Zen Titan 2 – One Time Discount review

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Zen Titan 2 - One Time Discount review

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okay so I’m just going to make a really
quick walkthrough video that basically
takes you inside the Zen affiliate or
the Zen 210 video system and so I’m
going to take you through basically the
beginnings of what I’ve after you know
going through their getting started
tutorial videos I’ve started the process
of building a campaign and then have you
know centered over to the video software
so basically what you’re going to be
doing is searching categories and so you
can see all different kinds and then you
can this is in sports right now you can
filter these different metrics you know
for basically ascending defending and so
you can you know changes in different
ways and then you have all the different
categories so you will basically take a
category that you want to promote um you
know focusing on Amazon but it will it
does work with all different kinds of
affiliate programs as you’ll see so then
you basically when you take the category
it sends you over here and then you will
start to build put in information your
URL that would be your Amazon affiliate
link for the product and so then you add
you know features and just right in
simple text and all this information and
it remind you it goes through this info
and then see you can do the different
affiliate networks you can see up here
Amazon Clickbank JV zoo
so you can do obviously different types
of research and then it basically will
bring you over to when you go and and
click the research when you set it up
per saving product to the database then
it’ll send you over to campaigns and so
this is one that I’ve done for Klean
Kanteen water bottles um the info that
you put there you know like a stainless
steel won’t affect flavor for the
features light is plastic and then you
can modify this text and save it and you
can change all this information and
basically then you will send this to
your clipboard to to create a zip file
name the file you put in sending the
products you want into the clipboard and
then it will create a zip file for you
so I have Klean Kanteen and then you
come into your den video um and you open
zip file sorry I was kind of a broken
screen nationally speak I can’t see
right down the middle here but so that’s
why it’s kind of hard for me to do
screen cast videos but you will import
your zip file that you just created in
that affiliate um that affiliate section
and then you’ll you’ll you can import
the zip file then you as you can see I
have the Klean Kanteen and this would be
one of the products
that you would add in and then you just
continue to add slides in to create your
video and then you render the video with
the software so um you know just some
amazing value and features here that
you’re getting for $7 well actually the
price is going up from $7 I believe it’s
going to be like $27 after the 29th of
or the 28th of July 2017 so still four
for $20 you just get an amazing amount
of information you know value in these
different types of features in these
different software bundles that you get
with the Zen program so it’s you know
you can also obviously do keyword
research with you get all these these
top arm keywords for the products
already provided and I will say that the
pro version one benefit of upgrading to
the pro version is when you go to
campaigns all the products for these
these categories in the pro version you
don’t need to find and build and put in
all this information for each product
for the category in the pro version it’s
already stocked with hundreds and
hundreds of products for each category
so that’s one benefit of maybe upgrading
to pro as long as as well as a few other
features and added features and benefits
you’re going to get with the pro version
but you can still do do it all yourself
manually there’s nothing wrong with that
and and the amount of value you’re
getting with this then software bundle
he’s just you know for the price of less
than $30 I believe after the price goes
up is just I think you know it’s just an
amazing value and then obviously you get
his end video software and you get a
wordpress template work bus template
okay so you get QuickStart videos you
get the Zen WordPress theme to build the
website and um you know access the Zen
niches and affiliate software and get
your Zen video creator as well so I you
know for less than $30 I you know I’m
pretty picky about internet marketing
products and I’d say this one you know
is pretty solid gives you an amazing
amount of value and it’s something that
you know if you put some time and effort
into it you can easily build some
campaigns and there’s no reason why you
can’t get easily make these videos and
get this stuff up on YouTube get your
WordPress site so you can have your the
products listed to click through from
the videos and get natural google
traffic I mean all the all the tools and
you know features you need to make all
this happen relatively easily it’s right
here folks so you know I do recommend
then tighten and go ahead check out the
link below the video if you thought this
was useful please like and subscribe I’m
going to be making a follow-up video
when I actually create a full video and
WordPress site for a particular campaign
but right now I don’t think you really
go wrong with this product and as well
you’ll also find a link in the
description for a really good place to
browse the best solo ad vendors on the
internet so if you already have a
home-based business or lead capture page
that you’re looking to drive traffic to
check out that link it’s a free market
place you can browse the best vendors
and see results that people are having
like opt-in rates and if you’re getting
sales when they buy um email traffic
from these people and it’s sort of
free to join so go ahead check out that
link as well below please like and
subscribe if you found this useful

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