the control panel? Well, let’s login the control panel and see what is inside it.

You’ll need to input your account(email/password) to login the control panel. After you login, you will see the following web page(the dashboard tab):

control panel

The only suspicious thing  is the “current Connection”.  In fact, it’s not your current location. It is the location of the VPN server you are connecting. Your real location, ip address, etc., are not exposed, at least in the control panel. You can click the “disconnect” link to disconnect the current connection from your client. The “Manage” link links to the VyprVPN tab below. The “Setup” link links to a webpage containing all the guides to set up different kinds of VPN connections on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, IOS, Android, Anonabox, Blackberry, Window Phone, Chromebook, Linux, AsusWRT, DD-WRT, Tomato, OpenWRT, OpenElec, etc. Yes, you can use the built-in functionalities of OSes to set up VPN connection with VyprVPN servers, rather than using the VyprVPN client software.

The following is the VyprVPN tab in the control panel:

vyprvpn tab


The Cyphr tab:

cyphr tab


The Account Tab:

account tab

This is the only webpage that contains sensitive information including the customer’s name, credit card number(not full, only the last 3 digits are exposed) ,etc.

The support tab only contains some technical articles.

My experience in using VyprVPN

My impression about VyprVPN is that it is understated but professional. It does not advocates everywhere like expressvpn, but the number of server locations/ip addresses and speed can compete with ExpressVPN. Nowadays, most of its servers are blocked in some country with strict censorship exerted, but there are still a few servers survived. This is better than ExpressVPN which got all its servers blocked on some days. Its situation is like PureVPN that still has some alive servers and the future of both is gloomy. Thanks for reading my VyprVPN review.


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