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YouZon OTO 1 review

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welcome to my use on review I’m here
inside of the cloud-based members area
of this software and during this video
I’m going to give you a full breakdown
demo of exactly how this works now in a
nutshell use on stands for YouTube and
Amazon and essentially what this tool is
gonna allow you to do is create some
very very easy review videos for Amazon
products and then rank them into YouTube
so that you can get your videos to the
top of YouTube you get a ton of people
watching them and then you can put your
Amazon affiliate links in the bottom of
your YouTube description now
this software does it all for you it
finds the products it creates the videos
and it can even do them in multiple
languages in multiple countries so you
can effectively find one product and
then go and rank that video in multiple
languages in multiple countries so you
have a Niva be even bigger chance of
making some awesome commissions from
Amazon now if this sounds something like
your you would be interested in then
stick with me as I’ll be opening the lid
on exactly how this works inside this
review have also put together a ton of
custom made bonuses for those of you
that would like to pick up use on
through my link which is down below in
the description of this video now if you
click on that link down below in the
description you’ll come through to this
page right here okay this is my bonus
page where I host all of my bonuses for
use on and if you want to buy use on at
any time during this review video all
you need to do first of all is click on
the link down below in the description
of this video come through to this page
scroll down then click on any of these
orange buttons to go through to the
sales page for use on which is going to
look like this where you’ll be able to
purchase use on okay but you’ll need to
do that before this countdown timer runs
out if you want to qualify for my
bonuses because when it runs out this
page will expire and so will all my
custom bonuses that I’ve made for use on
us something I really don’t want you to
miss out on because I’ve spent a long
time creating these bonuses so that you
can get the best out of use on as
possible okay so these are all custom
made by me all of these bonuses they’re
not going to be available through any
else’s link because they’re exclusive to
me now with that said feel free to shop
around and see what other affiliates are
operan offering in terms of bonuses
because remember you can always come
back to this page after you’ve realized
that my bonuses are way better than what
anybody else is offering and then he can
purchase for me to get my bonuses so my
first custom bonus here it’s going to
show you two other ways that you can
monetize from use on now the standard
way to monetize from use on is to use
Amazon affiliate products okay and
that’s fine
but I’m going to be showing you inside
this bonus two alternative ways apart
from Amazon that you can use to to
monetize from use on okay my second
bonus here I’m going to show you how to
rank your videos on YouTube because
there isn’t any kind of training inside
here showing you how to rank your videos
on YouTube and and if you don’t rank
your videos on YouTube then you’re gonna
be stuck you’re gonna have a software
that creates these videos but if nobody
sees your videos then what’s the point
you need to be able to rank your videos
on YouTube in order for this to work
effectively the higher up to the top of
YouTube you can get the more traffic
you’ll get and ultimately the more sales
you’ll get so I feel that this is a very
important bonus tutorial to throw in
there if you are going to pick up use on
okay because like I said if you can’t
rank your videos you’re going to be left
high and dry bonus number 3 I’m going to
give you access to my flagship course
which is called launch jacker
this is going to teach you how to make
personal review videos a bit like the
one that I’m making right now with my
face on camera and stuff like that I
know this is not for everybody but I
tend to make at least three figures
every single day with this exact method
right here bonus number four I’m going
to show you two high quality traffic
sources that you can use together with
use on because yes you can organically
rank them rank your videos and YouTube
to get traffic but I’m going to show you
two another two alternative traffic
sources you can use to center your use
on videos to get more sales and finally
bonus number five I’m going to give you
access to all the bonuses that the
vendor is given to me to give to you
guys now I’m guessing that these bonuses
what most other affiliates are going to
be offering you so I’ve decided to throw
these in as well just so that you’re not
missing now if you choose to buy it by
my link now I’ve gone over and above
just offering these bonuses I’ve made my
own custom bonuses on top of that which
you can get hold off on top of these
vendor bonuses now the vendor bonus is
going to include udemy profits video
opt-in WP blog book WP buzz machine WP
fresh paint flash pages WP link tweet WP
scarcity lock and WP squeeze question
okay these are all well most of these
are WordPress plugins you’re also going
to get access to these bonuses as well
so webby app ultra vid vide egg SPRO
video strike Instagram Facebook
Pinterest tumblr hashtag genius Pro logo
studio vid connect link supremacy
Facebook via Tech vid lock vid prom
pages and article body so all of those
as well on top of all of my custom
bonuses now all of those bonuses and all
of my custom bonuses that I just
mentioned are yours completely free of
charge and they will be instantly
delivered inside of your jvzoo account
all you need to do is simply click on
the link down below in the description
of this YouTube video come through to my
bonus page scroll down click on any of
these orange buttons to come through to
the sales page where you can purchase
vids on now as soon as you’ve done that
you’d simply need to go to your jvzoo
account and in the top right hand side
of your jvzoo account you’re going to
find a little button like this one here
that says looking for your purchases if
you click on that and then you’d click
on use on and then you’d find a page
that looks something like this scroll
down to the bottom of that page and
there’ll be a little blue button that
says bonuses from jonno that’s where all
of these vendor bonuses and my custom
bonus is going to be waiting for you a
hundred percent free of charge and
instantly delivered as soon as you’ve
gone through checkout so if you do click
on any of these orange buttons you’ll
come through to the sales page get
number one rankings traffic and
commissions has never been easier new
app creates profit pulling videos with
one click get
number one rankings free traffic and
juicy Amazon Commission’s your very own
SEO video an affiliate business without
ever creating your own websites products
or videos watch the video below to see
how so check out this sales / this sells
video right here and then come on have a
look at the sales page in your own time
they’ve got some some ranking stats on
here of results that they’ve got using
vids on using use on should I say then
they got proof of traffic they’ve got
they’ve got earnings proof they’ve got
templates testimonials more traffic
stats anyway I’ll let you come and check
this out in your own time because it
would just be a waste of your time and
my time for me to go through the sales
page one by one with you when you can go
and check this out in your own time by
clicking on the link down below in the
description of this YouTube video coming
through to my bonus page scrolling down
clicking on any of these orange buttons
that will take you there okay I’m going
to jump into the app and I’ll show you
how this works so the first thing you
need to do is click on product search
this is the this is this is the app here
so you’re going to search based on the
keywords so I’m going to search for cap
and then we’re going to choose from
which particular Amazon country we want
to choose from as you can see there’s a
ton in here we’ve got us we got
Australia Brazil Canada China Germany
Spain France India Italy Japan Mexico
and the UK I’m just going to click on UK
and we’re going to search right here for
cap okay now this is going to populate
all of these different caps that are
available on Amazon UK in order of the
most search for cups okay so you can
choose to either make a video on one of
these or you can select all of them and
you can make a bulk video about all of
these different cups and I know there’s
a lot of
people doing these kind of bulk review
videos on on YouTube so for example
massage chairs they have maybe five or
six different varieties of massage
chairs in there and then they they kind
of give a little review overview of each
massage chair with a link in the
description to each massage chair in
Amazon so I’m just going to do this for
one particular cup all I would do is
just select the cup and then click on
make video so whilst this is loading up
and this is going to preview all the
data just need to wait for this to load
up because it’s going to give us the
images that we can use it’s going to
preview everything it’s going to give us
additional images that we can use intros
and outros and default intros and outros
if I just click on Amazon images okay
this is still loading up so I’m gonna
have to wait for this to go ahead but
yeah unfortunately it’s taking a little
bit of time to do this but I guess it’s
it’s doing its thing in the back
creating these videos so right here we
go so we can put the video title here as
the best
Amazon okay we can put a description in
here this is where you want to put your
um as an affiliate link as well
you need to write kind of a 100 word
description really to make it to be fit
out and show there’s some content this
will help you with your ranking later on
you’ve got your audio in here
okay you’ve got your audio in here you
can select the language for this audio
we’re gonna we’re gonna keep it in
English but you could also change this
to Norwegian they say and then you can
have the sound effects kind of say fade
in and fade out or whatever you want I’m
just gonna keep this as English Great
Britain and then we can check out the
Amazon images now unfortunately there’s
no images available for this cap right
now let me just retry that and see if we
can get any images in there of this cap
if not then we can go over to pixabay
images that we can search for a cap in
all categories we can do a search on
that this is going to bring up all the
different images of of caps so all we
would need to do is go and find somebody
wearing a cap that looks pretty similar
to the one that we’re reviewing so I can
include that one okay so we’re gonna
we’re gonna use that one
outros intro and outro so can use we can
upload a specific intro or outro image
for this or we can choose not to use it
at all and then we got the default
intros and outros so you can upload your
own images for this or you can just
select some of the pre-made ones right
in there and then we just simply click
on create video now I need to make a
title for this so was it the best caps
cap on Amazon and then you need to put
something in the description there as
well and then once we’ve prefilled all
of these different categories here we
just click on make video ok so this is
this is by far the very best cup
available for the price on Amazon UK you
won’t find a better deal elsewhere ok so
let’s go and test out what this is going
to sound like because this has you won’t
find a better deal elsewhere there you
go so we can then click on make the
video ok we need to choose an intro on
an outro let’s just do that quickly and
we can make the video now this is going
to start rendering this video it might
take a couple of minutes to do that
but once it’s done we can find this
inside of here where it says generated
videos we’re just going to there cap a
best cut on Amazon we can simply
download that or we can link it to
Amazon so skewed at the moment so we
can’t download it right now
and then we can add our YouTube account
inside of here so we just add our ID and
then we can upload those videos directly
to our YouTube account from inside of
here what else have we got we’ve got a
bulk of Youtube upload so if you were to
change that video that we just made in
two different languages you could go and
upload all of those multiple videos at
the same time to your YouTube channel
okay there is also training inside of
here if I just try to open this up I can
maybe get it on the left side here maybe
I can open it in a new child tab let’s
see what happens there okay
I guess because this is a review copy
that I don’t actually have access to the
training videos here and we just wait
for this to load up
maybe this will have some training side
here that I can show you while I’m still
on here so access to software need help
use on Pro Licence use an enterprise
register for the live training call here
okay basic software training so you’re
going to get an overview video you’re
going to get a video on how to do the
product search how to generate the video
adding your YouTube accounts video
upload and SEO strategies Pro features
which is gonna be one of the upsells
I’ll talk to you about that in a second
adding and managing sub users mmm bulk
video upload I think that’s just about
it okay so there is some training inside
of there if you do get stuck you can you
can reference that I’m going to talk to
you about the price and the upsells now
excuse me
everything I just showed you inside of
the software is gonna cost $22
ninety-three okay this is launching
today which is the 10th of August it’s
gonna go live around 11:00 a.m. Eastern
Standard Time if you want to pick this
up for $22 93 you need to get in there
as close to 11:00 a.m. as you can
so for $22 93 you get access to the
software and also the training modules
which I just showed you
mmm of some number one is use on pro and
this is 37 dollars a month now for 37
dollars a month you get results faster
with the pro features you can create
unlimited videos with one click you can
get next-level SEO and a developer’s
license and more so you could go and
create videos for other people using
that developer’s license you can offer
this is a service on Fiverr use on
enterprises and next up sell this at
forty seven dollars get a hundred
percent customized videos done for your
graphics and commercial rights with the
push of a button that is pretty cool
especially for these customized videos
of these guys I’m going to make for you
and then you some of the free you get
the agency license which you can sell
licenses and keep 100% profit so all you
would need to do send your traffic so
this sales page and you would get to
keep a hundred percent of all of these
price points okay
there’s also a demo video on my bonus
page if you want to check that out by
clicking on the link down below in the
description of this video if if you head
over to youtube actually you can go and
check out some videos that are probably
made with a very similar software to use
on so if we just search for the best
massage chairs okay you can see some of
these some of these videos will have
been made with a similar software to use
on so let me just go ahead and see now
ezvid wiki you I’m gonna play this video
now and you can hear that this has a
text-to-speech robotic voice in the
background and they’ve they would have
made this video with something very
similar to use on so you’ll be able to
make very similar videos as well and you
can see
mushiya I did it let’s go to
wikidot search ezvid wiki
doesn’t come cheap but with full body
scanning blanket heating technology over
30 years and 11 pre-programmed cycles
it’s well worth the cost to get a fellow
crackdown that releases tension and
overworked muscles you can see it’s got
a kind of robotic voice in there these
guys would have just simply written the
article and then the voice would have
would have said it for them just like
you do and use on okay now if you look
in the description you can see that they
have a link to their blog okay and then
they have all of the massage chairs
there that they mentioned in the video
now if you were to click on any of these
buttons you would go through to Amazon
and purchase it if you want to purchase
it now I know that these guys are making
some serious serious money from Amazon
Commission’s you can see that this video
alone it was only uploaded last year and
it’s already got 77,000 views a high
percentage of those people will have
actually bought a massage chair via the
links that are on that are on this page
right here so all these guys had to do
is make a video once uploaded to YouTube
and they’re just making passive income
day after day without really having to
do anything because you can see when I
click on the best massage chairs their
video comes up right at the very top of
YouTube so that’s how they’re able to
get so many views and obviously so many
people so much traffic going through to
their blog and so many people buy in so
the good thing about use on is you can
upload these videos in multiple
different languages so if you knew this
the keyword for the best massage chairs
in Italian language or in French
language you could do you could just
upload the exact same the exact same
video you put the text that you made in
English through Google Translate and
then you would put that into use on and
it would read that off and you’d be able
to rank that in in in YouTube Italy or
YouTube France so again you’ve got
you’re killing multiple birds with one
stone basically you do that you do this
once you translate it into multiple
languages and then you upload multiple
videos and get thousands of thousands of
people from this free traffic strategy
on YouTube through to your blog pages
and you can make a ton of money doing
that alright that’s it for me I hope you
did enjoy this use on review and I’ll
speak to you on the next one all the
best take care bye

Buy YouZon OTO 1:



A lot of folks are interested in the notion of creating money on the internet without needing to have any merchandise. Nevertheless, the majority of them wind up not taking action as they don’t have any clue what to market, the way to work out ways to get visitors, how to make complex video production, the way to fight for high rankings and much more. Consequently, now I wish to reveal a brand-new program named YouZon that can help you to look after all of the time-consuming work associated with earning money online in most significant markets and will convert for all sorts of lists. As you’ve begun to become curious, why don’t you have a peek at my YouZon Review to learn more information?
YouZon Rating

Quality – 9/10

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– Produce a Fully-Fledged Inspection Video With 1-Click

– No required any other technician skills and expertise
– ZERO video editing along with post-production hassles.

YouZon Review — Review
Creator Radu
Product Name YouZon
Release Date 2018-Aug-10

Ability Level Needed No Skills Crucial
Support Powerful Reaction
What’s YouZon?

I am a true member, therefore, allow me to show you!

YouZon is called 100% cloud-based applications which permits you to make profitable review videos with a couple clicks for any type of merchandise on Amazon and then upload them into Youtube where they could create you traffic and make affiliate revenue.
Feature Details

Now in my YouZon Review, I Would like to reveal what you buy in YouZon:
100 percent Cloud-Based Software

This program is an entire cloud-based program so there’s nothing to configure or install. You may begin using immediately without spending some opportunity to download and install.
Produce a movie for ANY item on Amazon using the push of a button

Using YouZon, you will have the ability to produce a fully-fledged review movie for ANY Amazon product together with the push of a button and have it get you visitors and also make you huge commissions on complete autopilot. Additionally, this app actually covers ALL major markets and will convert for all sorts of lists. It’s possible to see, to begin with, it locates you high-converting affiliate products on Amazon and it gives you an immediate 1-click review movie for this particular item, together with ZERO work.
YouZon Review

All you have to do is just click on a couple buttons and then you’ll have your personal ready-to-go, high-converting promo movie that’s optimized for you a great deal of traffic and also make you money.
Upload To Youtube Immediately & Enjoy Traffic And Commissions

This program automatically creates profitable review videos then immediately uploads the movies to Youtube with your own affiliate link. It usually means you could find a opportunity to create a profit without raising a finger.
No video production or technical abilities are required

I believe this all round program is really easy to use. It includes all point-and-click attributes so even complete beginners can use it immediately.

To Find out More about this program, click on the button below:

The Way to Use It?

I believe the procedure for utilizing YouZon is rather simple for everybody even beginners to use.

Step 1: Enter a key word and allow YouZon find the newest and hottest products on Amazon.

Step 2: Just click the product you would like to market, then allow YouZon make an SEO optimized movie for this

Step 3: Finally appreciate #1 positions, passive visitors, and simple commissions without needing to lift a finger.

YouZon Review

So far as I’m concerned, YouZon is a true all-purpose company solution that strikes all the significant markets to create it a GUARANTEED hit with your list. It’s created especially for those people who are operating as Email Advertisers, Website Owners, eCom Marketers, Local Business, Social Networking Marketers, Web Designers, Web Designers, SEO entrepreneurs, MMO and Trainers
Pros and Cons

Simple to follow

Produce a Fully-Fledged Inspection Video With 1-Click
Upload To Youtube Immediately & Enjoy Traffic And Commissions
No required any technician skills and expertise


I haven’t found any pitfalls associated with effectiveness of YouZon yet.
User Experience

Within my YouZon Review now, I would like to state that YouZon is a helpful tool as this instrument permits you to produce commissions within only minutes and with just a couple clicks, even by tapping into the complete power of their largest markets and markets on Earth. You can get the opportunity to utilize the complete power of Amazon — the world’s biggest e-commerce system, tap into the power of movie promotion — the world’s greatest way to market, get #1 SEO positions in Google and Youtube — the world’s greatest method of getting traffic.
Assessment & Cost

I feel that you understand obviously the response after studying my YouZon Review, correct? If you’re seeking this type of merchandise which will help you to market goods, work out how to create traffic, create complex video and earn money on line, I highly advise you to give it a try. At this time, you can purchase YouZon for $27 with a one-time fee. In my view, it’s well worth every cent of you to purchase this product since inventory images and videos are important assets for online marketers. Additional it is simple to request a refund through the first 30 days of using in the event you believe this instrument isn’t the perfect one for you. So in order to not overlook the early-bird reduction, please bear in mind that YouZon is found on August 23rd, 2018.

YouZon Review


As a matter of reality, creating SEO commissions and traffic haven’t been a very simple challenge. They need more commitment and techniques so as to make that fantasy come true. That’s why beginners have a tendency to search for encouraging tools to simplify this process.

Acknowledging that need, Radu, and his staff have come up with a brand-new solution.

Youzon Review — Review


Radu et al



Launch Date:


Launch Time:

11:00 EST



Sales Page:

Click Here




30-day Money-back Guarantee


Highly recommend


What’s It?

YouZon is a flagship program which allows subscribers to generate review videos for almost any merchandise on Amazon. Following that, this program is capable of uploading to YouTube straight on total autopilot. Consequently, it is possible to expose your videos to huge amounts of traffic and affiliate revenue.

Youzon deserves its popularity as an all-purpose platform as it targets all of the critical markets, such as affiliate marketing, YouTube, e-Commerce, video promotion, SEO, and so forth. Afterwards in YouZon Review, I’ll bring up a more thorough discussion about its attributes.
About Author

In my view, Radu has accumulated quite a great deal of focus on his current strikes. His blockbusters have always bombarded the marketplace since they’re all easy to deploy. Several marketers respect him as a licensed merchandise seller, and they’re anticipating his future software.

Thus, Youzon is very likely to become the next victory by Radu along with his group. After hours and hours of hard labour, he will develop a comprehensive email advertising platform. Stay tuned for more information in the Upcoming sections of Youzon Review.

Here’s a general overview of everything you can do inside Youzon:

Youzon is completely cloud-based, thus enabling subscribers to get it from anywhere
Look for high-converting goods on Amazon
Create an expert sales movie with Just one click
Automatically upload your movie to YouTube

How Does This Operate?

There are two steps that You Have to go through to be able to trigger Youzon:

Step 1: Enter a selected key word, then Youzon will Search for trending products on Amazon
Step 2: Select the product you need to market. It will create an SEO-optimized movie and upload to YouTube on total autopilot.

YouZon Review

Youzon is the ideal alternative for affiliate marketers that elect for movie production to boost the productivity of the companies. To be particular, this instrument enables users to increase commissions by leveraging the biggest niches and markets. Especially, Youzon integrates with Amazon, that’s the most effective e-commerce platform.

In any case, video promotion lets you engage your viewers in a spectacular manner, thus improving your revenue performance. And of course that this system makes sure you could get attain high positions on YouTube and Google.

Pros and Cons


· No technical skills needed to function Youzon

· highly actionable and functional

Not any

Personal Experience

I used this particular product since beta tester so that you can trust anything that I examine now.

Today I will have a tour that will assist you know everything about it.

This is primary dash of YouZon:

YouZon Review

Notice: I see that there are two particular features of YouZon I will introduce now:

[+]Make infinite videos (video review) to get Amazon goods

1/ Produce infinite videos (video review) to get Amazon goods:

First I will use module”Product Search” to locate products that I wish to produce videos.

I will find some Amazon goods with key word”caps”:

Notice: You are able to search products from several Amazon markets as below:

Now I am going to choose some products to create videos together, see my screenshot below:

Here are some settings that you Will Need to personalize prior to exporting movies as below:

YouZon Review

-Intro and Outro Pictures:

I click make my movie is queued as under:

YouZon Review

You Can now upload bulk video just like under:

Notice: It is possible to click to include your affiliate link to every movie you upload.

I used to believe video production is very intricate and requires expert knowledge, Youzon has completely altered my view. I no longer need to devote time-fighting for initial page positions. One of the distinctive things about Youzon is the fact that it doesn’t require technical abilities, which means it is possible to profit from the investment in a limited while.
Assessment and Cost

If you want to know more about the qualities of this program, please keep your eye on its launching on August 10, 2018. The most appealing bonuses will only show up in the launch week. Especially, the front-end cost is $23, which makes it possible to save a massive sum of your financial plan. Youzon intends to supply you with a stage for movie production.

Beside, Youzon includes 1 Front-End and 3 OTOs:

YouZon Review

In my view, Youzon deserves crowds’ attention because of its simplicity of use and functionalities. Nonetheless, there’s absolutely no guarantee that the cost is going to be the exact same forever. Consequently, if you’re fond of the particular tool, be certain that you maintain a copy before when possible.

My Youzon Review would like to remind you that this deal comes together with a 30-day money-back policy. To put it differently, if Youzon doesn’t meet exactly what you require, you’ve got the right to request a complete refund. Hence, why don’t you catch this system straight away?
The Main Point

In conclusion, Youzon is a must-have weapon for internet affiliate video entrepreneurs as it delivers a no-brainer solution to traffic that is infinite. Not only are you able to create sales videos to your merchandise, it is also possible to benefit from the ability of YouTube to generate free traffic. Because of this, generating promotional videos will no more be a pain in the bum since it has turned into a straightforward and uncomplicated procedure.

Additionally, I wish to dedicate the previous portion of Youzon Review to demonstrate my gratitude to people who have kept up with this specific review to the end. I am hoping that you guys will discover this review helpful. In case you have any query, don’t be afraid to contact me immediately. I will attempt to assist you as far as I can.

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